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The objective and goal of the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, Man at the end of the tunnel of time, we are seeing how God traced the general architecture of the Heavens and the special one of the Earth thinking of the millions of years that the Birth and Growth of the Tree of life demanded to give its fruit. Because He could and knew how to do it, God created a Plane of relationship between the elements of the Biosphere, with two main thermo-cooling foci at the ends of the Ecosphere, and punctual foci distributed by the continents, which are the Cordilleras of perpetual snow. How from the polar foci the atmospheric and oceanic currents recycle and maintain stable the biospheric thermometer is a work of geophysical engineering as marvelous as surprising that involved the morphology of the lithosphere itself. Because it had to keep the Ecospheric thermometer stable it had to endow the Ecosphere with a perennial angle of rotation. And because it could and knew how, it erected the Autonomous Ecospheric Substrate, thanks to which, as I have already said, the angle of incidence of solar energy would remain constant during the millions of years that the Tree of Life would need to bear its fruit. But there was still more, because the Solar System is not isolated from the rest of Creation, and being in motion and subject to the general laws of the Universe the interrelation had and could cause interferences that would spoil the work of so many millions of years. Because he could and knew God did not hesitate to deploy his intelligence and endow the Solar System with a mechanism of remote control of its sidereal speed, which I have called Applied Astrophysical Systematics. And yet all this was not enough.

The local Universe, the Milky Way, moves in the bosom of a Cosmos in which motion is the most characteristic visible note. There may be qualitative and quantitative differences among the galaxies, but in all of them there is a common denominator: they move. To say that they move means to say that they interact, multiply, divide, add, subtract. Creation is constant movement, overwhelming, marvelous, surprising. Indeed, the Cosmos portrayed in the theories of the 20th century and the Hubble Cosmos resemble each other like a seal resembles a swallow. In the real Hubble Cosmos, there is no homogeneous motion, no standard distances, no patterns. The realm of galaxies is pure diversity, pure harmony in the discovery of the unknown, ecstasy in the apotheosis of the infinite capacity of cosmic matter to reproduce itself in space and entertain without ever boring. Genius unfolded to the four winds, beauty that manifests itself joyfully and does not demand a last cry. Development of stars in clusters of clusters of billions of stars that are neither destroyed nor collapse, like lighthouses in the oceanic distances. Galaxies that like submarine creatures travel along the cosmic currents and like eagles open their wings and let themselves be carried by the intergalactic winds. Where is the Cosmos of the 20th century?

In fact, the celestial structure that we observe in our immediate surroundings presents very typical characteristics. In the end the whole is resolved in a constellational architecture of defense of the astrophysical heart from whose center its special optical configuration is resolved. For as we can contemplate it with our telescopic eyes, the universe is traversed by powerful gravitational currents displacing great masses of clouds from one side to the other, origin of the Nebulae. So when God reveals to us that "He created the stars of the Firmament to separate the Light from the Darkness", He tells us a lot about how the passage of the Earth through one of those nebular currents would affect the Solar System. And it reveals to us the nature of the constellational shields.

The Biblical Text is crystal clear. "God created the stars to separate the light from the darkness," it says. On the First Day we are told that God created the Light and separated it from the Darkness. On this Fourth Day of the First Week of the History of the Human Race we are told that, in fact, having separated the Light from the Darkness, God created the Heavens to separate the Light from the Darkness. The Text could not be more direct. That the conclusions that derive from it are exciting and wonderful and totally opposed to the mentality of the XX century does not mean anything. The opinion of modern man on the Nature of the Universe does not count. It was not looking at modern man that God wrote his Revelation to Moses. He who did not count for God cannot count for his children either. The conclusions they reached are of no interest to this book nor their opinions to the author. So let us move on.

The structure of the Universe of Revelation and its resolution in the mirror of Reality gives us by equality the following. To wit: The Universe of Genesis is the Milky Way. And it is about the Creation of this Milky Way: "God created the Heavens to separate the Earth from the realm of the Galaxies". Physical necessity that is inferred from the study of the Heavens, and from whose phenomena it is seen that on the other side of the Heavens powerful currents and winds run through the Cosmos. There are the astronomical images to speak with the power of a thousand words to a picture. Their beauty however should not cloud the clarity of our intelligence when interpreting the events that are their cause. The physical function of the star clusters that surround us is that of the net that traps everything that the current drags and cuts off the intergalactic clouds from the interior of the constellational system around which they are distributed. Let us now put on a scientific basis the divine declaration that the heavens were created to erect between the Earth and the world of the galaxies a wall of protection.

The description, then, of the General Cosmological Space that we have inherited draws for us a Universe-Galaxy that moves and interacts with the other bodies through general laws. This fits perfectly with the expansion to infinity of Matter suggested by the Idea of Creation. The need to understand why God created the Heavens to protect the Earth from the General Cosmic Motion implies the answer to the relationship between God and that Multiplication of Matter to infinity. And the answer to this question leads us directly to that other question to which the genius of the twentieth century wanted to answer with his cosmological theory, namely: Before the beginning what? A question that in turn leads us directly to ask ourselves what part God had in this Principle of principles and what He was before this General Cosmological Principle. A matter that forces us to enter into Theology but always preserving the scientific attitude that until now has been maintained as the language of understanding between Creation and us.

Before Creation was Creation and before the Creator was God. God declares Himself Eternal and about His Age there is nothing to say. But He also confesses: "Before me there was no God formed, there will be none after me". So knowing that God is Eternal and therefore the Formation of which he speaks could not touch his Nature, it follows that this Formation referred to his Intelligence, which is the part of Being that grows and develops in time. Logical conclusion that puts in one place the Knowledge of the Science of Creation and in the other the Being that had all the Natural Attributes to God. When these two things were united and became one, then God became the Creator and Reality its Creation.

When and how this cosmological revolution took place I have touched upon in the Story of Jesus. There I entered into the subject of the History of Creation and developed its great moments. I seem to remember saying that the Creator was made because he was in God. More or less what I meant is that if Intelligence without Power is not sufficient to transform Reality, neither does Power without Intelligence have that faculty. And I stated there that Power was in God and Intelligence in the Increasing Force, Origin of all things. I remember setting Eternity and Infinity against each other but not against God. And to have related that uncreated relationship speaking of the Infancy of the Divine Being. And this Infancy from the point of view of the revolution that led God to become the Origin of all new things. In relation to which process He spoke of Himself saying that He was formed. A process of Formation that can only be understood as carried out by the Infinite and Eternity as uncreated realities that had in God the star of all that moved and was made. And once the Creator was formed in God, the revolution that was to make God, the Infinite and Eternity one and the same thing was consummated. Roughly speaking.

From this ontological revolution that integrated God, Space, Time and Matter arises the concept of the General Cosmological Principle, that is, the event that marked a Before and an After. Thinking of which the genius of the twentieth century spoke of a Big Bang, and I in the Divine History started from a natural creative activity in which God transformed Reality starting from the very structure of Reality. That is to say, there was destruction of a previous cosmos and transformation of that cosmos into a new one, which, like everything that begins, started from an event or General Cosmological Principle. General Cosmological Principle that irreversibly marked the Before and the After. The question is how God gave birth to this Principle of which the beginning of our Universe in particular is a fragment of the historical sequence that set that Event in motion.

The answer to this question requires speaking of the fundamental laws of the Motion of Multiplication of Cosmic Matter which had been at work since Eternity. Only, unlike the Uncreated Cosmos, which involved the Infinite in this Multiplication, since the Movement had its Origin in God, this Movement was revolutionized and carried out by transforming fields of matter into cosmic energy and this cosmic energy into astrophysical matter. To understand this phenomenology, let us take hold of the quantum nature of atomic matter.

Both at the level of laboratory observation and in particle accelerators, the reproduction of matter has its origin in the elevation of the dynamic energy that transforms the relation of the particle with the field in which it moves. From the very birth of quantum physics it was observed that the growth of mass requires the increase of kinetic energy, a relationship that Einstein tried to capture in his famous energy equation. But if in the atom in its natural environment the particle responds to the increase of its velocity by transforming the difference into mass, and the same happens in an accelerator, if we remove the velocity limit from the equation and proceed to extract the particle from its environment, giving it the notes of cosmic energy in free flight in a space without electromagnetic reference: that particle will continue transforming the difference of velocity into mass. Assuming the case that we put an accumulation of paths to infinity, we already have the jump from quantum matter to astrophysics. This was the natural uncreated process.

God revolutionized this process by concentrating the path into a field where mathematical time bends and physical space falls toward the center. Simulating a ring accelerator such that from the outside it creates a spiral on the surface of an hourglass, where each fragment maintains the speed of acceleration regardless of mass: at the height when the beam reaches the center, i.e. the mouth of the hourglass, the beam jumps to the other side by exploding at the origin of the stars. This is the phenomenon that I call Astrophysical Implosion, a phenomenon that marks the birth of galaxies and stars.

Since an individual star can give rise to an unlimited number of cosmic energy beams, the reproduction of matter to infinity is a reality that comes from Eternity. What differentiates this multiplication to infinity is that Before it demanded the Infinite as a track of transformation and After the same process is reproduced on space-time fields deployed by God at the borders of the Cosmos. This makes the Cosmos a more massive entity and offers General Space a higher density of matter, which is why the Cosmos marvels us with new galactic creatures every day that Hubble opens its eyes. Creation is continuous and its expansion is constant.

This process of multiplication of cosmic matter from a General Cosmological Principle can be compared to a chain reaction that never ends and amplifies its radius of action and extension as time grows from the center to the frontiers. Our telescopic eyes allow us to admire the movement of galaxies within this constantly expanding Cosmic General Space. And also to adjust the laws of gravity to the galactic creatures, from whose action we observe how they attract and accumulate; classical law to which we have to add the law of electrodynamic forces, thanks to which the concentration of the total mass in a point is a physical impossibility to reach. Extraordinary reason for which the movement of the atoms of a hot gas inside a container is that which corresponds to the General Cosmological Motion.






The creation of galaxies as autonomous phenomenology, activated by God through the constant feeding of the transforming field of cosmic energy into astrophysical matter, leads us directly to discover the Cosmos as a field of raw material from which God extracts the necessary matter to erect his Works. Among which our Universe is one of them. It has not been the first, nor will it be the last. The word of God in this respect is firm: "Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all that He does, and will show Him even greater works than these, so that you may be astonished". The theological derivations could not be clearer.

But why does a beam of cosmic energy not grow to infinity once the limit of the speed of light has been swept away? The origin of astrophysical matter being in the jump of cosmic energy and this jump being conditioned by the transformation of kinetic energy into mass, why, once a flight track simulating the vacuum has been created, does the transformation not continue to infinity? Does a projectile fired in the vacuum not tend to acquire infinite velocity if the time given to it is eternal? Why then does a dark body of infinite mass not exist? In short: What kind of safety mechanism is it that puts limits to the jump from cosmic energy to astrophysical matter?

The answer is given by experience. The leap to infinity collides with the critical point of growth, or Astrophysical Implosion Point, from which the stellar body transforms the energy it absorbs into light. In this way, even if the matter-energy system had a free way, the own dynamic weight of the creative process leads it to a point where the transformation into mass gives way to the transformation into light. And the cycle continues. This critical point, then, is in the nature of general matter and is preserved in the whole course of the leap, both from quantum to sidereal and from astrophysics to cosmic. Another thing will be to determine how this hard core, the real actor of the interdimensional leap, works and to what extent its working revolutions accelerate or decelerate. And so other questions that have to do with the creative leap itself. As for example what happens when the created galactic mass has consumed the energy of the space-time field. And other things more. We also observe in General Cosmic Space how galaxies follow the natural pattern of a stream coming out of the mouth of an hourglass moving on its axis. Comparing the spiral arms to jets of astrophysical energy launched by centrifugal forces into General Cosmic Space opens up the range of galaxies to the amount of energy concentrated in a moment by a transformation field. Moreover, if we compare these fields with grids in which cosmic energy falls in alternative streams the above range fans out and what we have seen so far is but a taste of what is to come. Galactic species grow in eternity to infinity.

And once created, how do galaxies behave, how do they grow, what is the rule that shapes their entity, how do they conserve kinetic energy, what is their relationship with the transforming field, and what is the relationship between this field and the astrophysical gravitational field? Can we deduce from what we see some laws that help us to understand the nature of that tree of stellar creatures that is the realm of galaxies? Are we able to recreate the great laws that govern motion in the General Cosmic Space by conjugating local physical laws? Why don't the galaxies obey the famous law of universal gravity? Why do they behave better as swarms of exotic creatures flying without apparent direction, by north that the wind describes them as trajectory? From the Brownian motion that they demonstrate to possess, can one proceed or not to the application of the laws of electrodynamics to the galaxies, by virtue of whose laws they reject, collide, mix, divide, multiply and remain always in motion? Does the General Cosmological Motion not ignore the neutral nature of the universal gravitational field? And this constant movement of these enormous creatures that move at fantastic speeds through a Cosmos with eternal vocation, what kind of currents and intergalactic winds will they not produce? Are not the nebular storms that sweep through our Galaxy Universe proof of the existence of those intergalactic currents that, raised by the General Cosmological Movement, carry masses of cosmic matter back and forth, caused both by the combustion of entire systems and by their existence before the creation of the General Cosmological Principle? (In short, dealing with this subject, the questions could pile up one on top of the other until they create a mountain. That the Cosmology of the twentieth century was omniscient and discovering a new galaxy with its topoderorous genius could already assign nature, age and distance to it is one of those wonders of nature that we must subject to analysis, examination and critical judgment. But not in this book).

Here it is convenient to affirm that the Idea of the Universe was first the Universe. It is not a question of dogmatizing or philosophizing. It is not my intention. It is only a question of putting on the table a reality as natural as that the study of the ground is necessary before raising any engineering work. Since God knows the laws of his Creation, his dimensions, his phenomenology and his nature, it is logical and natural that when considering the construction of a work, he draws lines and makes calculations thinking about the influence of the terrain on the future of the building, in this astrophysical case. Better than me who can specify this process of study and reflection prior to the Creative Act is God himself who inspired Solomon with these words about his Wisdom: "Yahweh possessed me at the beginning of his ways, before his works, from of old. From everlasting I was established; from the beginning, before the earth was. Before the depths, I was begotten; before the fountains were abundant waters; before the mountains were founded, before the hills, I was conceived. Before I made the earth, or the fields, or the first dust of the earth. When he established the heavens; when he drew a circle on the face of the deep. When he condensed the clouds on high, when he gave strength to the fountains of the deep. When he set his bounds to the sea, that the waters should not overflow its bounds. When He laid the foundations of the earth, I was with Him as an architect, always being His delight, and always delighting in Him at all times.

The Idea in Mind, all calculations solved, God puts His hand to the Work. In the case of the Heavens, the first thing He did was, according to Solomon: "to trace a circle on the face of the abyss". That is, to mark the territory, to mark the perimeter within whose diameters he would create the Heavens. That is to say, to specify the dimensions of the material building by the perimeter assigned to it in Space. The radius and diameter of that Circle within whose perimeter he intended to create the Heavens is not a number unknown to us. The reason for this number, from the knowledge of the nature of the cosmic terrain, is perfectly understandable, especially having in front of our eyes the photo album that Hubble gives us for free. Let us not forget that although the astronomical photo is limited to offering us a punctual freezing of matter in time, the phenomena they produce are so similar to the phenomena we observe in the local physical world that by logic we must deduce from what is known what is yet to be known. Do the nebulae not resemble atmospheric storms? And does it not seem as if giant waves of energy were lifting them up and hurling them against the stellar systems of our Universe?

We have already entered the problem. The galaxies raise in the General Cosmological Space powerful currents and winds. These move and follow the directions marked by the galaxies themselves. But we are not only talking about nebular matter. Here it is necessary to combine the law of the curvature of light with the flight of cosmic energy. Let's put it another way. Let's start from a flatter picture. Let us transform the galaxies into cannons that create cosmic energy. At the same time that they create it, they shoot it into the General Cosmological Space. We do not abolish the speed of light within the galactic field; on the contrary, we maintain its limit. And as it makes its way, as it circles seeking its way out of the galaxy the energy jet of one star is added to that of the other, resulting in the end in the projection into General Cosmological Space, not of beams, but of streams of energy.

This phenomenon of multiplication and concentration of the mass of a particle beam, creating a current that behaves like a hard nucleus, has been observed in particle accelerators. It has been seen that the quantum multiplication of matter by the acceleration of the velocity of the initial beam does not create new dispersed beams, as each one follows its own trajectory.

Outside the galactic gravitational field the acceleration of the energy streams released by the galaxy tends to rise as they move away from its influence, and to continue to grow as they approach the next galaxy. In this sense the source of origin, the galaxy, behaves as the cannon in which the beam receives its initial cosmic flight energy, and the General Cosmological Space as the accelerator in which the beam multiplies and generates the hard nuclei that create the intergalactic currents at the origin of the displacements of nebular cosmic matter back and forth. These currents move in General Cosmological Space the way rivers make their beds by skirting the foot of mountain ranges and rush in a straight line when the terrain permits. From our Hubblelian knowledge of the Cosmos we can deduce the number and variety of streams moving in intergalactic space, the amount of energy they carry, and the consequences upon any system that crossed their path without protection against their wave front.

God's Creation of this structured dynamic form, the General Cosmological Space transformed into a surface upon which mighty rivers of cosmic energy paint their beds, the end of the path of these streams is the Ocean! And this Ocean, what else can it be but the external creative field within which the transformation of cosmic energy into astrophysical matter takes place? But before reaching their destination, during the journey from their source-canyons of origin to the Ocean transforming the cosmic currents into astrophysical matter, these cosmic currents behave like true cyclones. Like the river in whose current an old tree falls and is swept downstream, in the same way the cosmic currents move from one place to another the intergalactic nebular matter. And in the same way that the wind follows its course as it approaches the mountain, but unloads its load on it, in the same way the rivers of cosmic energy do the same on the galaxies they border. Obviously we cannot detect these currents, but we can deduce them from our knowledge of matter and from what we see with the eyes of the Hubble.

Our Universe-Galaxy, the Milky Way, is related to the rest of Creation following the parameters of this General Cosmological Motion. Seen from the outside, our universe behaves like the mountain on which the cosmos discharges its clouds and from whose entrails flows a new source of electromagnetic water that extends its bed over the cosmic field, acquires its intergalactic tributaries and advances among the galaxies until it reaches its destination. The origin of the Nebulae is in this game of interaction in front of which and thinking of its dimensions God gave to our Universe his own.





 The Creative Intelligence involved itself in the game of actions-reactions by erecting a Universe designed to resist the weight of cosmological currents. That is to say, God erected the universal edifice endowed with all the physical mechanisms necessary to overcome the consequences of the earthquake that his own creation would provoke. God also knew that, like soldiers falling in the vanguard of combat, many stars outside our Universe would succumb under the thrust of the intergalactic currents. What we call Novas and Supernovas are those warriors that have fallen in combat and disintegrate in fabulous explosions, in turn cradle of the comets and meteorites that cross the Heavens. Let us stop for a moment in the origin of the Novas and Supernovae. And from the amount of physical energy that a hard nucleus is capable of putting on the ground, given the similarity between the general cosmological space and a particle accelerator: if we raise the process to the astrophysical dimension and apply the law of mutual influence between field and light we have to conclude by saying that a galactic field reacts to the curving action of the trajectory of cosmic currents by accelerating the rotation rate of its external stellar belt. Let us develop this behavior.

As we see in God's Creation all the systems of a galactic body add up their fields and create a general field that reacts as a whole to the outside. I have compared before this general field with an ocean starting from the Revelation. Assuming this similarity and from the comparison of the universal field with the volume contained in a glass of water, the action of the cosmic currents on the gravitational field is translated into the reaction of the water to the movement of the hand that introduces its finger and turns it. Since every liquid body has its own motion, natural to the body which contains it, the acceleration from the outside must affect it in the external zones, from where it runs inward, if necessary.

Naturally all the bodies of a system do not react in the same way to an external force. In the case of stellar systems this simple law is the daily bread. And since the transformation of gravity into light depends on the speed of rotation of the system, which is affected by the encounter with cosmic currents, the external stellar systems, when exposed to the action of the finger on the water, are constantly accelerated, a reaction that some stars carry perfectly and others cannot withstand beyond a critical limit. Once this limit is reached, the systemic safety brake is broken and the system escapes from the internal control and is headed to its destruction. The result is the Nova explosion. Speaking of an individual star. And if the star gives rise to a chain reaction that drags its entire system to destruction by the heat generated as a result of the accelerated combustion of gravity, we will speak of Supernova.

The experience is the one that speaks. The photo, the one that demonstrates. And reality is what convinces. Let us imagine that we have an immense ball, we want it to spin by pushing it and we cannot; we call more to our aid and we join in until we force it to spin. Once it is spinning, the force needed to keep its rotation constant will be less, so that the effect of the same force on the same ball will be greater as its speed increases. This simple game we raise it at this point to the relationship between a star and its gravity field. And we agree that the rotation of a gravitational field is similar to that of a solid body in which the star occupies the nucleus. Then we compare the action of the cosmic current on this body with that of the force of the hand on the ball. And we already have the physical effect on the origin of the novae. Always agreeing before that the curvature of a cosmic current, like that of light, would not take place if this current had no mass. If it had no mass, it would have no weight, and if it had no weight and no mass, the phenomenon of the curvature of light could not exist. From the point of view of optics, the bending of cosmic energy when it comes into contact with a gravitational field can be compared with the refraction of light. The trajectory of comets as they pass through the Sun helps us to discover the optical structure of the curvature described by cosmic energy as it passes through a gravitational field. But if, unlike cosmic energy, its curvature is not touched, in the case of comets we do have the answer that transforms the gravitational field into a reality that behaves for physical purposes as a body. And as such it rotates with the star to which it belongs.

Knowing that the age of the stars is measured by the time they take to consume the energy of their gravitational field, a process of consumption subject to the speed of work of the transformer, logic leads us to believe in the existence of a regulating law between the revolutions of work and the time of life of the system. The question that concerns us here is how to accelerate the working revolutions of the astrophysical transformer to the point of reducing its life to the minimum possible time. Logic tells us that there is only one way, and that is by causing the field to be excited to infinity in the way that the liquid contained in a container overflows by a centrifugal action. Isn't this the cumulative action of forces in front of the big ball we were talking about? Well, we are talking about currents that move in response to the stimuli of the galactic fields and the excitation of the same under those responses: the level of excitation provoked will speak of the intensification of the production of light. The higher the excitation, the higher the intensity of production and the shorter the lifetime of the system. The phenomena of cyclic and atypical intensification of stellar systems must be related to this universal behavior.

Summarizing: In the case of novae and supernovae the excitation refers to the elevation of the rate of transformation to infinity. Out of control of the natural braking mechanisms of gravitational systems, the rotation of the star and the field are triggered and interact until they are consumed, leaving a number of millions of years reduced to a matter of seconds. If we speak of a simple astrophysical system we will speak of Novas. And if it is a whole multiple system that falls into this dynamic we will speak of Supernovae. Both take place in the outer constellational belts, which are the most exposed to intergalactic currents. These Novas and Supernovae in the origin of comets, comets are projected as cannon projectiles that grow in destructive power as they accumulate traveled space.

And concluding: These three fronts of action in mind - Nebulae, Novas and Comets - God structured the constellational distribution around the Solar System simulating a gravitational crystal lattice against whose solidity to disintegrate the danger of interruption of the Evolution of the Tree of Life on Earth. The marvelous positive results at the sight of reality should not blur the eyes of our intelligence at the time of seeing that according to the astronomical dimensions God traced that Circle on the Face of the Abyss of which Solomon spoke to us in his Wisdom. What the wise and peaceful king par excellence saw with the eyes of his Wisdom, we, thank God, see with the eyes of our face. Clusters and superclusters in the outer belt, and open clusters and multiple systems in the inner belt, combine this constellational gravitational crystal lattice about which there is still so much to say. Let us begin by solving the mystery of the Origin of the Heavens. 






We enter upon one of the great questions, the origin of the stars of the Firmament. The answer I believe has already been sketched in the preceding sections. The production of stars, insofar as it is the goal of the existence of the galaxies, leads to the transformation of the Cosmos into the field of raw material from which God extracts the matter with which to make his Works. Constant the creation of galaxies, the total mass of raw material that the cosmic field puts at the service of God to carry out any Work has no limits. Another thing will be how God extracts that stellar matter and transports it from its regions of origin to the Universe. We, knowing that the way of doing things always depends on the Power of the one who does them, and that the imagination to do things is in direct relation with the Intelligence of the one who plans to do them, we can speak of great rivers running through the intergalactic plains, as the Lord of the Galaxies considers best and according to his work needs. What other name can we give to the one who creates and governs them? Or how will we submit to our criteria the laws that govern them and the ways of behavior of the galaxies and their seas of stars before the action of their Creator on their bodies? How could we dare to compare our way of living, feeling, breathing, thinking, walking, working, projecting, touching, loving, treating, ordering, laughing, calculating... with those of that Being at the Origin of the Cosmos? From the natural limits to its reality, how could the creature judge its Creator without proving to be exercising an act of madness? The beginning and the end of human intelligence is admiration; it is born from the admiration of Creation to end in the admiration of its Creator. Whatever else is said comes from that seed that was not in Man and was sown in his being by a force foreign to God's Creation, which is a matter for Theology. In any case, the great question of Origin leads us directly to the other great question: the Constitution of the Universe.

From what has been read up to this point it follows that the Universe and the Cosmos are two different things. These two things united form the Creation of God, and within this one thing is the Cosmos and another thing is the Universe. The Cosmos is the field of raw material from which God makes use of and, with the freedom of the one who is the Lord, takes all the necessary materials to carry out his Works. As for the Universe, the Universe is the stellar field where God carries out these Works. When Moses speaks of the Creation of the Universe, he was referring to this stellar field. Whose Origin, as we have seen, is in that cosmological field from which God makes rivers of stars derive that run through the intergalactic plains and come to flow into this universal ocean in whose waters the Tree of Life took root. Tree of life about which there is much to say, especially at this point in its history. On the Constitution of the Universe, however, not everything has been said.

Obviously Moses speaks in his Account of the Creation of our Heavens. And in doing so he places us before a Reality: God is its Creator. Reality that leads us to another reality: Eternity, that Eternity that implies Infinity. Realities of which Humanity is the fruit, but not the only one of that Tree of Life to which the God of Infinity and Eternity gave the Universe as a field of Origin and Growth. This final conclusion brings us back to the revelation of the Son of this Creator and Lord of the Cosmos and the Universe: "The Father shows the Son all that he does and will show him greater Works than these, so that you will be astonished". Using the plural when speaking of the Past as a reflection of the Future, the Son of God reveals to us that our Heavens and our Earth, in short, that Humanity is not the first Harvest that the Tree of Life has given. This affirmation closes the dilemma about life in the Universe. And the fact is that Man is not the first and will not be the last Fruit of this Tree. Before Man other worlds were already created and after Man new worlds will be born from the branches of the Tree of Life. "The children of God" spoken of in the Bible are the fruit of those Works about which the Son declared to us that the Father does. About the regions of origin in the Universe of such "sons of God" is not a matter of digression. The fact is that the knowledge of their existence leads us to a new way of considering the Constitution of the Heavens and of the Universe in general.

And this way has to do with the Conception of the Universe. That is, when God conceived it in His Mind, what was the Idea that gave it its Origin? Did He create it to be a field in which a house is erected and when it falls down because it is old, it is thrown down and another one is erected? Or did He create it to be built up with time in the way that one who has a land cultivates and transforms it as time goes by? Did He create the Heavens that surround the Earth and are the cradle of the Human Race to be swept away by time from the Universe or did He create the Heavens to remain eternally?

And considering this last alternative and knowing that the creation of a World introduces in the Universe a set of constitutional problems of astronomical magnitude, as we have seen in the previous sections, is not the Universe a field continuously subject to a creative definition of its regions by reason of the transformation of those regions into zones of Origin of Worlds? Let us return to the Principle of the Universe to better define this constant creation of universal geography.

The Cosmos being created as a region producing Galaxies, and these being factories of stars, God thinks of Life and conceives a stellar ocean that will continually grow, and under whose Waters Life will take root, unfold its Tree, and bear its Fruit. So God opens the Principle of the origins of the Worlds by directing rivers of stars from all parts of the cosmic field, which cross from their sources in the galactic mountain ranges the cosmological plains and flow into a concrete space, where they create an Ocean of stars, the Universe. Universe in principle amorphous and somehow wild in which the clusters and superclusters associate and dissociate and the stellar currents move subject to the forces deployed in the interior of this Ocean of stars that have flowed into the shores of the Universe. But the end of this movement is to sow Life and to gather its Fruit; the horizon that God tends to the Universe is the Infinite; and the age is Eternity. So during each Creative Act he extends his Hand over a Zone of the Universe and gives it form, sculpts it, identifies it, gives it properties, giving form to the amorphous, making identifiable that which had no identity of its own. Within this Process of continuous Creation of the Universe and as a result of this movement our Heavens were born. The mother question, whether the Heavens of our Firmament have been created to remain or to be swept out of space like a sand castle at rising tide has a final decisive answer: by creating them and through their creation God gave form and identity to a region of the General Universe. I believe that in his Book he sowed the expression: the Heavens of the Heavens, where the Universe is identified with the Heavens, dwelling place of many heavens, each one of these, in the image and likeness of ours, cradle and origin of other worlds that were and others that will be, each one with its singular region. This aspect leads us to another question: Navigation through the Universe.

The tendency of growth to infinity that God has given to the Universe supposes and implies the necessity of a universal cosmography that allows the interior navigation by means of the identification at a distance of the regions that compose it. God is free and powerful to do what the tide does with the sand castle, but he did not conceive the Universe in this way. He could have collected in a book the History and celestial Constitution of each World, but in His Mind what He conceived was that this History and Constitution would remain eternally, the Heavens becoming the letters of that universal Book where each Chapter deals with the Creation of a World and its things. Are not the lines on which the stars are arranged beautiful to write this message to the human creature: Infinity + Eternity = God?