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The Book of Life:





Have you ever seen the white butterfly leaping merrily from flower to flower, singing jocularly every second of its twenty-four hours of existence?

Have you never loved the song of the singing bird between the bars of its cage, wondering what you would do in its place?

Have you ever stopped to count the stars that fit in a corner of the harbor, when the sun sprinkles golden arrows on the waters of noon, capable of enamoring the hard stone that some of us have for a heart?

How beautiful it is to see happy again the one who found himself lost in the deserts of his unbearable solitude!

Why does a man have to measure the immensity of the heavens with the meter of the height of his body?

How many light years around covers the soul that smiles blissfully among singing birds and butterflies flying from galaxy to galaxy without fear of eternity and infinity?

It is He, He returns, the stars rise on their columns, the galaxies clap their hands, the gods sing the dance of victory at the fire where the Phoenix Bird was reborn from its ashes to never again be the pasture of its flames.

God said to his Brothers only these words:

“This is Jesus, my Beloved Son.”

And in these five words was contained the whole mystery of the Future of the entire Creation. The gods knelt down and lived the happiness of God the Father with the same intensity as they lived the tragedy of the departed Brother. It was enough for them to see His Happiness to know that He was their Equal, YOU-GOD, the Companion that He God sought in them and could not find.  




Then after this time of happiness had passed, from the heart of the Victory of God the Father, the Spirit of the Creator awoke in Him. God took His Son, Jesus, left His World in the hands of His Brothers the gods, and transforming the Cosmos into a field of raw material created the Ocean of the Heavens. In this Ocean of stars the Creator Spirit sowed the seed of the Tree of Life. And somewhere in that Universe a world was born, with its Kingdom, the first of the Peoples who were to dwell forever in the Paradise that God created for His Son.

God cultivated the Civilization of the world of that First Day of the First Week of Creation, gave it for its social system a monarchical constitution, and engendered in its king a brother for his Son. Then he took the Kingdom of the First Day of the First Week of Creation and led it to its Abode in the Paradise of God.

When this First Kingdom arrived in Paradise, its People found that Heaven is a mirror reflecting all the stages of the evolution of life, from the first stages of Prehistory to the dawn of History.

The Land of Wonders was then called by the gods.

And so it was, up to five times this Event took place. Five times the Creator sowed the seed of Life in the Universe of the Heavens. Five worlds were born among the stars of the Universe, each world with its Civilization, each People with its personal ontological characteristics, each a kingdom with its own social constitution, with its king at its head.

At the end of the Fifth Day of the First Week of Creation, the Paradise of God had been transformed into an Empire. God sat in the Dome of Power as his Supreme Universal Judge, and at his right hand the King of kings and Lord of lords of his Empire, his Firstborn Son, Jesus, His Unigenitus.

During those Five Days of the First Week of Creation the government of his Empire was left by Yahweh God in the hands of his Brothers and Sons. The History of this Empire is written in the Book dealing with the Origins and History of Heaven. On the Day when of our turn to ascend to the World from which Jesus descended, we will have the opportunity to know all things about the creation of the Five Worlds that formed the Paradise before the Creation of our World; the Sixth in order of Time. Names, evolutionary lines, astronomical constitution, social constitution, and so on. All these things are written in the books dealing with the Chronicles of the Empire of God.




It came to pass then that on the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation one of those Princes of the Empire of God discovered a seed.

It was the seed of the tree of the Science of good and evil.

Its first manifestation was Doubt. Its final consequence, its fruit, War, a fruit that very soon all the kingdoms of the Empire would have time to taste.

That Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, was God the only begotten Son, this all the citizens of the Empire of God knew.

To believe it or not to believe it was another matter. But whether or not to Doubt was something that no son of God ever thought to even consider.

The fact was that God and his Son went back and forth from the Empire to the Universe and from the Universe to the Empire, and millions of years passed between going and returning. On that Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation one of the Princes saw in the Doubt about the veracity of the Unigeniture of Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the door into which to reconfigure the structure of the Empire of Heaven according to his thinking. Why could not he, Satan, son of God, receive the regency of the Empire during the Creation Periods?

This was a thought that had never even occurred to anyone. And which, curiously enough, found ears to grow. And it did grow. So that, surprised by the Rebellion of that son of God and his allies, Paradise became a hell.

Conjured by the Rebels in what was called the Axis of the Dragon, the armies of the Dragon set out to conquer the Throne of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

It was the first World War of Heaven.

Satan at the head of the Dragon Axis his armies ravaged the borders of the neighboring kingdoms and advanced towards Zion to conquer the Throne of the King of kings.

Stunned, amazed by what they were seeing, unable to react to the surprise, the Brothers and the sons of God who refused to accept even the possibility of such a reconfiguration, from the walls of the City of God the Princes of the House of Yahweh and Zion contemplated the advance of the forces of the Dragon, and the stampede of the Peoples of the Empire towards the Jerusalem of the gods.

Indeed, nothing that the Brothers and the sons of God told them to lay down their arms entered Satan’s head. Thus, overcoming the first surprise the counterattack prevailed.

The gods opened the Seal of their origins and the Princes fed on their forces. The Princes Gabriel, Michael and Raphael put on the invincibility of the gods, ravaged the enemy, drove them back to their kingdoms, besieged them in their fortresses, captured them and locked them in their palaces until the Judge of Creation returned and passed sentence.

It happened then that when the Father and the Son returned from the Heavens of Creation bringing by the hand a new Kingdom to Paradise, the sons of God met them, but Satan was not among them.

One look was enough for God to discover why. But wanting to leave everything in the lesson learned and not wanting under any circumstances his Son to discover the existence of the Science of good and evil, he ordered all his sons to present themselves before him for the celebration of the Welcoming Feast of the Kingdom on the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation.

And that was that.

As was natural, the Empire dressed up for the Welcoming Feast. The Kingdom of the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation took up its abode in the Empire of the Son of God; its King was presented to the house of the sons of God.

Joy in peace.

The memory of the Dragon igniting with his breath the War became the memory of a nightmare that was gone and would never return.

Joy in forgiveness.

And the Fifth Day of the First Week of Creation dawned. Again God and His Son left the Regency of His Empire in the hands of the Members of the House “of Yahweh and Zion”.

And after thousands of years the unbelievable happened again.

Like a mule that never learns his lesson, Satan moved again in the shadows. He found allies and they conspired to awaken the Dragon.

The decision was made, the plan to conquer the Empire on the table, the new war, the Second World War of Heaven, was made.

Again the gods and princes of Heaven were taken by surprise.

Good God, how to explain that this new rebellion had blown up in their faces! Even if they won, and about the Victory they had no doubt, the inability of the House of God to keep the peace would already be demonstrated forever.

Reflection was forced upon them.

What was going on?

How was it possible that simple creatures of clay dared to question the Truthfulness of the Unigenitus Son of God?

Or simply dare to dream of forcing God to do their will and give green light to the transformation of the Empire into an Olympus of gods: free from the subjection to the Law of the Kingdom?




And so it was, the Second World War of Heaven ended in the same way. The Dragon was neutralized, chained and guarded until the return of the Judge of the Empire.

But that was a bitter victory. A victory that did not taste like a triumph to the victors. They had failed for the second time the One who, during His absence, had given them the universal regency. What would happen on His return? How could they explain what they themselves could not understand?

At last God and His Son returned from the Ocean of Stars. By their Hand they brought a new Kingdom, as always with their Prince at its head.

With that joy of the Father who has just given birth to a new son, of the Son who greets the birth of a little brother, the Father and the Son returned home.

Here the same thing happened again. For an instant the Son discovered in the tone of his Father giving the order to present all his son before Him something... something mysterious. But it did not go beyond that.

And again God forgave the Rebels.

However, He knew that there was an urgent need for revolutionary action. He could not allow a Third World War to break out during His absence from Heaven.

Either he would reconfigure the structure of his Empire or sooner or later his Creation would become an Olympus of gods playing war with the responsibility of one who has total and absolute immunity from the laws.

He could not allow that to happen. So He had to look for the answer that the facts demanded.

And so it was done.

God found the answer.

Events demanded that He open his Creation to all his sons. So the next time the Spirit of the Creator spread his wings over the Universe all his sons would accompany him.

From the Sixth Day onwards Creation would be transformed into a Show open to all worlds. And what is more, all his sons would participate in the process of formation of the New Worlds.

This was the first step in closing the way by which, as time went by, God’s Paradise became a prison for his creatures. Wonderful and whatever you want, but a prison.

As to why the Peoples of his Creation did not just conceive their existence as a Tree of which they were its Branches, God conceived the Creation of a New People, formed by all his sons, and in which the fusion of all his Civilizations into a New and Unique One, once their entrance into Paradise was accomplished, this New People would serve as the mortar necessary for the bricks to stick together and form a compact, solid and indestructible building.

The projection of the Five Civilizations of the existing Kingdoms on Human Life would operate, in their fusion, the Birth of this New Civilization which, spreading out through Paradise, would unite them all in the soul of this New Civilization in which each and every one of the existing ones were reflected and lived. Created not for Power but to be the body of the spirit of Wisdom in its Creation, the Human People would realize the Fusion without which Doubt, the mother of War, had been possible.

As for the Doubt as to whether the King of kings and Lord of lords of the Empire of Heaven was God the Only Begotten Son, with their eyes they were to see it.

So at the birth of the Sixth Day of the First Week of the Creation God took all his sons and led them to the place of Origin, the Universe.

God created the Heavens and created the Earth.

He created the Earth beyond the borders of the galaxies.

And he created it there for his children to see what lay beyond the Cosmos, the Abyss covered by that Darkness to which the One True God reduced the Uncreated Cosmos in that Hour which preceded the Birth of the Father and the Son.

At the same time he cleared the mystery of what lies beyond the borders of the field of galaxies. With this gesture God was telling his sons what would happen to anyone who dared to dig up the hatchet again. The penalty against the Rebel would be the penalty of banishment to the Darkness, from whence he would never return, and where for eternity there would be gnashing of bones and chattering of teeth.

Then, once the stage was built, all the spectators sat down. God looked at his Son, He advanced, and opening his mouth said:

“Let there be light.”










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