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In the Divine History of Jesus Christ, and especially in the Creation of the Universe, I entered into the roots of these two great philosophical problems. It is time to enter into them not so much from the Origin of Life and the Science of Good and Evil as from their reality applied to the structure of the Universal History of the Human Race.

As we read, always following the Timeline marked by Genesis, the Tree of Life on Earth arises under the waters. But let's briefly recapitulate the creational sequence so as not to start from a point in a vacuum.

Having created the Earth, God proceeds to create the first of all natural elements, Ice. Once the Terrestrial Sphere is surrounded by this mantle of Ice, God proceeds to break it into two great blocks, from the sublimation and thawing of which Water and Air emerge.

The Warming of the Nucleus produces the Fire that expands the Radius of the Terrestrial Sphere and raises the Continental Platforms, producing God the creation of the oceans and seas. The rising of the continents and the lowering of the waters bring afloat the first great branch of the Tree of Life, the Plant Kingdom.

We are in Day Three, in the Third Act of the Creation of the Human Race.

Humanly speaking, let us say, before giving birth, it is necessary to create the food from which that creature will live. Regarding the Creation of the Mother Cell from which the Tree of Life will be born, this Action is a reality whose Knowledge is exclusive of the Power and Wisdom of God.

Ignorance should not be confused with Ignorance. Nor can one pretend to deny the Reality of the Participation of Natural Intelligence in the Divine by reason of these limits which separate the Creator from His Creation. To deny God by the Fact of this Line of Demarcation between Creator and Creation is suicide; its extension to one's neighbor is homicide; its imposition at the level of populations is genocide.

Out of Love, the Creator of the Universe opens His Intelligence to His Creation, but to deny Him by not creating a "god" in us is a rebellion with reason in madness.

There are limits of Knowledge that belong exclusively to the Divine Nature, and we must contemplate the Facts of His Action from History, never from the point of view of one who "either I discover how Life is created or I deny God". This encounter with God on the Platform of History is the one I have always adopted, and it is the path on which I maintain myself.

Thus, the Plant Kingdom was the first of the kingdoms that the Tree of Life brought forth in the History of our Universe. Its birth took place under the waters, on the ocean floor itself, so that as the waters subsided, the Mother Ocean multiplied and brought forth by the hand of the oceans and seas the great Marine Forests, which, exposed on the shores to the light of the Sun, began their Adaptation to Life on firm land.

The existence of remains of marine life on the heights of the continents is not to be interpreted from an uprising subsequent to the descent of the Ocean Waters. The act of the creation of the Roots of the Tree of Life and the Descent of the Waters of the Ocean that God created on the Second Day, the product of the Rupture of the Ice Sheet and the Creation of the Primary Atmosphere, these two Historical Events went hand in hand. So when the oceans and seas balance their level with the continents, Life already fills the waters.

Beneath the waters the first branches, from which would emerge all the terrestrial species of the vegetable kingdom, filled the sea beds; the plants had become prehistoric algal forests covering the immensities of the beds adjoining the coasts.

At the end of this Third Day the kingdom of Marine Plants exposed to the Sun had adapted to terrestrial life. The Prehistoric Seaweed Forests, origin of the Earth's Flora, gave birth to the First generation of the Prehistoric Terrestrial Forest, whose individual specimen was that of a gigantic tree among millions of gigantic trees united in the same Nature and Historical Function: The Transformation of the Chemistry of the Primary Atmosphere.

Let us remember that the Creation of the Primary Atmosphere had as its Motive Force the Reactivation of the Earth's Nucleus. The astrophysical Transformer put into action the Expansion Force of the Earth's Radius, which produced the Uplift of the Continental Platforms by means of a Global Volcanological Activity that, without breaking the Lithospheric Ring, did give the Primary Atmosphere a Chemical Nature in which Life as we know it would have been impossible. The Enabling, by Biosynthesis, of that Primary Atmosphere into a New one would be the work entrusted by God to the kingdom of the Prehistoric Forest.

We observe then that God refers in his Biblical Hieroglyphic to the Motor Principle of his Acts, leaving Time to his Nature, for no one will believe that the Transformation of the Primary Atmosphere, produced as an effect of the expansion of the Geophysical Radius by Magmatic forces, would be a matter of here I catch you and here I kill you. We are talking about a Creator of Eternal Vital Nature for whom the Time of his Uncreated Existence has the Infinite as a Measure. His sight does not encompass the horizons between which our senses and our thought develop their existence.

The Creation of Universes implies a Set of Natural Laws rooted in Eternity and nothing and no one can bypass those laws. The Science of creation is not based on the manipulation of that Tree of laws that come from Eternity and govern the Motion in the Cosmos from Infinity in Time. God's Relationship with Space, Time and Matter proceeds and is based on the Perfect Integration of the Divine Nature in this Tree of Laws. Nature has a Course and God loves that Course. It has Eternity ahead of it. Where is the hurry?

So, when we speak of Creation we must always keep this Factor in mind. The Creator acts according to His Divine Nature, never according to the nature of the Creature. But let us return to the Evening of the Third Day. For on Day Four a Wonder is produced.

As I have already said, before giving birth to the child, nature arranges the food from which it will live, creating the milk in the body of its mother. Following this rule God looks at the final fruit of this Creation of the Kingdom of Plants: To feed the Animal Life, of all the species that later would come out of the Waters.

The Creator assumes as natural the Geohistorical Function of the Kingdom of the Prehistoric Forest. His Thought is placed beyond, in the Creation of Man, and hence He referred the Creation of the Universe to the History of the Human Genus.

God ended this Third Day by letting the kingdom of the Prehistoric Forest, the only inhabitant of the Earth under the Sun, do its work, which was not little.

We also have to see that given the chemical structure of that Primary Atmosphere, the genomic or cellular nature of the First generation of the Prehistoric Tree and that of the present tree are two very different sequences.

One of the great defects of the children of the universities is their manifest incapacity to open up the series of transformations that Life has undergone from its Origin to our days. Even when they speak of a creation of the Biosphere starting from a Global Volcanology, they pass over the chemical nature of that Primary Atmosphere and its relationship with the first generations of Life on Earth.

It is the same defect that historians of the different historical disciplines suffer from when recreating the natural scenarios in which ancient times developed; they project the natural conditions existing today to the most remote times, overlooking the fact that thousands of wars have devastated the face of the planet and caused an unnatural desertification of the habitats in which the events referred to the civilizations of Antiquity took place.

The Ideological Imposition of the University on the Thought of the human being in favor of Scientific Atheism, natural to the World Academic Mediocrity and contrary to Christianity, has been one of the great evils suffered by the XX Century against which this Century will fight relentlessly.

So, returning to the main theme, at the end of the Third Day of Genesis, the Universal Event in course has in the Transformation by Biosynthesis of the Primary Atmosphere, highly rarefied by its Vulcanological Origin, its colossal work. But to understand this scenario a little better we must pass to the Fourth Day.


Having seen the geo-historical sequence extended by Genesis before our eyes, we could venture to predict that at the dawn of the Fourth Day God would say: "Let the earth sprout animate beings after their kind, cattle, reptiles, beasts of the

waters. At his Voice, the Plant Kingdom comes forth, colonizes the lands under the Sun, transforms the Primary Atmosphere into a Secondary one, suitable for animal life, and the explosion of animal life of every species begins. How more natural!

But no. Man is not God. Suddenly, when no one expected it, and all present were predicting the next Event: the Leap of Life from the bosom of the waters to dry land, the Son of God opens his Mouth and says: "Let there be in the Firmament of the heavens lights to separate the day from the night and to serve as signs for seasons, days and years; and let them shine in the Firmament of the heavens, to give light upon the Earth."

The whole world is perplexed. The children of God, from the Beginning witnesses of our Creation, look at each other, they look at the Son of God. They look at the Son of God. What? What is happening?

That the Word became flesh, that the Word became Man, that the Son of God is Jesus Christ and that this Jesus is the God who said "Let there be Light", and the Earth was clothed with a Mantle of Ice covering its Globe from North Pole to South Pole; and then He said: "Let there be Firmament in the midst of the waters, separating one from the other", and there was Primary Atmosphere and Mother Ocean; and then opening His Mouth He said: "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together in one place, and let the dry appear", and the waters of the Mother Ocean, by the pressure of the Magmatic Mantle, creator of the uprising of the Lithosphere, continued to descend until they divided into new oceans and seas; and the Son of God saying afterwards: "Let the earth bring forth green grass, grass with seed and fruit trees, each with its fruit according to its kind and with its seed, upon the earth", the Marine Plants jumped to dry land, raised their Trunk to the heights and colonizing the world began their Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Prehistoric Forest, their existential sense exposed in two arms:

One: the Transformation by Biosynthesis of the Air Chemistry then in force,

and Two: their own genomic transformation as the chemical transformation of the Atmosphere took place.

What more natural and logical, given these steps, than for God to say? But no, the Son of God, to the surprise of all the children of God, breaks the scientific prediction that all had made in their heads and raising his Voice to the Heavens says: "Let there be lights in the Firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night and to serve as signs for seasons, days and years; and let them shine in the Firmament of the heavens, to give light upon the Earth."

Let us understand why this opening between God's Almighty Wisdom and His Creature's ability to measure up to His Creator.


The Creation of the Heavens starts from a Natural Cosmological Principle. When God arose as the Creator of the New Cosmos, Matter, Space and Time began to move to the rhythm of God. The galaxies were transformed into quarries of stars in infinite number from which to extract by God all the Matter necessary for the Creation of universes.

In natural terms we can say that the gas law is the law that governs the matter-energy relationship within the gravitational space of a galaxy. The internal astrophysical matter is subject to a thermodynamic pressure from which visible parameters change in space and time. The astrophysical mass and the value of the gravitational field give a galaxy its shape and size. The cosmic common denominator is this gravitational pressure that equates a galaxy to a hot gas balloon changing its external shape according to the play of internal astrophysical forces. If we open a hole in this balloon, the effect will be a river of stars propelled outward into free cosmological space. This is the effect we get when we prick a hot balloon. The effect in the galaxy will be the same as the reactive propulsion caused in a balloon. What interests us in this case is the jet of hot air in the form of a river of stars shot into the intergalactic field as a consequence of the puncture in a particular galaxy. Releasing our imagination to the air we can say that we would have rivers of stars traveling through the free space between the galaxies like brilliant eagles making a fabulous trip from one high mountain to the other.

In the case at hand, God transforms the galaxies into high mountain ranges from which to make rivers of stars emerge, which, descending from the heights, HE directs through open Gravitational beds in the field of Creation towards a Gravitational Ocean that He has previously created. This is how God, Father of Jesus Christ, created our Heavens.

Now let us understand the following.

The Creation of a Universe from this Principle of Action belongs to the Spirit of the Creator. I mean, gravitational dimensions, astrophysical mass, are parameters open to the Divine Creative Intelligence by reason of the Nature of the Tree of Life which it is about to erect.

We understand that once a Gravitational Plate is extended, in an Open Space Free of Matter, the Rivers of stars that God can direct from different Summits in the Cosmos to that Oceanic Bed will be as many as in His Creator Spirit He disposes. What we have to see, in the entrance of these rivers into a Gravitational Bed, is the meeting of different wild currents in the same bed. Coming from different points in Space, they will put in rotational movement that Bed; this from one place. On the other, according to the value of the Gravitational Density of this Field, the thermodynamic pressure on the final astrophysical mass will be of one value or another.

This is the Origin of our Heavens. When God gave His Son the Word such were the Heavens in which the events described took place. The General Astrophysical Mass was in equilibrium but still subject to the Original Gravitational Pressure. I mean, the Radius of the Heavens was Inferior to the present one. The Gravitational Energy Level within which the Earth lives its History, from the Second to the Fourth Day, was defined by the astrophysical structure derived from the natural thermodynamic law at the meeting between those rivers and the gravitational bed that God raised as a Plank for the Creation of the Building of the Heavens. The amount of mass per astrophysical unit of space, the light year, was greater than today. The radiation reaching the Earth during these two Days was higher than what we enjoy today. That level of radiation, had it prevailed, would have extinguished all life on land in its matrix. Under that level of stellar energy the Tree of Life would not have been able to make the Leap from Water Life to Mammalian Life. The Heavens and the Earth needed a New Energy Balance to allow this Leap. It is the Action that the Son of God put into action when He opened His mouth.


In this order we have to discard the adaptation that the Cosmology of the 20th Century made of the Newtonian Cosmology.

Newton suffered from the defect of all the geniuses of all times. The History of Science teaches us how every time a law was discovered the discoverer adapted the whole universe to his law. The law of Music was discovered and the whole universe was a symphony. The law of quantum mechanics is discovered and the whole cosmos is a quantum contraption.

This, added to the limited astronomical knowledge at his disposal, led Newton to the projection of a local law to the universe as a whole, from which he would derive, and derived, a Cosmology open to the fantasy of each one, being more or less true the castle in the air by his imagined brain depending on the mathematical support on which its foundations were anchored, and valid, scientifically speaking, independently of the denial of astronomical reality, an astronomical reality without value in front of numbers, and deprived of body without any physical reality in function of those numbers. Since Newton extended the frontiers of the cosmos to infinity, its derivation, expansion or contraction, was left to the discretion of the astronomer of the moment. A fictitious derivation that consumed its pathology when a simple mathematician, without ever having set his eyes on a telescope, dared to create a pocket universe. That day when Einstein crowned himself king of the cosmologists, astronomy became the whore of lux at the service of the power of the day.

If the root is unnatural, the tree will bear poisoned fruit.

One did not have to be a genius to take Newton's law of Universal Gravity to its ultimate unnatural consequence.

What has value in a local area cannot be projected to the universe except after a verification of that value over all local areas. Thus, by skipping this principle it was easy to assume that since all masses attract each other, independently of Gravity, all the Mass of the Cosmos is in Expansion or Contraction. Twentieth Century Cosmology decided in favor of Contraction. The Revolution of Radio Astronomy denied this conclusion. But the University refuses to change its Ideological Doctrine.

The fact is that the Cosmos does not contract, and therefore Newton's universal law is a fallacy. Masses do not attract each other by the fact of being mass. The value of Gravity and the nature of Matter determine whether they attract or repel each other and with what value this action takes place.

It seems more than evident that if the Law of Universal Gravity is applied to a globular cluster its very existence is a heresy against the infant cosmology of the 20th century.

It seems more than evident that if the Newtonian Law of Gravity applied to cosmology were legal, the contraction of the Heavens should have already erased from the Firmament the Map of the Constellations that all life in the Air has used for its Migrations during thousands and millions of years.

Without going further in a criticism against a puerile cosmology, which would be like arguing with a child, the universal law that governs the behavior of Matter and Energy in Space is the law of the Transformation of Gravity into physical Forces by the Stars. This Transformation is what governs the equilibrium in the Universe.

But as this law has already been solved in the CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE ACCORDING TO GENESIS, I leave the subject here and recover the path through the Night of the Third Day to the Morning of the Fourth Day.


Neither the Sky was Blue during the Third Day, nor the Constellations shone in the Firmament. First, because the color of the sky depends on the chemical composition of the air. And second, because God had acted upon the celestial astrophysical mass since He created it.

Certainly the meeting of wild rivers on a bed produces a first rotating action around a common center, but as time goes by the waters calm down and the created sea stabilizes. However, the gravitational pressure is strong in this Origin, and it is understood that with the passage of time this pressure would also be reduced as the mass transforms gravity into forces, and as the internal pressure falls, a new resizing of the radius of the interstellar distances would be produced according to the nature of the forces produced.

This natural sequence implies a number of years to be counted in astrophysical terms. The lower the gravitational pressure the greater the expansion, until a new final equilibrium is reached, but what will happen if we accelerate the transition to this new pressure creating this final equilibrium? And more importantly, how would we do it?

Physically speaking, once we know the universal law that governs the matter-energy relationship in the Cosmos, we would have to accelerate the process of transformation of Gravity into stellar forces. That is to say, in an Act of Omnipotence and Almighty Power we would increase the production of light and cosmic energy making the reduction of the gravitational pressure that in natural time would be produced in millions of astrophysical years to be produced in natural years. The consequence would be a Massive Illumination of the Heavens, causing as an effect the Final Equilibrium Expansion that would only be obtained by the passage of Years measured in Astrophysical time. This Creative Action is what the Son of God undertook at the Dawn of the Fourth Day of the History of the Human Race.

The consequences that this Action had on our Universal History we will see in the Day that follows.

We observe that if on the one hand God discovers the Fullness of the Divine Nature of his Son before all his children, whose Omnipotent and Almighty Word is the Principle to whose Law the whole Creation is subject, on the other hand he opens the intelligence of all to the Unity of Action in the Creative Act of the Son of God with his Father, in whom he has all Omniscience and Wisdom, to give to the Heavens the New Form which he then acquired: That of being a Constellational Flight Chart for the Migrations of all the Birds that were to be created, on the one hand, and on the other to serve all terrestrial living beings in the Stability of the Heavens a Reference of Stability in their own existence.

The Creation of this Magnificent and Wonderful Tree of Constellations, whose beauty awakened in our Intelligence the Idea of Divine perfection, should not make us forget the Metaphysical End natural to the Dimensions of our Universe: "To separate the Light from the Darkness".

The Open Cosmic Field is subject to great currents of floating nebular matter. Attracted by the gravitational fields these Cosmic Matter Clouds swoop over the galaxies, moving freely between them. Their combustion makes the galaxies increase their brightness, from which we discover their cosmic nature of great astrophysical furnaces in which these Clouds are reduced to microcosmic matter, from one place, and from the other they are transformed into cradles of planets.

When our Universe was created, it could not be expected that, sooner or later, these great Clouds flying over the open cosmic space would pass by our Heavens.

God counts on this encounter from the Beginning of the Creation of a New Universe, and articulates the Astrophysical Building that will sustain the New Life according to the nature of the nebular matter floating among the galaxies.

In the case of our Universe the same Law was operative. Sooner or later the intergalactic Clouds would descend upon the Heavens.

Ergo: The dimensions of our Heavens were created according to this encounter that would occur and that would raise the internal temperature of the Field according to the distribution of mass in its interior. In a highly concentrated field of matter the temperature rise will be higher than in another field of lower concentration. In short, the variables with which the Son of God played during this Fourth Day were many and no less impressive from the first to the last. The Final Result is His Victory, and this Victory of His is Us.

There remains the question of Time: How long did this Configuration of the Heavens last on the Tree of Constellations!!!

It is worth saying what I said. God does not measure time according to our nature. He has a Creative Soul, Creation is His Passion. This is seen in the beauty with which He clothed the Tree of Constellations and in the Immensity of the two Walls of Defense He gave to the Heavens. The Two Hundred Warriors bearing the Globular Shield are a Dialogue of Almighty Power and Omnipotence, but also of Love and Passion for Life, the Final Fruit of all his Action. The thousands of Star Clusters that defend the Frontiers between the Field of the Constellation Tree and the Globular Warriors are the most beautiful and profound Book of Science that intelligence can ever open.

Finally, how to make possible the Journey among the Stars without this Chart of Constellations raising in the Space a Fixed Landscape, which gives to the Field of the Universe a geography of its own in which the stars are mountains and the distances between them valleys and plains, roads to the Universe of the universes, the World that God created to be His House, His Earth, His Paradise, His Kingdom!


Indeed, in the Universe of the Third Day, to travel through the Heavens meant to enter a labyrinth in which the way out would be a lost odyssey. The concentration of matter and its distribution at the same time, subject to the astrophysical mass of the globes to the natural forces resulting from the chaotic grouping in a common bed of rivers of stars coming from different galaxies, the movement in that closed forest in movement without a static reference point was a suicide. Only God could enter that labyrinth and from within give it a New Form, create from Chaos a Perfect Harmony, convert the dead-end roads into perfectly mapped highways of flight to the point of setting the autopilot on course to the constellation of one's choice.

Perfect work, marvelous work in all its parts, declaring the Divinity of its Author, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word that became Man, the Word that was in the Beginning, whose Word is God's Word, because God is in Him. He made all things and without Him nothing that exists would exist. And what exists because of Him exists, for His Father does everything out of Love for Him, and without Him nothing can remain in existence, for whoever does not love the Son cannot remain in the Creation of His Father, YAVE God, the Author of the Bible, Lord of Infinity and Eternity, who with His Mighty Uncreated Arm gave to the Cosmos the New Form that maintains His Creation. And nothing and no one can live in this Creation of God if He does not have His Son for King and Lord.

As Yesterday, so Today, and forever.






It is right that by resuming this path I should remember the need to free ourselves from the static image of the Son of God engraved in our minds for centuries past, and raise our heads to look face to face with the Living Face of our Creator. Shall I have to recall the words of the Holy Spirit: " Who taught you to see the Lord as dead? "

He is the Life. He received a New Name: "Christ", the Name of the Messiah, the Champion chosen by God to be the Avenger of the blood of His son Adam. The Greater avenged the death of the Lesser!

But that Son of God who became Man so that the Law would be fulfilled, for it says: "From the blood of one man by the hand of another man I will claim justice", fulfillment of Divine Moral Obligation that implied the Incarnation of that Son born of the Uncreated Nature of God. This Chosen One to be the Champion of Man and to face the Devil in a Duel to the Death, this Man was that God who with His Almighty Word said: "Let there be stars in the Firmament of Heaven to separate the Light from the Darkness".

For, indeed, the same Law that called in the Day of YAVE, "Day of Vengeance", to Victory the son of Man, son of David, son of Adam, son of God, opened the Gate of Justice to any of the sons of God, of this or not of this World, of Heaven or Earth, for being the son of God the dead, any son of God, fulfilling the first aspect, being a man, could be raised to be the Champion of God and the Avenger of Man.

God willed that His only begotten Son, the very One who with His Almighty Word and Omnipotent Arm created us, should rise to avenge the Death of his younger brother.

The Murderer did not believe that the Incarnation of the Son of God in the womb of a Virgin was possible, and the Murderer was already boasting of his victory over the Son of Man when the Incarnation took place. And here was born the dilemma of the visualization of Jesus Christ "as dead" against whose image the Holy Spirit rose to remind all the Faithful that the Lord Lives, and it is before Him, the Son of God in person that we must approach and live in His Presence.

It is natural that the Distance in Time has raised again this Static Image, from which we must now detach ourselves. The Son of God is as much alive as I and you, that though we do not see each other we manifest ourselves to each other, one writing and the other reading. The flesh must not blind our eyes by reducing our gaze to a statue framed on a Cross. The Son of God Lives.

That Jesus, God the Son, who became Man against the belief in the Immaculate Conception of Christ in the womb of a Virgin by the work and grace of God the Father, Lord of Infinity and Eternity, who with His Almighty Arm reduced a Cosmos to Dust wandering in an Abyss of a Bottomless Pit, That same Jesus made Man for our Cause and Life, and because his Image is that of a man in our mind should not make us forget that this Jesus is the Word of God who with his Almighty Word "made the two great lights, the greater to rule the day, and the lesser to rule the night, and the stars, and set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth, and to rule the day and the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good, and there was evening and morning, the fourth day".

We are talking about God, and hence, announcing his Incarnation, his Father said: "God with us".




Then God said, "Let the waters teem with beasts, and let birds fly over the earth under the firmament of the heavens." And it was so. And God created the great monsters of the water, and all the beasts that swarm therein, after their kind, and all the winged birds, after their kind. And God saw that it was good, and God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea, and let the birds multiply upon the earth." And there was evening and morning, the fifth day.

We pick up the thread of the narration of the History of the Human Genus.

Let us summarize.

The Creation of the Tree of Life on Earth takes place under the waters "that were under the Firmament which separates the waters that are under the firmament from the waters that are above the firmament". It would be under the waters of the Ocean that the roots of all the species begin their Evolution in increasing from the mud to the first Plants, that colonize the marine bottoms and as the waters withdraw they adapt themselves to the existence on firm land.

The thermal conditions of that Earth dominated by those Two Great Ice Blocks retreating towards the Geographic Poles, the Chemistry of that Atmosphere arising from a process of Global Volcanism, added to the high gravitational pressure to which the Solar System was subjected in the bosom of those Heavens, place us in front of a scenario with no other scenario than that of the Earth, we are faced with a scenario without any connection with the unnatural assumptions forged by the fantasy of the cosmologists of the 20th Century, and their cretinous-fictional pseudo-scientific mythology, making the Earth be born in the belly of a Sacred Cow devouring dust until it gave birth to Life.

Freed from that science-fiction, woven to suit the mediocrity of the University of the 20th Century, tuxedo that Astronomy had to assume as its own even when its Technological Revolution set fire, which it did, to that Cosmos existing only in the heads of the Blind, Einstein its prototype, a castle in the air whose ruins, mummified in marvelous icons before which to kneel, or be left out of the University Priesthood, infallible dogmas from which to measure what is heresy and what is servitude; freed from that religion for the blind, we open the Door and we enter the True History of the Universe, Cradle of Humanity, holding the Hand of the KING.

The Tree of Constellations created, the Tree of Life in its First form: the Kingdom of Plants already covering the great extensions of lands that the retreat of the Great Ice Blocks were leaving as the Fourth Day was passing, this Fifth Day begins on a New Scenario.

First: the Gravitational Pressure on the Solar System has lightened due to the Expansion of the Diameter of the Heavens by the Son produced.

Second: the amount of stellar energy, in the whole spectrum, that arrives from the stars to the Earth has decreased.

Third: the chemical nature of the Atmosphere has undergone a profound transformation as an effect of Photosynthesis.

Fourth: the decrease in the density of rarefied gases in the atmosphere has given a new color to the sky. The weather conditions in the open sky have changed.

The sum of these effects causes a lower gravitational density at the earth's surface level, which has a direct impact on the Plant Kingdom, raising its physical magnitudes in the same proportion.

Thus, whatever details this essay leaves in the air, which will be many depending on the area from which one penetrates its overview, throughout Day Four the Tree of Life had continued to grow beneath the waters of the oceans and seas into which the Mother Ocean was divided.

The explosion of life was enormous. Given these new gravitational conditions life itself underwent this transformation of state, emerging, as the Divine Text says, the great water monsters, strains from which the Dinosaur World would later emerge.

About the dimensions of these first living strains it is good to say a few words.

The decrease of gravitational pressure in the Heavens lowered the density of gravity on the surface of the Earth, true, but apart from this fact we know that the first generations of any system based on a complex organization is usually built on gigantism. Let's remember the first computers and compare them with the new ones. The first and old telephones with the current ones. This law of reduction of size according to the perfection of technology comes from life itself. It is following this law that God speaks of Monsters. These are the first giant forms that populate the waters because of the simplicity of their organic forms. We have in the cetaceans their present descendants; taking as a point of reference these distant relatives we can get an idea of the size of their first parents, "the monsters of the water and of all the animals that swarmed in it" during the Morning of this Fifth Day.

That explosion of the first branches of the Tree of Life was accompanied by a steady Lowering of the Water Level of the Planet.

God had created a New Geophysical Equilibrium between Core and Lithosphere whose parameters served as a framework for the Growth of the Tree of Life through the various Biohistoric Ages. The Retreat of the Two Great Ice Blocks towards the geographic Poles followed its Course, so that the biological pressure became greater as the Evaporation of the waters grew due to the elevation of the Biospheric Temperature. The lower the mass of terrestrial ice, the higher the temperature of the biosphere. This Biological Pressure grew until the Tree of Life brought its Trunk out over the surface of the waters and the Great Branch of the First Birds made the Great Leap from aquatic Life to aerial Life. Marine Life transformed its Fins into Wings.

The Other Great Branch of the Tree of Life made its Leap from the Waters directly to dry land: with this Great Double Leap the World of Dinosaurs began its History.

The sequence to be followed is the Beginning and the End. The contradiction in the Word seems great, but it is pure appearance. The Beginning is "let the waters teem with beasts", and the End is "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea, and let birds multiply upon the earth".

That is to say, God places the origin of the animal species of all genera in the marine life, which will come out via air, from one place, transformation of fins into wings; and from the other, up the sea coast transforming the fins into legs, a process of evolution that took in Eras the years that it took.

I do not want to insist on the subject of Time; he who is being the Star of History is the Son of God, whose Uncreated Nature has a Time Clock according to his Divine reality.

We understand that the steps of that transformation of fins into legs and fins into wings, marvel apart, did not take place in one generation, but drew in History a continuous ascending trajectory.

We observe that there are still winged fish, a final remnant of that process that had a beginning and an end, and mammalian marine life coexisting on the two elements, water and land, also remnants of the last generation with which the Great Leap from Marine Animal Life to terrestrial Animal Life was closed.

And we are already in the Air, flying over the earth under the firmament of the heavens. The world we see from above is a Prehistoric Forest whose trees follow the same law of natural gigantism as the first species of complex systems. This Prehistoric Forest covers all the land we see from the air. It is a Forest that produces seed and fruit, and from whose fruit all the Birds of this Age feed.

Before God created Life He provided Food; He provided food with the Strains of this Forest for Sea Life, and now He again provides Food for all life with the fruit and seed of this Forest.

The sky has a New Color but it is not yet Blue.

The Prehistoric Forest was the first habitat of all Species that jumped from Water to Air. They make the Forest their Home and from the Forest they begin to see how the Great Leap of Animal Life, of all Genera, makes its way from the shores, and feeding on the Forest they usher in the Age of the Dinosaurs, those Great Woodcutters of Forests, whose jaws were axes and whose teeth were chainsaws cutting down trees, hungry herbivorous giants whose delicacy was the tree.

The reproduction of these giants fills the lands they themselves release. Endlessly reproducing, with endless food to live comfortably, the Prehistoric Woodcutters have an Age ahead of them to create Valleys and Plains in which the Birds will eventually lay their Eggs. But between the Beginning, the Great Leap, and the End: to reproduce on land, the Biosphere is living a New Revolution.

Plant fiber is one step ahead of the evolution of all life. In the first instance it transformed the Chemistry of the Atmosphere, thus making life in it possible for all species and their genera. This Transformation affected its own fiber, so that by the time of the Great Leap the Plant Fiber had evolved to adapt itself to the Atmosphere it had produced. Photosynthesis had only begun its Work.

On the Day of the Great Leap the chemical composition of the Atmosphere had Carbon as its basic fundamental element. And the Forest continued to Breathe

The New Dynamics, transformation to full power of Carbon as the king atmospheric element, giving way to Oxygen came on the back of an all-powerful Prehistoric Forest.

No less all-powerful were the Woodcutters of the Forest, creating Valleys and Plains in which their species, all herbivores, multiplied to infinity. Herbivorous diet about which it is necessary to say something.

Unfortunately for the Human Genus, Science washed its hands of the Truth, and playing the role of Pilate, handed over History to the ideological and political interests of a University given over to servitude by reason of its universal mediocrity.

To hide this nature of servant of Power, the University created idols, dressed them with numbers and letters and gave them to the peoples as new gods. It created a Cosmological Mythology touching all the sectors of the Tree of Sciences, among which the Carnivorous Diet of the World of Dinosaurs was one more of the rites to be fulfilled in order to have a place in the temple of the slaves of the Power of Scientific Atheism.

The second myth that was created was that of the Extinction of the World of Dinosaurs by the fall of a star from the abyss.

From where it is seen, it is deduced and understood that what is common to all mediocre intellects is fiction, not Science, and by mounting the first on the second they make the whole world live in an unhealthy and unhappy fantasy whose goal is, as was seen in the 20th Century: the Annihilation of Humanity by insurmountable conflict between Reality and the Science-Fiction of the University.

It is true that God having reduced the History of the Creation of the Universe to a Hieroglyphic, in this omniscient way closing the access to his Memory, the effect was the frustration of intelligence, which having been created to rise to the Image and Likeness of the Divine was disabled and diminished to that of the beasts. Now, the one does not justify the other. To the ignorant it is better for him to keep his mouth shut. Especially since God has given us His own Son as Master.

And since a distinction must be made between Ignorance and Ignorance, I will say that Faith with Ignorance leads to the true Science of all things, because where there is Faith there is struggle, hope in victory; but ignorance without Faith leads to the Science-Fiction of War as a biological Weapon, a truth that the 20th Century put into Action and this 21st Century wants to overcome.

The data are on the table of those few true scientists who have already defended the Herbivorous Diet of the Dinosaur World. Due to the intellectual lobotomization of the peoples, and the reduction of the common human being to the condition of beasts ready for sacrifice, the university mythology has exported to the mass media the carnivalesque image of a carnivorous and cannibalistic inter-dinosaur world from which to extract, as if it were the mines of Solomon, a population intellectually disabled to understand the pathology of the intellectual apparatus of science.

But truth cannot be played with without running the risk of running into the arms of the predator.

But from the defense at all costs of the University of the two human natures, those of the elect and those of the commoners, the final transformation of Scientific Atheism into Religion is understood.

The End marks the means. But the End does not justify the means except in the eyes of a criminal.

In the case of the Creator, the End was the creation of great plains and valleys, a global ecosystem in which the Great Leap of Life from the World of Dinosaurs to the World of Mammals would take place. Two worlds that could not coexist. One had to give way to the other, the old to the new.

This passage occurred naturally. Not by collapse or tragedy.

The Lungs of the New Plant Kingdom were transforming the Atmosphere at an almighty rate.

The New Element, Oxygen, began to be primary. And as had been happening and would continue to happen, as the Plant Kingdom transformed its Habitat, it adapted its Fiber to this new biospheric environment.

These two factors, the elevation of Oxygen to Basic Fundamental Element of the Atmosphere, and the transformation of the Fiber of the Tree, gradually and staggeredly determined the Disappearance, by inability to reproduce, of all the component genera of the world of the Dinosaurs.

The Fallacy of the Cosmology of the XX supposing that the Atmosphere is equal to itself from the Origin of Life on Earth to our days says everything I keep quiet about the level of intelligence of the University. Not being able to recreate a process as simple as the need for chemical transformation of an atmosphere originating from a melting process of the Earth's Crust shows that the University of the 20th century was run by truly intellectually handicapped people, whose legacy still continues to rule the world of Science.

From the Air and from the Forest, then, we saw the World of the Dinosaurs grow, spread, dominate, reign, enjoy, dress the Earth with a marvelous explosion of Life of all genera and species, a Paradise of Life in abundance, God's gift for the eyes of his children.

The Great Woodcutters cut down the Prehistoric Sweet Fiber Forests whose remains we can contemplate in the Prehistoric Stone Forest in the United States of America. They opened up Valleys and Plains. It seemed that the Earth would belong to those almighty lumberjacks until the end of the world. And indeed they were, until the end of their World they were the kings of the Planet.

It is unnecessary to make numbers. What we do not see with our eyes we should not paint with our hands. The Age of the Dinosaurs was not created to make the Earth their Paradise for eternity. That Earth was a great garden of life from which to transplant its species to a Paradise, this one Yes, created to subsist eternally and to be filled with Species and their genera of all the Worlds created by God, Creator of Universes.

"The gods", his sons, came and went from their World to ours, taking from Earth families of Animals and Birds of all the species and genera with which God clothes his Paradise.

But coming back to us, with the passage of Time, Oxygen reigned the Atmosphere, and marked the End of the World of Dinosaurs and the Beginning of the World of Mammals.

The Birds and the life that had taken refuge in the Forest before the advance of the logging of their Natural Habitat, free the plains and the Valleys of their kings and lords during that reign of millions of years, began to descend to dry land and to reproduce in direct contact with the ground. In this New Scenario they reproduced, and multiplied during the millions of years that God let the Tree of Life follow its course, extend its branches, give birth to new generations, and proceed to the final adaptation to this New Biosphere in which Oxygen became the king element, and the new fiber of the Tree entered its final phase of transformation to be its Fruit the favorite Dish of the Diet of all Life once these processes were consummated during the Night of the Fifth Day.

"Thus it was: And God saw that it was good ... And there was evening and there was morning, the fifth day."

We understand that in speaking of evening and morning we speak of Night, that is to say a Time in which natural laws take over the government of the whole Body of the Earth. The curtain falls, the children of God retire. Sufficient to each day its eagerness. The Creation of a World is an unforgettable spectacle.

From the Astrophysical Origin of the New Universe to the Expectation of the Beauty of its Constellational Tree, from the Mystery of the Nature of the Roots of the Tree of Life in the World where God will plant his Seed to the discovery of the phylogenetic line that will run through the trunk of the tree of species until it gives birth to life to be formed in the Image and Likeness of the children of God, the Mystery perpetuates itself from Night to Night, reveals itself from Day to Day.

God sets all the laws in motion, directs during the Day the Universal Movement and once all the keys and factors are in place, He lets Wisdom work at ease and surprises all the children of God for when at Dawn they return to the Stage.

This is the Spectacle of Creation to which the Human Race has been invited to attend when, before all, God said: "My Father will do greater Works than this, so that you will be amazed". This was the Revolution that had its Beginning with the Creation of our Universe. And which was threatened with collapse as a result of the Tragedy that meant turning the Earth into a battlefield where those "rebellious sons", of whom Moses speaks in his Canticle, decided to gamble against Eternal banishment the Conversion of the Kingdom of God into an Empire of gods beyond Good and Evil.

Such an Act of Madness perplexed God the Son and inflamed God the Father with Anger. For God having raised a Penalty of Eternal Banishment against whoever would again put on the table that Ambition, typical of those who want to make Paradise a Hell, and saying " He who eats, shall die ", believing those "rebellious sons" that by tempting God the Son they could force God the Father to yield and bless the Tyranny of the gods as a Form of Government, they came to meet the Unity in the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, hence the Apostle and Evangelist wrote "incarnated by the Work and Grace of the Holy Spirit". By writing this, God made it clear that the Temptation had failed. And it failed because it never had a Future, for as the Apostle and Evangelist says again: "In the beginning was the Word ... and the Word is God".

Victory that God the Father himself declared in Moses, before the Birth when he wrote in his Genesis : "And God created .... And God said... and God did... And God saw to be good...", thus declaring the God of Infinity and Eternity, Father of the One who said "Let there be Light", that the Unity between Father and Son is sealed by the Spirit of God, hence His Servant, the Catholic Church, gathered in Council by the Holy Spirit, confessed this Unity by saying: "Two distinct persons and one True God". Eternal Universal Declaration expressed in the Text of Genesis, in which if the one who speaks is the Son and He is the Arm of Action, the Omniscience that moves that Arm is the Father, thus being two Persons and only one God. To whose Unity came to be added the Holy Spirit made Man, that is, Christ, Head of a House, formed by all the children of God, of Earth and Heaven, His Wife and Mother of His Offspring, and this Offspring, all in Him a single thing, a single Body, a single reality, a single being that receives from Him Divine Nature, thus fulfilling the End of this Creation, "let us make Man in our Image and our Likeness".

But as: let each day suffice for its day, here I leave this work for today. In which field we will enter next day.





The Sixth Day was a great day. A mystery wrapped in an enigma was about to find the key that would make it possible to see from which branch and which phylogenetic line would be the one that carried in its bosom intelligent life.

The expectation was immense, marvelous, sublime. Creation is a living miracle, a Divine event open to beings for whom our origin in Matter is in reality too big a dress, but which makes us feel marvelous because He who, having created His children in His Image and Likeness, understood that to keep them far from this Scenario would be a denial of His own Divine Origin.

Can one be a child of God and have the Door to the Contemplation of the Creation of Universes closed? No matter how wonderful a World may be, does it not become an infernal prison if its borders close its walls to the freedom of those who have been created to be children of God?

Are we children of the Creator God of all things and as such we are born to enjoy watching Our Father raising Universes with their Worlds, or are we just another animal in a Paradise that in reality is nothing but a kind of Cosmic Zoo created by that same God who calls us children so that we can stay quietly in our divine cage?

The answer to this question has already been answered. The Presence of God's sons during the Days of our Creation Week says it all. It was never in the Heart of God to create a Zoo of cosmic proportions in which his children would live in wonderful cages, wide as Worlds, but cages after all for those who having their Souls in the Spirit of God need to live Freedom within the framework of that Reason.

No rhetoric, discourse, wisdom, dialectic or science can give a greater account of the Truthfulness and Purity of the Heart of God than the Argument of the Presence of his children around him when opening his Son's Mouth, he said: "Let us make Man in our Image and in our Likeness".

Invited to contemplate God in his own sauce? Just that, "invited"?

More! Much more. Invited to contemplate and to participate. But let's go by parts.

Those who were present, and are witnesses of the Creation of our Universe and of our World, after having seen all that they saw in the previous Days, and understanding that the best was yet to come, awaited the Dawn of this New Act with their hearts in a fist as one who cannot sleep because it is impossible to wait for the day to be born.

Joy upon awakening; the Night of the Fifth Day was long, and it was also simply Divine. Questions flew through the arteries from the heart to the head, thoughts became thoughts: What grandiose unfolding of new species without number would activate the Tree of Life on the face of the Earth? The experience with their own Worlds, each one a Branch of the Tree of Life of Creation, discovered to them all that Intelligent Life is the final Fruit of the Creation of each New Universe, and that each Branch, though issuing from the same Cosmic Trunk of Life in the Cosmos and being all watered by the same Universal Sap, each Branch unfolds an infinite new number of new species. Love of Creation is Love of Life. And Life and God share Eternity from the Uncreation. If then the Branches of the Tree of Life are infinite, how then to dare to predict the course that the Phylogenetic Line carrying Intelligence was following! It was a mystery to be discovered in this New Day.

And yet the experience that God had invited him to live, what could it compare to?

Which of those children of God who followed their Father to the other side of the Walls of the Cosmos did not remember, even today, that Earth abandoned in the Darkness, on the other side of the Shores of the Ocean of the Galaxies! Lord, an image in the twilight, a memory wandering in the darkness, sinking in the bottomless pit of memory where those things we do not want to remember or are not worth to be taken into account end up disappearing.

A Planet without appearance, one more boulder in the Abyss, the planet Earth, lost in the immensity of a rubble heap, struck by immense drifting masses, resisting the blows of the remains of dead stars, ruins of galaxies floating in the mist of infinity, once the pride of Space now rocky ghosts without beauty deprived of the least atom of energy. How long would it take for the walls of that Planet to collapse? What future was theirs?

Beside him a soldier as big as a mythological giant raised his shield protecting his mistress. It was the Moon. Against his shield the great moles crash on their way to the Ocean of the Galaxies, on their way covering his skin with those heroic scars of thousands of craters, like smallpox on the face of the colossus.

Which of God's sons remembered already, at the dawn of this Sixth Day, that queen and her squire, abandoned by God in that cemetery about which the gods had told them of its existence, but which until then they had never known? Just that, the word of the gods.

In that, at the Dawn of Day Zero of the Week of our Creation, God leads his children to that Cemetery "of the Abyss that was covered by Darkness", remains of a Cosmos against which God deployed his Infinite Force until converting Matter to dust and stone wandering in the Empty Space, deprived by Eternity of Energy.

Absolute Darkness, the Silence of the dead. The Well of the Abyss, who wants to fall into its depths, to the depths of infinity? Bad place to be condemned to Eternal Banishment, an endless Fall into the Abyss. The temperature is absolute zero. There is no light. There is no Life.

There, floating in that Abyss covered by Darkness, in the mind the terror at the thought of being banished from Creation and thrown into that Abyss, were all, before the Beginning of our Universe, wrapped all by the Warmth of the Heart of Father of the Creator of Light and Darkness, YAVE God, the Arm whose Force deployed the rays of antimatter energy that reduced to dust galaxies without number.

In the distance a luminous Ocean, the New Cosmos, roaring with the joy of a creative tsunami spreading the waters of the Creation of the New Cosmos to the horizon that never ends; a source of light, just that, but what a light!

The idea of Banishment losing itself in its veins, God made a Wonder and from Nothingness, if seen with the eyes of the face, God created a Sun and Nine Planets, with their Moons. To the extent that each intelligence captures the laws of the Science of Creation

of Creation and adapts them to its nature, all the children of God present at the Act of Creation of the Solar System marveled as in their intelligences God was making alive to their eyes the processes of the Leap of the Energy generated by the Cosmos from Microphysical Matter to Astrophysics.

The transformation of dynamic energy into matter within a field divided into flight units such that the multiplication of the mass at the end of the unit traveled doubles its original velocity by itself, the number of flight units being infinite, sets in motion a production to infinity of mass after a controlled travel time whose term is the astrophysical implosion at the origin of the stars. This process raised to infinity is the root of the galaxies.

In raw form, this general creation always seems simpler. We reduce a galaxy to cosmic energy by accelerating its time of existence to infinity; we surround this cosmic energy cannon with a gravitational or space-time field where the velocity multiplies and with it the mass of the beams. In open field this would suppose a production of matter to infinity; but this process of growth to infinity of mass has for limit the Astrophysical Implosion. Hence the original geometry of the galaxies.

Their Origin is a chain Explosion once this Growth Limit is reached. But in the case of the Creation of the Solar System, God executes this general process on a specific beam, that is to say, so that His children understand the General Autonomous Process in the Origin of the Expansion of the New Cosmos, God reproduces the process of Creation of the Galaxies at Local level.

Without Him there is no Expansion. He is the Source of Energy from which the Walls of Creation are fed. At this Level the galaxies are cannons firing gigantic beams of beams, almightily charged with potential energy, which when absorbed by this Transforming Field of Microphysical Matter into Astrophysical Matter acts as a Cyclotron with walls that do not crack and in whose Spiral Ring matter is driven to the Astrophysical Implosion Point. Behold the Big Bang. And here is the Solar System.

This Small Big Bang generates the Sun and Nine Planets, with their Moons. The Astrophysical Implosion expands the Field of creative energy, makes it its own and the Solar light dresses with color the space that is its own.

The Physics of this Process is so infinitely complex that only by reducing it to the simplest expression can it be drawn in intelligence. The origin of the Planets and their Moons is in this Creative Field of Astrophysical Matter. The transformation of cosmic energy into astrophysical matter executes a translation of the different natural values of the component members of the ray induced by the Leap from one dimension to the other. This from one side.

On the other side, the Creator Field of the Solar System was extended in a space where the drifting floating matter was attracted by its Gravitational nature towards its interior in the way that water is absorbed by a hole opened in the bed that supports it. This floating matter accompanies the derived cosmic energy in the journey and becomes a body with the different nuclei that are produced in the Journey from one dimension to the other. This Journey ends when the major nucleus reaches its Astrophysical Implosion, frees itself from all matter, expels it from its body and makes the gravitational field its own. The other nuclei will henceforth be related to this Astro.

During the Journey from fundamental matter to astrophysical matter some planets have acquired a hotter Nucleus, others colder, some more dense, others less solid, depending on the density of their Nucleus, density that defines the particular reaction of its body with the Gravitational Density of the created Field, reaction that determines the power of Transformation of that Energy into Astrophysical Matter. And therefore determines the size of all the resulting bodies.

This Leap is Invisible, and only detectable to our eyes by the whirlpool formed in the field by the spiral descent of the attracted cosmic matter to its Interdimensional Gate. Here at this Gate the Astrophysical Implosion takes place. A Small Big Bang in the case of our Solar System, a Big Bang of cosmic dimensions when hundreds of millions of stars cross this Astrophysical Implosion Gate.

Wonder for the eyes! Hooray for Intelligence! Admiration. This is the principle of the Life of all the children of God: the controlled Application from its Beginning to its End by God of the Laws of the Universe.

So far what concerns us about the Origin of the Solar System. This is how the Earth was created.


There are no words in the dictionary nor can the tongue articulate phrases that can define the greatness of this Spectacle, its beauty, its magnificence. It is necessary to live it to understand it. An invitation that the Son of God has given us and keeps open for every man of every race and condition.

Let us return to the mystery wrapped in an enigma whose key has been given to us by its Creator.

A curious thing, then! God gathers in his Hand his creation, the Sun and its Family, and leaves the Earth and its Moon in the Darkness. Is it the waste that does not fit in the equation? Has God made a mistake in his numbers? Has God given him a daughter born to be abandoned to her fate in the darkness on the other side of the Shores of Creation?

God is gone, who will dare to ask him, don't you love her? God is silent. God leaves. Earth and her squire are left behind, God does not return?

Time passes. An astrophysical body is nourished by its own gravitational field, in this case shared by both Earth and Moon. It is the source of energy that keeps its nuclei active, the source of its heat, of its pulse. Like all energy, its constant transformation reduces its level in time and weakens its shield in space. If God does not return this shield will collapse and both Earth and Moon will be dragged adrift until they are finally reduced to rubble. It is therefore not an arbitrary or metaphorical term that God uses when He writes, speaking of it:

In the Beginning the Earth was "confused and empty."

I have already said everything about this EMPTINESS in the Creation of the Universe according to Genesis. In this Section it is time to talk about CONFUSION, which I have already done.

The reasons God had for leaving the Earth in Darkness are related to the need to multiply the weight of its Crust and to accelerate the Sublimation of its Atmosphere, to the natural maximum at the temperature of Absolute Zero to which the Earth was exposed.

The Omnipotence of God is referred to his Power to produce an effect in the minimum admissible natural time. This implies, scientifically speaking, a knowledge to infinity of all the properties and parameters both of the body on which the action is produced and of the medium in which the action takes place. And evidently this action is related to the end to be created. In this case a Mass of Ice ready to subsist during the geological eras that the Tree of Life on Earth would ask to give its Fruit: Life in the Image and Likeness of the son of God.

The results are in sight.

God left. He introduced the Solar System into the Heavens, a Heaven at rest after its Creation as described in the Previous Section, and God returned to the Abyss covered by Darkness.

Here it is the Son of God who takes the Witness of the Action, becomes the Star of the Spectacle and opening his Mouth says: "Let there be Light". On which I have already said all I had to say in the Introduction to the Cosmology of the 21st Century.


Once the Light is created, the Son of God leads his brothers through the Field of the Galaxies and introduces Earth and Moon in the Solar System. We already know what happened. Their Nuclei were reactivated and the Firmament that separates the Biosphere from Outer Space was created. Seas and oceans were created and the Plant kingdom emerged from the waters to colonize the lands under the Sun.

The Tree of Life sets its feet on the continents, extends its roots and gives birth to the Prehistoric Tree, that Transformer of the Primary Atmosphere that will make possible the Leap of Animal Life from the Waters to life under the Sun.

When everything seemed to be on track for the sequence of this Leap, the Son of God marvels all his brothers and showing his Almighty Arm, the Arm of God, causes the Expansion of the Heavens, configures its Structure and creates the Tree of Constellations. The Son of God surrounds the Heavens with an army of Massive Stellar Clusters, whose gravitational fields intertwine forming a network of Stellar furnaces in which the Intergalactic Nebular Matter is trapped and reduced to particles. The floating matter that escapes this Barrier will become the mother of Nebulae.

The Night of the Fourth Day arrives. The Fifth Day is coming. It is the Day of the Dinosaur World. All the action takes place on this Day between the Tropics, a strip that will be devoured and in its subsoil rests the Prehistoric Forest and all the organisms that returned to the earth from which they departed. At present it is the source of fuel based on their remains.

The End of the Dinosaur World is the Beginning of the Mammal World. Oxygen drove the Dinosaur World into the pages of History.

Night spreads over the Fifth Day its mantle of Time. Nature governs events. Her laws are perfect. They maintain all the changes taking place in the Biosphere upon the Highway of the creation of Intelligent Life, and Life in the Image and likeness of the life of the Son of God, life created to enjoy eternal Existence natural to God.

The Dawn of the Sixth Day heralds the Transfer of the Government of the Laws of Nature into the hands of the Son of God, who opening his Mouth says:

 "Let the earth bring forth animate beings after their kind, cattle, creeping things, beasts of the earth after their kind." And so it was. And God made all the beasts of the earth after their kind, the cattle after their kind, and all the creeping things of the earth after their kind. And God saw that it was good.


A New Day has begun. And like every Day, this Day brings new wonders. The Spectacle of Creation moved from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic: From the stars to the cells.

On this Day it will move from Animal Reason to Universal Intelligence in the Image and Likeness of the Divine.

The Dinosaur World has passed. A New Atmosphere has succeeded the Protohistoric. The color of the sky is blue. The Vegetal Fiber has adapted itself to this New Atmosphere that it transformed. In the Firmament the stars shine. And the Moon, until then hidden by the natural meteorological conditions to the World of the Dinosaurs, shines joyfully in the Night. The World of Mammals is born.

The children of God look into this New Age with their thoughts set on their own origins. Beings with origins in other stars, on other planets, perhaps in other neighboring universes, admiringly contemplate the display of Life that the Tree of Species extends on Earth. New birds, new animals and beasts. They are without number. The Earth is a paradise of Fauna and Flora, neither inferior nor superior to its Worlds, but different. The Branch from which Intelligent Life will proceed marks the nature of the species that will accompany its Phylogenetic Line during the Journey of millions of years from Animal Reason to Intelligence in the image and likeness of that of the Creator.

Unnecessary for its situation beyond my imagination, the display of species that filled the Morning of this Sixth Day, I focus exclusively on the Phylogenetic Line from which Intelligence would emerge.

For as long as the Dinosaurs reigned the mammalian lines existed and shared a common habitat, the Prehistoric Forest. The danger to all these species was not based on the carnivorous diet of the lumbering giants, but on their vegetarian voracity. Their incursion into the forest meant, as it could not be otherwise, a constant exposure to be crushed and devoured by jaws whose palate had no eyes for those inhabitants. Everything that fell into their mouths or under their paws disappeared. It was the law of the Prehistoric Forest. There was no right or wrong. There was only running away. The Dinosaur was not a predator, it was a lumberjack.

It was in that environment that the branch of the Apes, adapted to arboreal life by evolution of wings on arms and legs, began its journey among the first mammals with origin in the Leap from Water to Air. And among them arose a family that rose with a language of universal communication announcing the danger. It was the Anthropos, the oldest of all mammals, whose phylogenetic line went back to the first wave that made the Great Leap. The Apes were the companion species among whose families the Anthropos found its people. This one created a Rational Communication Language announcing the danger; recognized by all, it moved them away from the borders of the Forest.

Once the Dinosaurs had passed the Mammals of all genera came out into the open and filled the valleys and mountains. Reptiles also emerged. The physical size of all creatures now had a new universal pattern.

Earth was still a Paradise. The sons of God came down and took to the World from which came specimens of all families, genera and species, for the Gate between Heaven and Earth was open.

From the Forest, in which the son of the Anthropos, the Homo Sapiens, still lived as the natural Head of the accompanying species with which he had lived since the origins, the Homo Sapiens contemplated these beings that appeared and disappeared in the valleys descending and ascending from the sky. These beings had a particularity that made them unique on Earth. They walked on two legs. Imitation, the principle of Intelligence, was made in Homo Sapiens. And when Homo Sapiens went down to the mainland, they began to adapt their bodies to life on two legs. Finished this process of transformation from his anthropoid aerodynamic feet to human feet, the Son of God said:

"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over the beasts of the earth, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."


As in all things and I have been saying from the beginning, the amount of time a natural transformation process to Evolution involves "time". From living in the Forest to being the lord of the beasts there was a very long way ahead, which wrote in History the Period we call the Paleolithic.

As for the confusion of Sapiens families we have to understand that the species of anthropoid accompaniment followed their Natural Chief in his odyssey out of the Forest, and that in the path of Time some went far and others even farther, but only the Line of Homo Sapiens, son of the Anthropos, followed his course up to Man.

The Adventure of this Homo Sapiens during the Age we call the Paleolithic was a movement in crescendo that led him to the self-consciousness of his own Gender, and whose last stage we see in the Museums of Painting that have left us in Southern Europe, in whose paintings we observe how the Imitation of the children of God that once took him out of the Forest now takes him again out of the Caves and their Mountains, and leads him to the Valley, to the open field, where he begins to impose his Wonderful Adaptation to the natural Bipedal Movement on the gods.

This Homo Sapiens is conscious of being a unique Line in itself, already separated from the Apes, and equal only to itself.

Between that Homo Sapiens among Apes that leaves the Forest and this New Homo Sapiens that comes down from the mountains, leaves its Caves and enters the valleys and rivers to reclaim the world, there is a World of adventures and joy. Protected by the Impression on the Animal Instinct of the Beasts caused by the Gait of that Homo Sapiens of the Gods, Homo Sapiens reigns. It is the most evolved Animal of the Planet. Both for its Brain and its Dynamic Constitution, the Homo Sapiens of this epoch is the Animal with the most powerful potential on the planet.

When the Son of God, in Obedience to his Father, says to his brothers, "Let us make Man in our Image and Likeness", the contact between gods and men begins.


Here we would have to call to the stand the History of religions, to put on the table the testimony of all mythologies regarding the origin of the Neolithic as the supernatural effect of the approach of the gods to men.

The Neolithic is the Chapter of Universal History that opens the Word of the Son of God, the Word that later came to become Man for the reasons that the Holy Mother Catholic Church has revealed to us and that we all, regardless of whether some believe and others do not, and others doubt, know. The Origin of the Neolithic, the turning point towards Civilization, is generated in the approach of the children of God to the different human families.

Homo sapiens was the most evolved animal on the planet, but he was still an animal. Their existence in a wild state among the beasts and animals of the Mammalian World of all the species of the Paleolithic Era, which is deduced from the Paintings on their Stone Homes and inferred from their megalithic constructions, was a wonderful existence in a Planet exultant of life that had left behind Ice Ages and had headed towards a Temperate Age, already present, as can be seen in the portrait they make of themselves, always naked.

Homo Sapiens carries in his genes the force of Life. He is the fruit of the Tree of Life that took its roots in the Earth, took off its trunk from the Waters and spread its branches over all the Continents. Natural Evolution had reached its End.

But the Goal of Creation had not. It is the Creator who takes the Movement into his hands, and from this moment the Supernatural History of Man begins.


God distributes the first human families among his sons, the gods of the first mythologies and religions, establishing on Earth zones of influence in order to proceed to raise in us the concept of Civilization, while projecting the civilizations of origin of each one of his sons in the Original Peoples of the Human Genus. This was the Project that God placed in the hands of his sons. This was the beginning of the Neolithic.

The end of that Project was to unite all the peoples of the Earth in a Kingdom, whose Crown God would give to the First man whom He would call "son". Hence the people of those times said that "the crown came down from Heaven", meaning by this that the choice of the first king who knew the world received the crown by Divine choice. And God Himself in the Song of Moses says "God hath divided the families of men among his sons, but Jacob is the portion of YAHWEH". Jacob being the son of Adam, it is understood that by the one who was, God meant the one who was not, his Chosen One, to be the king of men, the First Man: son of God, our Adam, father of Jacob, father of David, father of David, father of Jesus, son of Mary, son of Sarah, son of Eve.

We also observe that the projection of the different natural Civilizations to the sons of God on our World is the cause of the particularities that, after the Fall, marked differences in the mental responses and behaviors of the peoples born of that civilizing phase, to the point of raising barriers of encounter that, as time went by, became real walls against the understanding between Members of the Same Biological Family.

As always, the millennia that were spent in the Neolithic Age are understood from the Supernatural Nature of the one who opened our History to his World.

The success of the Project of the Formation of Man in the Image and Likeness of the children of God counted on the blessing of the Creator of the Earth. If it had failed or if He had not liked the result, He would not have blessed the multiplication of human beings on Earth. The Law of reproduction is firm: God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, and created them male and female; and God blessed them, saying to them: "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth; subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over everything that lives and moves on the earth". Whence it is seen and understood that the present attack of the powers against the Male of the Human species is a crime against God and the Human Genus. This from one place, from the other that reproduction proceeds from the union of the Male and the Female and everything that transgresses this limit and annuls the Necessity of the Male and the Female in the Act of Reproduction of the human being is a Crime against Man and against his Creator.

And likewise in the order of Reproduction, and in this order, Male and Female become Father and Mother. But in the context of Human Supernature, that is, in the order of the sons of God, Man and Woman are two personalized, individualized beings, who have their conscious existence as Creation. So that it is as much a crime to deny the existence of the Male and the Female as Two beings that become a single Reality in the Act of Procreation, in which they complement each other and exist as if they were a single Life, as it is a crime to deny to both of them that Conscious, Self-sufficient and Individual Personality in the image of the Life of our Creator.

As I have already said and it is understood from the knowledge of life on Earth, the so-called extinction of species comes from different natural foci, and one of them is the loss of reproductive force that all species experience as Time goes by. No cell has by itself the capacity to reproduce to infinity.

Regardless of the measures, even viruses lose multiplication strength until they become extinct by themselves once they reach the multiplication number that is natural to their strain.

This sense of extinction has clouded the animal reason of scientific atheism insofar as in wanting to project the reproductive supernature of the human species to the other species, its geniuses had to conclude that extinction comes from violent mechanisms inscribed in nature. Not at all! The extinction of species is a natural mechanism in the order of Life. The reproductive force of the strains of species does not have the Infinite by force. Time consumes them and species naturally begin their slope towards extinction.

In the human case the Divine Blessing on the basis of the Reproduction of the Male and the Female raised this number to Infinity. Certainly we observe that the multiplication of human beings from the Neolithic is exponential. The families that live isolated and move in isolation, begin to grow, they become tribes, their displacements expand; their strength becomes greater and their dominion of the lands grows. They dare to leave the caves and the mountains, they build villages and finally give rise to the creation of the first cities.

The rate of growth of the human families from which Adam and Eve and their people descended was unstoppable. And with this growth the power of movement became greater.

This Movement was consummated in Mesopotamia, the region in which families coming from all known regions, Africa, Europe and Asia, united in one people, with their cities. Their gods inspired this movement towards Paradise. God gave them a king. The Civilizations in which the minds of the different human families had been formed merged into one and only one. Man looked up to the centuries.

Men and women of all families unite in the act of reproduction in full freedom, always under the law of the Sacred Union of the Male and the Female in a single reality, the Family, in whose bosom both become Father and Mother.

It is a Society created from the blessing of God and nourished by the Divine Force. Man, he and she, is a Living Soul. His being is governed by natural law as Creation, and by divine law as a Person in the Image and Likeness of his Creator.

Once the King, the First Man, the new son of God, is chosen, God begins to close this Day, saying: "Here I give you as many herbs of seed as there are upon the face of the earth, and as many trees yielding fruit of seed, that they may all be food for you".

The Neolithic Agricultural revolution closes. The diet of Homo sapiens, living on the seeds and fruits of the forest since the beginning of time, extends its diet to the cultivation of the land. Agriculture becomes the daily bread.

The King cultivates the land, he is a tiller. There is no higher and more general Social Occupation than this. The Cultivation of the earth is the basis of the existence of the life of Man, what other science or art can be more worthy and transcendent for the life of Humanity than that of the tiller, the farmer?

The earth is blessed with the creative force with which God invested the reproductive act of Man. The earth sees its strength raised to infinity; it is given strength to maintain living beings in the same proportion. The struggle for sustenance is resolved.

The Tree of Life has reached its Fullness. The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution not only opens horizons to the civilization of Man but also involves it in the Food of all species. With it begins the domestication of mammals.

The Kingdom of Man has been formed. His kingdom extends its scepter over the First Cities of Mesopotamia and from its gates Adam contemplates the Millennia

The human Being is conscious of Time, of his Life in Time, of his Action in Time. The kingdom of men, with its king, Adam, formed in the Image and Likeness of the children of God, receives the Sacred Mission of Extending the Kingdom of God, which its Crown serves, to the ends of the Earth.

This consummated, the Evening falls, comes the Night of the Sixth Day. God lets the laws of His Creation take their Course.






The Seventh Day is a Day of Rest. God believes consummated the Revolution he set in motion by opening his Creation to all his children. All have seen what they have never seen and believed what some have doubted, the Divine Nature of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords of the Empire of the children of God.

All have been seen and all have participated in the Creation of this New Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Sixth Day of the First Week of Creation. All have obeyed and enjoyed being part of the Creative Act. But now it is the turn of his Younger Son, Adam, and his People to take the baton of the History of his World with which the History of Mankind will be written.

All has been perfect. The Heart of God rests. The eyes of God see the Future of the kingdom of Adam, his youngest son. Cities will multiply, human families from all corners of the regions will join Civilization, will become Citizens of the empire of the Son of God, whose Crown in the World the God of Gods has placed on the head of his son Adam. The Peace and Love that proceed from the Universal Brotherhood will be watered by the Wisdom, which will open the Creative Omniscience to the Human Intelligence, raising their World to the glory of the freedom of the children of God.

It is the vision of a Father whose Heart is exultant over the birth of a new son. There is in his Father's Thought no event outside this historical picture. The laws of supernature which He has communicated to His Creation will do their work. Nothing to fear, no cloud on the horizon.

The landscape from Eden covers the Millennia with sciences hitherto undiscovered and which God will rain down as a rain of wisdom watering the hope of Immortal life of all men.