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Wisdom and the Science of Creation


In those ashes, indeed, was buried the Childhood of God. But the one who had emerged from the flames of the destruction of his Empire was now a warrior who had won his First Battle and along the way had discovered the Science of Creation. Searching for the ultimate weapon to destroy him, his enemies had discovered to God the secrets of matter, space and time, and when he opened that door he found Wisdom.  




He loved her from the first day. And she did not refuse Him, she did not turn her back on Him, Wisdom did not flee from her Lord. God was for Her, from the beginningless Beginning of Uncreation, the metaphysical cause of her existence, the reason why She, the daughter of Infinity and Eternity, did everything. He was for Her, from the beginningless Beginning of Uncreation, the God who demanded more and more, continually challenged her with his joy and his will to live. God was for Her, from the Beginning without beginning of the Uncreation, her source of inspiration. It was in His heart that She, the daughter of Infinity and Eternity, looked to see the myriad reflections of the Future. His desire was her muse, His capacity to dream was for Her a workshop of projects. When He broke into the structure of Reality by laying His Desire on the table, She knew that from then on nothing would or could ever be the same. Before He saw the first flame, She had already seen Hell; before He smelled the first scorch, She had already seen the cemetery over which her indestructible warrior would walk barefoot. Inevitable the end of His sleep She articulated the throat of the wise to speak to God words of Science. By the day He would walk on the ashes of His dream, by that Day, She would have already delivered to Him all the secrets of the Science of Creation. She was going to teach him how to create a galaxy. She was going to teach him how to create a swarm of stars, how to articulate them into molecular networks, how to cover whole regions of gravitational seas floating between galaxies, mountain ranges from whose summits rivers of stars run down the gorges of the sidereal abysses and flow into the shores of the constellations. She was going to teach him to cultivate the tree of species. She was going to give him her Power, she was going to give him her being.




And so it was that the Warrior gave way to the Wise.

Infinity and Eternity transformed the universe into a laboratory of learning for God, and gave Him for a Teacher His daughter, Wisdom. She guided His thought through the atoms, directed His arm to the nucleus of the stars. She taught Him how to catch a beam of cosmic rays; She discovered Him the laws governing their motion in a field of energy; She taught Him how to manipulate that field of creative energy for the effects sought. She showed him the series of general and particular laws that govern the relationship between matter and energy. By her hands,  God discovered the origin of the supernovae, the causes by which the galaxies attract, reject, unite, divide, transform but never destroy themselves. God ran against the light and defeated the cosmic ray in intergalactic flight. God accelerated the pulse of the stars to the limit of their revolutions to see what would happen if he doubled the density of their gravitational field. God plunged into the microcosm and on a silver trail followed the leap of energy from one dimension to another.

The more he learned about the forces that move the universe and its laws, the more God enjoyed growing in intelligence. His intelligence knew no limits, he always wanted more, and no problem escaped him. He only had to focus his eyes for his thought to find the answer. Wisdom merely placed the object before him and directed his thought to the right solution. She stimulated his knowledge and introduced him from science to science up to the limit that only God could reach, the knowledge of all sciences, the Creative Omniscience.

Then Wisdom opened to her Lord the door to the subject of the creation of life.

What systematic conditions must be created to obtain this species or the other. What are the processes of natural selection to be followed so that the vital force directs its steps in a definite direction and not in another.

From her God learned all the secrets of the creation and cultivation of the Tree of Life. Under Her guidance God created worlds by the method of experimentation. And when his mastery of all the laws and forces of the universe made him what he was, the Lord, he went to take the step towards the unconquerable frontier: the creation of life in his own image and likeness.




But during the period of the formation of his Creative Intelligence, a particular idea gradually found its way into the mind of God. As long as He was engaged in the mastery of the Science of Creation it was only a sporadic thought that crossed His mind, which He put away from Himself without giving it any further importance.

The Idea that crept into his being is the following:

Was He the Only Member of his Family? I mean, how could He know that somewhere on the other side of the Ortho where the Infinite dwells there was not Someone like Himself, a Being of His Uncreated Nature who at that very moment might even be passing through where He had passed?

This was the thought that came to Him, and, time after time, He pushed it away. Notwithstanding his constant turning away, as the Lord was born in him, the question gained the upper hand.

It was true that God had not met His Equal, for all He knew He was the Only Member of His Family. If He called anyone Father it was Infinity; if He could call anyone Mother it was Eternity; if He felt as Wife anyone, it was Wisdom.

Did this spare him the truth of never having been on the other side of the final horizon of the Cosmos? And if he had never been there how could He claim that this thought that had crept into his head was not the call of that Equal?

There was only one way to know. To launch himself into the infinite spaces.

That God was in Him, because He was God, was already clear. But was He the only living God?



Without further thought, God left everything. There, at that moment, He ended His apprenticeship in the mastery of the Science of Creation. And He set out on the adventure, in search of the answer to the question that had settled in His chest and refused to be consigned to the recycle garbage can of His Memory.

Was HE the only member of his family? Was HE the only God known to Eternity and Infinity?  




To what extent can experience enable the intelligence to comprehend the story that God lived in breaking the boundaries of a Cosmos whose space integrated Infinity? What kind of understanding must we possess to get an idea of the feelings of this Living God traversing plains of a space that was unknown to him in search of that other Being of his own uncreated and eternal nature? What kind of mathematics of time should we handle to calculate the millions of millennia that that adventure lasted? What literary structure should be embodied in the hands of a historian of all beautiful things, so that from his fingers flow rivers of legends and visions of landscapes beyond the fantasy of a hundred thousand universes united in the heart of a pearl? How shall we say God lived this or God lived that? How shall the imagination of the poet of joyful things dare to raise an ode to the conquest of horizons that cannot be seen, but that sound in the ears of their conqueror like arpeggios of magic blues shaking sadness? Can we say to the dawn: Become a woman and kiss me? Have we ever said to the morning star: Come and embrace me? What emotions will live the soul that enjoys the love of the Moon and on its wings sails through dreams of liquid crystal in search of the shores of perfect happiness? How can we enter the mind of a Being that moves at the speed of its thought and whose heart is strong as a sun?




Fearless, indestructible by nature, self-knowledge forged in a battle that wounded his soul with deep, tearing wounds, the Warrior awoke from his rest in the tent of Wisdom, bade Her farewell with a kiss of shining joy, and received from Her this farewell: “Thou-God, the one you seek, my Beloved, is in you”.

 Strong again, stronger than ever, healed of his wounds with the balm of pure love, the Warrior needed to discover the answer for himself, and so he climbed the mountain ranges of Time, and from the frontiers of his universe he finally saw the lands where the Infinite dwells. Smiling, with the wind of Eternity in his hair, his muscles firm, his legs strong as columns, his eyes shining with emotion and once again marveling at the beauty that opened at his feet, he who was God, indestructible warrior, adventurer in love with existence, the protégé of Eternity and the Infinite, there he launched himself on the wings of the eternal winds to conquer those virgin horizons.




How long did that adventure last? Is an eternity a mathematical measure that fits in our physics textbooks? Will we dare to draw the humblest of the adventures lived by that indestructible warrior on the canvas of our most futuristic visions?

After an eternity had passed, God discovered that the world on the other side, where the Infinite dwells, was resolved into a line in the form of a great mountain, from whose summit he could contemplate with his almighty eyes the truth he was looking for: He was the Only God that Eternity and Infinite had known and held as Lord since the Beginning without beginning of the Uncreation.

But in this truth which may sound to you as a thing known, in this formal declaration there beat a regret.

For as more and more the Immensity of His World was discovered to God, as the definition of His Being and those of Infinity and Eternity were fused into one, becoming one indivisible, inseparable, indestructible reality, as His Nature was discovered in all its supernatural, uncreated and eternal immensity, in that same measure that desire to know if there existed on the other side of the unknown horizon His Equal, His Brother, His Friend, in that same measure that knowledge of His own uncreated and eternal supernature grew in the Wise, in that same measure grew in His breast that little hidden light that at the beginning did beat with the pulse of a very small desire; to  find His Equal: “You-GOD”.

And so, at the hour when the One Living God found Himself on the summit of the Mount of Infinity and Eternity, that original desire had been transformed into a stronger and stronger will to meet Him and embrace Him, to look Him in the face and say to Him: “At last, how long I have been looking for you, my Equal, my Brother, my Friend”.  




He who found himself standing on the summit of the Mount of Infinity and Eternity, where he found Wisdom waiting to greet him with the same words that he had said Good-bye, that Warrior, God, the only member of his House and Family, found that that little light was now beating in his breast with the strength of a sun that continued to grow. What he would not have given at that moment to have found His Equal, that person with whom he could laugh “from Me to You” and together launch into the adventure of Life on the plains unfolded at the feet of the Mountain on which he stood!

But no, God was alone, He was the only member of His Family. He would never have that Someone to whom he could say: “Brother, come on, let’s run”. He would never enjoy the pleasure of being treated as “You”. But that was enough, was He not God? Why then was He crushing His heart? He would give life to that Brother, to that Friend born to look at Him face to face, to laugh with Him as brothers laugh and talk to each other as friends talk to each other, with freedom, with affection, with independence of judgment. Was He not the Lord? Had He not forgotten how to create a universe, how to cultivate the Tree of Life? Was not Wisdom at His side whispering in His ear?

“Thou-God is in thee. My beloved, the one you seek is in yourself”.




The Divine Warrior smiled again; he put on the Cloak of the Wise and, believing he knew what the words of the Daughter of Infinity and Eternity meant, he said to himself: “Then, let us get down to work”.

At once God transformed the plains around the Mountain of Infinity and Eternity into a land growing to the frontiers that are never reached at the speed of its Creator’s gaze. As if it were a continent growing from its center, and its center was a Mountain growing in height at the speed of the land around it, marveling whoever sees it because, no matter where you are, its summit can be seen from all the confines, God called that Mountain born to be the center of his Universal Creation: “Zion”. And to that continent endowed with his supernature, as if the Infinite and Eternity were born again from the Mountain of God, he called that Continent in the heart of the Cosmos “Heaven”. He gave Wisdom this world for kingdom, so that in Heaven she might take root and give from her womb the Brother, the Friend for whom his Heart yearned.  



The Origin of the Gods



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