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The Biblical Text does not lie. In the Fourth Day of Genesis we are told that God created the stars to separate the Light from the Darkness. I quote: "And so it was. And God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, and the stars, and set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth, and to rule the day and the night, and to divide the Light from the darkness." Who has not ever read this text: "And God created the stars, and set them in the firmament of the heavens to divide the light from the darkness". The Author of Genesis first tells us that God created the Light and then declares that once the Light was created, He separated it from the Darkness.

Well, the options offered to us are what they are and do not admit of any twists and turns. God created the Light, then separated it from the Darkness, and created the stars to separate the Light from the Darkness. The question is what would happen now if where Moses wrote Light we put the mantle of Ice whose creation we have followed. Does the atmosphere start to warm up? What if we take pencil and paper and draw lines. We draw a circumference in one corner of the paper and call it Earth. On the opposite side we draw another circle and call it Darkness. Now we draw a separation wall in the middle between Earth and Darkness, which we call Stars. This is the image we get by putting Earth where Moses put Light. And, in fact, if we look at the sky we see that the Heavens act as a wall of separation between the Earth and the outer cosmos.

Conclusion: If God created the Light and separated it from the Darkness, it is that the Earth was at that time in that region from which the stars separate it at present. Or, what is the same, before creating the Light: the Earth was in the midst of the Darkness.

I understand that this simple way of fabricating logic may seem to the reader to be a sinister art of complicating things even more. The truth is that no matter how much I want to, I cannot find the complication, and perhaps that is why I throw myself into the recreation of geohistorical events without thinking about the opinion of the centuries. At the moment of truth, which is what interests us here, the problem is where, in what region of outer space are those Darknesses that covered the face of the Abyss when God said: Let there be light.

The Revelation limits itself to inform us about the astronomical distance that God put between the Darkness and the Light. It does not give numbers or intergalactic coordinates. It tells us that God created the Earth and between the Earth and its region of Origin He placed the Heavens in between. Wonderful and revolutionary translation that leaves us nailed to the seat and places us right where our Creator wanted to see us: In the middle of the Darkness and looking at the Heavens. So what good is it to have our feet on the ground if in the end the one who has his head in the clouds is the one who sees things best?

An extra question comes to mind: Did God create the stars to separate the Earth from its region of Origin for no other reason than to draw on the vault of the firmament the zodiac? Or did He give the Heavens galactic dimensions for some other reason? The positive answer implies the affirmation of a historical impossibility, neither more nor less than that a man of three thousand five hundred years ago would have understood, without ever having observed the cosmos, that our Universe is a Galaxy in the heart of an ocean of galaxies in motion, the reason why God gave our Heavens their present astronomical dimensions.




But let us go on. Created the Light (process we have described following the time line with which God has challenged since his Genesis the Science of all times, walking on which line we have arrived at the Fusion of the Primal Crust and the resulting Sublimation of the Primal Atmosphere, factory where God produced the Mantle of ices that during the Morning of the First Day covered the sphericity of the planet Earth, and without judging the mechanical processes given the naturalness of the subject: Melting of the First Crust and Sublimation of the Primordial Atmosphere), we left the matter of the Revelation somewhat in the air until the occasion would allow us to put our feet back on the ground.

And without going into further details we return to the Text, reading whose letters we agree that the definition of the Creative Word, by whose identity it leaves the country of metaphors, hyperboles, myths and other entities of legend, made "the Light" a Key of Champolion, making use of which the Revelation is interpreted, against all opinion, theological or scientific subscribed to this day, by saying that God separated the Earth from its region of origin and introduced it into the Heavens, a conclusion inferred from the Text: "and God saw the Light to be good, and separated it from the Darkness", a statement which in the light of this Interpretation leads me to admire the courage that the Human author put into it when he dared, without science, to confess such a statement of Light-Darkness separation by the hand of the same God who created the Earth and the Heavens. Moses' ignorance is precisely wherein lies the Wisdom of the one who dictated the Text to him and by his silence his Scribe became the wisest man of his time. In a section dedicated to the Ignorance of Moses as God's Scribe, we will return to the subject of the Omniscience of the Lord who dictated to him the Account of the Creation of the Universe. Or did not everything begin for us when the Earth was created?

We already know that it is said that the true history of Man goes back even before the existence of the Earth. Now, neither the existence of Man is transcendental for the Cosmos, nor is the knowledge of the structure of the galaxies vital for the existence of Man. So that if Man did not exist, the Cosmos would continue to be where it is, making its way, and if Man did not know the structure of the Cosmos, Man would not cease to be what he is. This does not mean that the importance of the Knowledge of the Universe is not of a specific existential value for us; and it does make it clear that the knowledge that is of vital transcendence for Man as a Being is the Knowledge of God; and since in God comes the Creator, the Science of Creation comes in the lot, to speak with joy in the body.

Some will question why then God has kept in Silence the Memory of the Creation of the Earth and the Heavens, separating the Creator in God from the Lord. A posture which God maintained in Christ, keeping Faith and Intelligence in the manner of two arms joined to the same body, born to obey the same Will, but the movement of each arm subject to the thought of the head, under whose impulses the whole body moves. And I will answer this simple question by affirming that it has been so in truth. At the same time I will deny that from the beginning God had arranged the Knowledge of the Creator in Himself following this pattern of growth under the conditions of the Science of Good and Evil. It happened as it happened and there is no remedy. And because it happened, the Formation of Intelligence in the Image and Likeness of that of our Creator experienced on the way a setback, which obliged God, in effect, to place before the Knowledge of the Science of Creation the Knowledge of the tree of the science of Good and Evil, the fruit of which, as we know, is War.

I do not know whether the reader of these lines has taken the laws of this Science. For my part I believe that the structure of that Fruit is assumed, and from the knowledge that comes from experience I can write what with the knowledge that comes from theory took form in the language of the First Man, namely, "Cursed is everyone who eats of that fruit, and cursed is everyone who gives to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil". Final confession that brings me back to the point from which we started this little journey, speaking of the Separation of the Light that God will perform once He created it in the Darkness. Writing about which I said that while Ignorance had its Law the impossibility to enter into its Content led some, theologians, and others, scientists, to give back to God his Genesis wrapped in the paper of metaphors and myths. But once the Light has been translated by the Cloak of Ice that at the end of the First Day covered the surface of the Earth, a Cloak of Ice produced by the Sublimation of the Primordial Atmosphere arising from the Fusion of the Primary Crust, there is nothing left but to set fire to the paper of the Theological Tradition and Cosmology of the 20th Century, blow on the ashes, clear the table and start working again starting from the Information that God gives us in his Book. I may return to this subject in another section, and I may have already done so in a previous one. It does not matter. And I do not say this because I am one of those who believe that a truth is more or less true according to the number of times the hammer falls on the head of the fool of the moment. I say it thinking that life is a thought that makes itself starting from universal roots, and not because one has a dream many times acquires that dream more sense nor because one stops dreaming the body will lose the benefit provided by the night's rest. Not at all!

For the unimportance of man to the Cosmos is a fact, Truth exists in itself, even though no one exists in the Universe. I may cease to exist just now, but Truth was before me, and will remain without me.

As for my mania for returning to a point of restoration, which may be one today and another tomorrow, it is due more to the need to maintain a common point of reference between writer and reader. By inertia, the essayist tends to lose himself in his thoughts and the reader to hold on to a specific idea. And being the case at hand of such complexity, as much as I would like to pass the cloth of simplicity, the fact is that sending Cosmology and Theology, touching their position in front of the Genesis of Moses, out of the work table on whose surface the spirit of God's Intelligence is moving in this XXI Century, presupposes an act more related to art than to science, assuming that writing is an art, and giving expression to thought is an art; something I personally agree with, and I deduce from the philosophers and heroes of the revolutions of the second millennium, the former sharpening their pens with the art of the polemicist and the latter their swords with the art of the philosophers. The two times that this marriage brought to the world two Events for eternity: the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

The problem, then, is not in the Word, but in the use of the art of its science. In this case Truth, not Power, is the Principle and the End. And hence man being unimportant, and Truth eternal, human opinion is dust on the table. Whose surface we have cleared in order to set the earth in its place for the Day when God created Light, and once created: "separated it from the Darkness.

Returning then to the point of restoration, I will say that anyone who has two eyes to his face sees that, the Light having been created in the Darkness, the Earth, the Light being the Mantle of Ice which at the end of the First Day covered its surface, the Earth was in the Darkness. From which region God separated it once the Light was created, that is, the mantle of ice that covered the sphericity of the Earth at the end of the First Day, as it is written three thousand five hundred years ago: "and God saw the light to be good, and separated it from the Darkness". If he separated it, it is because it was there. And if God then created the stars to separate the Light from the Darkness, as we read in the Fourth Day: "God made the two great lights, the greater to rule the day, and the lesser to rule the night, and the stars; and He placed them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth, and to rule the day and the night, and to separate the Light from the Darkness".

Then, translating in this Line of the Hieroglyph of Moses "Light" by "Mantle of Ice," we have that the Earth was in a Region outside the Heavens. A stunning and astonishing translation that if it were not for the fact that it is God who subscribes it and his Scribe who writes it with the Rod of command used to separate the waters of the Red Sea, our intelligence would be shot to the world of the extraterrestrials and where I put C for Cosmology I would have to put F for fantasy. This sitting down, because sitting down deserves it, and since the door is already open, let's go in.

How God produced this change from a region of General Space to the region where it is at present, on this particular the author said nothing. Nor did he say anything about the specific nature of the region of origin where God created the Earth. Nor will I go into further details at this time. When it is convenient for this Cosmology, we will draw the veil. It is enough for now to accept that God created the Earth outside our Heavens, beyond the constellations of our galaxy, in the Abyss covered by the Darkness.

In fact, returning to the subject of the Formation of the Secondary Crust and the Sublimation of the Primordial Atmosphere, the fact that the Earth was in a region subject to absolute zero was the accelerator used by God to create the Ice Cap. We see how, Mars being at a greater distance, its atmosphere did not go through the process of sublimation that the Earth went through. The singularity that the Biosphere opens among the planets speaks of the existence of a special geohistoric period, which, as incredible as it may seem to us, from the Revelation is discovered when God declares that the singularity of the Biosphere obeys and is the answer to the region of origin where He created it. Spontaneous affirmation that leads us immediately to the problem of the Power of the Creator of the Universe. For, if intellectually speaking the process of creation of the Biosphere discovers in the exposed sequence its scientific nature, the invincible objection has to do with the Nature of that Being that not only thinks how to do things, but also has Infinite Power to carry them out.

I do not know whether I have said it, but if I have not, I say it now: Power without Intelligence does not satisfy the need which the transformation of Reality demands; and vice versa, Intelligence without Power remains a dream, a fantasy, an answer carried away by the wind. In this case, knowing God through Theology and the Universe through Science, the only thing we have to do is to merge them into a New Science, the Science of Creation, and follow its laws and principles. In this case, God knowing that by exposing an Atmosphere to a region subject to absolute zero its volume would sublimate and give rise to the creation of a Block of Ice, and being able to do so, He did so. And he called Light to the Ice Sheet.

But the integration of the Earth into the Heavens was prepared by God before He opened His mouth and originated the creative sequence of Light. It was not a matter of luck that God found a star system with planetary characteristics compatible with the Earth. Before diving into the ocean of the milky constellations, God knew what He was looking for, where He was looking for what He was looking for and what were the characteristics of the Solar System He was looking for. And He knew this because He Himself formed His planetary structure with a view to not triggering a rejection of the integration of the Earth into the solar edifice.

Genesis starts from a previous platform, the Earth and the Heavens were already created, and on their surface we have launched ourselves to navigate. We could have begun this journey by plunging into the depths of Time, but I have preferred to follow the route designed by God beforehand, among other things, because He knows the terrain better than we do. In due time I will break a lance in the attempt to recreate the Creation of the Solar System. Until that time comes, we must put on the table the basic laws necessary for the understanding of a systematic sequence of so much interest to us.

Thus, the integration of the Earth into the Solar System, as natural as it may seem to those who associate Divinity with the power to open their mouths and have it all done, involved the resolution of a sea of complex equations, replete with unknowns and factors to be taken into account. Like any other system in the Universe, the solar body cannot accept the integration of a new element without undergoing a state transformation itself. Thinking of this simple universal rule of integration of astrophysical bodies into complex systems, God ensured the impossibility of rejection or destructive disturbance of the Solar System in response to the integration of the Earth into its structure by creating Sun, Earth and Moon with the same Origin in space and Time.

Once the Sun and the planets with their moons and rings were created, God proceeded to the isolation of the Earth, root of the Confusion referred to in the Text, in order, after creating the Light - as we have already seen - to unite again Earth and Sun, moment around which we are gravitating in this section. This integration had a path. And on the way the layer of Ice had to start its particular route towards its transformation into Air and Water. To describe this route is the goal that we are going to propose in the next section.

And, finally, the consequence of the launching of the Earth on the boreal track (the door through which the Earth entered the electric field of the Sun) was felt on the surface of the ice mantle. The fact of accessing the Earth to its biospheric orbit by this boreal route had more complex causes than the one we are interested in dealing with here. For now let us enter into the melting of the Ice Sheet and the physical consequences of its acceleration to the maximum critical point on the time duration of its process. Instantaneous elevation sought by God in giving the Earth by access to the boreal track.

The truth is that by introducing the Earth through the boreal runway what God achieved was to accelerate to the maximum allowed speed the process of thawing of the Ice Mantle, as well as to do the same with the consequent evaporation of the resulting product. The set of forces on which the melting of the Ice Mantle was accelerated to its maximum possible speed combines classical and revolutionary forces, and stops that elusive quantum cosmology at the origin of all the processes of creation of astrophysical matter and electromagnetic energies. The closer the Earth-Sun approach became, the smaller the Sun-Earth distance, the more intense was the thawing process of the Ice Mantle. The speed of the approaching movement is what leads us to speak of sublimation. In this sense, the sublimation of the Ice Sheet was a direct evaporation. That, looking to understand it as plainly as possible, we can compare it to the application of a red-hot iron on the surface of an ice bar. The Sun became a red-hot iron bar in the hand of God and the Earth an ice bar. I do not speak figuratively when I say that if God had continued to apply the iron indefinitely, the total mass of the layer of ice would have been transformed into an atmosphere. At least this is the impression created by the infinite extension of the subject. I would say that simple appearance and nothing more. Appearance that invites us to take another step forward. And to assure that the stability of the universe in general, and of our System in special, is based on two basic pillars. The first we have already seen, is the transformation of energy into new forms of energy. The second is the electrodynamic nature of fundamental cosmic matter.




God's study of the behavior of Cosmic Matter led him into the realm of Astrophysical Electrodynamics. During the investigations into the nature of space, matter and time that God conducted during his quest for mastery of the Science of Creation, which would enable him to transform Universal Reality, God observed how fundamental matter, despite its transformations and dimensional leaps in general space, retains the properties of its atomic nature. The discovery of the conservation of the atomic properties natural to the fundamental cosmic energy, regardless of the direction in which it travels, opened to God a limitless creative horizon. For if, however great the distances traveled during the leap from microcosmic to macrocosmic matter, the nature of its electrodynamic forces is conserved, the scenario open to the creative intelligence is unlimited. Moreover, this discovery alone transforms the stars and their systemic networks into bricks, into blocks, into a field of raw material from which to extract all the mass necessary to erect constellational buildings.

So, applying now, if the first law (transformation of the gravitational field into light) opposes the contraction to infinity of the universe, since the quantity of energy does not remain static in the equation, an equational instability derived from the transformation of gravity into light and electromagnetic forces, a condition of stability that the hypothesis demands to give free rein to the contraction of the universal field into a primordial nucleus, and which is not fulfilled, a reality that the stability of the local astrophysical system demonstrates; this second law - electrodynamic nature of the gravitational fields - cuts off the contrary movement (destruction by dispersion) by raising between the sidereal systems an electrodynamic network of behavior. That is to say, the operability of this law of transformation of gravitational energy into electromagnetic forces and other forms of luminous energy, the operability of this law - he said - against dispersion by constant weakening of the volume of universal energy: it maintains the concentration from the laws of electrodynamics.

And finally, the coming into action of this electrodynamic wall of protection allows the existence of gravitational currents around astrophysical continents subject to a theory of molecular structures where the particles are stars.

The visible application of these two laws to an Individual Stellar System we have it in ours. On the one hand, the magnetic field acts as a link between the Earth and the Sun. This is extensible to all the other planets. On the other hand, the electric field raises a barrier between Sun and Earth. What poetically speaking we could seal this way: Thrown the Earth to the impossible encounter of its destruction the nature of its positive spirit turned the appearance into admiration when the equality between the signs resolved the conflict. And we continue.

In a more or less simple way I will recreate the first section of this new geohistorical sequence that took place on the Second Day. But returning to the subject, the importation by the Sun of a new planet meant to its system the integration in its field of a new transformer of gravitational energy, with its exclusive properties. How this structural change altered the relationship between the planetary family is not easy to determine, but this was a factor that God knew from experience, and from that experience he resolved on paper all the unknowns before taking action. The success of the application of his mathematics to reality is not far to seek; the results are there for all to see. We are going to focus on the Earth and what its integration into a shared gravitational field meant for its physical body.

I will begin by saying that any body of an astrophysical nature, as long as it is isolated from any other body, is limited to consuming its own energy. While during Day Zero it was isolated in its region of origin the Earth was feeding on its own gravitational field. The low rate of transformation at which its core was working kept its pulse at a stable minimum of revolutions. The problem was that the gravitational field kept on increasing the coursing mass through its black hole effect. So the Earth had reason to be confused.

And God says that it was empty because the Earth could not get out of that situation by itself. Only by being connected to an energy network could it overcome the end to which, left to its own devices, it was heading. When God returned and doubled the energy of its field, accelerating the rotation of its external body, he broke that situation. From which resulted, as I have shown, the fusion of the primary crust and the creation of the mantle of ice that covered the globe at the end of the First Day.

The energy supplied once transformed into heat, the Nucleus having returned to a new state of equilibrium at the end of the First Day, when introduced into the Solar System at the dawn of the Second Day, the Earth suddenly found itself in the situation of a transformer connected to an energy network. The first reaction of its Nucleus was to pass from a slow state of work to an advanced one. What this means we can understand by remembering how the variation of the energy with which its field can play affected it at the beginning of the First Day. Effect from which it is universally deduced that the engine that keeps the stellar movement constant is the Nucleus.

The motion of the stars and of all the bodies of the Universe, then, as is very well seen in our System, has a singularity. They all rotate on their axis. The natural physical effect of this type of motion is, as seen in helicopters, upward motion. From which we should deduce that all stars and their systems follow an upward trajectory. As if to say that the Universe behaves like a body that moves upward eternally. Now let us return to the point where I left this Story.