> This is Today´s Will of God: "Let's unify all the churches into One"

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This is Today´s Will of God:

"Let's unify all the churches into One"


Days back from now, about the last millennium crossroad years, a 20 years old young man, did call upon the Son of God. Yes, Raul, I, that young man, I walked all the way up to the thatmountain, and leaving behind this world I held myground before the Son of God with a soul burning into the fires of a hell of questions. To cut short the story, that young man, Raúl, I broke through the other side of Philosophy’s Doubt; I faced my Creator with words of anger and rage. For Raul the Age of Philosophy had just passed away. And as certain as there is sun in the sky, and stars in heavens, that much indeed there is a God out there watching the world, flowing, slowly but unstoppable, miles and miles into the limitless horizons of the Creation. Throwing down the wise men’s opinion, I freed my mind.

I say that I spent many hours knocking on Heaven’s Doors. Suns and Earth are witnesses to me, and to those words which I challenged their Creator with. Sun and Earth do remember my words. But if you look into yourself, you may find in the depth of your soul the reasons why I did what Idid, and probably you may also figure out the nature of those words which I challenged God with.

Can a tragedy be turned into a happy ending story? Tell yourself the truth, answer yourself: can anyone bring out for Himself any glory from this hell we are living in? And what’s still more important: Is the very God Himself afraid of failing in trying to turn a tragedy into a happy ending story? How can a True, Living God expect a man to adore Him while thousands of tongues, born out of Hell, keep burning down to ashes our world?

"Yes, come up, come along King of Heavens, let your Justice reign from one corner to the other corner of the world, and may my knees kiss the track whereby your feet hit the ground, because I did look for the dictator and the tyrant and the murderer and I couldn´t find them: let me congratulate you because they have been pushed away and led to the house of oblivion, wherefrom they will come back no more to terrify Mankind's soul!! Come on, come along King of Heavens, let me see the evil makers walk their way back where they belong, and may my soul say: Watch out all of you who make your living on other’s people sweat and blood, because my King He is the King of the Earth, and He does care for His people".

Yeah, while our brothers and sisters are falling like leaves under the winter rain why should we worship the One who sit afar and glorify Himself just because He is a God and God do not fear Death? Come on, men and women, answer this question, if you can: What is God afraid of? Why a God whose Power knows no limits and His strength can never decline, do not show us the Glory of His Crown shining over the ashes of those who make their living upon the misery of their brethren? Come on, You who taught us Faith and Hope, what are You waiting for?

Right after those hours up there on the top of that mountain Raul lost strength and fell, for some time dead to the world and to self. When I came back to life he walked his way down home and there he waited for the Promise to become true: “Knock, and I will open you the door”. And indeed, it came to happen so. The Son of God heard the young man and came to me. And as it is written from old, my soul became fountain to a river of living waters.

Once this story was written in my very soul, Raul headed back to the road, and as he wandered he met a good man. They called him the Professor. They said about the Professor that he spent his youth teaching Theology throughout South America. In those days the Theology of Liberation were crawling its way between communism and Christianity. Anyway, time forgives nobody and when time flew away it came for the Professor the hour to get back home. He had been away for so long! The Professor brought back home with him all kind of universities medals, personal harvest from the Latin-American countries where he spent teaching Theology and Religion most of his life. Back home it didn’t take the Professor a lot of time to realize that to serve the Lord you don’t have to cross bottomless oceans and rivers a galaxy wide, and mountains tall as a hole in the sky, to find that the prodigal son in Jesus’ tale is around the corner trying to make his way home; he just had to look around. Sad to the bones the Professor spared many tears for the fate of that generation - only God knows why and by whom thrown helpless under the hooves of the XXTH Century’s black death: AIDS, the hunger of whose brown sugar horse was so unsatisfiable as a black hole mouth. A saint the Professor he was. I swear on my soul that he was a saint. And being a man of action, it didn’t take him many thoughts to open a house, downtown, three floors high, full of empty rooms crazy to wrap up into their stone hearts the touch of the human life. And the Professor went out calling everybody in. In that house, the Professor and Raul met.

Once upon a time we all have been a very young man, porbably you are already one, andbecause, me and you we know what speed, revolution, action, motion do mean. I waved bye to the Man, and I followed my star.

Fall and winter passed away. Spring rose from her snow bed. Raul met back again the Professor downtown Madrid. The Man was in the big city due to a brain disease. Poor man! While the bunch of critics he made in his hometown were demonizing his mercy with those street dogs, losers, children of clay, angels without star, while the Professor’s criticizers were shooting against his fame and honour every single word born in the devil’s throat, the poor man was fighting back a brain disease. And the Man said nothing to no one.

As Christ could save everybody from death but he could do nothing to save Himself from being crucified, same way the Professor could do wonders for the others, and nothing for himself, but knock on the glory days friend’s doors to beg just a little bit of mercy. But you know, medicine men can’t help loving money; you see, someone must pay the bill.

Well, nothing new beneath the sun. No money, no cure.

Another man would have fallen in piecesm but not the Professor. That Man had a piece of a saint, real holy wood from the same tree where biblical Job soul and heart were taken. He was feeling lonely but not at all dishearten. “And what about you?” -said the Professor to Raul. “I bet you did not go to the army, and now you’re walking the wild side. I know, you don’t care, if you did, it wouldn’t be you, am I wrong?”.

He was an amazing, and so great a good man. He was in his fifties. Very Latin type , five feet tall, smiling face. His conversation was always joyful. Stick a smile on your face to fight back the storm- was his philosophical point of view. He didn’t smoke or drink. Neither was he married. The great and only love of his life was Christ, and proud, very proud of it, he confessed his faith with the joy of the man who owns the most wonderful treasure in the whole world, Christuan Catholic Faith. But somehow he was like a big child.

As the weeks hit the river of time, and his brain disease grew worst and worst, the Professor kept knocking on door after door. A man from feet to head he would not allow anybody to come and help him out to carry his cross. God knows that the only piece of a heart he could get close to warm his soul up it was hidden behind the fire shield where Raul used to protect his own story. Somehow the Professor’s silence shone in the eyes of Raul with the lights of a mystery sun dying somewhere in the distance nearby. I, Raul, I could feel that the reason why the Man was in the big city had to do with something else that the beauty of Madrid’s spring. But I, just a lad, I could never break through the Professor’s mind; and I tried, but the man would never let me get close to the core of his tragedy.

However, Wisdom is a well on the other side of the field of lies between whose frontiers the powers of this world love to play de dance of war; and, though it takes long before we get used to it, things come to happen when they had to, and there’s nothing for us to do but to run for our life with a smile on our lips and a heart full of hope; because, after all, Creation is on, History is a Book in the hands of God, and while He fills the pages with our names He sees us in the far distance dressed like creatures born out of His Love.

To sit, and stare at our Creator whils He carves our Future is also our lot. To meditate and see ourselves reflected in the mirror of His Mind, see ourselves just as He sees us it is to drink from that well in the distances, so far away, so far indeed, enough at least, to feel the fragility of our lives, away from the eyes of all those we love with all our soul heart and mind.

But the magic of youth is there always to support God’s Creature in his time of desperation, and by turning confusion and emptiness into an explosion of strength, as crazy and wild as the beginning of any Creation is, youth brings upon the stage the play of that phoenix bird rising from the ashes, brighter than before, forever magnificent and gorgeous. Can there be found a contrast greater that the old man walking away towards his grave and the young in his days of perfect love for life staring at the decades ahead, eternity in front or our eyes?

I remember those days; in which I used to get home late. I shared a two-beds room with the Professor. One of those nights that I used to come back to the hotel, tired to death from my wanderings about Madrid downtown, I found the Professor in his bed, snoring softly; I avoided any extra noise and threw my bones on my warm bed. Outside the window, Full Moon was shining. Il turned off the light; right after the Professor began to utter words from his tortured soul. I thought he was having a nightmare, and I kept quiet. Minute after minute the Professor’s words began to get a meaning. I opened his eyes, turned my head to the Professor and saw the Man sitting on the edge of his bed.

The look in his eyes was lost somewhere into the unknown. While he kept playing a melody of endlessness sorrow, from the Professor’s chin a string of blood swung across his naked ches. The Man was talking to himself. From his broken words I understood in that very moment that the Man was feeling like a soul lost in eternity. I was shocked. But I did not stop the Man going on. I was ready to be led to the depths of the well where he was sinking up, no door out, lost for God and men. I was fetched by his tragedy. And as I followed him deeper and deeper, straight into the core of the tragedy from which the Professor had been holding me away, Mother of God! I found that the main cause of the Professor’s pain it wasn’t the disease itself, not at all, the pain that was killing the Man was to know not why his Lord had forsaken him…“Is this my salary, Oh Lord, this is the pay for a life’s service?”, repeated to himself again and again, a Man whose wisdom was deeper, higher and wider than Saint Thomas’ and Saint Agustin’s brought together.

Night after night the Man made his way in and out of that hell from which only the the light of the day could keep him away. Me, I had to go.

Summertime popped in. I moved to Ibiza, the Island of love. You know, not everything in this life go about worries, mistakes ... I believe that when God made the world He painted green prairies on the banks of the rivers for human beings to get naked and practice the sport of living and loving. When you are 21 years old you don’t think much about it, you just go for it.

From the dawn of times the deep-blue waves of the Mediterranean beaches have been for human being a reason to stop, sit and wonder while watching the Spirit of God walking on waters. “In the Beginning...”

I also used to sit upon the rocky cliffs of the Mediterranean shores trying to grasp the reflection of my Divine Creator over the surface of the sea. Those were magnificent days, I believe. For a young soul, living and loving come together, there is always as reason to feel the greatness of the Creation in the eyes of a girl, in the eyes of the skies, those stars shining like diamonds around the head of the Moon, her crown of magnificence and glory. There is nothing like freedom, there is nothing like a mind without a sin. In the beginning God said: “Make Love…”, and right after, but never before: “…No War”. When Sin came around Love was turned into War, and ever since men and women look at each other like two people fighting for power. Stupid thing to do. I could never understand where’s the glory in making War instead of Love. Anyway, one of those days the Son of God raised in the roots of Raul´s heart a desire, which made its way t straight into my mind long before I could qweight the destuny itt was leading me to. That desire was to know everything, to have intelligence no limits to know every-thing.

And as a seed that finds good soil does grow and become a tree, that divine desire brought fruits. How could it be other way?

“Ask me for it, and I will give it to you” was the whisper filling my heart and soul day and night.

Given that Raul's soul was born for action, it did not take to that seed long time for becoming a tree, and bring fruit. One day I got up, I raised my arms to Heaven, I opened my mouth and asked from the Son of God that what I wanted most: The Spirit of Intelligence, and I prayed for it:


My Father who are in Heavens

Hallowed be your name

Let your kingdom come upon us

And your will be done

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give me my daily bread today

As I forgive to others their sins against me

Do forgive my sins

Don’t let me fall into temptation

And deliver me from evil


These things became history, and soon other things came to happen. The Son of God gave me His Yes; His answer came to me in the heart of Europe, in the nation called Belgium. I had knocked on the door, I asked for what I wanted, and I was given that what I wanted most.

Full of strength and joy I headed back to the road. But the wind rose in its might and at the service of its Creator the entire Creation raised that young man from the ground. When he landed he found himself in the entrails of the earth. I closed my eyes; and when I opened my eyes I was back in his parent’s house, with my old bible on my hands and one question in mind: How did God made the Light, Earth, Sun and stars, the Heavens, to cut short, the Universe?

The following weeks I tried hard to decipher Moses' s hieroglyphic. But I could not find the Key. One day, while coming from the city back home, as I was watching the clouds through the bus windows, yeah, I saw the Light. I had the key.

I couldn’t wait getting out of the bus; I jumped off frenetically and ran all the way home. I nearly blew off the door of my house. Mother Juana stared at her son with wonder.

-I’m going to be a writer, mom- said I.

-Remember your brothers and sisters that day, son- said she.

Mother Juana could neither write nor read. What a woman she was! And what a great mystery is maternity! Masters of Science sell their souls to hell in the name of the secret of creation, and here comes Mother Nature laughing at their face, making the most humble woman conceive the philosopher’s stone.

The compendium of the Creation of the Universe according the Genesis is the following extract:

In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth. The Earth was empty and confused, and Darkness was all over the Abyss, but the Spirit of God was .... The God said: Let there be Light.


A.-Fusion of Earth’s Crust through the activation of the astrophysical Core of our Planet.
B.-The transformation of Gravity into Universal Physical Forces being the nature of all astrophysical body, the Fusion of the entire mass of the Planet gave birth to the Primary Atmosphere.
C.- Once this Fusion touched its roof, level by God mathematically established when raising the Volume of the Gravitational Field of Earth according to the search-for effect, began the Cooling of Earth’s Core, and the formation of Earth’s Secondary Crust.
D.- The transformation of Gravity in Electromagnetic Field and Heat done, Earth's Core began to cool, ergo, the entire body of the planet entered into a new natural equilibrium, the main result of which was the beginning of the physical process known as Sublimation of the Gases, at the end of which was the...
E.- Creation of the Globe’s Ice Mantle. This Ice Mantle was the Light.


In the beginning God said : "Let there be Light", and there was Light.


These things happened during Genesis's First Day. From now on you could do all the way from the First day to the Seventh Day on your own. I bet you can. But ley me keeping on introducing you to our God's Creation, for this is His desire, and I cannot, and I don't want to, turn my back on His Reason to do what He thinks best. We all got to take care of ourselves, but He got to take care of all of us, accordingly He has always in mind the Future of His entire Creation, and being He decided to let it be clear that the author of this Key is Him and not any human I submit to His Wisdom. I stand befor you not as a wise man by his own genius topping the all-time man's desire: The Knowledge of the Creation of the Universe, I stand before the world as a scribe writing down what his master let him know. Let's then keep keeping on.



God saw that the light was good, and He separated the Light from the Darkness ...

... And God said : "Let there be Firmament between the waters


These were the things that took place during this Second Day:

F.- Establishment of the Earth in the Third Orbit of the Solar System.

Here we have to remember that Good created the Light in the Darkness, and, later on, He created the Stars to separate the Light from the Darkness. This is to say, Earth was created somewhere on the other side of the Stars of Heavens. By this Creation of Earth into the Darkness, Zero Absolute the natural temperature out there, God accelerated to the maximun speed allowed by the laws of Nature the Sublimation of the Primary Atmosphere. We don't have to forget that Omnipotence means to accelerate a physical process to its maximum speed by reducing its time of occurrence to its minimum expresssion. The Magic in God's Power is an element to push away from our intelligence. The Creator came to rule Infinity and Eternity from the moment that God's Intelligence embraced the numberless sciences implied in the Act o Creation; through this Omnscience and because of it, God's Nature is turned into the Al-Powerful Source of Energy by the Cosmos needed to grow limitless into space and time. Omnipotence comes out from the infinite konwledge of God on the nature of the physical processes involved in trhe Act of Creation, thanks to which Wisdom He can reduce the expressionm of occurence of certain process to its minimum quantity allowed by the Nature of the relation Between Space, Time and Matter. This said, any relation God's Omnipotence and Magic out of our mind, let's keop on.

G.- Sublimation of the surface of the Globe’s Ice Mantle by the solar energy.

The coming of the Earth into the Gravitational Field of the Sun operated the reactivation of Earth's Core all by itself. Earth's equilibrium found at the end of the First Day was not broken, but raised to a new level. And this level was ruled by the nature of Sun's gravitational field. Which means that Earth's Core, until that moment working to the level of one sleeping astrophysical body, wooke up suddenly, and began to transform Gravity into Electromagnetic Forces and Heat. Here again we see God's limiteless Intelligence displaying Omnipotence in order to reduce the sublimation of the Ice Mantle to a certain search-for expression. The placement of Earth in the Solar System's Third Orbit was not inmediate. God had only to approach Earth to the Sun to cause the Sublimation of the Ice Mantle to a maximum speed. God has the Knowledge and the Power. We have seen in the Divine History of Jesus Christ that the Creation of our Universe had by withness all the sons of God. It was not in vain that God said : "Let's make Man to our Image"; this is to say, a son of God. We understand from what it is written that He who spoke this ewords was the Son of God who later on came to our rescue and took the New Name of Christ. Man was not created to be a god. The Genealogy of Christ is clear: Jesus, son of David, David son of Abraham, Abraham son of Adan, Adan son of God. Wherefrom we see that the Original Sin was to aspire to be a god. "Eat and you will be a god, beyond good and evil" was the spear which Satan stuck into the soul of Adan. Ergo, He who said "Let there be Light" was the same who said: "Let's make man to our image", and consequently was written :

IN the Beginning was the Word,

and the Word was God

and the Word became Man.

H.-Division of the Mantle in Two Blocks by Earth’s Core Seismological Power.

Two main effects were produced by the getting closer of Earth to the surface of the Sun during those hours of the Morning of this Second Day. On one hand we have the Sublimation of the top layer of the Ice Mantle, or LIGHT. During the Evening of the First Day we had the Sublimation of the Primary Atmosphere to the highest speed allowed by the laws of Nature, a fact calculated by our Creator by creating our Solar Shystem in a region of the Space far away from the stars of Heavens. In the Second Book of the Divine History of Jesus Crist we discover why God planned the Creation of our Earth on the other side of ther Frontiers of the Cosmos. The question about the natute of the relation between God and the Origin of the New Cosmos was on among the sons of God. He saw good to show them the Mechanic of the Transformation of the Cosmic Energy, produced by the galaxies, into Astrophysical Matter. The Big Bang had its Origin in the Conversion of Galaxies into Cosmic energy, and the consequent transformation of this cosmic energy into Stars in the heart of an Energy-Time field by God spread in Space. This is the Theory, but the eyes needed to see. And God saw good this aspiration of His sons to knowledge. Ergo, He created the Solar System on the other side of the Frontiers of the Cosmos, this way killing two birds with one bullet. People from God's Creation need to know all. Those who have been created to share life eternal with their Creator have the right to see the world they're living in. It was the time for God, as a Father, to open the Secrets of their Origin to His sons. Ad so came to happen. God displayed the Mechanic for a Micro-Big Bang and produced a Star System from it. This was the Origin of our Solar System. The vision of the entire scene of the Creation of the Solar System according to the Mechanic of a Micro-Big Bangit stays beyond the extension of this Introduction. May God allow us to to enter in this recreation in the near future.

However, once the Solar System created, God brought the Solar System Mass into the Heavens; but then a curious event took place, God left the Earth behind, as Earth were a débris He left her behind in the Darkness. There is not energy source there in the Darkness to field any gravitatory field. Earth was left to survive by her own forces in the middle of a region where matter blows as dead rocks hitting once another to the point of becoming dust. Soor or later the gravitatory thank of Earth would reach its bottom and her Core would die. From that moment Earth would be exposed to her destruction. Wasn't there any reason to be confused?

However, God is the Lord of Time. He came back. When Earth was at the point of giving up, Her Creator came back. And looking at His Son, this One came ahead, and opening His Mouth He said :"Let there be Light". And there was Light. Now you know How.

I.-Production of the Ocean Mother and retreat of the Two Blocks to the Poles.

The Second effect by Earth coming into the Heavens and placed in the Solar System was, as you can imagine, the rising of her Core back to work. The production of Heat was inmediate, and the extension of the diameter of the planet, too. The Ice Mantle broke into two main pieces. And as this new speed of transformation of gravitay into Heat was not to fall again in crisis, these two blocks began there way to the Poles.

There are many other effects to talk about, but let this Introduction keep the path that has been marked before me.

J.- Vaporization of the Waters and production of the Biospherical Atmosphere.

The expansion of the diameter of the body of our planet, natural effect due the high revolution speed of transformation of gravity into electromagnetic forces and Heat, brought to life a new atmosphere. The fusion of the geological mantle gave birth to a global vulcanism. Without taking the steps of the Fusion of the Crust in the root of the Ice Mantle, this fusion of the matter surrounding the Core of the Earth, liberated to the surface masive volumes of gases, this way producing the Secondary Amosphere, the so called by God "The Firmament", this Firmament betwwen the waters of the Eartn and the waters of the outer space, or gravitational field of the Solar System.


This Secondary Atmosphere was the Firmament in the Genesis.


Earth and Sun were established on the basis of Star and Planet subsisting into a Gravitational Field in communication with the Gravitational Field in which the Heavens make its living. I mean, Earth's Core was giving a new equilibrium to be alienated from it no more. The production of heat wasto be constant forever. But during the Morning of the Third Day the level of Heat was greater than it is in our days. The Defrozen of the Ice Bloks was a reality gong on, their way to the Poles was live action. At the End of the Second Day the Waters of the Mother Ocean covered the surface of the Earth between the two Ice Blocks. Here and there we can see the Peaks of the High Mountains covered with ice snow topping the Blocks. The Equatorial region being the bed of the Ocean Mother.

K.- Under the pressure of Earth-Sun System’s Forces the waters of the Ocean Mother descended.

Time works.

L.- Pushed up by the Seismological Power of Earth’s core the Feet of Continental Shield were raised

M.- The Ocean Mother gave birth to the seas.

N.- The angle of Earth’s Rotational Axis became fixed by the penta-continental structure of the Planet.

O.-The Kingdom of the Plants began to colonize the lands beneath the Sun and gave origin to the Prehistoric Forests. By the photosynthesis the kingdom of Plants began to change the chemical composition of the Prehistoric Atmosphere.

We understand that this Secondary Atmosphere produced by the Fusion of the Geological Mantle brought with it a chemical composision under which nature no animal life could subsist. During this Era the Plants made of Earth their Kingdom. The retreat of the waters and the rising of the continental platform gave the Plants the chance to change their own nature, and with it to change the nature of the Atmosphere. How long this kingdom was supreme, I can't say. The fact is that before Animal Life could jump from the waters to the dry lands the food to feed them had to be on the ground.

These things took place during the Third Day of the Creation of our Universe.


The relation of events by the Genesis exposed to the eyes of the human intelligence has caused a deep frustration in all men of science; the fracture in the line of events seems to give way to a nonsense structure, good for religion, but good for nothing in the area of science. Is God obliged to proceed according to the reasonsing power of His creatures?

From this Fourth Day we learn a wonderful fact, already spoken of in the Divine History of Jesus Christ. But before let's stick to the History of Earth. Earth has her own long and rich History before becoming a Mother. The Eras we are displaying in theses lines belong to Earth as a Planet. As children of the Earth we are used to see our Mother without a Life before our birth. And we are wrong. Mothers and fathers have their own lives before the coming of their children. Unfortunately we are so used to see the world as being born with everyone of us that we forget the fact of the life they had those who were before us. We can include in this version of what happen to us: God, the Universe, Eternity, Infinity, Wisdom, Sun, and Earth, of course. I mean, Earth has a History before Mankind, and in this History her relation with the Sun was totally different of the relation she has with the Sun our days. The relation of Earth with the Heavens was also very different. There were not stars in the Firmament, at least not we see then now. In its beginning the pressure of energy around the Solar System was higher. The concentration of astrophysical mass around the core of ther Common Universal Gravitational Field was higher too. The level of energy the Earth was receiving from the Universe around was greater. The Sun was affected also by this fact. The forces among the stellar areas of heavens were stronger. The diameter of the Heavens weas shorther. The production of light at universal level was higher. It was under these celestial conditions that Earth wrote, before her becoming a Mother, her History as a member of the Heavens. We have seen how she was separated from her sister Planets and her husband Star while she was a child. We have seen her being saved by her Creator from Death in the Darkness, a fact which never crossed God's mind, to leave her child to be destroyed out there in the middle of the Darkness. She had to go through for her good. Confusion would be her lot for a time, a short time. There was no reason to sink into hell. Ans she did not. She was saved and brought back to her family. She was giving to the Sun as his wife. She canme dressed in white. She was to be Mother. She was pregnant already when the Son of God, whose True Divinity, "God from God", had been on the stake, came to the front and opening His Mouth He said: "Let there be stars to separate Light from the Darkness".

P.-He displayed a macro-gravitational wave and gave to Heavens the propeties of the Milky Way .

We know, from what we see, that a Gravitational Field behaves as a Great Attractor Force pulling to its inside all the matter around. They called it a Black Hole; a very unfortunated name for a reality so beatiful and great. We can see this power in action while staring at the clouds of dust and rock coming into the Milky Way, producing those astonishing visual effects called Nebula. We understand that the concentration of nebula in a region of stellar matter causes a rising of the temperature of the area inside this universal field according the diameter of the area they habide. The more nebula matter falls in the field the g¡higher the temperrature as time passes by. Nothing more lethal to a World pregnant with Life than a system subjected to a constant rising of the temperature coming form the outside. The lost of equilibrium of forces between the Sun and its companions has, by natural logic, affect to the Growth of the Tree of Life. Herefrom the Need of the Expansion of the Diameter of the Heavens.

From this Expansion by the Son of God caused, Life, already in the womb of the Mother Ocean, found a World to make its and displayed its branchesup on the continental platforms by then already beneath the light of the Sun, and the Stars of Heavens as we know it.

Q.-The Constellational Chart was created.

These things took place in the Fourth Day.


R.- Having been changed the Biological Atmosphere into the Prehistoric One by the First kingdom of the Plants, the Main Branch of the Three of the Species jumped from the waters to the open air. This is the origin of the Kingdom of the Prehistoric Birds.
S.- The Secondary Branch did it from the waters to the earth and gave birth to the Era of the Dinosaurs.
T.- The Secondary Atmosphere was changed. Oxygen became king.
U.- Oxygen killed all the Dinosaurs and Prehistoric living forms, and gave birth to the Era of the Mammals.


V.-The Anthropos jumps from the forest to the ground and stands on his feet.
X.-The sons of God enter into the Human History. They were the gods on the Mythologies.
Y.- Anthropos give birth to Man.
Z.-Mankind forms the First Kingdom in Mesopotamia, Adam was the First King, father of Abraham, father of David, father of Joseph, father of Jesus .


November of that same year. 1978, I joined the Navy. Next winter, spring and summer the Son of God taught me everything about the Divine History, Justice of Salvation, Foundations of Redemption, to cut short, those things about what He said: “I have a food you haven’t tasted”.

Summer went away, and Fall came. One of those days Raul was jailed in a military prison . He had to pay the year walking on the wild side. Two months and one day behind bars was the sentence.

There he was, again into the entrails of earth. While he was there the Son came to Him and introduces him to the Father. And the Father showed him what He had in His heart: The Universal Salvation that He conceived in the beginning of times.


The hope of universal salvation


Yes, only one man sinned, and his sin, as a chain reaction, spread its effect throughout the world. Sitting His Son onto the Throne of the Last Judgment Day the Father glorified Him ‘again’. The Father glorified the Son giving Him the Universal and Everlasting Crown of His Kingdom; then ‘again’ the Father glorified the Son sitting Him at the Head of the Supreme Court of Justice of His Creation, giving Him the Power to absolve Mankind, which talking about us means that He can sign Universal Absolution for the Human Race in the Last Judgment Day according to the Redemption Right by Himself, Christ Jesus, conquered for us, the Human Nations.

Yes, when He came to offer us Faith’s Justice, all the nations born before Christ, and because they were born before could not enjoy His Grace. Yet, by the sin of one single man the whole Mankind had been given away to the Empire of Death. Therefore, having been living all the nations under the same ignorance by which we have deserved Faith and Grace, given the "Need of the Death of Christ" our fathers were left without Salvation. But God, showing wonderful Justice and Mercy, raised the same Person who paid for our souls with His Cross, to the Throne of the Last Day Judgment. And sitting His Son at the Head of the Supreme Court of Justice of His Kingdom the Father gave to our King unlimited Power to judge our fathers according the Spirit of Truth. He’s got the Power to fit His Final Verdict whether to the Prophecy, punishing our badness, or to the Salvation of His Peace, thus awarding our Faith on His Powers to restore all souls to their original goodness.

Our goodness is it in our Faith to believe that we would had never fall apart from our Creator if between Man and God that Snake called Satan would had not raised his empire.

Our Victory: to write in the pages of the Universal History this belief, with our deeds building the body of our Father’s Defence.


On those days a roman bishop died. Next came around. 33 days after, this rounder was gone. Another came along, they named him Jean Paul the Second.

On those same days the Son of God revealed the Present Will of God to Raul: “This is the Present Will of God -He said-: Let’s unify all the churches into one”.

Right after these things the Son of God taught Raul the sharing nature of His spirit, in which all the sons of God we have our future. Given that only God has the Power to make God’s will, calling his sons to action He give them all the means needed for the accomplishment of His will. Wherefrom Obedience is the principle on which rest the supernatural growth of His House.


Everlasting Constitution of the Church


Article A

The Innocence and the Freedom of God are non-negotiable. On the Innocence and Freedom of God have all His Sons, Servants and the Fullness of the Nations of the Creation their Joy, Peace and Future.

Article B

The goal of the Rebellion of the Devil against the Kingdom of God was to raise a wall between the Father and the Son, and provoke the scorn of the Son towards the Saint Spirit of His Father - thing that the Devil hoped to obtain by means of the knowledge of the science of the good and evil, thus converting the Son to the religion of Hell.

Devil’s claim declaration of war: immunity before justice for the House of the sons of God, it was and it is madness.

Article C

The fall of Man showed to God the nature of His true Enemy. Long had been waiting Eternity and Infinite for this Final Battle between God and Death. Being an act of absolute madness the declaration of war of the creatures against their Creator, in the Treason of Satan, God saw the Force behind the Snake. God, Infinite and Eternity declared Apocalyptic War on Death.

Article D

God released to all the Nations of Obedience due to their Political heads and set the Obedience of all the Nations at the feet of the King, His First-born Son, Jesus Christ. Anybody who puts his life and soul at the feet of someone else commits crime of rebellion against God.

Article E

Lord Jesus is the universal and Everlasting Head of the Church. Any man who declares himself “head of the Church”, be local, regional, national or universal, commits crime of rebellion against God.

Article F

The servants live at the expenses of their lord. Anybody who enters at the service of Christ will sell his properties and will distribute the money between the poor. Whoever in the Church collects silver and gold commits crime of rebellion against his Lord.

Article G

To whom is called by the Saint Spirit to come and serve the Lord, none would close the door to him; is he is married, let him be so, his life belongs to Christ.

Article H

The Church is the Wife of Christ and the life of the priests of the Lord is on the hand of God. All the properties of the Church belong to Her Husband. Whoever imposes tithes or any type on the People of Christ commit crime of rebellion against God.

Article I

Living image of Christ among men, the priest who is found in crime against human laws: be expelled from the Church and given to the justice of men; if his crime is against the Laws of Heaven, be expelled without appeal from the Church.

Article J

Any priest who anoints by king of the Christians a man commits rebellion against God: be expelled from the Church, and his act be declared fruit of dementia.

Article K

Any priest, who puts the people of God under oath of obedience to a man, rising this oath over the Obedience due to the King of Heaven, commits rebellion against God, be expelled from the Church.

Article L

Any Christian who swears obedience to another man, denies God; priest or bishop, he who accepts that life at his service be expelled from the Church.

Article M

The priest, living image of Christ, who touches the sword, be expelled from the Church. All life belongs to God, and of man’s blood He will request accounts to the offender, be son or servant.

Article N

The priest or shepherd who puts conditions to the Lord to make His Father’s Will, be expelled from the Church, he broke his Contract with God.

Article O

The Church is the Body of Christ, whoever rises against the Will of His Lord, be declared in rebellion against God.

Article P

The Lord is the Head of all the churches and the Universal Head of all the priests and shepherds of the Flocks of His Father; the shepherd or priest who does not hear his call breaks his Contract with the Lord.

Article Q

The churches will sell out their goods and will give the money to the poor. Christ is their eternal wealth. The Temple is the house and the property of the servants of the Lord.

Article R

The churches will put at the feet of the Lord all their thesis, their proposals and their differences, and the Lord be glorify in the eyes of the Fullness of the Nations.

Article S

The Catholic Church is the Wife of Christ and the Mother of his heirs; She is the trunk of the Tree whose branches are the churches, the Body without whose arms Christ cannot walk and lays in the ground like one who is dead. Any priest or shepherd who interposes between the Trunk and the Branches declared himself in rebellion against God.

Article T

The Bishop of Rome, spiritual successor of Saint Peter, is the Chief of the Bishops of the Universal Church under the Obedience to the Lord of Heaven; he is the bearer of the Ring of the Wife of Christ, the Token of the Universal Unity with the Lord, but the Obedience of Man, be priest or lay, is due to his Creator, and as citizen to his King.

Article U

Any church that becomes body of a human head belongs to that head, is not of Christ. From this moment on the Christians are free of any oath that have been forced to render by that rebellious church against the King of Heaven and Earth.

Article V

The Christians: people, servants and sons of God, have Jesus Christ as Judge, High Pontiff, Saviour, King and Lord.

Article X

The Christians do not have God but God : Father, Son and Saint Spirit.

Article Y

We are sons of God.

Article Z

We all meet in Paradise.


Those two months and one day were gone. On the edge of Christmas days, the Son of God challenged Raul to show his love for Him. Given that words are carried away by the winds of time, the Son of God ask him to break through the door of desertion and don’t look back. Raul broke through and didn’t look back. From Madrid he flew to Saragossa. At the feet of the Pillar where Mother Mary was taken up to Heaven -the legends tell- the Son gave him a little stone with a new name written on it.

These things accomplished the young man headed to Paris.