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The surprise at discovering this sequence of geohistorical events where the geniuses of the modern world judged there to be nothing except the heated and fanatical imagination of a mind in a feverish religious state (a sequence perfectly scientific in its approach and development) should not take our eyes off the complete series of facts about which, in order to facilitate the general view of the whole, I have passed lightly. Let us recapitulate:

One: Controlled Multiplication of the density per astrophysical cubic unit of the terrestrial gravitational field. The origin of this Controlled Multiplication, I said, is the Nature of the Divine Being.


Two: Vertical acceleration of the working revolutions of the Earth's geonuclear transformer. From which was derived the rotational acceleration of the Globe on its axis, and the astrophysical implosion of the Nucleus at the origin of the heat of the Planet.

Three: Global thermodynamic elevation of the geophysical body, which from the Mantle extended to the surface and produced the Primary Crust Fusion.

Four: Liquefaction of the Primary Crust under the effects of the Fusion of the outer Globe and production of the Primordial Atmosphere. (The chemical nature of the terrestrial Atmosphere, sui generis among those of its planetary family, presents us with an alternative problem which I will not touch on here, but to which I will return in due course).

Five: Once the transformation into heat of the gravitational fuel was completed, the Earth returned to the hands of Nature, its new changes conforming to the law of Inertia.


A. Deceleration of the working revolutions of the geonuclear transformer.

B. Fall of the rotation speed of the Planet.

C. And decrease of the temperature of the Globe.


These were the first three visible effects.

Six: these three effects were the cause of a new sequence of effects. The first of these new effects was the cooling of the outer surface of the Globe, which ipso facto laid the foundation stone for the creation of the outer geophysical ring, the Lithosphere.

Seven: We can also speak of Solidification of the Secondary Crust. Anyway, this is already according to taste. Once we go into more depth we will have time to differentiate them. Advancing the subject a little, let's say that the Lithosphere is to the Globe what the Secondary Crust is to the Lithosphere. In short, the Secondary Crust is the outer layer of the Lithosphere. It was, therefore, the Secondary Crust that was the first lithospheric layer to solidify.

Eight: The continuous lowering of the geophysical temperature to its former starting state, which it would never reach, caused the solidification of the Secondary Crust, as I have said, and the creation of the lithospheric ring. The Geophysical Architecture continued to complete its body with the birth of the second ring, the Mantle, whose cooling would close the source of heat from which the Primordial Atmosphere had hitherto been drawing to preserve its natural state.

Nine: The cooling from the outside to the inside of the Globe by logic had to convert the lithospheric ring into a wall of annulment of the transfer of heat from the Nucleus to the Atmosphere.

Ten: Thermally isolated from the Nucleus, the temperature of the Atmosphere plummeted at the dizzying speed that isolation imposed. Its volume froze. The result was the transformation of the Atmosphere into the Ice Shroud that covered the sphericity of the Planet from north pole to south pole during the Afternoon of Day One. As I said before, this Ice Shroud is the Light in the Word of the First Day.

This is the sequence we have been merrily going through. As we go along I have left specific facts that give the stature of the Creative Intelligence, and its mastery of the sciences of space, time, matter and energy. Cognitive domain that is like a field where the Tree of the Science of Creation takes its roots. On these facts we will dwell for a while in the next section.




God applied to the geophysical system the first of the laws governing the behavior of the Universe: the transformation of gravitational energy into light and heat. This first law being the general principle on which God has built the Architecture of the Heavens, it is thanks to its manifestation in local space that the geometry of our Universe remains constant in time. I know that it is a little hasty to declare something so strong, but as we go forward the image that the exposed results want to transmit to our intelligence will open up until unfolding in colors the magnitude of its beauty.

This seated, the application to the geophysical system of the first law among the group that governs the Physics of the Heavens leads us to be interested in the reactions that stellar bodies with diverse properties put into action before the same external factor, as it could be the entrance of a current of energy into the interior of its system, type intergalactic gravitational rope that as it crosses the abysses drags all the loose matter that is found on its way.

The explanations we may arrive at will always have in this Historical Event (multiplication of the gravitational density of the terrestrial field) their starting point. Its derivations are those that lead us to formulate the relationship between universal energy and astrophysical matter within the framework of the production of light and heat, the two most direct visible consequences that reach our senses. When I speak of light production I mean the whole spectrum of stellar radiation at the root of cosmic energy. The importance of this gravitational energy-stellar matter relationship will be discovered in the chapters that follow. At present I shall stick to the facts, always taking the Multiplication of the original density of the gravitational field as the starting platform of this New Cosmology.

We have observed (and it has been done because it has been inferred from the final effects their first cause) that, by doubling the astrophysical cubic density, that is, the amount of energy present in a gravitational field, in this case in that of a planet, and more specifically that of the Earth, the heat production of the astrophysical transformer is multiplied by that multiple. If we were talking about a stellar transformer, the first visible consequence would be manifested in the intensity of the light produced. In the case that our Creator presents to us, heat is the direct consequence depending on the nature of the transformer on which God worked. (The range of astrophysical transformers is beyond our imagination. Within the horizon that opens before us it is to be supposed that this range comprises sources of gamma rays, X-rays, and rays of nature indefinable for our short range of knowledge of the Cosmos. And, in short, how dare we dare to put fences to that which has no end!).

The questions are: What would happen if instead of God controlling the process of transformation of the energy of an astrophysical system into light and heat, we were on the frontiers of the Heavens and, for any external cause, a binary or multiple stellar system suffered an uncontrolled multiplication of the density of its gravitational field? And conversely, what would happen if the rate of transformation of the gravitational field into light or any other type of radiosource were to exceed the rate of energy transfer from one system to another? Wouldn't we have to start correcting our hypotheses about the origin of novae and supernovae?

Here's another: The fluctuations in the intensity of starlight and the variations in their periods and orbital cycles are not a call to our intelligence with the intention of opening our minds to the identification of the universe as an ocean of energy on whose waters matter floats? Isn't it wonderfully curious that speaking about himself and remembering those days, God told us about it saying: "which hovered over the surface of the waters"? I personally have no doubt about the identification of the universal gravitational field with an ocean of energy where currents take place that operate as channels for the transfer of gravity from some areas to others, God maintaining through this irrigation system the geometry of his creation in a perfect state of equilibrium. But the question I have proposed above has to do with the relationship of our universe-galaxy with the outer cosmos, with the realm of the galaxies.

The question was what happens when an extra-local current bursts into the perimeter of our Heavens and unbalances an area, either by the multiplication of the total sum of energy present or by the instantaneous acceleration of the working revolutions of astrophysical matter. Through this review the idea is to recover the effect of accelerated rotation that the Earth experienced by God multiplying the density of its gravitational field, an effect from which we extract a law of direct regularity between the process of heat production and the rotation speed of the astrophysical transformer. The idea leads us to see that when a star is brought to an instantaneous accelerated rotation, the effect must give us by sequence the creation of a Nova, or of a Supernova if the body affected by the instantaneous multiplication of its working revolutions is a multiple system. We shall also in due course entertain ourselves by X-raying this process of nova and supernova production.




And we now recover the thread which our Creator has spread before us, which has always been there but which in His Prescience He allowed to lie in darkness until the Intelligence of our Civilization opened its ears to the Language of the Science of Creation. Having said this, the sequential summary of the historical events that took place during that First Day can be summarized as follows:


A: Multiplication of the density of the Earth's Gravitational Field. (This matter of God multiplying the volume of energy of a given astrophysical system, a matter that lies at the basis of Creation itself, is a matter that we resolved by assuming the nature of the Creator Himself, a nature that allows Him to be the fundamental source of energy from which the cosmic ocean drinks).

B: Upward vertical elevation of the working rhythm of the Central Geophysical Transformer (The existence of an innate correspondence between gravitational density and stellar rotation is at the basis of light and its intensity).

C: Melting of the Mantle and volcanic liquefaction of the Primary Crust. (Any comment in this respect is obvious because I have entrusted to the natural intelligence of the reader the connection between the first cause pointed out and the final effects exposed).

D: Production of the "classic" Primordial Atmosphere. (When speaking of "classic" I have in mind the typical planetary atmosphere, rarefied, chaotic, such as we find it in the other planets of our System). 

E: Cooling of the Core and solidification of the Secondary or Lithospheric Crust. (This was the origin of the Secondary Crust. On it and during the cooling God acted looking at the formation of the Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate, about which I have not said anything yet, but about which something will be said. Anyway, there are the oceanic ridges as proofs of the dragging forces that God put into action, from the solidification of which the moment during which God worked out the geography of the continents can be deduced. The most elementary logic imposes its criterion and assumes that a semi-liquid state is the perfect moment to displace part of its matter from the surface of the semi-solid body, just as someone who works with clay and then exposes the resulting figure to the oven does. In this case the oven effect was assumed by the accelerated process of solidification that the Secondary Crust had undertaken. Why God opened the Atlantic hemisphere into a channel is part of the Geophysical Architecture at the base of the Creation of the Biospheric Plane, about which we will now say what is necessary. The fact is that the drag forces that created the Atlantic Channel and gave rise to the oceanic ridges left their traces when the crustal lithospheric layer solidified. And there they are as testimony to the existence of the creative activity working the continental shelves. I do not want to say anything about how this creation affects the theory of plate tectonics. In addition to the Biospheric Plane Theory I will put on the table another additional proof against the geophysical model that the 20th century imposed as a rule).

F: Sublimation of the Primordial Atmosphere (I said that when the lithosphere isolated the primary atmosphere from the Nucleus: dragged by the temperature drop the atmosphere froze, sublimated, and the final result was its transformation into an Ice Sheet, which, as the sea of lava did before, covered the sphericity of the Earth from North Pole to South Pole, from East to West).

This mantle of ice that surrounded the planet on the evening of that day was the light that came from the lips of our Creator, when He said: "Let there be light". And so it was done. And so it was. The contrary would have been absurd. Descartian Doubt as a method of relationship between the Intelligence of the Creator and that of the Creature is not a method, it is a wall of separation, a fence limiting the possibilities and capacities of Science to grow in the direction of Creative Omniscience. If by Omnipotence I understood before the creative faculty of reducing the working time of a process to its minimum possible expression, I understand by Omniscience now the dominion that in His Wisdom God exercises over all the sciences of matter, space, time and energy. And in so doing I include in his list sciences operating in different universes, about which we can say nothing except to marvel at his infinite knowledge.




Thus, in mind the state of the Earth at the end of the First Day, wrapped the Geophysical Globe under that Mantle of Ice which its Creator calls "the Light," from the distances the vision of our Planet was that of an immense ball of ice floating in the Abyss, like the vision of a massive cosmic egg hatched in the Darkness. The next geohistorical sequence God had in mind was as follows:

Displacement of the Earth from its region of origin to its final place in the Heavens. (This location of our Earth's region of origin will be a problem to be solved in the chapters to come. The need to warn the reader about the disbelief factor that the location will arouse suggests this to me. I will meet this challenge, too, with elegance and calmness).

Launch of the Earth over the Solar System and docking in its third orbit.

Sublimation of the ice mantle (By sublimation of ice is understood the passage of matter from the solid to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. In this case it would be the inverse process to that of the sublimation of gases. If in the previous Day we saw how God managed to lower the temperature of the Globe to the critical point of sublimation of its Atmosphere, in this new Day we are going to see the opposite process. My advice is to open the eyes of intelligence and prepare to understand wonders. And as always, if any objection jumps out, do not worry too much, everything will be solved).

Rupture of the Ice Sheet into two blocks and retreat towards the geographic poles. (This retreat of the two blocks of ice towards the polar caps is a geohistoric period that, coming at it from a different platform, classical geology has sown in the minds of all. I recall here that Science is the ABC of the Language of Creation. The other, pretending to model the Universe and its History to the measure of the omnipotence of human Reason, is an exercise of vanity about which I am not going to say anything now. Science as well as Theology have remained until today subject to the slavery imposed by the Necessity of the Fall. It is not from a tribune of accusation and condemnation that we must analyze the theories and intellectual states through which both Faith and Reason have passed. Possibly trapped in the boots of any of those who preceded us we would have done just what they did. So on this Day of Joy let's not get serious).

Birth of the Ocean and Formation of the Biospheric Atmosphere (This Atmosphere is the Firmament in the Word of the Second Day. We now enter into its geohistorical sequence. Before the dawn of this Second Day breaks and History comes one step closer to us, I think it is not a bad idea to reflect on the place where God created the Light. I know that more than one of you is going to hold your hands to your head and be speechless. Well, you only have to open the Gospel and see what his Son was doing to be amazed by the surprise).