To close the eyes does avert not the danger; what has to be faced it got to be faced from a position of power and strength: you got to look at the enemy straight in the eyes.

The more you hope the Devil to kneel, the weaker becomes your position and the strongest the enemy in the day of the battle.

There is a wisdom which is madness, and a prudence which is cowardice.

Mankind must face Death. You can wake up or you can keep on sleeping happily on your bed; the fact is that the Battle for the XXIst Century is raging and one day or another we all shall drink blood, the blood of the tyrants of the nations.

At this side of the world, Germany has done what the Persians could not: To crush the Freedom of Greece. And now Germany wants to do to Spain what the Moors could not: To erase from the Spanish the Spanish Soul.

The sweet daughter of Hitler, the Bride of Moscow, is carving a grave for herself. And no angel in Heaven will rise a pray for Berlin. After one millennium doing its best to destroy Europe, Europe will pay back to Germany what Germany deserves.

What then, Princes of Peace, is it that prudence of yours: wisdom or cowardice? Will you let the Devil build his new religion: Cain is supreme, Abel got to die, and he who rises to stop the murder he is a murderer himself?

The Battle for the Twenty First Century is on. Raise your hope and your faith, your Right to stop Cain is supreme, and if Cain does not put down his weapon, Cain’s arm got to be chop off.

We want Peace, but the Human Race is under state of War ever since the Devil declared War on God. Our desire of Peace is our enemy’s best ally. But at the end of the day no one can escape his doom.

The facts have been growing ever since the War against God’s Policy on the Brotherhood of Nations was pulled down by the First King by Earth knew, the father of Abraham, father of Christ, and father to the Jews, the Adam of the Bible. The father of the Jews was the first man who brought on Earth, straight from Hell, that Phenomenon called Holy War. Ever since Mankind has been living under a World Civil War equal to an eternal fratricide of Cain upon Abel.

But while the millennia have been growing, with it one question in our soul too: “Has the man observing a crime going on the Right to raise and stop the bloodshed?”

This is the Question going on ever since the Arab Spring came along. This is the Question on trial this very day after “Obama’s Red Line” has been crossed.

We have the Three Tyrannies of the beginning of this Century: China, Russia and Iran, telling to the entire world that the Right of Man to stop Cain and protect Abel is a Crime against the International Law.

We have the cry of indignation of the nations demanding of those who have the Power :  to rise and save the Syrian Abel from his extermination.

We have a body politics which doubts whether the Intervention will kindle a Cold War already past, even a World War; and in the name of this fear they waste no time in looking for an excuse, good enough, to justify their inaction.

As people, as humans, as individuals, as men, how could we agree with a Tyrannical Position from which the act of separating two men involved in a struggle to the death becomes a crime in itself?

What International Jurisprudence can come out of the Victory of the New Tyrannical Axis, but freedom to kill at pleasure before the very eyes of the people around?

Shall a man found intervening in a fight be taken to court as a criminal because his intervening in a crime scene?

Shall the people separating two men in a fight be called to trial because the act of intervening it is a crime against a Law enabling the stronger to massacre the weaker?

We see, then, that what is at stake in this Syrian Affair it is not so much the salvation of the Syrian Population as the Conception of Freedom, Peace, Right, Power, and Law.

The Tree Tyrants, the New Axis of Evil, these three tyrants want to break the Nature of Freedom, of Peace, of Right and Law, and are pushing the Human Race to accept the Doom of Abel as the Natural Right of the Ruler to exterminate any Opposition to his Rule.

If this New Axis of Evil wins the Day, the Human Right Code, the Future of the Nations, the Spirit of the Law, will be crushed forever. The Question is then: Do we have the Right and the Duty and the Spirit to fight for the Life of another Nation to the point of risking a World War?

From fear of getting hurt do we have to leave alone Cain and let him massacre Abel at will?

What is it behind the Religion of the New Axis of Evil but a Policy by which the Tyrants and the Dictators receive, on the basis of their Nuclear Power, the Right to massacre the Opposition, and, as the kings of old, to be beyond the Law and no answer of their deeds before the Justice?

But that Russian Tyrant who is pushing forward the right of the Syrian Cain to massacre his people, while he is defending the Intervention in a Local Conflict by the International Community as a Crime against the Law of the Nations, has he not been arming the Syrian Butcher and his régime? Where, then, is his Authority at the hour of giving Moral power to his claim?

The fact is the fact: A tyrant is a brother to another tyrant. And what the Syrian Brother is doing with his people, the Russian Tyrant will do with his own people when the day came for the Russian Riots to spread from one corner to the other of Russia.

But to turn to the Syrian Affair, our hearts are in suspense.

The British and the French knows that in the Syrian Affair something greater than the Salvation of the Syrian Population is at stake. But the American Prince of Peace is a very hard thinker, he needs a reason, the blood of a people so strange to his Afro-American blood does not make him “marching”. He seems not to understand this fact. And what it is most sad: it was he who had the idea of marking that “Red Line”, which now weights so much against his own credibility as the Most Powerful Man on Earth. It looks like he is trying to find a way out for himself, to escape from his own words.

The question on the wind is clear: Is it worth to risk a World War with China, Iran and Russia for the sake of the Syrian Abel?

And if not: What will happen next?

The Right of the Ruler to massacre the opposition to his rule will become Law?

How could we accept a Right so contrary to the Spirit of Man?

This is the soul of the day. The Devil has launched his New Religion on Russia and has found a Faustus ready to sell his soul for Power. Iran was sold to the Devil ever since the Ayatollah Khomeini came around. China has never drunk the sweet cup of freedom.

On this side of the Ocean the same old faithful servant of the Enemy of Europe as a Family of Nations, Germany, keeps attacking the brotherhood of the European Community, as from old always buying her glory upon the ruin of the European Nations. Leadership for Germany means Supremacy. Not happy with having crushed the Greek Freedom, while the Battle for the Century is going on, the Germans speak of buying the Acropolis, and are already dreaming with buying Palma de Mallorca, their Summertime Island, once they’re done with Spain. They can’t help being mad. They were born to slave or to destroy Europe.

They are already dictating which nation can come in to the Community and which nation cannot, speaking of Bulgaria and Rumania.

They have raised themselves as the Model of Democracy in comparison with which to mark the level of democracy of the other nations in the neighborhood.  A nation in which the integration of the foreign element, even when born in German soil, is absolutely impossible, a fact to be observed in the absolute absence of Turkish Politicians, while the Turk population is to be counted by the millions; these Germans, who had preserved the main frame of the fascist Sate of Hitler, they want to be seen as the Democracy par excellence.

The Crisis of the European Community is not of economical nature, it is the Rise of the Fascism under the Flag of the German Supremacy, the force which is dividing the European Nations, collapsing the Power which comes from the Union, while identifying this Power with the Supremacy of Germany. 

What fool Obama was when asking from Germany more leadership on the Affairs of Europe! Where is the mad who puts a torch in the hands of a fire lover?

Germany was born to glorify herself on the shoulders of Europe or to destroy the Brotherhood of the European Spirit if rejecting Berlin as the Olympus where the law comes from. Germany does not understand of Equality, Liberty and Brotherhood, Germany only understands of Supremacy.

And because it the European International Brotherhood is in process of disintegration.

And because, Germany must destroy the wealth of the Mediterranean Nations to rise her new supremacy on the pillars of the Stalinism System by Berlin inherited and by the Angel of Death adopted as her New Religion.

Why have we the European Community of Nations to relay on the USA to run to the battlefield and stop Cain killing Abel when the killer is by in our neighborhood?

As in the old good days Germany is spreading Hate among the Nations of Europe, and by this division Germany is handicapping the Power of the European International Democracy as the Main Power in the World on which to relay at the hour of International Freedom and World Peace.

Germany will move no finger for nobody, except to rob the children of her neighbors of their bread and feed her own fatherless children with the milk of the defenseless mothers of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and wherever the German sets his feet.

But it is written from old : There is a time to rejoice and another time to be torn apart; a time to enjoy the fruit of the robbery and the murder, and another time to pay for. And so be it.




Yes, in the short space of one decade the geopolitical structure of the world has been turned inside out. At this very day the pawns on the board where Death and Life, Christ and the Devil, Freedom and Tyranny, fight for the Century shows this alignment:


1)  Russia has taken over South America, allying to her tyranny the dictators of the so-called Socialism of the XXIst Century.

2)  Iran has made a covenant with Russia of mutual friendship by which the Iranian Theocracy stays away from the Muslim countries of the Federation.

3)  China has taken over Africa and is promoting the Muslim Sharia as the natural ally of her economical interest.

4)  Germany has embraces Moscow’s New Religion and is carrying out the Policy of Russia on Europe: the weaker the European Union the stronger the Federation of Russia; in exchange Berlin has received the status of privileged economical partner of Putin’s Tyranny.

5)  The Will of the English Democratic Government has been the overruled by the Power of the British Theocrat.

6)  The European Union has been reduced to the position of a pawn in the game of Germany and her northern allies; the Political World Power of the Union has been erased from the Mind and the Will of the European Nations, its Union reduced to a mere covenant between lobbies and kings under the leadership of an Angel of Death representing the interest of the New Stalinist Deutschland.

We understand that Obama’s Red Line was marked as a Line never to be crossed by the Damascus’ Butcher, in the hope that sticking to that limit his crime will be not punished by the world. But it is not for men to decide the movement on the Geopolitical Board of this Century. There can be no limited action against the Butcher of Damascus, he knows he is dead and he will die bringing hell on the Syrian Population. He got to fall, and with him all his generals. How could Obama’s Administration know that his words would compromise the Honor of the Unites States of America? As there can be no covenant between Christ and the Devil, there can be no covenant between Democracy and Tyranny.

 “To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations—that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’—just as I have received authority from my Father”. (Revelations 2, 26/7)

Let the Victorious Nation dismiss the Old League of Nations and lead the Fullness of the Christian Nations to a New League: No Veto, and let the Armies of the New League be One World Army, devoted to erase from the History of the Future of Mankind any coming of Tyrant or Dictator, to protect the Freedom of the People of the Human Race and establish the Peace of the World upon the Rock of the Brotherhood of the Nations.

The Syrian Régime got to fall. Iran is the source of the massacring of the Iraqi people ever since the Dictator was gone. Iran is the mother of the Afghani Taliban; Iran is now backing Syria in order to advance the Iranian republican Guard into Lebanon, getting closer to the frontiers, to storm Israel. The Iranian Theocrat wants to honor his word: “Israel will be erased from the map of the world”.







Lets’ begin from the beginning. First thing to have very clear is the relation between fathers and sons. According to the Law of Christ the sons are not responsible for their fathers’ crimes. And so happen with the nations. Which is to say, we haven’t created the world. The world was already here when we came around. Our duty is with our children, with the living, not with the dead. However, the world is on motion, and the effects of the actions of our fathers are ruling that Motion. Our mission is to create a world of our own, but to reach this stage we have to enter in the nature of that Motion, in order to act in it and change its course.

The global nature of the Motion by the Atomic Age put on rails it is mainly concerned with the effect of the 666? megatons by the Superpowers of the XXth century blasted against the Biosphere. I have already published the tables relating the birth of the Atomic Age with the Change of Rising of the Earth’s Thermodynamic Pulse. I won’t insist again and again in something so clear that even a fool can take it for granted. The main point to entertain ourselves with calls our attention on the Abyssal Waters’ Temperature.

To the Oceanographers is to tell us about the total volume of the Waters of the Oceans subjected to the +4 Celsius degree natural to the deep waters from the beginning of the Earth’s Biosphere. Why is this +4 Celsius so important to us?

Well, take a look at this new table:


Density of liquid water

+100 = 958.4

+80 = 971.8

+60 = 983.2

+40 = 992.2

+30 = 996.6502

+20 = 998.2071

+10 = 999.7026

   +4 = 999.9720

     0 = 999.8395

  -10 = 998.117

  -20 = 993.547

  -30 = 983.854


So what? It may be your first thought.

Take a better look, I say. Focus between the  + 10 and -10.

What do you see?

According to the progression from the +100 to the +10 it seems obvious that the 999.9720, this is to say the higher density for the liquid water, it would be natural to the Zero degree. However to the Zero degree it corresponds a lower density than to the +4 Celsius. This is what is called the Universal Anomaly of the Water, a phenomenon with non-equal in the world of the liquid elements. Only the Water breaks the progression from 100 to 0 and reaches its higher density at +4 C.

Still, so what?

Well, if I was a scientist, I would shut my mouth at this point, I would put a chain on my hand, and forbid my brain to take control of my fingers. This is the image of Today’s Scientist. A slave of the private companies and the States the scientist cannot speak the truth or even get close to it, all he can do it is to speak when his master says so, and sign what the master tells him to sign.

Thanks to God, I have been born free and my fingers and my brain are one single thing. Accordingly, I can speak the truth in perfect freedom. And it is from this stage that I am putting before you the fact of the +4 Celsius natural to the Abyssal Waters of the Earth.

I return to the beginning, for you to understand now the nature of my question to the Oceanographers : Which is the Total Volume of the Mass of Earth’s Water subjected to this Universal Anomaly of the Water?

In the first place, because if we, in an imaginary experiment, suddenly could rise that temperature to +6 C. or + 8C., an example, the density of that Total Volume will be lost, and, ergo, the natural space to the new figures would imply a rising of the level of the waters, at world level, equal to the difference of temperatures.

In second place, because if this Universal Anomaly of the Water did not exist the pressure of the Total Volume of the Earth’s Water on the Lithosphere it would be not that much as actually is.

It is for this reason that I say that Science is dead. There is Technology; but Science there is no more. If there was Science by this day the Data about the Total Volume of the Earth’s World Oceans exposed to the +4 Celsius it will be on our table; and with it the numbers defining the Pressure of that Total Volume on the Lithosphere.

But again, I must ask, what is the Lithosphere?

Stupid question as it sounds, most probably a 98% of the population of the Earth has no clue, in no way whatsoever, about what the Lithosphere is. And of this 2% more than a half do not understand the relation of the Lithosphere with the Body of the Earth.

No wonder, when we consider that the fathers of Geology left in their testament a Picture of the geophysical Body so erroneous and misleading. Talking about the surface of the Geophysical Body their picture was nearly correct, but when it came to the Dynamic relation of the top layers, Lithosphere and Mantle, with Earth’s Core their ignorance fell on that picture as a blot, damaging the process of deduction to which Geology as Science is subjected.

As in the Introduction to the Cosmology of the 21st Century I have dedicated a Chapter to the Astrophysical Nature of Earth’s Core, and I see no point in repeating myself; let’s work with the common image going around about the relation between the Lithosphere and the Mantle.

The top layer of the Mantle is a Magmatic Bed upon which the Lithosphere floats. As the production of the heat is a constant the Volcanic Biospherical System behaves like a chain of valves allowing Earth’s Production of heat to come out.

Everybody understand that if the Lithosphere had not this System of liberation of the Mantle’s Heat the pressure would increases to the point of global explosion. The Creation of the Lithosphere having based in a perfect Volcanic System of Liberation of the Heat produced by the Mantle the Continents have been able to maintain their existence from the beginning of their History.

But it is obvious that heat tends to expand and with it to behave like a force against a wall. In this case the Wall which constrains the expansion of the Mantle is the Lithosphere.

The figure which killed Geology as Science and made of it just Technology it is related to the erroneous conception of the nature of Earth’s Core. The picture of Earth’s Core as a mass of iron under gravitational pressure, by this pressure exposed to its point of fusion, misled the geologist to see the root of the Mantle; instead of relating the Nature of the Mantle  with the Astrophysical Nature of Earth’s Core they saw the origin of the Magmatic Bed in the down progression of the temperature from the Iron Core to the exterior of the Globe.

However, the Temperature of the Mantle being a constant, and this constant rooted in the Astrophysical Nature of the Core, which at its turn is regulated by the Cycles of the Sun’s production of Electromagnetic Waves, once the ups and downs of the production of heat by the Core a dependent to the Cycle of the Sun, by the Creation of the Seismological Global System the equilibrium between Ecosphere and Biosphere was not perfectly completed. God had to close this relation between the Ecosphere and the Biosphere by making of the Lithosphere a perfect Wall against which perfect solidity the waves of the Magmatic Ocean under the Lithosphere, or top layer of the Mantle, would break. This is the Geophysical Function of the Total Mass of the Oceanic Waters subjected to the Universal Anomaly of the +4 Celsius.

This +4 Celsius  gives to the  bed of the lithospheric oceans the consistency of a Wall, whose mechanic I will compare to a river and a nuclear plant. Without the cooling down of the nuclear core the creation of energy would mislead the Plant to a Chernobyl stage. Which is the effect to obtain if the Lithosphere were not enforced by the Global Oceanic Pressure.

The mass of the Lithosphere which form the Oceanic Bed, by this Pressure of the +4 C. Mass reaches the same solidity as the mass which forms the continental beds.

This relation between the Pressure of the Oceanic Waters and the Expansion of the Magmatic Bed is the scenario that the Superpowers and the actual nature of the world technology has but under the test.

You have to understand that the geological constancy of the Universal Anomaly of the Water depends on an external source. When God created the Biosphere He gave it this external source, as a matter of fact : The Polar Caps.

By maintaining temperature of the sea on the top of the +4 C. inside a certain margin, He sustained that +4 C. throughout the geological ages. Again and again, this Global System came accompanied by an Atmospheric System based in the relation between the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth and the Mountain Ranges.

The electromagnetic lines of Earth’s field behave like shepherd of winds, maintaining the Mountains Ice System from the beginning of History. If the Atmospheric temperature rises the Source of the +4 C. begin to decline. Ergo, the temperature of the waters on top the +4C. begins to rise. The defrosting of the Polar Caps, therefore, is accelerated. The measure of the heat liberated subjected to a constant, and this dependent of the Volume of the +4 C., once this pressure begins to decline, the Force of the Mantle increases, and with it a process of expansion of the radium of the Earth comes out.

This is actually the process we are assisting to. The accelerated defrosting of the North Polar Cap has two sources.

One is the rising of the atmospheric heat by the nature of the world technology going on.

The second is the effect of the accelerated defrosting of the Artic Polar Cap on the mass of the waters on top of the +4 C. Global Volume.

The final effect, the rising of the temperature of the Lithospheric Ocean Bed, follows.

The pseudo-scientists of our days play the amazing fool who with open mouth assists to the defrosting of the polar cap without understanding why its speed. But it is only natural to see that once the global waters of the light zone are increasing their temperature the zone of contact between them and the bed of the North Polar Cap is breaking, this way causing the ice plaques to slide quicker from their bed to the open waters. This is to say, the defrosting, which begun from top to bottom, has begun from bottom to top, and it is accelerating the speed of the destruction of the Polar Source of the +4 C.

The scenario coming on, considering that there is no action from our part to be taken, is this : The Rising of the Pacific Ring of Fire will be next.

In a global picture we say that we will be assisting to an expansion of the Radium of the Earth. By the declining of the +4 C. Oceanic Volume the pressure of the Lithospheric Wall will decline and the Force of Expansion of the Magmatic Bed will push the Wall back. Ergo, new islands will come out to fill the shores of the continents, while the actual island will sink beneath the New Level of Earth’s Waters.

It is to the Oceanographers to calculate, on a global scale, the meaning, on a global scale, of this tiny difference between these numbers :

+10 = 999.7026

  +4 = 999.9720

To us it is to understand that a rising of the waters of the world waters it’ll be equal to a rising in the temperature of the waters cooling the core of a nuclear plant; soon or later the core would explode and would destroy the entire plant. As a matter of fact we are assisting to the explosive behavior of the Pacific Ring of Fire, at a slow motion, this way allowing us our Creator to take the measures due to stop this explosion.

The causes leading to this Explosion of the Ring of Fire are related to the Atomic Age.

On one hand, the 666? Megatons blasted against the Biosphere by the Superpower and their Slave, the Science of the XXth century, kicked the temperature of the Atmosphere to an unnatural level.

On the other hand,  those Megatons damaged the Wall of the Ionosphere, which is, as a matter of fact, the geophysical Valve which controls the amount of electromagnetic energy allowed to come inside the Biosphere. Once this Window in the Ionosphere was created, the rising of the amount of electromagnetic energy passing inside the Biosphere turned on the global temperature, bringing to the ground the effects, on one hand, of the accelerated defrosting of the Mountain Ranges Ice, and on the other hand, the consequent rising of the waters of the oceans, direct cause of the defrosting of the Artic Pole.

The final effect began to touch the Abyssal Wall, making its solidity fail and the Force of the Magmatic Ocean below to gain power. From here the rising of the Volcanism all over the Planet, but most especially along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

These two final effects, the decline of the Pressure of the World Ocean Waters on the Mantle, and the rising of the Force of the Magmatic Bed as its consequence, are the two Main Factors in Motion and taking the Natural History of the Earth to a New Stage. Our fathers did unchain these processes and our work is to minimize their effects by fighting back the causes which are breeding their growth. These are:

1.- The denial of the World Science to become a Universal Body, independent from the Private and the Public, bringing forth a Science devoted to the Mastering of the Solar Energy and the Interactivity with the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth.

2.-The denial of the men and women in public office to proceed to the termination of the Age of the Paper, the Black Oil, and the Coal.

3.- The intellectual incapability of the Governments to understand the Nature of the Earth and the nature of the effects by the Atomic Age brought forth.

4.-The devotion of the Governments to the Industry of War as backbone of their Economy.

5.- The maintenance of the Division among the Nations by the Religions as a mean to hold the Power as a possession.

6.- The relation of Technology and Power to Money, which has given Inertia to the movement of the destruction of the Biosphere as a natural consequence to be assumed and accepted as the only Road to Civilization.

Ergo, in a scenario where this causes keep their functions, the door out is the Explosion of the Ring of Fire, the out of control Expansion of the Radium of the Earth, and the natural destruction of the, approximately, three of the fourth part of the World Population. If a man thinks he can survive this World Effect, he is a fool. We have no experience whichever in this kind of dealing. All we can say is that God caused a similar effect in the days of the Deluge, but He was on control and He knew perfectly the consequences, who would live and who would die. In this case, if left alone the forces already on, the effect of the Inertia will be an unknown factor to us all. All we can say is that few people would survive, if any.

Even so, the scenario is not final. We can slow down the process and move on from stage to stage until the process is finished. Only God knows the new physical surface of the Earth at the beginning of the 22th Century. But there will be no man on Earth if we do nothing. The measures to be taken are on the table.

1.- We have to turn the World Economic Crisis into a Miracle. There is a human force of hundreds of millions men and women ready to reforest the Planet. The Botanic Community is requested to lead that Human Force and reforest the mountains and the plains according to the original nature of the Vegetation of the Nations.

2.- The destruction of the Original Forests and Flora in the name of Paper got to be given an end. Paper will be a Museum thing. We have all the Technology to proceed to it.

3.- We have to limit the flights beyond the human Biosphere and into the stratosphere till the New Technology, based not on fire, allow us to do so. All kind of rockets propelled by Fire got to be banned from the Future of the Civilization; every single time we launch a rocket into the high atmosphere we destroy a certain volume of the Ionosphere, this way widening the dimension of the window by the Atomic Age created; ergo : amplifying the level of energy coming into the Biosphere, and therefore accelerating the defrosting of the Artic Cap. The sooner the Artic Cap is gone the stronger will be the Explosion of the Ring of Fire. We can assure that the Shores of the Ring of Fire, on both sides, will take the worst by following the Tables of the rising of the Seismological History through the Atomic Age. Though we are witnessing the rising of the Atlantic platform touching the African-European Shores, due to the shorter diameter of the Atlantic Ocean Bed, which gives it a greater solidity, this movement is proceeding through earthquakes of non-catastrophic nature. On the contrary, due to the larger extension of the Pacific Ocean Bed, we are witnessing the rising on the its Ring of Fire, and every time of a more and more destructive nature.

We can only stop the human causes already on and pray to God to have mercy on us all. But if we don’t do nothing the prayer will go with the world population to the bottom of the new Ocean Bed.

4.-The Atomic Race got to be finished once and for all. A nation keeping on by its own decision to attack the Biosphere becomes an enemy of the entire Human Race, the World Community got to rise to put down that Government and erase from the face of the World the frontiers of that nation.

5.-Let the Solar Energy Scientist Community give for free the Technology to produce Electricity and Solar Batteries to the Nations where the sunshine is all year long.

6.-The Mastering of the Solar Energy will imply, at world level, that the Nuclear Plant Technology will be shut.

7.-Every time we light a fire, a single cigarette means the destruction of a cell of the body of the Biosphere, a cell which cannot be recycled because the nature of the final effect of the burning. Let’s ban Tobacco from the surface of the Earth.

8.-Wars, of any nature, got to be forbidden, and the weapons of the Law based on fire be substituted by weapons based on paralyzing-sleeping bullets.

9.-We cannot erase the World Destruction Effect by the Past put on Motion, but we can slow it down; giving to ourselves this chance we can walk to the other side upon a road moving under our feet, but not big enough to takes us to the bottom of it.

10.-God, the Creator of the Earth and Mankind, is with us to lead us to the other side of this Century, but we will not make it if we do not begin to walk.

11.—Resuming :

A : End to the Age of the Paper, of the Black Oil, and of the Coal. End to the Atomic Age. End to the Nuclear Plant Technology. End to the Fire Rocket Technology.

B: Beginning of the Solar Energy Age and the Interactivity with the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth as Sources of Transportation and Home Living. Reforestation at World Scale of the Mountains and Plains. Reduction of the Air Public Transportation to a minimum till the Jump from energy to energy is done.

Conclusion : Mankind has a room of 30, 40 years to  proceed. If nothing is done, Mankind is doomed. The Inertia already on is wild, and is out of control.

The Pseudo-Scientist Community, heir of the 20th Century, is slave of the Public and the Private and like Judas from old, is selling Mankind with a Kiss, Technology, for 30 coins. But if the pseudo-scientists of these days think that they and their master will survive to the Explosion of the Ring of Fire, they are out of their minds. Freedom was the goal of the Modern Age Science, how she became slave of the classical powers  from the beginning living upon the blood and the flesh of the human race, this is a question they have to answer to themselves.

The Truth is written. Now only rest to see what we will do.