Philosophy didn’t go to the grave just because the ineptitude of the human intellect to recreate the Real Image of Man, God and the Universe. Philosophy as well as History died because they did not accept that Image. Historical Sciences died because men did not accept the Image coming with the Broken Puzzle in which Reality was transformed by the Biblical Fall; they wanted to create with those here and there scattered pieces a new Puzzle. This was, and is, and always will be madness. We can’t change the laws of Nature, or give to the Universe a New Reality. Man is born inside a Reality already installed as the Universe’s Structure, and it is this Structure which determines the Laws of Nature. Man is the son of this Nature.

The Recreation of the Map of the Evolution of Mankind from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Revolution and up to the Creation of the First Civilization it was a puzzle to the Scholars of the Ancient History because installed, as they were, on their conception of Mankind as a Beast, depredating on their own fellows human beings, they could not conceive a civilization established upon the sum of the experiences and abilities of the different families of men for the sake of their mutual progress.

So, when they came to respond the challenge by the strata beneath the Origin of the Egyptian Civilization, and so of and so forth, they took with them the term of INVASION, born in the times of the European Barbarians, to define the movement of the families around a world, a world let’s not to forget it, without political boundaries.

INVASION, stupid to say it, is a political term. Natural History understands not of INVASION, but of MIGRATIONS.

For us, away from the graveyard of those Saviors of our Civilization, Champions of Reason, who swore to bring Peace and Happiness on us, once the nations were freed from the Yoke of Faith, and after their Miracle of the Two World Wars and their Nuclear Attack against our Biosphere before our eyes we are still alive, for us there can be no doubt that the Origin of the Civilization came along with the Self-Recognition of the Homo Sapiens as Man, and Man as a Family of nations.

While the Paleolithic Man lived in a Self-Exclusive Family-Society and wandered around maintaining this original social cloud as the core of his existence, the Neolithic Man came about by the fact of this Self-Recognition bringing together the Human-Families scattered all over the World. The Speed of progress determined by this sum of the experiences and abilities from the different Paleolithic families, the Man in them already activated, as we see plentifully in their Temples and Monuments, brought together the different strata already observed.


CONCLUSION: Men did not invade each other, but came to live together.

Two Principles made possible the Revolution of the Neolithic Man:

First, and most important of both, the Perpetuation of the Sacred principle upon which Rock Family Society had been created: The Fight of EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING under the premise of EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY, or: ALL for ALL.

The Second, and no less transcendent, the discovery of the Law of the Evolution and Growth of the Intelligence: The greater result from the less effort.

As a matter of fact, Men came to live in an Inter-Family Society because Society made life easier for all.

Even so Man would have never made it from Local City to World Civilization if the existence of Society were not a source of self-realization on a higher level of Existence.

Family Society had been going on during all the Millennia natural to the Paleolithic Age. The Temples and the Monuments that the Paleolithic Families left behind are scattered all over the Planet. The Paleolithic Age was not an arena for the destruction of the different generations coming from the Anthropos, as Science did pretend to make us believe and their slaves do believe so, but a continual Stage of Evolution from a Morphological State, similar to the Ape World, to a New Stage of Being, MANKIND.

It is just natural to see that from the Anthropos, the Ape-Man, to the Man as we know it, the Modern Man, there took place a constant process of Morphological Evolution, to which the Homo Sapiens, in all its different generations, lent it its bone and flesh.

The successive generations from Anthropos to Man, the Homo Sapiens the road between both extremes of the line, did not played War on themselves, as it has been told, but simply the older generation gave way to the newer. The different species of Homo Sapiens, from the Anthropos to the Man, did not disappear, they jump from one into another. Man was not one day “a monkey” and next, when he woke up; there was the “Man”. In every way the entire Ecosphere was in process of transformation. And with it the Human Being.

As the tracking of the Wandering Homo Sapiens it is visible in the temples and monuments left behind all over the planet, I will not insist. What it is important in this moment is to grasp the Core of the Paleolithic Family, because it was in that Core where Society, founded on Duty and Responsibility, was born. This Family Society carved in the Human Genetics, during Millennia without number, the Principle of All for All as the Heart of the Human Society, a Golden Principle that could not be thrown away without provoking a tremendous drama in the heart of the cities.

And this drama is the drama that we have represented in the Fratricide of Cain.

The situation is clear. City Society was founded on the Golden Principle moving on the Family Society, “ALL for ALL”, and accordingly the first cities of the Age of the Neolithic Revolution neither had no Weapon Stores no Land Property. The Temple of the Neolithic Man, the Homo Sapiens in his final Stage before Man, was a Communal Hall where the fruit of the labors of men and women were stored to satisfy the needs of the different families.

This fact, City and Family ruled by a same Golden Principle, puzzled the Archaeologists so hard that they simply ignored it.

But we find the true answer once we apply to it the Drama of the Fall.

YES; Of course, if a FAMILY (read Corporation) makes of the City Food Global Production his Property, that FAMILY would control the City and become the POWER. The Control of the City Food Global Production will be the source of a New World Power.

Stupid Idea? Hey boy, what do you think is behind the Transgenic Project of Monsanto Corporation and its brothers in arms?

The thing is clear, he who controls the World Food Production he shall be the Master of the Universe.

But as to do this you got to slave the entire mass of the world producers to your Plan, you got to have the control of the Seed. Could be this done?

In the glory days of the end of the XXth Century, when still were some men on the scene, they stood on their feet to call the World to stand against the Project of the Extermination of the Natural Seed and its substitution for a Terminator Seed, in the hands of a Corporation, whose victory would mean the Control of the Food World Production, and therefore, GLOBAL SLAVERY.

Today, whoever dares to ask for a Map of the Transgenic Project of that Corporation, as it stands at this moment, most probably will end up in jail, or in a psychiatric, or dead. Not many days ago some daring voices rang the bell to relate Transgenic with Cancer. The dog of the Global Corporation headed by Monsanto hit the tail’s dog and the dog barked. As the news is witness, I shall not insist.

The Transgenic Project for the Control of the World Food Production is before us all. The last battle we know of it is going on in Argentina, where the Black Widow is selling the country to Monsanto Corporation and friends in Hell at the price of the Tyranny for life for her and her home-male-prostitutes.

Spain is contaminated to the bones, and so France and India, where the suicidal behavior of the producers, crime Against Humanity by Monsanto Corporation committed, with the blessing of the Politician Order, it is rising the Suicide toll from one half million to one million men. The scandal has been shut up the fuck up by the Politician’s Media under the control of the Monsanto Corporation with an answer to remember eternally: “SO what? There is one billion men in India”. Amanpour my witness.

We see, then, that the Drama of Mankind began when the City Temple took in the eyes of a group of men the image of a Source for World Power.

Nonetheless the Drama of the breaking of the Golden Principle of Society had to revert on the Family of the Dreamer too; ergo, the Civil War Cain versus Abell.

Six thousand Years after, that Dream has been resuscitated from Adam’s grave by a Corporation whose Goal is to Slave the entire Human Race through the Global Control of the Food World Production.

Coincidence? Six thousand years after we are on the same stage, facing a World Civil War because some men want to be “Gods”?

What to do? Money buys Politicians.

That Corporation for the Slavery of the entire Human Race has already in its hands, as we see in the battle going on in Argentina, political parties at its disposal.

India is their hands, and with the blessing of the Political Parties they Kill by the hundreds of thousands, and like gods beyond the law, they keep displaying their murdering web all around the Planet.

We are being dragged down to the point of taking measures for ourselves, the politician at this stage simple dogs barking at their master call.

Even so, if a man says “destroy the plantations, the stores of the transgenic”, that man would be called by the MEDIA-DOG: a terrorist. Because, as we are seeing in Syria, the definition of Terror, Terrorism and Terrorist is in process of transformation, and any man who, according to the Charter of the Human Right to Independence, dares to fight for his freedom and life against another man in power, he is a terrorist.

The Alliance of China, Russia Federation and the League Arab in this point is clear: the Human Right to Independence, that TEXT saying that Tyranny got to be fought back, according to the NEW CHARTER it will be read as an apology of Terrorism.

Any man who fights back a Man in Power, any Nation who interferes in another Nation’s internal affair, independently of the political nature of the ruler, he is a terrorist.

So, how would a man ring the bell for a total war on Transgenic when men in Power form part of that Corporation?

Science is dead. She was found under the hooves of the horse of Attila; the Church took her home, healed her wounds, made her sit at her table, copied for her books and books, built for her universities. All for what? When the bitch felt strong, she rose to declare War on her adoptive mother. A bitch she was, and as such she went out to prostitute herself with any son of a bitch ready to pay her services.

The British Empire had its Gospel of Justification; the Russian Czar too; and Hitler, the son of Luther, couldn’t help falling in love with the New Prophet. Yeah, at the time when the Divine Right of the Kings was already lying dead, Darwin came to the rescue of Cain to give it a new Gospels, the Theory of the Need of the Strong to kill the Weak for the sake of its survival and world power. Heil Darwin!

The Church as Spiritual Human Factor did never fight back the Evolution as a scientific Data, but the Ideology in which was dressed the Evolution of Mankind by the British Empire most darling bastard. It was that Crime against Humanity assumed as Law of Nature which molded the mind of the Germans to accept the inacceptable, Adolf Hitler; and has left the field open to the New Enemy of Mankind: The Project for the Control of the World Food Production by the Transgenic Corporation, its visible head, Monsanto.

You can guess the rest.







The reasons to kill a man may be as many as ambitions and passions the murderer may hold in his heart. History keeps a record of the many ways a man can be killed and why a man engages himself in killing another human being. A striking Horror Room is Universal History! Scientists have wasted many words in telling us that murder is bread to mankind; from the theory of the divine right of the kings to kill entire nations, to the theory of the biological universal right of the nobles to annihilate entire populations, well, how many wars?

But at the end of the day the Story of the Fratricide of Cain is an intellectual monument to a philosophical process of thinking on the Metaphysical Cause of Self-Human Destruction. Of course, we all know it, from the standing point of the Darwinist view the murder of Abel was not a crime, but the simple, natural right of the strong to kill the weak because he refused to serve his master.

How the western wisdom came to adopt the eastern religious point of view on life and the universe it is a most conspicuous mystery; but it is obvious that the biological right of the strong to kill the weak got to envy nothing of the eastern philosophy: The weak is weak because his past sins, and because its past sins, the weak got to kneel before and give way in to the will of the strong, his master, and because free from sin, master is a saint.

The difference between both conclusions relies in the rebellious nature of the westerner; while the easterner had been on his knees ever since memory can tell, the westerner has been fighting back the divine right of the kings and the hitlerian-darwinist theory non-stop. Unfortunately, the westerner is losing his own identity and under the pressure of the circumstances a new strong beast is making its will supreme upon and over the impotence of that no long before freedom-forever soul, to keep on dying with the boots on.

The Global System is doomed to fall from the moment we raze to the ground the Roots of Human Society. Without entering in the Creation of Man in the midst of the Ape Branch, between the Mammals the Ape branch the most clustered sociability to be found, surrounded by which Branch the Concept of Family did reach in the Anthropos the Solid Structure on which Rock was to be built the new Biological Branch : The Homo Sapiens; and going straight to the point, my Word cannot fail in hitting the target when I say that the Victory of the Homo Sapiens, getting up on two legs to make with his arms the world of the mammals his kingdom, his Victory was based in a single Rock : HETEROSEXUAL FAMILY.

The distribution of activities implied in the Conception of the Sapiens Family by the Wisdom of Nature constructed upon the Revolutionary Feeling called LOVE, a feeling known to no other species, it built in the Human Mental Structure a behavior equal to no other in the world of the mammals. The complementary activities by the father and the mother, put together, brought to History the Conception of Society. The duties of both, father and mother, were opened to their Children, creating in them the conception of responsibility. This unity, wandering in space and time, became solid as a rock.

The possession of all by all ,“the Principle of Family Society”, when the Sapiens Families got together : the Preservation of this Principle, built on flesh and blood during millennia and through Ages, made possible the opening of the Natural Sapiens Society to the Human World Family, from here springing the first cities known to us.

No War Weapons have been found before the Fifth Millennia BC because the War of the Homo Sapiens was referred to the Mastery of the Wild World. If the Sapiens were enemy to the Homo Sapiens never a Society beyond the limits of the individual families would have been possible. Upon the premise of the conception of the Sapiens as a Murderer by birth, the theory advanced and promoted ever since Darwin and fully adopted by the Atheist Scientific Community, Civilization cannot and would have not been possible.

This is to say, if the roof of Mankind is “man is wolf to man”, the destruction of the Human Kind and its replacement by a New Species through Clonation and Transgenic, it does not hold any weight on the conscience of that Global Power by which order the Heterosexual Family got to be replaced by an Artificial Family based not on Duty and Responsibility but in Self-Sexual-Hedonism.

Here these two conceptions stay face to face:

1 : Is it the need of the subjection of one family to the power of another, at the price of murder, the origin of Society?

Science says, “it is so”, since man being an animal and animals have no law but the law of the stronger, Cain did not murder Abel, Cain simply exercised upon Abel the law due to an animal not responding to the call of its master;

2 : Christianity says “it is not so” : the murder came about because Cain wanted to make of Abel what mammals were for Adam and Eve. Cain wanted to break the Sacred Principle upon which Rock was Human Society: “Mankind is a Family”. Abel opposed the will of his brother. Ergo, Abel had to die.

Millennia after, and after many theologies and theosophies and philosophies and scientific theories have filled our heads during those resting time between the past murder and the future murder, we stand watching the show, and with a cynical smile in the eyes we see History writing one more time the end of the world. Notwithstanding the number of empires and kingdoms and civilization buried under our feet, their ghost stuck to the pages of the Book of History, men in power don’t learn, their passion for gold is that much great as were their predecessor’s, still they think they can fool Nature, Universe, History and God. The pages of History say it with a mouth wide open: The Epilogue of all the Empires is advanced by the rising of Sexuality as the Mayor and Supreme Pleasure to live and fight for.

The problem of Mankind is that men in power think “this time we are going to fool Death”. But Death cannot be fooled. Death acts by inertia. Its existence touches the individual and its universe. Death is an ocean born from a drop of blood and keeps on growing until it covers the entire surface of the Universe. Death has a pattern of behavior, as much as Life has it. The destruction of what Life built, it comes naturally to Death. And as everything else has an inner behavior, so Death.

From the study of Death on Earth we observe that the alienation of Man from the Laws of Nature, from which sprang the Inner Laws of Man, it is the Common Factor announcing the Destruction of a System. Whether Kingdom, or Empire, or Civilization, it does not matter: Death, if not fought back, devours its worshippers.

This is the Law of Death; this is the Law of History under the Rule of Death.

But if the justification of a murder may sweeten the pain, in our times the Rising of the Alienation of Man from the Natural Law of Family, upon which Society and Civilization was built, writes its justification in the failure of the Nations to resolve the World Population’s Growth.

In the twentieth Century the failure of the Social Systems to keep sustaining the growth of the populations was responded through a world war. The social and economic crisis before the two world wars speak volumes on the relation between War and Social Systems rooted not on Nature but on Blood, not on Wisdom but on Power.

The world, as a whole, has entered in a crisis of the same kind which prorogued the XXth Century’s word wars. In a XXth century scenario, the millions of unemployed people and the challenge represented by the constant growth of the world population, it was answered with a world war. We see that after the orchestrated massacres of the world wars, the nations, free from the load of the millions of unemployed people filling the streets, entered in a baby boom age, excepted the Chinese, who with a vision more open to the future fought the next mass population crisis by prohibiting, under death penalty, the making of more than one child per family.

Soon or later, decade up or down, the Twenty First Century had to fall in a Crisis of the kind of the Twentieth Century. Aren’t we falling into it already?  The question is: How can a system, unable to sustain an out of control crescent population, how would it support the existence of this population in constant growth?

Of course, the answer is simple: Change the System.

But changing the System means to change the status quo of the Kings and Leaders of the Nations.

There is another road.

Instead of changing the system bust the population by changing the nature of the Family.

If you know some of the mathematics: one sterile couple, this is to say, one Homosexual Couple, means the annihilation of progeny, ergo, the burn of a genealogical branch of the tree of life.

By raising this as UN’S worldwide strategy Policy the suppression of the growth of the world population is avoided.

Ergo, instead of arriving to the point of Civil Wars as a Birth Growth Control Need, which is always annoying, see the Syrians, making noise, for heaven’s sake, why they don’t die quietly?; instead of arriving to that crazy point: by a Global Policy of Homosexualization of the World Population we obtain the same result without the annoyance of the shouting and the yelling and the cursing. O Lord, so disturbing to us, the champions of the World Peace, please, can you shut them up?

And this is all behind the Policy of Homosexual Marriage and Sexual Freedom. Instead of recognizing, once and for all, the Failure of a System based on Man as a Murder by Nature, the G8&G20 had made their minds to die with their boots on, but dragging down to Death with them the entire Civilization.

The thing is that by erasing a chapter you don’t fool the book, all the contrary, you arrive before to its epilogue.







Let’s start from the very beginning. No one can’t build a World Civilization to hit Eternity Road without giving to it a real organic structure.

Time and Space the two other parts of the trilogy on which forces rest the creation of Life, Matter being the third, let’s be real, the biological expansion of Life implies the conquest of Space.

We see this law in the History of our world, where the expansion of the biological mass of a nation implies the conquest of new lands. Of course, the utopic, ultimate barrier to overcome it is the falling down of all the frontiers. And so on.

As Life advances from Space to Time, the horizons open to the Future the touching the frontiers of the Universe. It is a natural vision. Had Life weren’t created to live in Time the question wouldn’t be this one. But this is the way it is.

From the standing point of view of our Christian Religion the whole thing, Life on Earth, became a mess the day in which the first kingdom, ever, gave way in to the Holy War as natural tool to keep the process of expansion and growth going on. Holy War was the Sin.

Death against Civil War, in particular, and International War, in general, was punished by God’s Law (“Eat and you shall die”) with Death. But the king of the Day sent God’s Law to hell and he proceeded according to his own will.

The problem of Life, on Earth, in particular, and on the Universe, in general, ergo, it is related to God from the moment that this Universe has Him as its Personal Creator. Had it weren’t so, Mankind wouldn’t be God’s Problem. Unfortunately, or fortunately, who knows, God created Heavens and Earth, and Man too. And as the Creator of the Universe the Future of His Creation is His Future too. Therefore, the falling of the King, whom He Himself took to the Throne of the World, into the Doctrine of Holy War as the bridge to the Future; that Fall broke the entire Structure of the System of Civilization of Life on Earth.

But let’s take a new stand and break inside the Mind of God.

God took a very large and deep step the day He made His Mind and decide to come and share His own Life with People. His breathing Life to His Image in the soul of People brought forth the Need of His Wisdom as the Source of the Universal Future. He knew this, and He went for it. The Question became “How to maintain the Growth of Matter in Space and Time”, “How to avoid the collapse into an Apocalyptical War of the Universal Civilization He had in Mind”, “How to keep onto the Path of Universal Peace this Universal Civilization, made out of many nations, each created at different times, each with its own specific mental particularities”.

God knew War. O yes! God knew the Science of good and evil, indeed: corruption, ambition for power, craziness for absolute power, systems of societies born from hell and aspiring to getting back to hell, these were not phenomena unknown to Him.

Even so, He is God after all, He is Indestructible. Why should He care for the People born out of the dust and back into the dust?

Why to bother? He would be fun to see the People crawling their way from to womb to the grave. You know I mean?

Let’s play the Gods!

The Universe is our playground. We call the actors; we fill the stage and proceed to write a script. Now, we begin!

Dust to dust. So what?

God creates a new world, new People, fresh meat and blood for the next play. Who wants to write the next script?  

To live forever, Eternity, you know?,  can be a boring fact.

Hey, why not? Has anybody got a better idea? Let’s have fun! Olympic Gods ruling Matter, Space and Time, the Father of the Gods serving the meat for the next play. Come on, Father of the gods, give us more!

What was wrong with this picture, Father of the Gods?

Why couldn’t He find any good thing in the Big Game of War?

Look at Syria, is it not a delightful scenario? What a wonderful game! People beheading a man in public and filming it for the pleasure of the news.

What is wrong with the picture? God has no sense of humor.

Where’s the fuss in calling Himself “Saint”? Come on, “Be saint as I am”. Ye ye all right. What’s next?

He could, God has always the choice, of watching His sons behaving like demons of war, princes of hell, the Universe their playground. Why not? Come on, Father, give us more and more and more meat, we are hungry, and blood, we are thirsty, O yeah!

God could. Of course He could. But He didn’t. Call it as you fancy. I don’t care. The thing is that He didn’t. And the fact is that He brought forth a Sentence of Death, meaning destruction, against whomever, son of God, or brother of God, or servant of God, daring to declare War on his fellow people.

This is the nature of the universal stage when Mankind came around. God had made His Choice. War on People meant War on God. And God would answer the call with total destruction of the Enemies of His Kingdom; they would be treated like demons, and as such thrown down in a Hell made in God.

It was a bit of a shock. The Father, eternal Love, all loving Good, bringing Death Penalty on His sons, because Love for War. However, as the suite is written I will entertain no one with its repetition. The important thing is what God had in Mind.

All and all it was “Universal Kingdom”.

The only way to rage War on War, make War a thing of the Forever Past, it is having God as Universal King, and as such King: “the Universal Head of the Armies of the Nations”. No Army moves out of their barracks without the Call of God, the Head of the Universal Body of the National Armies.

From that moment, from the Day God took the Throne of the Universe in His Hands, National Government and National Armies became two realities. The Armies of the Nation is beyond the Power of the National Government. The Army only responds to the Call of the Son of God. Any movement in the direction of Civil War, or War of Invasion, from a General or Major, a Call not implemented by the Universal King-God: is subjected to Death Penalty.

If one national army rises to declare War on another Nation, or on its own people under the subjection to a political head, all the Armies of the Nations rise as One Body to put down the Rebellion. The Rebels, political and military, to be cast down in jail, and if blood were spilt, death proceeds.

The Son of God is King! And there is no King but God! This was the Revolution consummated upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This Revolution consummated, to the Governments, once deprived of the Forces of the Military Body as final part of their speech, it was left the Power of the Word. The Political Body was left naked. As Man was in the beginning.

The Power of the Word, “and the Word is God”, is given to the People as their Power. No recurrence, under no circumstance, to the Army.

The Political Body has only One Power, the Power of the word, “and the Word is God”.

No matter the difficulty of the problem, no matter the impossibility of the question, the Power of the Word is the Power of the Political Body, and only to it and through it the answer got to be reached.

One Universal Kingdom ruling a World Democracy, then, was the answer of God to His Problem.

God’s Problem, as I said above, is to conquer the Challenge of the Existence of this Universal Kingdom while Life proceeds to expand the Number of the Worlds under the Crown of the Universal King. As Matter grows, Space and Time do so too. How could God keep the Growth of such a Universal Kingdom in Time and Space but upon the Crown of One Universal Kingdom, Head of the Armies of the Nations?

God, as we have seen in His Memoirs, had gone through an experience of this kind we are going through, not quite likely, but just likely, during His days of Youth. The Apocalyptical Universal War under which wars the worlds of that Empire were turned into dust, had in the association of the Political and Military Bodies the trigger. The Power of the Political Body was not the Word but the Force coming of the Speech of the Weapons. While sitting around the same table the speech on process was not the speech of the word but the sound of the weapons. He who had more weapons could speak louder. The Epilogue of the History of the Empire of the Youth of God was Apocalyptical Total Destruction.

As Then, Now, instead of sitting naked, this is to say, no recurrence to weapons, the political bodies sit around the table of the nations to speak louder or softer according to the number of nuclear bombs possessed.

The answer to the questions being founded on the armed fist of Cain, Abel is left to kneel or to die before the eyes of those who challenge the entire world based on their power to destroy the nations, even at the price of their own immolation.

This is the world against which God brought forth the Decree on War: Death penalty against the Politicians challenging the people to Civil War, or to Word War, based on the Military Power of their Nations.

Democracy, ergo, is that system in which the Political Body has no other Power but the Power of the Word, “and the Word is God”, which means that speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking… soon or later the crooked answer shall be overcome.

Democracy is that system in which the people around the table are under the law of the nation, and accordingly if demanded to leave free the seat for others to come and keep the search of the answer so long looked for, they do so willingly.

Democracy is that system in which no man is beyond the law, and every man is under the same universal common law.

On the contrary, Dictatorship is that system in which a man is beyond the law and can’t be called to give an account of his deeds.

As a matter of fact, this is the system that the sons of God wanted to implement on the Kingdom of God. They wanted to be Gods. Their Father is God, why weren’t they treated as Gods? Can anybody call God to trial? Who will force God to come and answer about the nature of His deeds? Why had they to be treated as common people, born under a common law?

From the very beginning of the Fall of Mankind the sons of God, not of this Creation, as Saint Paul said it, did implement on Earth the rising of their own madness, and with their blessing the world became the game of the war of the kings, each claiming for himself that divinity for which the Devil was fighting for. The kings became demons. Under their rule the nations became meat and blood to kill the hunger and the thirst of those bloody Blue Blood Houses, born straight from the Flesh of the Demons. And so on until now.

The existence of a House beyond the Law implies the existence of a source of political corruption from which to implement the dictatorship of its members. Corruption the natural sea on which waves the Dictatorship, “which came down from heaven” as the Sumerian Chronicles puts it, sails through the centuries, the Power of the Word, the Power of the People, has been always put down and on its knees before the threat of death penalty for high treason against the crown of the heirs of the “Blue Blood of the Gods”.

Democracy cannot reach its natural status while a body or a house is beyond the law. This status quo, whether for a family or a political body, means the need of corruption as the natural factor on which dimension to base the possession of Power. But the Power of Democracy is the Word. And this is not a Power to be possessed by one single part of the nation.

The Possession of Power means that the Power of the Word is taken away from the people and put in the hand of a Family, Party or Clan. This is to say, Democracy is killed, Dictatorship takes its place.

Democracy exists only, and nowhere else, when no Status of Immunity exists.

There where the Political Body is not subjected to the Law but it has its own way of Justice, Democracy is a fake.

There where the Political Body protects its own members from the course of the Justice through Senatorial or Parliamentary Immunity, the impeachment of an Individual beyond the Law, and only under the Justice according to the political body done, there Democracy does not exist.

But it is a reality that the Politicians have fought hard to get for themselves the Power of the kings. And because, Corruption is but the fruit of this status quo under which the democracies are falling in pieces before our noses.

But what then about the Military Power of the Nation?

Is it not Civil War their domain?

And what it is Civil War but the fight to the death of the political body to keep in possession of its Power?

We see both cases in Syria and in Egypt.

We see the madness of a tyrant, who has dragged down to civil war the military body of the nation just because the Corruption implemented by the political body headed by the Butcher of Damascus was so total and absolute that they had no choice, the possession of Power was shared by both military and political bodies.

On the other hand, we see the deeds of the Egyptian Military Body, twice in these couple of years. Firstly, not entering in the arena of the political situation during the days of the fall of Mubarak. And secondly, taking out of Power a mad man who was bending for Civil War, a mad man who though Power was his, just as the Syrian Butcher, and was ready to take the Nation into a Civil War for the sake of the Possession of Power.

The Lessons of History are to be taken.

The Power of the Military Body to push out of Power a Political Party, or Crown in Possession of Power, depriving the People of his Power, “the Word”, is a Constitutional Right of the Military Body of the Nation. This Power does not inflict damage to the Democracy, all the contrary; it is to the Democracy what the Immunologic System is to the Human Body.

When a House, or Political Party claims to be beyond the Law, and dare to threat the Nation with Civil War in case of their coming down, the Military Body has the Legal Right and the State Duty to put out and away from Power those subjects.

Egypt is an example for all the Nations to follow, and a warning for all the “Possessors of Power” of the Nations in the running days.

The people’s word is God’s word.