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This is the Present Will of God:

“Be unified all the churches into one”.


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Cristo Raúl de Yavé y Sión






UNIVERSAL Head of the Church


Behold what the Overcomer, the one who has a little stone with a name written on it, that only the one who receives it knows, the one who has the New Name of the Son of God, and the name of the city of God, says to all the churches:

All the Bishops of the churches of the Fullness of the Catholic nations, without exception, shall assemble in their nations for the Adoration of the Son of God as Universal Head of the churches, declaring Jesus Christ “Divine Supreme Pontiff”, HE who with His Almighty Power and Wisdom upholds His House and Kingdom.

Every church of every nation shall gather in Congregation to perform the Adoration of the Son of God in Union with the Head of the Bishops of the Lord Jesus on Earth; a National Congregation, Spokesman of the National Bishopric, shall remain in Rome until the Consummation of the Council of Adoration of the Lord Jesus by the Fullness of the Christian Nations.

The Universal Congregation of the Bishops of the Fullness of Nations will declare Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son: The Universal, Sempiternal King of the Human Race.

The church that refuses the Universal Adoration of the Son of God shall be cut off from the Tree of Life, and cast into the fire.

All the Priests and Bishops of the Catholic nations shall assemble in the capitals of their provinces, with their peoples, for the Adoration of the Son of God on the Day of the Proclamation of Jesus Christ by all the bishops of the Church of the Fullness of Nations.

The Universal Congregation of Bishops will abrogate the Vatican’s Power of Sanctification. Only the Lord alone knows the secrets of all men and it is for Him alone to declare who is who.

The Universal Congregation of the Bishops of the Plenitude of the Catholic Nations will abrogate every Oath of Obedience on the part of the Orders; every Bishop, every priest, every man will abandon relations of Oath that attempt against the Divine Obedience due from the Servant to his Lord, from the Citizen of the kingdom of God to his Everlasting King, Jesus Christ. Every Oath is Sin.

The First and Final Obedience of the Priest is due to the Lord, Jesus Christ. The Order that rebels against the Supreme and Direct Obedience to the Lord Jesus, preferring the slavery of the Oath to man, be abolished, the rebels be expelled from the Church.

The Bishop owes direct and immediate Obedience to his Lord, and any subjection of this Oath of Supreme Obedience to the Lord to a Mediator, whether papal or monarchical, is rebellion against God, who purchased with the blood of His Son a Body of Priests whose souls are one with the Soul of Christ.

The Congregation of the Bishops of the Plenitude of Christian Nations will abrogate the Administration of Confession to Minors. The Power of Forgiveness of Sins conferred by the Lord Jesus upon his brethren in the Bishopric is in respect of the Conscience of the Creature towards his Creator; the Procreated being subject to the Tutelage of the Procreator, his Conscience has no capacity of Judgment to understand what is Offense to God, and consequently has no Conscience of Sin. Confession will be administered only to the Christian free from the Guardianship of Procreation, when the Creature enters into direct relationship with his Creator.

The Power of Confession ends where the Crime begins. The Absolution of the crime against human laws only finds Absolution behind the door of subjection to the penal consequences of the consummated criminal act. Every act of confessional absolution on criminal offense is an open rebellion against the Justice of God in men, which is manifested on Earth in the laws for the Growth of Nations in Peace and Liberty.

The Power of the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven is referred to the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Its reference to the Eternal Judgment is a Medieval Error by which the Glory of the Almighty and Omnipotent Judge, Jesus Christ, is annulled. The Universal Congregation of Bishops will depose their Error.

Here is the Power conferred by the Lord on His servants in the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven : Every priest, of whatever hierarchical rank, who is found in crime against the laws, breaks his Contract with God; he must immediately abandon the Property of the Lord, surrender all ecclesiastical powers and seek his absolution in the penal satisfaction which the criminal act requires; if he refuses to abandon the property of the Church the priestly congregation will go to law, taking the rebel to court for trespassing on the property of the Church. For if he who saves one soul cleanses his own from a multitude of sins, he who with his sins condemns many souls, separating them from God, of what punishment is he deserving? As its name indicates: “the keys of the kingdom of heaven”, its power refers to the things of the Church. The Final Judgment by which the soul is admitted or rejected in the Paradise of God is a Power that belongs exclusively to God the Only Begotten Son.

The Congregations of Bishops, in Worship of the Lord Jesus, shall call the churches of the nations to assemble in Unity for the Worship of the Son of God. The Bishops and Pastors of the churches that do not come to the Call of the Lord will be erased from the Book of life, they are not church, the people who follow them are exposed to the Judgment of God.

In the Worship that comes from the Obedience to the Will of God, all anathema, sentence against the declaration of separation of the churches will be abrogated by the Unity reestablished in Jesus Christ. The Permanent Congregation, in union with its Supreme Head, Jesus Christ, will remain in Rome until the Universal Unity is consummated.



Universal Everlasting King,


The Universal Permanent Congregation of the Bishops of the Plenitude of Nations, following the Proclamation that will be made in Heaven, God the only begotten and firstborn Son Jesus Christ “Universal Sempiternal Kin”, will proclaim the Coronation of Jesus Christ over all the Nations of the Kingdom of God on Earth, calling the monarchical houses that secularly exercise royal power over the Christian nations, to deposit at the feet of the Lord their crowns and scepters; by Obedience absolved from the crime of Rebellion against the Crown of the Universal King that weighs on their houses, passing freely to the private Christian life as Citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The Proclamation, like the Adoration, will be carried out by the people in its fullness, in the provincial capitals of the Christian nations, at the head of their Bishops, priests and pastors, proclaiming on high the People their Condition of Citizen of the Kingdom of God, subject to Obedience to the Sempiternal King, Jesus Christ.

The monarchical houses exercising crown over the Christian nations, who refuse to lay at the feet of the Throne of God their crowns and scepters, shall be declared in rebellion against the Kingdom of God; their members shall be declared out of the Church and their entrance into the Lord’s Estate shall be forbidden to all intents and purposes.

The Christian Governments shall declare monarchies abolished; if the Governments over the Christian nations rise in rebellion against the Lord King, rising rebellion against God, the armies of the Christian people shall rise to depose the Rebels, shall lay at the feet of the Lord crown and scepter, and proclaim the everlasting Adherence of the Nation to the Kingdom of God, erasing from their banners the rebel emblems and inscribing the Sign of Victory, the Cross of Resurrection.

The Fullness of the Christian Nations shall make Universal Proclamation on the Appointed Day, so that their Voice may sound in unison throughout the Earth and be collected in Heaven for the Mercy of the Universal Judge over the Nations of the Earth on the Day of Judgment.

At the close of the Universal Council, Christian Unity re-established, on the Day appointed by the Congregation of Bishops, the Plenitude of the Christian Nations will gather around their Bishops, in their cities, to cry aloud the Glory of their King and Lord, Jesus Christ.





Here is what he who has the spirit of Intelligence says to the Christians of the Fullness of Nations:

Every human association that does not acknowledge the Incarnate Son of God by “the work and grace of the Holy Spirit” is not a church; its sacraments are not sacraments. Those who were not baptized by the Church must be baptized, and if they were baptized and sinned while being part of those pseudo-churches, Confession is enough for them to receive the Grace of the return of the prodigal son to the kingdom of God.

Every church that gave itself and has as head of “its body” a man, whether king, state or group of “shepherds”, denying the Divine Head, Jesus Christ, ceased to be a church, it is not a church; its sacraments are not sacraments. All peoples under the pseudo-faith of such pseudo-churches were deprived of the Grace by which “he who believes is not judged”. CONFESSION will cleanse their souls, will re-establish the Grace by which “he who believes is not judged, but has eternal life”, and their pastors and priests will be welcomed into the Contract of the Lord with His Servants. For if faith alone suffices, faith being knowledge of the Godhead, even the Devil knows that the Lord Jesus is God the Only Begotten Son, and yet this “faith-knowledge alone” does not operate the Grace of Worship that leads to Salvation.

The Priesthood, image of Christ, is exclusive of the male. In the Priest operates visibly the Power of God for the Manifestation of the Glory of his Son before the whole creation.

The priest, of whatever hierarchical rank he may be, who is found in pedophilia, adultery, secret association, be expelled from the church, the people will not have contact nor will they set foot in the church where resides who uses the Faith to make Christ repugnant to his people. Let those who hide and harbor such enemies of the Image of Christ be deposed from their offices. Even if the Devil dresses as Pope, the sacraments administered by the Devil are not from Heaven.

The Christian has only one Father, God. The Christian recognizes only Jesus Christ as Saint. The Christian does not kneel before any image made by men, be it of wood, stone, precious or vulgar. The Christian only kneels before God in Christ, both before the Altar and in the Confessional. Priest as well as people, we are all sons of God, we are all brothers in God through the Redemption of Jesus Christ.

We Christians abolish War, and adopt the Divine Decree against its worshippers, in all things subjecting transgression to the Judgment of the God of Peace: Death penalty against all who declare it, instigate it, and employ it as an instrument of power, whether to attain it or to maintain it.

All the armies of the Fullness of the Nations of Heaven have for their everlasting Supreme Head the King of God’s Creation, our King, Jesus Christ. We, the Fullness of the Christian Nations of the Earth, are under the Duty to Build our Civilization according to the Divine Model.

All the armies of the Fullness of the Christian Nations will be formed in Universal Alliance; the Mission of the Fullness of the Christian Nations will be the Defense of Peace among the Nations. The Alliance will invite Israel to be part of its Body.

The Nations will discuss their problems and differences as “naked” living organizations.

In the Word is the Power and Glory of Man.

Our Armies will not leave their Barracks except in case of Invasion of the Frontiers of the Alliance of the Fullness of the Christian Nations: every act of force against the People is an Act of Civil War, the judgment against the Military Rebels is Death Penalty.

The peoples settle their differences with their political governments in Peace and through Word.

Peace is the historical-political scenario in which all the Goods of Civilization flourish and grow; whoever harasses it, imposing by the terror of his crimes his aspirations and ideas, is guilty of death.

The whole Arms Industry shall be nationalized and the movement of its production shall be subject to the control of Civilization. We Christians forbid the Sale of Arms to armies outside the Alliance of the Fullness of Nations and make the transgression of this principle a criminal offense.

Christians believe that Life and Nature are governed by the same Creative Wisdom that engenders in Man the spirit of God, consequently Human Society must be governed by the Law that governs both Life and Nature; every act of repulsion of the Law of Wisdom is a suicidal attack against Life and Nature.

 Marriage proceeds from Nature in order to the Multiplication of Life, under whose Law Anthropos made its way to Sapiens, Sapiens to Man, and Man to be a son of God; the breaking of this Law is an act of repulsion from Nature by those who believe that their wisdom is superior to the Divine Creative Wisdom that governs the entire creation; its political imposition, Homosexual Marriage, is a Crime against the Rights of the Child.





Enough cannot be said about the Necessity of the Death of Christ, the Lamb of God in whose blood the SON declared before the whole Creation the Innocence of the FATHER in the making of Adam’s Fall.

From the very day after men of all nations and times sought the Answer to the most transcendent vital question ever uttered: WHY?

In our Age came sons of the Lie affirming that God the Father was the Intellectual Author of the Fall of our World into Hell, and for that reason: HOMICIDE, GENOCIDE, CRIME, WAR, in any of its forms, Civil or Religious, is a divine act specially predestined for his elect to Paradise.

Sons of Satan, that Evil Serpent who deceived the King of men: that Adam whose head God glorified by elevating him to the House of the sons of God, such apostles of Death knelt before the Prince of Lies in exchange for all the kingdoms of the world. And Satan built to his son, the Lutheran-Calvinist Antichrist, an Empire.

Such was the answer preached by Satan’s servants : They accused GOD THE FATHER of being a monster who feeds on the blood of the nations and cooks his flesh in the fires of WAR.

The Only Begotten Son of God came and swore by his Everlasting Glory that his Father, the Lord God YAHWVE, Creator of all things, did not create Death, did not predestine Man to War, nor did HE ever want his Creation to witness the Foul and Infernal Horror that the Fruit of the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil rains down upon every World that lives in the shadow of the darkness spreading its branches over all nations that seek shelter around its trunk.

GOD IS LOVE, and FATHER’S LOVE, the greatest and most imperishable love that exists. Only a son of Satan can point to GOD THE FATHER as the mastermind of the Fall of our People, the Human Race, into the clutches of Death.

The Innocence of the LORD GOD YAHWEH was signed by CHRIST, the LORD KING JESUS with his blood. Divine Confession that the Holy Spirit, who came down from Heaven in the form of tongues of fire and became flesh in the House of the Brothers of Christ, sealed with His own Blood. THEY built for the WIFE OF THE LORD JESUS a House, a Living Temple that will proclaim the SEMPITERNAL JESUS CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC TRUTH throughout the ages, among men, and for Eternity in the Paradise of the Kingdom of God:



Article A

The Innocence and Freedom of God are non-negotiable. In His Innocence and Freedom we have all, sons and servants, with the Fullness of the Nations : our Joy, our Peace and our eternal Life.

God is Saint, Blessed be his Soul. You who love truth, justice and peace, bless his Holy Spirit, because HE has made Equality in Fraternity among all the Nations of his Kingdom the morning star.

The Unifying Will of GOD THE FATHER is the Will of GOD THE SON. Those who broke the UNIVERSAL UNITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT living in the churches will find in OBEDIENCE TO THE UNIFYING WILL OF GOD the Mercy of which they will be deprived who remaining in the Division would become servants of Satan and with their lord would be cast into the Abyss covered by the Darkness.


Article B

The goal of the Rebellion of the “traitorous angels” consisted in raising between the LORD GOD YAHWEH and the LORD KING JESUS CHRIST a wall, thus arousing the contempt of the Son towards the Holy Spirit of his Father, with which wall that wicked generation of rebellious sons, Satan at the head, hoped to achieve to adherence of  the SON, through the knowledge of the Science of good and evil, to the religion of Hell: WAR.

The Devil’s claim: immunity from justice for the House of the sons of God, was the origin of the War that made the Earth the field of the Final Battle between God and Death.

Warriors, sons of God, bless your KINF! Your KING did not succumb to temptation, He loved God and worshipped him for being “he who HE is”: the Holy Spirit in whose life all creatures have their shield and strength, their protector, and the fountain of love without whose river the Tree of Life dries up and perishes under the fire of the of such demons’ hell!

JESUS CHRIST is the Name of your king. Bless his Name, ye nations of the Earth.


Article C

The Fall of Adam opened the eyes of the LORD GOD YAHWEH, THE FATHER, who saw face to face his true enemy, DEATH.

Eternity and Infinity had been waiting for this Final Battle.

The creature’s declaration of war against its Creator being an act of absolute madness, God could no longer be blinded by Love for His sons and, in the Betrayal, the spear thrust to His Father’s heart, YAHWEH saw the Force that moved the arm of the Serpent. This was His War, Infinity and Eternity had risen against the Hell that Death proposed to them as a model of Creation, and they called God and Wisdom to his side. The LORD GOD YAHWEH, THE FATHER, becoming one with Infinity and Eternity, accepted the declaration of Apocalyptic War against the Forces of Hell. DEATH would be extirpated from the Body of Creation and cast into the Abyss covered by Darkness.

Blessed be GOD, our Father.

Warriors, sons of God, raise with me the cry, acclaim his Name from one end of the Earth to the other, shout with me his Name: LORD GOD YAHWEH, THE FATHER!


Article D

God has freed all Nations from the Obedience due to their leaders, He has placed the Obedience of all Peoples of all Nations at the feet of the LORD KING JESUS CHRIST.

Any person who places his Obedience and Life at the feet of anyone other than the King and Lord JESUS CHRIST commits the crime of rebellion against YAHWEH, HIS THE FATHER.

All the Glory and all the Honor of the Lord of Infinity and Eternity, and Creator of the New Cosmos, lives in HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Those who refuse to live in this Glory of the UNIVERSAL SEMPITERNAL KING and surrender their Obedience and life to a man, State or Institution: Lay or Secular, commits crime against their Soul and their Creator.

All the Creation of THE LORD GOD YAHWEH lives in the LORD KING JESUS CHRIST; to the KING and only to the DIVINE KING is the Obedience of the Soul of all the churches and of all the Citizens of the Kingdom of GOD.

Whoever declares himself Head of a Church declares himself for Satan, he becomes his son, an Antichrist.

The people who live at the feet of an Antichrist, head of the church of their nation, live under the Condemnation against Satan, signed, before delivering all the Power of the Final Judgment to his Son, by the LORD GOD YAHWEH. Those who remain in that church are exposed to the Second Death. The people and servants of that rebellious church, if they want to live, will abandon that rebellious church and become one with the MOTHER CHURCH, BRIDE OF CHRIST, the CATHOLIC CHURCH founded by GOD, FATHER AND SON, and built by the TWELVE APOSTLES.


Article E

THE LORD KING JESUS CHRIST  is the  One and Only Head, Visible and Invisible, of the Church. Any person, priest or bishop who declares himself to be the universal head of the Church, commits Crime of Rebellion against THE LORD GOD YAHWEH. Anyone who declares himself to be the head of the Church of God among the nations declares himself to be Antichrist and rises in War against JESUS CHRIST: by the FATHER elevated to the Supreme Universal Sempiternal Pontificate.

Whether Patriarch, Bishop or Pastor, every servant who enslaves the Divine Obedience due to the Lord and King JESUS CHRIST to the will of personal or foreign interests: rises against Divine Wisdom: All will lay down that Divine Obedience at the feet of the LORD KING JESUS CHRIST : TRUE GOD OF TRUE GOD, ENGENDERED FROM THE UNCREATED NATURE OF THE FATHER.

All the Honor and all the Glory of GOD THE FATHER lives in GOD THE SON: for Envy of this Glory a Generation of God’s sons, not of this creation, begotten by Wisdom in the Nature of the New Creation, rose up in Rebellion, opened the Gate of Paradise to Death, and spread the Hell of Wars in Heaven.

God has constituted His Son the Invincible and Indestructible Door against which Death has no Power. To HIM alone and only to Him, KING AND LORD JESUS CHRIST belongs the Due Obedience of all Creation to their CREATOR. Those who demand that Obedience for their patriarchy, bishopric or pastoral mission reject the GLORY OF THE ONE BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD. All the Peoples of Earth will rise up against such an act of Envy of the Glory of the Firstborn Son of God, because in the Truthfulness of this primogeniture we all Creatures find the Truthfulness of our Filiation.


Article F

The Servants live by the Hand of their Lord. Every person who enters the Service of Christ as a Priest shall sell his property and distribute it among the poor.

The Priest who uses the wealth that comes from his Lord to enrich himself or his family, breaks the Contract with God, will be expelled from the Church. The Wealth of the priest is Christ: his imperishable, eternal, immaculate Glory, his Strength and his Wisdom, his Happiness and his Bliss.

Whoever uses the priesthood for his own enrichment becomes a servant of Satan. Let him be expelled from the House of Christ.

CHRIST is the priestly Model, universal, everlasting, consecrated among the nations by GOD to keep alive in his KINGDOM the Truth which Eternity and the Infinite have proclaimed on Earth: the SON is the Life of the FATHER.

In this TRUTH is the LIFE of all People. The Priest is the Living Incarnation of this DIVINE TRUTH. Begotten in man in the Image and likeness of Christ, the Catholic Priesthood is Christ among us. The Flesh cannot hide the Spirit. Blessed is the priest in whom this Image is alive; his Glory is eternal in His Lord.


Article G

Everyone who enters in Perpetuity into the Service of the Lord as a Priest belongs to Christ in body and soul. Those who are married shall remain united in body to the woman, but the Power of Priestly Succession does not belong to them, it is the Power of Christ in his Bride, the Catholic Church: who through her Bishops makes Priests for God in the Image of Christ.


Article H

The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ, she lives by the Hand of her Lord. Her property is the Church. Anyone who taxes the Church, the House of God on earth, commits crime of rebellion against God.

All property other than the Temple, House of the Priest, which is found of the Priest proceeds of crime against the Lord, the Priest will choose between abandoning the Church or abandoning the property that belongs to him in the hands of men.


Article I

The Priest, the living image of Christ among men, who is found in crime against human laws: let him be expelled from the Church, handed over to the justice of men among those who dishonored the Immaculate Glory of the Lord; if it is against those of Heaven, let him be expelled without appeal from among the men of the Church.


Article J

Any priest who anoints as king of Christians any man commits rebellion against God, let him be expelled from the Church, and his act declared to be the fruit of insanity.


Article K

Any priest who subjects the people to an oath of obedience to any man commits rebellion against God, let him be expelled from the Church.


Article L

Any Christian who swears obedience to any man denies God.


Article M

The priest, the image of Christ, who touches the sword of death, let him be expelled from the Church. All life belongs to God, his Lord, and of his blood he will call to account anyone who sheds it, whether son or servant.


Article N

The priest or pastor who puts conditions on his Lord to do his Will is expelled from the Church, he has broken his Contract with God.


Article O

The Church is the Body of Christ, anyone who opposes his Will, preventing his Lord from freedom, declares himself in rebellion against God.


Article P

The LORD  KING JESUS is the Head of all the churches and the Universal Head of all the priests and shepherds of the Flock of his Father, the pastor or priest who does not attend his call breaks his Contract with the Lord.


Article Q

The churches shall sell all their goods and give the money to the poor. Christ is their eternal good, their imperishable wealth. The church that does not do so commits the crime of rebellion against God. The Temple is the priest’s house and property among men.


Article R

The churches shall lay at the feet of their Lord all their theses, their propositions, their differences, and shall glorify their Lord before the Fullness of Nations by doing His Will.


Article S

The CATHOLIC UNIVERSAL CHURCH is the Bride of Christ and the Mother of his Offspring, she is the trunk of the Tree whose branches are the churches, the members of the Body of Christ without which Christ can neither walk nor do and is found lying on the ground as one who is dead. Every priest or priestly group or community of pastors that interposes itself between the Trunk and the Branches declares itself in rebellion against God.


Article T

Every priest or pastor in the service of Christ works for the Lord and to Him alone owes his Obedience. To Him, therefore, he must turn to know what His Present Will is.


Article U

Every church that becomes the body of a human head belongs to that head, it does not belong to Christ. Christians are released from any oath they may have been compelled to take by that rebellious church to the King of Heaven and Earth.


Article V

Christians: people, servants and sons of od, have no other Eternal Judge, Universal Supreme Pontiff, Sempiternal Master, Divine Savior, King and Lord than Jesus Christ.


Article W

The priest is the Living Image of Christ among men and nations. The Priesthood belongs to the Male by Divine Disposition and Decree, the Female has neither art nor part in the Altar; and the Bishop lives in the image and likeness of Christ.


Article X

Christians have no God but Yahweh God, Father of Jesus Christ.


Article Y

All Christians are sons of God, the Father of Jesus Christ.


Article Z

We will all see each other in Paradise.



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Cristo Raúl de Yavé y Sión



Truth will bring Justice

and the fruit of Justice will be Peace