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The Origin of the Gods



This is the origin of the gods of Heaven. They were born at the feet of the Mountain of God.

He gave them their names and He made known to them His own. Their name was Yahweh, He was God and they were His Brothers. They were the Brothers of Yahweh, the Firstborn of the gods. Born Immortal and Indestructible, Yahweh God lived with his Brothers a wonderful time. His heart was satiated with the company of his equals. His soul enjoyed his victory with the intensity of the warrior who dances the dance of heroes after the defeat of the enemy. His enemy was his Loneliness; they were His living victory over the hell He would one day see advancing from that loneliness embedded in His heart. God danced with his brothers in the fire of joy like David through the streets of Jerusalem the day after the defeat of Goliath. For his brothers Yahweh God built a city on the top of his mountain. He surrounded it with walls, each one of a whole block, each block of a color, each color of the color of a precious stone. As if they had a life of their own, or a star within them that pulsed its lights to the frontiers that never end, from those walls suns burst forth, coloring Heaven and turning it into the Paradise of Wonders. Within those divine walls He built for Himself and His Brothers a City, and called it Jerusalem. They, the Brothers of Yahweh God, were the gods of Zion, those who live in the City of Yahweh, the Eternal Jerusalem within whose indestructible walls Yahweh God, the Firstborn of the gods, has his Home.




From its walls the Brothers of God saw the explosion of life that never stops, and dresses the Paradise of God with enchanted forests over mountain ranges as high as Himalayas filled with giant eagles with bones of metallic ice, weightless as feathers, solid as steel.

The overflowing divine fantasy that for so long slept in the heart of the Warrior awoke sublime, and calling to Wisdom, went with Her to paint on the celestial canvas landscapes beyond the fantasy of our most illustrious geniuses. The inspiration of the Creator rising from the pressure of the happiness He was experiencing, God conceived in His mind a New Creation. He took the gods and led them to the other side of Heaven, beyond the ever-expanding borders of Paradise. As one who invites to take a seat and sit down to contemplate a marvelous show, God opened the Creation of the New Cosmos.




Here is the Principle of the Creation of the Field of the galaxies surrounding the Universe of the Heavens, the Local Region, whose Heart is Heaven, a World born to harbor in its earth the Tree of Life, and around whose World the Heavens of the Local Region extend the ocean of its continents of stars.

Willing to proceed to the Creation of the New Cosmos, from the Divine Creative Arm rivers of energy were born, which, spreading through the outer regions of the Universe of the Heavens of the heavens transformed Space into a fireworks display where each explosion marked the end of a galaxy.

Night was followed by Day; dawn was a new explosion of fireworks in the full light of the dawn of the New Age that had opened; and each explosion marked the Beginning of a New Galaxy.

Such is the Origin of the New Cosmos. God transformed all the uncreated matter that surrounded His World into energy; then He transformed all this energy into New Matter. Such is the origin of the Galaxies that presently exist and surround the Local Region.

God created the Cosmos so that it would continue to grow eternally. This growth is comparable to a wave which, expanding through Eternity, without losing its original energy, doubles its radius by the square of the speed of light radiating into Infinity.

This river of cosmic energy flows into the field of space-time that surrounds the entire Creation; creative field in which entering the energy produced by the field of galaxies begins its journey towards the stars. Such is the origin of the stars.

When the stars are born, the beam and the ocean through which the energy sails from the microcosm to the macrocosm being invisible, the stars announce their birth with an explosion of light.

Since the birth of the stars occurs in swarms, we speak of a Big Bang; but it would be more correct to speak of the switching on and off of a light bulb, there is no destruction but creation. And more than explosion, implosion.

An even greater error is to concentrate the creation of Matter in a single moment in Time and Space. There was not one Big Bang; there were many; and there will never be lacking, since the process of transformation of cosmic energy into astrophysical matter is constant, autonomous, and extends to Infinity for Eternity, having always in God the Source from which the Ocean of space-time is fed at the origin of the Creation of the New Cosmos.




But at the end of this Principle of the Creation of the New Cosmos this movement was about to perish and be destroyed forever.

When God the Creator, Lord of Matter, Space and Time, finished setting in motion this process of creation of galaxies, happy with the joy of the artist, of the genius conscious of having astonished his audience, and mad with joy to say to his Brothers:

“Come, let us track a ray of light to the frontiers of our universe; accompany me, let us track the eagle of Andromeda through the mountain ranges of Orion”, when already his heart was beating with perfect happiness, the Day of the Origin of all things took a turn and was transformed into the hardest day of His existence.

What was found in response to His invitation on the lips of the gods, His Brothers?

On the lips of the gods hung heavy as a slab the truth they had just discovered:

“You are Yahweh God, the One and Only True, Living God”

They were his Brothers because in his need of His Equal, Yahweh God had so devoted himself to overcome the Loneliness that one day surrounded him with his Hell, that by overcoming the last frontier, the creation of life in His image and likeness, Immortal Life, he believed He had found the Final Victory that had been denied Him.  




He treated them as true Brothers and true gods; he adopted them as Brothers with the sincerity and devotion of the one who gives everything, and forgets all the bad moments, and plunges into the good ones to come without any fear of being hit again by the storms that unloaded on their loneliness their thunders and lightnings. But now that they had discovered in Yahweh God, the One True Living God: how could they deceive themselves into believing what they had never been?

They were Creatures. Just that, Creatures.

They were Creatures like those galaxies He was creating; like the very Heaven that gave birth to them, like the Universe that had just been born.

How could they ever look at Him again with the eyes of the ones who believe themselves Equal to God, members of His Uncreated Family? How could they prevent their knees from bending and worshipping their Lord and Creator?

Did they not know that as soon as Yahweh God would set eyes on them, His soul would break as He would see in their eyes the failure of the Warrior who sought in them the Brother He never had and never would have?

How could they follow the One True Living God through the cosmic spaces whose immensity they did not understand and whose forces could only be enjoyed by the One who had been born among them?

The Origin of the gods, their origin, the origin of the Brothers Of Yahweh, was this, and now they knew it. Their origin was the necessity for Him, the Uncreated God, to overcome the Loneliness that had overtaken the Almighty Lord they had just seen in action. They had been His victory; and now they were His failure. How could they raise their heads and dare to open their mouths? What could they say to Him: “We are sorry, our Lord and Creator, we understand?”




And so it was. When Yahweh God, the Firstborn of the gods, opened the Creation of the galaxies and turned His face towards His Brothers, when He went to open His mouth to invite them to navigate the Cosmos, He found His Brothers on their knees, not daring to look Him in the eyes, and already suffering what they knew was going to happen. And they knew it because they knew Him so well, they loved Him so much that they knew He would react as He was going to react, as He reacted, as He was reacting. “Yahweh God, Lord and Only True God!” was the declaration that flowed from His lips. In these four words was contained the whole mystery of his past, of his life, of his present, of his future: LORD YAHWEH, Only True and Living God.




Yahweh God looked into the inner being of his Brothers and saw into their minds as you and I see through the glass. HE said nothing. HE left no emotion show through. The broken illusion of the genius who finishes his work and waits for the joyful acclaim of his unconditional and devoted audience, became the sadness of the one who discovers absolute silence in the hall.

 Not knowing how to react, but only to turn around and disappear from the stage without leaving a trace of his existence, Yahweh God was lost in the distances on the other side of the newly created Cosmos. And as He withdrew from the stage of His Creation, that eternal and infinite solitude of His, against which He had raised all this marvelous New Universe, began to grow in His Being like a star sown in His soul by Hell itself.

The more the fire of His Eternal Loneliness burned in Him, the faster Yahweh God moved away from all that He loved. The faster He ran fleeing from His destiny, the more that star of the abysses burned in His Being. The more his failure burned him, the more rage, anger, impotence and frustration took possession of his Mind. The more these uncontrollable emotions grew in him, the more his Great Spirit accelerated its race beyond the infinite spaces.  




And as he sailed unchecked in flight from his own destiny the storm raged in his heart. Eternity, Infinity, Wisdom, why had they let him come to this situation? Why didn’t they kill his Dream, “Immortality for all”, in the womb? What sin had He committed to have been cast out of his uncreated paradise into the hell of a creation that was a prison to him? Who or what had condemned him to this life sentence? What or who had signed against Him a sentence to eternal solitude? What was His crime? On the day he dreamed of immortality for all creatures, why was the thought not torn from His mind? Which was His crime? What was the use of having discovered the Creator in His Being if with the discovery he had been given this sentence? Had all His victory been reduced to an illusion? What was the use of being who He was if He had no one to enjoy His Being with, and never would have? With whom would He laugh when His heart burst with joy? With whom would He sail through the galaxies on the adventure of discovering new frontiers? To whom would He speak if even the gods knelt mute, incapable of addressing Him just as a friend?

Such a devastating and mortal anguish took hold of His Being that Yahweh God thought He had gone mad with grief.  




Desperate, He gave free rein to His tragedy, and from His almighty and omnipotent Arm shells of destructive energy spread through the spaces, reducing to rubble all matter they found in their path. 

“Prison? No, graveyard,” cried Yahweh God to Eternity and Infinity as the explosion of their pain became uncontainable.

“Do you not want my death? I will dig you my grave, and your grave.”

Mad with pain, feeling defeated and sunk, unable to triumph over His Loneliness, from that same Arm that just a short while ago had come out fields of energy transforming the ancient universe into New Heavens full of colors and sounds, like the one that transforms with its magic the desert into a paradisiacal orchard full of exotic birds and all kinds of fantastic creatures, from that same magical Arm came forth in that terrible Hour rays of destructive antimatter energy that seized the light and twisted it until it shattered under the weight of its infinite speed.

The Warrior and the Sage, as if possessed by the insufferable pain of defeat, were devoted to destroying the indestructible, God Himself, and on the way ready to bury with themselves Infinite and Eternity, a cemetery worthy of a God, a tomb worth the One and Only True Living God.




How can we understand that Hour of liberating catharsis that God lived through? How can we dare to imagine the nature of the fields of antimatter energy that in His infinite anger God spread throughout the ultra-cosmic spaces?

How can we describe that in His unimaginable pain the memory of the great love that His Brothers had inspired in Him triumphed over His torture, and the rays of His despair did not reach the World that He had built only for them?

With what numbers and with what kind of measures shall we calculate the time and the intensity of that Hour of liberating catharsis? How many pounds of destructive energy could God generate before falling down, as if dead, at the feet of the daughter of Infinity and Eternity?

… As dead, without the will to breathe, without the strength to open his eyes, without the desire to reawaken….

How much matter would have to be burned and reduced to Darkness hovering the Abyss around the New Cosmos before exhaustion reached His Arm, and His fell dead on the cemetery that He had raised around Him?

How high would the pit reach, within whose dark walls a God would be buried?

What weight shall we give to the slab for the grave of a God?

How long kept Yahweh God digging for Himself His tomb?

When, at what moment did all His pain turn into darkness floating in the ultra-cosmic spaces, and He fell as if dead, without strength, as if dead, but… released?




Indeed, God, that marvelous Firstborn of the gods, that warrior and king of an empire that integrated in his day worlds without number, that sage who enjoyed discovering all the secrets of the Science of Creation, that adventurer navigating the earth on the other side of the Infinite Uncreated Space, that God of Eternity racing the creatures of the paradise of Uncreation, that Wonderful Being laid as dead at the feet of his Beloved Wife, Wisdom the Daughter of Infinity and Eternity.

She would be the first thing he would see when He opened his eyes.  




How long did He, who was in His Innocence more beloved than a hundred thousand universes, remained as dead? How shall we say: He laid as dead this long?

God had no strength to go on living, nor did he wish to rise! What awaited him, eternal solitude?

But at last He opened his eyes. His gaze hovered over the horizon, His thoughts wandered aimlessly. Then He found Her there.

God opened His eyes and found Her there, the daughter of Infinity and Eternity, beside Him, whispering in his ear Her words of love: “Thou art, My Beloved, True God; Thou God, our Son, is in Thee.”

Then from the divine lips came these words of life: “My SON, JESUS, True God of True God, UNCREATED FROM THE UNCREATAD nature of Your Father...”    



The Book of Life :





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