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There are two ways of doing things. One is to let the law of time act and the other is to accelerate the development of an action by the means at hand. Subject to the law of time the Ice Sheet would have responded to the solar energy by melting, it would have split in two and in time the two bars of ice would have retreated toward the polar caps. The waters of the first great ocean would have evaporated. Slowly but steadily, the ocean would have divided to multiply; from the oceans would have come the seas.... But God knew a faster way to develop this global process: why melt at low temperature the Ice mantle when he could provoke by integration through the boreal route the effect of red-hot iron against an ice bar? We call this effect Ice Sublimation. The immediate effect of the Earth-Sun encounter in the exposed conditions determined the accelerated sublimation of the Ice Sheet. The solar energy made red-hot iron applied directly to the skin of the mantle. (When I say "exposed conditions" I am referring to the access parabola, which caused the Earth to be for a time at a distance less than is natural to its stationary orbit).

I have already said that the solar gravitational pull came as a consequence of the contrary effect that propelled the Earth toward its biospheric orbit. And that, as a consequence of this pull, a product of the magnetic coupling between the two fields, the feet of the great mountain ranges were released at the root. Perhaps uplift is the right word. The release was promoted by the warming of the geophysical edifice. Recall that as the mantle cooled, the lithospheric ring solidified, leaving the contact plate fused into a single body. When the Earth entered the Solar System, the core heated up, the diameter of the mantle widened and the heat pressure created the natural waves of an expansion movement from the center to the outside of the geological body. This movement was not sufficient to throw the mountain ranges against an external lithosphere enclosed under a mantle of ice which, if externally was being sublimated, internally remained in its original state.

The solidity of the Ice Mantle reverted in the accumulation of heat in the interior of the Earth. This accumulation began to provoke a generalized seismic movement which, from the mantle and in an uninterrupted series of thermonuclear sequences, heated the crust, opening ways to release the heat that threatened to disintegrate the whole edifice. The fusion between the upper layer of the Mantle and the lower layer of the broken Crust in this way the heat pressure began to lift the feet of the mountain ranges, around whose bodies the geonuclear heat found waterlines to the outside. So, if on the outer zone the solar energy did its thing, below it the geophysical energy did its thing, cracking the Ice Mantle, through the cracks of which gases began to escape and contribute to the creation of the ongoing Atmosphere.

The distance to the Sun stopped the sublimation and gave way to the thawing of the Ice Mantle. The external and internal heat pressure on the Ice resulted in the thawing of the Ice into Water. This process, given the temperature of the globe, gave rise to an ocean that covered the equator and the tropical regions, and continued to push the two large blocks of ice into which the original block was divided towards the geographic poles. The Waters of this Mother Ocean were the Waters that were below the Firmament of the Heavens. And the Firmament of the Heavens that was between the waters below and above its body was the Atmosphere.

Identification of the Firmament which solves many things for us. First: The waters below the Firmament being the waters of the Mother Ocean, the waters above this Firmament are the waters of the solar gravitational field. Point that uncovers the need to approach the behavior of gravity from the nature of fluids. This gives rise to the image of the Universe as an ocean of energy on which the continents float with their islands, which in this case would be the astrophysical systems. An ocean of energy about which more needs to be said, but which for now opens the horizon to the understanding of the behavior of the gravitational field in the image of the typical phenomenology of a fluid exposed to internal and external forces.

 Summarizing: The Light was the mantle of ice under whose body the rest of the geophysical edifice was enclosed at the end of the First Day. Its creation was made by the fusion of the Primary Crust; and the fusion of this Primary Crust was opened by God by accelerating the geonuclear pulse of the Globe. This elevation of the working rhythm of the astrophysical heart of the Earth was the consequence of the multiplication of the density of the terrestrial gravitational field per astrophysical cubic unit.

At the beginning of the Second Day, the Earth and the Sun meet again. God creates a series of effects, of which the Sublimation of the Ice Mantle will be the first. The Mantle is broken and the Atmosphere is born, whose growth will hit with the gravitational pull at the origin of the stationary orbit an impressive physical acceleration. The two resulting blocks of ice begin their journey towards the geographic poles, leaving between them the waters of the Mother Ocean, whose volume by evaporation will continue to feed the body of the Atmosphere. This Atmosphere is the Firmament in the Word of the Second Day.

Once the Firmament is identified, the movement of the spirit of God upon the Waters is resolved as its movement in Space. And we enter into the behavior of Gravity, which we can understand from our knowledge of the nature of liquids. This opens our intelligence to the understanding of the universal gravitational field as an ocean in which the sidereal systems present themselves as continents and islands, allowing sidereal navigation thanks to their stationing in the local galactic space.

Fire, Ice, Water and Air. These are the first rungs of the ladder of natural elements we are climbing. The next one to come needs no introduction. In short, and to close: A.- Fusion of the Primary Crust. B.- Sublimation of the Primordial Atmosphere. C.-Thawing and removal of the Ice. D.- Formation of the Biospheric Atmosphere.




We close the ascent up the ladder of the natural elements and open a new way. Ice, water, air, all the elements were in place and ready for the great event of the leap from inorganic to organic matter. (Point around which Reason and Faith became lost and followed paths as opposite as they were suicidal. Speaking of the Evolution of the species, the biblical sage par excellence let the stone fall into the water, saying: "And to exercise justice in them the elements agreed, as in the psaltery the sounds agree in an unalterable harmony, as can be clearly seen by the events. For the terrestrial animals change into aquatic ones, and those that swim walk on land". Observant words from a man who did not hesitate to mourn the loneliness of genius elsewhere, but who while he was in his prime did not hesitate either to pre-empt the scientific mind and assert that God gave him "the true science of things, and to know the constitution of the universe and the force of the elements; the beginning, the end and the middle of the times; the alternations of the solstices and the changes of the seasons; the cycle of the years and the position of the stars; the nature of animals and the instincts of wild beasts; the force of the winds and the reasonings of men; the differences of plants and the virtues of roots. I knew everything hidden and manifest, because Wisdom, the architect of everything, taught it to me". It is to be believed that if Faith and Reason had listened with more humble ears to this confession of Solomon, the enmity between Christianity and science would not have reached the extremes that were reached in the first decades of the twentieth century.) Returning to the subject of the Evolution of the tree of life, the first thing is the roots. It is where the tree begins to germinate. But for there to be a tree there must be a seed. Assuming that the Mother Cell, the Seed of Life had its origin in God, it follows from the biohistorical sequences we are following that the seed of the tree of species was sown by God under the waters of the Great Ocean. And therefore the plants came first. From this underwater vegetable kingdom, by adaptation of the first branches to terrestrial life, as the level of the waters of the Great Ocean descended, the tree of terrestrial plant species arose. The evolution of this new kingdom was completed when photosynthesis transformed the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

This biohistoric step took place during the Afternoon of the Third Day. We have already seen how once the Ice Sheet was broken up the two resulting blocks began their retreat toward the poles, and how the evaporation of the Ocean in course of the lifting of the mountain ranges by the gravitational pull produced the multiplication of the Ocean into oceans and the division of the oceans into seas. So as the water level went down, marine plants adapted to terrestrial life, eventually transforming the prehistoric atmosphere into the historical atmosphere with oxygen as the main element. At the same time and under the necessary adaptation to the revolution that the same vegetable kingdom was producing, the prehistoric vegetable fiber of submarine substrate acquired the properties of the terrestrial historical trees. With the creation of the kingdom of trees God closed the structure of the Plane of Biospheric Interrelation. Plane on which I will dwell for a moment before taking off from the ground and launching this account into space.

The autonomy of the Plane of Biospheric Interrelation can be summarized by saying that the polar caps were stabilized to be the two main thermo-cooling foci of the ecospheric system. Foci on which God made the equilibrium of the temperature of the Biosphere depend, and which, in order to stabilize the thawing of both thermo-cooling focal points God made depend on the angle of rotation of the terrestrial globe. Let us go by parts, however.

Let us imagine for a second that the Earth were flat and remained always at the same distance from the Sun. What would happen? What amount of time would the Sun need to heat the oceans to the boiling point and make the oceans a plate of boiling water? And in how many geological hours would the atmosphere lose its thermodynamic equilibrium and all its architecture would explode into pieces because the Earth's angle of rotation did not have a regulating mechanism? Let us calculate how many years it would take for the temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere to shoot up by ten degrees in the absence of the two polar thermo-cooling focal points. How would this temperature increase affect marine life? If human creatures die as a result of a heat wave, how many would die each year if the heat wave were to continue and, worse, threaten to rise another ten degrees in the next twenty years, for example?

What has been happening in these millions and millions of years is the opposite. The ecospheric thermo-cooling foci have remained constant, they have kept the biospheric temperature stable, always on the understanding that as their mass decreased the general temperature would necessarily have to increase. But by making the biospheric temperature depend on the polar thermo-cooling foci, our Creator was forced to give them a geophysical platform. Platform I will call Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate and it has to do with the equations at the base of the immutability of the Earth's rotation angle.




We have the Earth rotating around the Sun. We have seen that the thermodynamic stability of the biosphere was made by God to depend on the polar masses. Now we have to study the mechanics of the maintenance of the polar caps, since everything leads us to believe that the temperature and the angle of rotation are in direct relation, and nevertheless the Earth orbits within a gravitational field subject to the alterations that from the central star transform the interplanetary space by reason of its interrelation with the sidereal world to which it belongs. This causes in the planets an unstable rotational dynamics, a reflection of the Sun's pitching. (That the Sun pitches means that its angle of rotation seems to walk like a drunkard and, as the drunkard's body walks from left to right, in the same way its geographic axis now lies to the right, now to the left. This movement is reflected with special intensity in the rotation of Mars and should, by nature, be natural to the Earth's axis. If the pitching of the planetary rotation angle is the rule, the Earth is the exception to the rule. The importance of this dynamic constant is vital if we remember that temperature and rotation angle are in direct relation). The subjection of our planet to the law of solar pitching, the cause of which we would have to go into another chapter, would alternate the area of incidence of solar energy on the continental geography, with the consequent effect of irregular thawing of the polar caps. But this does not happen, and hence the question: Why does the Earth always offer the Sun the same angle of rotation?

This singularity has an explanation. The law governing the fall of the axis of rotation toward one hemisphere or toward the other of a body revolving about itself has the answer. Experience does not fail. Everyday reality offers us varied examples of the nature and the applicable effects of this law. Its description is not complicated. Let us think, what would happen if we were to spin around with open arms holding an encyclopedia in one hand? Wouldn't the loaded arm fall in the natural direction of the weight it holds? Anyway, there is nothing written about examples, as there is nothing written about tastes. Once the nature of the law and the effect to which it gives rise have been understood, everyone can invent his own. Once the law is understood in its full extent, what we have to do now is to apply it to the reality of the globe of the Earth. I mean, it is enough to take a globe, put it on the table and stop to observe this example of the encyclopedia in one hand with the phenomenon of concentration of the continents in one hemisphere. Is not the entire continental mass grouped in one hemisphere? The other hemisphere is occupied by the waters of the Pacific. We already have the encyclopedia on one arm of the Earth, what effect will result if we now take the Globe of the Earth and begin to spin it on its axis?

This effect of dropping the angle of rotation toward the overloaded hemisphere is just what God intended by loading the pentacontinental mass on one hemisphere. The final effect it produced was a fixed angle of rotation. Why bother? Well, the need for stabilization of the Biospheric Plane of Interrelation was a first-order cause. The creation of a stable thermodynamic platform was a necessity of Evolution. Thanks to the pentacontinental concentration within a hemisphere of the planet God made it possible that the zone of incidence that the Globe presents to the solar energy was always the same. Thanks to this optical constancy, the growth curve of the biospheric temperature and therefore of the thawing of the polar ice caps would be subject to a stable rhythm during all geological ages. (These are super-simple and natural conclusions which, to the advocates of plate tectonics, for example, must seem a heresy. But what can you do? Nothing is written about tastes, nor can we keep everyone happy).




I have said that, by stabilizing the angle of rotation of the globe through the displacement of continental mass on one hemisphere, God obtained a constant angle of incidence of sunlight on the geographic poles. From this effect he hoped to obtain the gradual thawing that would give the evolution of the tree of species the necessary time to be brought to completion. And I have emphasized that of course this architectural version clashes with the famous hypothesis of continental drift. But it could not be otherwise. Continental drift cannot explain the constancy of the rotation angle; and what is worse, it contradicts its existence. Apart, obviously, from not being able to satisfy any of the unknowns that the structure and morphology of the lithosphere present. To deny the unknowns in order to impose fiction on science was, unfortunately, the attitude that, in its atheism, the modern age adopted as a philosophy.

Moving on from baroque discussions, and starting from the materialization of the mathematics of the Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate, let us say that the geophysical architecture to which God gave his approval configures a structure in which the Lithosphere becomes a compact ring rotating uniformly on a magmatic, liquid ring. The magmatic ring or Mantle in turn floats on a chromospheric ring. And in the center the microstar that composes the Nucleus pendulates in the bosom of the gravitational currents that serve as its orbit. Within this configuration, the detail of the equality of temperature between the surface of the Nucleus and that of the Sun is not a coincidence. Neither is the fact that by keeping the lithospheric temperature constant, the oceans behave like the waters of the river that the nuclear reactor needs to maintain its temperature in equilibrium. (As for the equality of temperature between the surface of the Nucleus and that of the Sun, it is not known if it is true for all the members of the System or if it is only true for the Earth. If it is valid only for the Earth, it is possible to arrive at a law of interaction between star and planet that confirms this rule of equality for all biospheric systems. The size of the star and its surface temperature would determine the distance to the planet in question. Although today this is just talk for the sake of talk, wouldn't the given equality imply a parity between the thermodynamic cycles of the Sun and the Nucleus? In this case the important thing is not so much to determine, as to capture the interaction between Sun and Earth).

Having said the above, you will tell me then that what I am proposing is a kind of bearing gear where the magmatic ring fulfills the functions of the balls on which the external wheel moves. And I am absolutely right. You will then object to me that in this case it is necessary to explain how this pressure cooker does not burst. Subtle question that honors you, and to which you yourselves will be able to answer from the daily vision of the system of flotation of the internal heat that are the volcanoes. Are not the lines of flotation of the geonuclear heat constant, and are they not marked by the circulation of the electromagnetic currents?




Although it may seem a gratuitous exercise, let us begin again. On the first Day our Creator doubled the energy density per astrophysical cubic unit of the terrestrial gravitational field. The response of the Nucleus, at that time in a cold state, was to activate itself and proceed to the transformation of that supply into heat. Immediately the mantle liquefied and the primary crust melted. These works performed the Core cooled down again, so that the Crust solidified and became the geophysical ring we call Lithosphere. Had the Earth remained in the region where these works were carried out, the cooling of its Core would have dragged the Mantle to its solidification. The Bible says that this did not happen because God separated the Earth from its region of origin and introduced it into a gravitational field of stable density, the Solar System.

Once inside the field of action of the Sun: the geonuclear transformer reactivated and acquired a constant temperature, equal to the external temperature of the star around which it orbits. I think it is about six thousand degrees Celsius. This integration in the Solar System stopped the solidification of the mantle and at the same time maintained the solidity of the lithospheric ring, which would rotate since then with its own movement on the magmatic ring. Roughly speaking.

Constant heat production by the Nucleus forces physics to draw between the Mantle and the Nucleus a sort of chromospheric zone, within whose space the Nucleus itself pendulates, causing this pendulation - subject to the alterations of gravity of which I spoke before - the flattening of the poles which the globe manifests. (In this sense the pendulation of the Nucleus within the geophysical body depends on its own mechanics of heat production and its reaction to the thermonuclear waves at the origin of the volcanoes. As for the morphology of the Nucleus, the reaction of the geophysical body itself to its pendular action gives us certain clues. But this will be established at another time from other bases).

It is this geophysical structure that leads us to ask the following question: How does the Earth release the internal heat storage to which the lithospheric ring gives rise? The answer, rather than theories, calls for facts, and well, although we are talking about a lithosphere with a fixed angle of rotation on a magmatic surface, its body is endowed with a complex system of buoyancy tubes through which geonuclear heat is continuously released. To speak of volcanoes is to speak of all the seismological dynamics that accompany the creation of this geophysical architecture, impressive in its manifestation and perfect in its execution. Now: Why do the mouths of the buoyancy system run over the boundaries of the great mountain ranges?

The correspondence between the seismological lines and the lines of the great mountain ranges is explained from the physics of the gravitational pull, on whose phenomenology any expert can clarify the doubts. And the objection to the geophysical architecture that the continuous increase in temperature of a lithosphere subject to the law of the Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate would present, is swept away by the constant temperature of the ocean floor, thanks to which the most exposed surface of the lithosphere slows down this natural rise, which without this equilibrium would end up causing this building of geophysical engineering to burst. I believe that nuclear reactors use this same theory to slow down the heating of their engines.

This autonomous geophysical system, at the origin of so many headaches, is completed by a sui generis, special, overwhelmingly marvelous planetary structure, the basis of which I am honored to present to you. But I want to start from a fact. Better still from a law: Namely, if every astrophysical system is a transformer of universal energy into light and heat, its working speed will depend on the gravitational density of its field and on the number of revolutions per century of its star. This of a site.

On the other hand, it is fair to say that the sidereal velocity of a system - be it constellation or galaxy - is a constant deduced from the forces of the astrophysical region to which this system belongs. In other words, if the Solar System were not interrelated with the Universe of constellations, its cruising speed would depend exclusively on the amount of energy of its gravitational field. Subject the Solar System to the law of attraction of gravity between the bodies of the universe, the law itself tells us that as the distance between the constellations decreases, the cruising speed of the stellar systems that compose them must logically increase. This is a universal effect from which we can infer that if the speed of the central star, on whose speed the minor bodies of a system depend, accelerates, all the bodies dependent on its physics will experience this variation. Somehow, in some way.

And this is relevant because the question cannot be avoided or left aside because of certain contexts, especially once the Evolution of Life on Earth is opened to a complex system of physical equations without the resolution of which the future of life could not be guaranteed. The new question that comes to mind is: How did God stop beforehand the possible alterations that, in the future, and precisely because our System was subject to this universal law, the Earth would have to experience? To better grasp the guts of the matter, let us compare our System with a ship. Indeed, if we compare the Solar System to a ship in full flight, what we are trying to discover here is whether this ship was endowed with a safety brake, or whether it simply drifts through the sea of constellations, exposed to the gravitational winds and the sidereal electromagnetic fields.

But why did God need to provide the Solar System with a safety brake to keep its cruising speed stable? is the opposite question to the previous one. And well, I think that the necessity is as obvious as the subjection of all the bodies of the universe to the laws that regulate it. If the wheels accelerate, won't the chassis accelerate at the same time? If the Sun puts its foot on the accelerator, won't the planets suffer the consequences?

And to what extent will this hypothetical acceleration affect the central transformers of the planets, and especially that of the Earth, once the direct relation between speed and heat has been discovered? But what if now the solar speed were to drop abruptly for reasons of electrodynamic interaction at a distance? That is to say, did God break his head to create an Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate to the Plane of Biospheric Interrelation and then was he going to expose the whole Geophysical Architecture to destruction as a result of a constellational coup de rudder? He pulled lines, shifted continents from one hemisphere to the other, created seismological hot zones, regulated geonuclear thermodynamics, left nothing to chance, no loose end was overlooked. And now, when the adventure of life was just beginning, was he now going to leave the solar ship adrift in the interconstellar currents? The need to correct trajectories in time, to control variations in space and to govern matter by remote control, obliged the Creative Intelligence to provide the Solar System with a safety brake that would maintain the cruising speed of the central star within a range of maximums and minimums. The question is what kind of automatic brake should an Astrophysical Engineer use when putting a Solar System into orbit. Of course, if we do not know what type the Solar System belongs to, we will hardly be able to find the answer. The answer is right in front of our eyes.