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I said that God created the Earth in the Darkness, and that, having created the Mantle of Ice, which in His Book He calls the Light, He separated it from the Darkness, and introduced it into the Heavens, where it is. And I believe I have said that the first of all the effects which as a result of this integration the Earth experienced may be compared to the effect which a transformer undergoes when it is integrated into an electric circuit. And that as at the beginning of the First Day, so at the beginning of this Second Day the increase in the speed of rotation of the globe, the external sign of the increase of revolutions experienced by its nucleus, was the immediate effect of the integration of the earth into the field of the solar system.

Now, the natural trajectory between two points that attract each other being the straight line, and the motion in a gravitational field similar to that of a liquid in a glass, the approximate motion of an external body toward an astrophysical body by the work of this relation draws a circle around the star. But since God ruled out the option of approach on the planetary track, the trajectory to be described by the Earth could only be a parabola. That was precisely what it began to draw as a reaction to the action of instantaneous acceleration experienced by its rotation. This in regard to the first part of the flight of the Earth in search of its biospheric orbit.

The first effect drawn, the law governing the flight of helicopters by pencil, we must bring into this coupling process the nature of the respective electric fields. That is, any electromagnetic field is defined by its two components: the magnetic force acting at a distance between the bodies and the electric force that places them around a reference nucleus. In the case of the Earth's launch we have the magnetic force in action, in combination with the law of rotational motion. The description that this combination gives us of the approach of the Earth to the Sun is the one that draws a parabola from the outside of the Solar System towards the boreal pole of the Sun as an access route.

The entrance in action of the second electromagnetic force, the electric one, raised in the horizon of events a fringe of inversion to the indefinite approach of the Earth to the Sun. Once inside this fringe, in response to the equality of the electric signs between the respective fields, the trajectory of the Earth began its descent toward its biospheric orbit. (Independently of the equations that regulate the mass of the astrophysical bodies subject to a systematic relation, the energies in play between the component bodies of a Solar type stellar system, and the distance that a planetary body travels during its orbit, the sequence of effects that the Earth experienced during its trajectory of approach to the Sun had repercussions in the overheating of its Nucleus, effect from which the series of thermonuclear waves proceeded in the origin of the thermodynamic state of the Mantle).

The effect derived from the transformation of the Mantle --something that we already saw speaking of the Creation of the Ice Ring-- in a mass of thermonuclear reaction was the fusion of the Lower Lithosphere. (By Lower Lithosphere is understood the zone of geophysical contact with the Upper Mantle. Remember that the division of the Earth's body into three main zones, with their intermediate contact strips, is not a simple whim of nature. The zone that has come to be called the Outer Core belongs, within this Building, to the contact strip between the Core proper and the Mantle. Bearing in mind that the Nucleus is the stellar body around which a planet is formed, and is therefore the Transformer of Gravitational Energy into heat, the physics of the Outer Core corresponds to the state of matter in the Lower Mantle, which would be equivalent to that of a mass around a micromass with a low temperature, that is, matter compressed in a gaseous state, although this state is inappropriate to qualify the physics of the fringe within which the Nucleus oscillates, causing with its pendulation -as I have already said elsewhere- the flattening of the Globe. But let us return to the main point:)

In other circumstances the heating of the Upper Mantle body, or thermonuclear reaction mass, origin of the Global Geological Volcanism, would have reached the Upper or external Lithospheric Ring, but the fact that the Lithospheric Ring is under the Ice Cap, whose Creation we have seen at the beginning, kept the structure of the Lithospheric Crust in solid state, although subjecting the Secondary Crust to the physics of the temperature elevation inside a pressure cooker. It is understandable that the temperature inside that pressure cooker into which God had converted the geophysical body could not continue to rise without limit.

Our geologists determined the physics of the Earth starting from a cold nucleus, mechanically inactive, and only alive according to the thermodynamic reaction dependent on gravitational pressure, in this case acting as solid pressure. They needed a virtual model from which to explain the constancy of the geophysical heat determining lithospheric volcanic activity. The fact that the radiography by wave drew on the table a thermodynamic structure from lower to higher, that is, from outside to inside, proceeded to prove right the childish model of geonuclear heat by mass pressure that they had fixed in their heads; a childish model that in turn went to bed with the hypothesis of the origin of stellar matter from a concentration of dust in the heart of a gravitational field drifting through the stellar seas ... does not cut the sea without it flies ... blah blah blah ... The reader will excuse my infinite cynicism.

And making love, they gave birth to an Ecosphere magically regulated on Perfect Equations that, of course, contradicting the Origin from Chance, by logic had to be suspicious to them, and, consequently, without any possibility of prospering. And they preferred to continue clinging to the infantile model rather than to continue searching for a Geophysical Model capable of explaining the Thermodynamic Equilibrium of the Biosphere.

How, however, a planet without a heat energy generator can remain hot for millions of years, such that, as the fossil records show, one can speak of an Ecospheric Thermodynamic Cycle, this is a point that, once the Infant Model of Matter Pressure as Origin of Geonuclear Heat was elevated to the category of dogma, and because it had no hypothesis with which to replace it, they preferred the ignorance of those who prefer the bad that they know to the good to be known. And hence the challenge that a Theory where the Nucleus of every planet becomes a stellar body, Transformer of gravitational energy into heat, therefore, opens in this New Century.

We were saying, then, that the liberation of the geonuclear heat (as a consequence of the entrance of the Earth into the Solar System) that was accumulating between the Crust and the Mantle, if it did not find a way out, would end up provoking an astronomical explosion, which would mean the disintegration of the geophysical body. That is to say, and to center the subject: without destroying the Lithosphere God had to proceed to break that enormous bar of Ice under whose mass the thermonuclear reactions that were growing in the body of the Mantle threatened to burst the Nucleus. The solution was in the gravitational pull that the solar magnetic field would execute on the geophysical body when crossing the Earth (in the direction of its stationary orbit) the fringe of interaction between the respective electric fields.

The origin of the chain of thermonuclear reactions that keep the mantle active is a matter to be studied from the perspective of the Geophysical Architecture we are developing. For example, how a chain series of thermonuclear reactions can extend its wave front to the Lithosphere and open waterways through which magmatic heat is released. Also this one, the relationship between the Core and the irregular geoid shape of the Crust. This subject leads us to see the Pendulation of the Nucleus within the Mantle as the origin of the bulging of the equatorial region. And consequently to introduce between the external zone of the Nucleus and the internal zone of the Mantle a geophysical ring in chromospheric state, on whose singularity I am not going to enter now.

We saw - to recapitulate - that, launched the Earth in the direction of the Sun, our planet crossed the fringe of interaction between the respective electric fields, which provoked the natural electric reaction between two fields of the same sign. (The same operative law that configures the stationary orbits of the particles around an atomic nucleus as a function of the electric fields is the law that we must apply to the structure of the Solar System. Although too simple to be true, we will shortly demonstrate that the planetary configuration obeys the laws of electrodynamics. The orbit of the Earth is a natural consequence).

And it is curious that having noticed the similarity between the structure of an atom and the Solar System and the similarity between the intraatomic forces and the electromagnetic and systematic forces, because it was obvious, and because they refused to believe that Nature and Creation obey such logical principles, scientists of the XX century refused to believe that Nature and Creation obey such logical principles, the scientists of the 20th century refused to believe what they had in front of their eyes and, having the answer in front of their noses, they rejected it as unworthy of their genius, preferring to enter into a Unification Theory of electromagnetic and Gravitational fields, which, however, has its daily miracle in the structure of atomic matter. For if the origin of the geonuclear heat comes from the material pressure, how is it possible that this same pressure has not proceeded to sink all the planetary mass in the body of the Sun in the millions of centuries that the System has been active?

They answer with centrifugal energy, but they ignore that a work cannot be executed to infinity, the orbital constancy contradicts it, so that having to look for a different force, they undertook the search for a unified field, and while they spoke of electromagnetic forces they did it by eliminating the electric component of the magnetic field. Wise men in every sense of the word! So: Directed the terrestrial trajectory towards its stationary orbit, by effect of the electric repulsion between fields of the same sign, in terms of work we can compare this effect to that of an accelerated centrifugal force. In fact, subject to this effect, if the magnetic field had not slowed down the consequences: the Earth, dragged by the electric storm, would have been shot against the orbit of Mars, for example. The gravitational pull that the coupling between the respective magnetic fields produced, when the Earth crossed the electric strip that corresponded to it in the System, was the brake that parked it in its orbit. This pull had repercussions in the lower lithosphere, pulling the feet of the great mountain ranges out of the upper mantle. With this action of lifting the roots of the great mountain ranges: The action of the hammer against the ice bar under whose Ring the Lithosphere was located, was already done. To reproduce this global seismological action would be to open a door in time and dare to stand firm on an earthquake with epicenter in the Nucleus and whose radius of universal extension makes dance under our feet, planted on the Ice Ring, the whole body of the terrestrial Crust. (The sages of the 20th Century certainly found evidence of a Retreat of the Ice, what they never dared to dream is that the body of Ice that retreated, once at the beginning, covered the entire sphericity of the Planet How its Creator managed to split that Ice Bar is the point that has been dealt with in this section, about which there is a world to be said, and about whose Mechanics, Origin of the Ecospheric Orography, we will have time to spend, at all levels, in the course of this XXI Century). Thus cracked the ice mantle that God called "the Light", the heat accumulated in the internal geophysical body found the spigot through which to be released: in the form of gases and lavas, God obtaining from this effect the transformation of ice into water. This is the sequence in the origin of Water and Air. But let us remember how the ice mantle reacted to the approach of the Earth to the Sun.