1. The sin of Adam has injured not only the body, but also the soul of man.

2. The sin of Adam has injured not only himself but his posterity; and not merely the death of the body, but also sin, the death of the soul, has by one man come into the world.

3. Grace is not only granted when we pray for it, but grace itself works in us to pray for it.

4. God does not wait for our desire to be cleansed from sin, but HE works this desire in us Himself by means of His Spirit.

5. As the growth, so also the beginning of faith, the disposition for faith, is wrought by grace, and is not in us by nature. Were this faith naturally in us, then all who are not Christians would necessarily be believers.

6. It is not correct to say that the divine mercy is imparted to us when we (by our own strength) believe, knock, etc. Rather it is divine grace which works in us, so that we believe, knock, etc. Grace not merely helps the humility and obedience of man, but it is the gift of grace that he is humble and obedient.

7. Without grace, and merely from natural powers, we can do nothing which belongs to eternal salvation; neither thinks nor will in a proper manner, nor consent to the preaching of the gospel.

8. It is not correct to say that some attain to the grace of baptism by the mercy of God, others by their own free will, which was weakened by Adam's sin.

9. All good thoughts and works are the gift of God.

10. Even the saints need divine aid.

11. We can vow nothing to God but what we have first received from Him.

12. What in us is loved by God is God's own gift.

13. The free will weakened in Adam is restored only by the grace of baptism.

14. One who is unhappy can be delivered from his misery only by prevenient divine grace.

15. The condition of Adam appointed by God was changed by sin : the condition of man brought about by sin is changed in the faithful by the grace of God.

16. All that we have is the gift of God. If anyone fails to recognize in any good, that he has it from God, either he has it not, or it will be taken from him.

17. That which makes the heathen strong is worldly desire; that which makes Christians strong is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.

18. Unmerited grace goes before the most meritorious works.

19. Even if human nature had still the integrity in which it was created, it yet could not preserve itself without the aid of the Creator. If, however, it is unable without grace to preserve the safety which it has obtained, much less can it regain that which was lost.

20. God works much good in man which man does not work; but man works no good the performance of which God does not enable him to do.

21. The law does not justify, and grace does not consist, as some maintain, in the natural dispositions of man. The law was there, and did not justify; nature was there, and did not justify. But Christ has died to fulfill the law, and to restore the nature which was ruined through Adam.

22. That which man has of his own is only falsehood and sin. What he possesses in truth and righteousness he has from God.

23. When man does evil, he fulfills his own will; but if he does good, he fulfills the will of God, yet with free will.

24. He who has Christ in him and remains in Christ, advantages only himself thereby, and not Christ.

25. The love of God is itself a gift of God.


Second Synod at Orange, A.D. 529. .







Whatever it is there to say, if there is something to say, we got to stick to those conclusions made out from our own eyes’ observations, leaving behind theories whose only value is related to the impossibility to demonstrate their falsehood. At the end of the day at the feet of this stupid dilemma comes to die the entire Cosmology of the XXTH Century. No wonder the nations of the XXTH Century ran to the slaughter singing songs of scientific freedom.


POINT ONE : The eyes say that according to the universal, one way circular motion ascribed to all the star of our heavens, the astrophysical stability of its image in the eye of an observer requires that the velocity of the stars, around a common galactic nucleus, be increased with the distance. However, this simple truth is observed nowhere. This Phenomenon causes no shame to the Astronomers, probably because they don’t know what Shame is. Did they not throw to the garbage the common sense? Logic is not a common sense thing?

Whatever, but to stick to the point I say it again: the Constellational Navigation Chart is more than a Babylonian map from the Chaldeans passed on to the Greeks; the astrophysical stability of Heavens’ image is written in the phylogenetic structure of the Birds. I mean the completed book of the astronomical maps from the beginning of the civilization copied, that the Constellational Navigation Chart has stayed unchanged through the Millennia.

The observed non multiplication of the speed of the stars according to the distance from the center of the galaxy says that what we see is due to the motion of stars moving in orbits inside the realm of areas with proper horizons, touching one another as do physical walls, this way creating a kind of accordion motion, by which no harm is done to the Bird’s Phylogenetic Structure : because this Macro-Molecular Astrophysical Structure is the source of that Navigator they are born with.

This on one hand. If you work with the eyes of your face you will arrive to this final statement. Astronomers are blinded by the structure of the dilemma by which that that cannot be proved wrong it must be right.

But let’s hope that they shall correct their path.

They are sick; and this is a fact. It was one of their greatest scientists of the past century who made it clear that the suicidal behavior of the species is related to the false nature of the information, and when being false, suicidal destruction of the species is the result.

It is a Wonder to think that World War is not suicidal behavior, but Evolution.

And it is a still a greater wonder to hear them say that War is a tool in the hands of their Evolution Theory.

Geometrically considered the point in question, it is easy to understand why the first astronomers declared themselves for a Heavens without motion. If we follow their way of thinking there is nothing more natural than their conclusion. Considering that the Navigation Chart is based on stars situated at different distances from the Earth, the intensity of light determining this observation, from a Geometer ground the stability of the constellational images denies a circular motion around a common center, because this would imply a multiplication of the speed with the distance, and once assumed that the number of stars increase with the distance, it would means that the background of Heavens would be full of stars moving faster and faster, this way creating a wall of light as Horizon to the Universe.

This phenomenon seen as an absurd, the stability of the Constellational Chart affirmed them in the thought of Heavens being static in space. And this is absolutely right from the point of view of the relative motion.

If you are a lover of Geometry you know what I mean; if you are an astronomer, no matter the truth, you would do as the atomic physician of the CERN, who after having discovered the stupidity in the General Relativity they have stated that they will not move from the ground where they are. Particles cannot travel faster than light, and if one does, they don’t care.

They got the Power; it is not them but Truth which got to be on its knees before Science.

Wisdom gave Science her back, so what? Did not Science crucified Truth anyway?


POINT TWO : Run a sun on a circular trajectory, now shoot a planet hitting this trajectory as planets usually do.

You will find that after a certain amount of time and space gone your sweet little planet will try to escape from its orbit around its sun, but all it will do is to fall back, creating a loop. They call this simple fact Retrograde of the Planets, and as they have no clue where their noses are, they dress this simple fact inside one of those boxes where no one can stick their hands, and so, these magicians of the atomic age have fallen lower than their predecessors: the astrologer wizards.

The ultimate fact is that the Sun is not the Center but a star belonging to an open cluster whose main mass is Sirius. It is the fact of the retrograding of the Planets which speak of the Sun orbiting inside Sirius Open Cluster. The rest is nuts.

The poor fellows still think they are gods and can run the laws of the universe at will, changing them at their pleasure and even adjusting the image of the entire Cosmos to their passion for gold and fame. At the end of the day that’s all about with them, gold and fame, truth the product, the question is how much.

If you bother to disturb yourself, God forbid that I do so, take a look at it, you will see that the retrograde motion is a half Analemma, which means nothing, but remind us of the infinite stupidity of the astronomers of the XXTH Century, people incapable to see with their eyes the things going on before their own noses, but very much able to see the far away galaxies.

People who know that there are not single stars hitting the Heavens, have no shame when dealing with the Sun, “our beloved Star is the exception” they say. Of course, common sense says that the Sun is one Star, and accordingly got to have a companion, this is to say, got to be a part of a cluster.

And so, talking on the fathers of the XXTH Century Cosmology, those who could not see the hundreds of Analemma by the lesser stars created around their giants companions, hardly can see the relation between the nature of the XXth Century’s World Wars and the nature of the Information they were passing on to the Nations.

You may say that I am hard on them; I answer you that we are dealing with the worst kind of criminal mind to find on Earth, one to stab you on the back to death in the name of the Future of Science.

Three facts out of two points for this morning breakfast. The regular speed ruling the motion of all the stars in heavens denies the existence of that one-way, universal motion around a gravitational center. From the persistence of the Phylogenetic Navigational Chart natural to the Birds, a creation meaning millions of years during which those Images were kept constant, with their relative alterations, we can finally say that the Cosmology of the Twenty Century was one of the main forces leading the Nations to the slaughter; and, if maintained alive in this century, that force got to lead the Nations to a New World War.

The Star Systems behave like atoms in the realm of a macro-molecule.

The Sun is a member of the Sirius Open Cluster, it moves in its own orbit and this orbit is the cause of the Retrograde movement of the Planets.


POINT THREE: Now we come down to Earth. Of course, there are still hundreds of questions on the Heavens, but one by one all shall be answered along this XXIst Century.

Talking about Life we said that the Creation of Life on Earth was done under a level of universal energy much higher than it is now. If we compare the time already gone, between the creation of the Heavens and our own days, we may say that our heavens have been under an expansion motion, Life coming around at that time when the diameter of Heavens was much shorter as it is now.

Common sense says that in the Beginning the stars were younger and the radiation created, as a whole, being much higher than it is now, created a universal level of energy much higher than the actual going on.

Whether you take it from the stand point of the madness of the XXth Century’s Cosmology, or from the Wisdom of the Introduction to the Creation of the Universe according Genesis by Cristo Raul, the fact is that the expansion of the galactic area between the creation of the Tree of Life on Earth and the Coming of the Man is a fact.

Being an absolute stupidity the Origin of The Milky Way according the XXth Century, the astronomer blinded themselves following the fashion of the times, which required a mind doctor to journey through madness before dealing with madness. The madness in the method being clear, but the nations followed blind masters, and they fell into the hell of the world war because, well : War is a True Evolution Tool, isn’t?

The thing is that a blind man needs a dog, but being I a man it is not to me to pity the bastard. They love Hell, let them go to Hell. They led the nations to the slaughter in the name of the Science. Which takes us to a similar spot. Power needs a dog. The Devil came around and gave it Science. Ever since, scientists bark as their mother, Death, against Christianity.

You don’t want a nuclear war? You will have it in the name of Science, to prove that there is no God.

This was the ultimate goal of the Scientist Community of the XXTH Century, and Total Destruction is still blowing in the wind.

Ergo, the Future of a World depends on the nature of the Knowledge it gets. And vice versa, from the behavior of a world you can realize the nature of the information is working with. Being the scientist community the human organ of acquisition of knowledge, which decides the path of a species, they close their eyes and want to know nothing on self-criticism.

A particle travelling faster than light? An heretic particle, burn it!

People is so cute! they don’t know that was not the Church who jailed Galileo Galilei, but the University which wanted his head. The pressure of the scientist community became so great that the Church, and this was her fault, gave way. As Pilates of old, yesterday as today, after the Massive Attack upon the Biosphere during the Atomic Age, the Scientific Community simply wash their hands.

Unfortunately, so to speak in the name of so many millions of men who had lost their eyes-vision because the radiation coming from that Massive Attack and the destruction of the Ozone Wall, not to talk about the wave of cancer in the name of Peace they cultivated with so much love, I got to say : God was in the Beginning and God is at the End. It is He who has taken the decision to cure Science from Blindness, this way erasing from the Mind of Men the suicidal force which Science is breeding with so much care. In the meantime we got to stick to the Facts.

Creation of Life implies a high level of energy in the astrophysical system. And Evolution of Life implies a different level, which comes all by itself as the expansion of the system goes on. Remember that the Stars transform gravity in natural forces; as the Universal Gravitational Field is transformed the interstellar forces decline, creating the expansive motion. What we see in God’s Intervention, taken place in Genesis’ Fourth Day, we can call an acceleration of the natural process. And at the same time a Cultivation of the Branch of the Tree of the Species by which the Anthropos was to be born.

Talking about the Origin of Man we come to knock again on the door of that Mad House which was the XXth Century Cosmology.

To cut short a long History we may say that the phylogenetic line of Man is the oldest in the Planet, and it is due to this fact that his brain is the highest living system on Earth. Man comes from the Anthropos, and the Anthropos’ Line never was broken; its beginning was in the First Wave of Life coming out of the waters beneath the firmament of Heavens.

We see in the gone world of the dinosaurs that with them entire branches of the Tree of Life were gone; many were before them and many should be gone after them. But the Branch of the Anthropos was never broken; the Mammal Kingdom which came out of the waters during the First Wave, also gave way to new species which also were to be gone. The mammals as we know it, they came during the Great Second Wave, right after the fall of the World of the Dinosaurs. But the Anthropos was already in the Forest from the very origin of the Dinosaurs World. When the Second Wave came around, during the Fifth Day, the Brain of the Anthropos was already the greatest living system on Earth.

To top their idiocy the Scientific Community wants us to believe that donkeys fly, and one of them, in form of a shooting star, fell on Earth and destroy the World of the Dinosaurs. Had any proof on the table, well, we would give it a second thought, but the entire System of the XXth Century Cosmology was based on this principle : “I can't prove myself right, but you can't prove me wrong; ergo, I am right”.

Oxygen, as I said in the Introduction to the Creation of the Universe according Genesis, was the real “shooting Star” which blew away the World of the Dinosaurs, because their impossibility to adapt to the new atmosphere.

TRUTH will be the “shooting star” to erase from Science the XXth Century Cosmology and push Atheism to the Grave where the heroes of the Modern World do rest in peace.

A long time ago FAITH resurrected the poor thing, Science, from the grave where the Barbarian threw her. God had mercy on her and said: “Rise, on your feet”. The Church nursed the poor thing, and when the thing became strong she showed her evil nature declaring war on that same One who had mercy on her.

The damage that Science had done to Civilization it will be not forgotten. We will conquer what belong to us, and every new root detected trying to get out of its grave to bring the Hell of Atheism on us, we will deal with it as with the Devil itself, no pity no mercy for the madman who promises Utopia with one hand and with the other brings us total destruction.


POINT FOUR : But this gorgeous astrophysical system that extended at the feet of Life the Kingdom of the Plants as a carpet, it would have been not perfect if Earth herself should have not been perfected with a structure from which the energy coming into the Biosphere is equal to the reason ruling the moment.

You see Earth and you see the global mass of the continents on one hemisphere. And you have the Planet turning around its axis. You got not to be a genius to understand that this concentration of mass is the cause of the bending of the Axis, and consequently the factor determining the quantity of solar energy entering in the Biosphere, according to the rule of the moment.

Everybody knows that the distribution of mass upon the surface of an object in rotation effects a variation in the angular rotation of its axis. God solved this equation by creating a Lithospheric Ring rotating upon a liquid mass on fire, by which solidity it is maintained the Angular Rotation of the Axis of the Earth equal in time.

The tracks of the Forces that God deployed during the Fusion of the Crust are still to be seen under the oceans. The rising of the Mountain Ranges during the Second Day created a geophysical system of liberation of the energy accumulated by this Lithospheric Ring, the Ring of Fire the Main Line of that System.

As I said before, in the Introduction to the Creation of the Universe, Earth’s Core is a transformer of Gravity into Natural Forces, as all the stars are. It creates heat all by itself. This Natural Universal Reality causes the expansion of the Globe of the Earth. From here Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Being Earth’s Core a Micro-Star which depends on the Solar Energy to keep working, its rhythm of work comes determined by the quantity of solar energy reaching her Core. As the growth of the Tree of Life depended on a system ruled by a temperature equal to the evolution of the global structure, only a Lithosphere subjected to an angular rotation equal to itself through the different ages could grant God the Victory He was looking for when He said: “Let’s make Man to our Image”, this is to say, a son of God.

This stability is guaranteed forever and ever by the fixed structure of the Lithospheric Ring. Which lead us, again and again, against the stupidity of the Geology of the XXth Century and its “visionary” visions about Continents hitchhiking through the highway of the Magmatic Ring.


FIFTH POINT. This fifth point you can figure it out all by yourself. I will sign these four, will you sign yours? Get paper, draw lines, try to untie the shoes of the ancient philosophers, see the world and the universe with your own eyes, use the highest system on Earth, your brain, expel the works of the dead from your table, to the hell with their heirs, no one conquers freedom for himself with the arm of someone else, such a thing doesn’t exist, don´t be stupid. Have few days for you, don’t let nobody kill your time.



Part 2


There was once upon a time when some fellows thought all families of mankind, race question not bothering their wisdom, to be children of one and only couple, Adam and Eve, they said. You may laugh to death, if you want to, ignorance is not the monopoly of no one. Why those fellows treat their own brothers in blood as pigs and dogs, mystery is, but you don’t cross words with a deaf, at least that you enjoy some kind of telepathy, and, even so, to make joke you need two, what if the deaf does not enjoy that supernatural property? The moral of the tale is that dogs and pigs became the masters, but could not get rid of their good time in the wild, if any good in it it’s to be found, and they adopted the theory of the blacks and yellows, and reds and whites and greens, humans, becoming all from the same dick, if you know what I mean. Of course, such a theory was born to make of those fellows the joke of the world, and laughter to death was heard a lot, in the days of good old Athens and Rome, needless to say the heirs of the Romans did, not to die, but laugh heartily.

However, as in those fairy tales where the hunter becomes the game and the game the hunter, idiocy being not particularly attached to one single name, those who laughed to death, but not die, after a while, when the tears dry their eyes and wet their cheeks, making them look like roses and lilies, so sweet, those same once dogs and pigs came about swearing to death that all men came from a black dick, oh yes. But you know, these were very serious men, indeed, scientists all. And so, from the dick of a Jew it came to happen that all men came not; because, we were all born from the dick of a black man.

A difference was there though, and this difference got to be noted, and that difference between both jokers reside in this, that while the Jews made one single dick the source of all the nations on Earth, the scientist fellows made the spring of all, black and white, red and yellow and green, a bunch of dicks. However, all blacks, the dicks. A very serious theory, don’t you think?

But then came the Pithecanthropus, and the Atapuerca’s son of a bitch, bastards all, stupid bones making of the Darwin School the joke of the future. And as the Future is here, I laugh heartily.

It is a most conspicuous law, the one around the mosquito and the elephant, if you please to mind the gap. Scientists lives by that law ever since Reason fell in the House of the Atheism. They are all Pilatus’s Disciples, they are never responsible of the blood by their theories promoted. War is a Tool in the hand of Evolution, didn’t you know? Germans knew.

Me, a fellow very much formed in the School of trusting no one while walking in this hell of a world, I had a lot of fun when reading those conclusions, and more and more I have while seeing them changing their conclusions according the times.

From this I tell that the behavior of the scientific community is – old good Pasteur and Curie family taken apart- the study most disgusting to read. They asked for the head of Galileo Galilei, the church said “what”, and they asked again for the head of Galileo Galilei, “but why?” was the church’s response, and a third time they asked for the head of Galileo Galilei, until finally they got what they wanted, killing two birds from one shot. Of course the vulgo saw what Pilatus wanted them to see, and the church took the blame for the crime of the university. Ever since the university has become the most pernicious brain washing machine.

The nail in position let’s talk free.

Only a fool will believe in the theory of the Jews, and you got to be the perfect idiot to nurse the conclusion of a decimononical Science swearing on Africa as the Cradle of Mankind. To hold this delusion the university invented the fiction of the continents, while the Tree of Species was on the run, surfing the waves of the sea. Have they lost their mind?

Why were the Jews no good in the head, and were scientists mentally sane when sustaining the same thing? I got it, this they would not answer, mostly because if someone brought the question on the table his future in the university was “caput”. And you know, Truth is to buy and to sale. Tell any scientist to sign ... whatever ... but before, don’t forget, sign him a check, cash always better, and a scientist will sing the song you want to. Transgenic is healthy, an example. Or the nuclear attack on the Biosphere during the Atomic Age, no related to Cancer and Blindness. Oh no. As a fellow put it once to me, in my face, you are ill because you are a sinner. Ergo, atomic bombs don’t kill, your sin kills you.

Reality is the basis of the Future.

I don’t like to bring the Bible on every line because prejudice is a big deal. Curiously enough the Lord of the Ducks gave it scientific form, to the divine Speech, and though the University shut his mouth, the more so because he was of a German Blood, a Nazi in the womb, no wonder he gave up the study of men and surrender his wonderful brain to the ducks, if you know whom am talking of, this man said it with all the words : “The Knowledge of the truth is the foundation of the Future of the Living things, of all the living forms”. The answer to it of the University was clear. Of course we know, motherfucker, now shut up, we are the sons of Pilatus and in this state we got to be kept, understood?

God said it in His words: You got to know where you come from and where you’re going, and to reach your goal, you got to know Reality. Well He didn’t say it with these words, but as am coming out of His Divine Dick I feel backed up enough to put it that way. After all clay is clay and the only thing that make clay to talk is the Magic of the Breath in the face, so to speak.

In our days, Knowledge is called Information, but this is a perversion of the nature of Reality. What both words have in common is, mostly, Scientists and Politicians fucking in the same bed.

Socrates, my friend, is dead. There was once upon a time a Newton, and a Cuvier, and a Pierre Curie…. Yes, Science is dead. Technology has taken the place. Technology has no moral, no ethics, no humanity. Scientists are dead. To the Scientist was the Description of Reality, Universal and Local. To the Technicians of today is the Manipulation of Reality.

The failure of Science a reality, technology has to manipulate reality. And this is all about.

To turn back to our main path, we understand that the Three of Life spread its roots on the Main Continents around the Equator at the same time, being the pulse of evolution the same for all the first lines of the human type. The races of men had the birth in the same day, and the proof is that when the Civilization came about the first cities spread all around the world, and had their birth around the same time, the Neolithic Age.

The contrary, the root of the species springing from one primitive global continent sailing the seas to take to America the First Pilgrims, and so on, it is a theory to make the perfect idiot, that perfect idiot to be butchered in the name of flag and country. One World War, in Two World Wars, are you ready to for a Third World War? Watch out, boy, because they don’t know how to get out of the Crisis and in the meantime we humans keep procreating like rats. Why do they not follow the rule of the Chinese, or adopt the policy of Mister Obama? Kill the man in the womb!

The failure of Science to radiography the Structure of Reality was called Cosmology from the moment that the holy ghost of the New Pagan Religion, the Scientific Atheism, invaded the kingdom of the Truth and made Reason its God. Not to accuse, but to learn, I say it, that Mankind is doomed to Extinction from the moment Man sold Wisdom and bought War as the Road to World Civilization. Adam was, let’s all the Jews to hear, the first Man on Earth that called his fellow men to “Holy War”. God made Man to His Image, and Man made his choice: “Fuck Peace!”

You can’t teach a donkey to fly.

No one can. Well, Science taught it could do so.

Adam though that without God he could bring Civilization to the Four Regions of the World; Science thought that without God she can make “the kingdom of heavens” on Earth. Adam is dead, Science is dead. She made herself a wonderful grave, XXth Century Cosmology.

Science could not reach Reality; ergo Science would invent a New Reality.

The Far East religious mentality saw as the Source of the Cosmos a kind of sleepy god opening and closing his eyes. He wakes up, here it comes, a new universe; he fell asleep; here it goes, to the rubbish, that universe. And so on and so forth.

The West thought the source of the cosmos a thing called Gravity which once at a time eats all the matter and once at a time expels that matter.

I never really knew which of both theory is more full of shit, but giving it a second thought the only difference between both is that in the Far East vision the Cosmos comes and goes through the eyes of the thing; but the black hole where the cosmos comes from and goes to, according to the West, while being an hole, oh yeah, is not in the face exactly.

Reality is beyond our Power of manipulation.

You can manipulate yourself. You may construct the most magic and wonderful of the universes, for you, but it always will be in your head. You can die for it and you can kill for it, to find out at the end of the day that all and all it was the product of your madness, you were a madman, lived like one and died like one.

Have you not got the right to do so? To construct your own world?

Let’s say yes, of course, if you were living alone in a world in contact with no soul, yes, you could. But from the moment that your world interferes with the life of another soul, “Game is over”.

You might say then, that you have no freedom. And me, in the name of the other soul, I answer you: Motherfucker, go to hell and kill your mother if she is for and with you.

If you build a reality counting exclusively on you, you become a madman and your reality is madness.

Ergo, when Science gave herself to create a reality of her own and for her own, acting as the Church didn’t exist, Science became a School of madmen, and her cosmology the madness of the XXth Century.

Failure leads to recognizance the own capacity to overcome a challenge.

If you build a reality to hide from yourself and from everybody, your failure, to say that God does not exist, no matter how innocent and pure may be your intention, when not taking in mind the existence of the world as it is, you become a madman, and Society is doomed.

How do you call the Two World Wars and the Nuclear Attack on the Biosphere during the Atomic Age?

Let’s say that a Peace Maker is not the one who runs to separate Cain and Abel, but the one who turns his back and let the Syrian Butcher to commit genocide against the Syrian People. Power have a tremendous Reason to manipulate words and minds.

The Question is why Reality is ruled by Universal?

And this is the biggest question ever a man had put on the table. To reach the Nature of Reality you got to deal with it. I’m saying that nor even God can manipulate the Universals Law upon which Reality is founded.

I say it: Melons don’t grow in apple trees.

Are you an idiot? You want Peace for everybody and you call on Holy War as the Road to Universal happiness! Wake up. I drink, I get drank. I stab you, you bleed. There is Organized Crime because there is money. There is women trafficking because there are very honest buyers paying the sex-working-proletarian-woman the service. Take the one out and there will be no two.

Reality is to the Universe what Earth to Mankind. We don’t make the Earth, we live in it, we can play with nature; we can’t change Nature. The Universe can’t change Reality, the Universe is defined by Reality. God lives in It. God became One with It. We can’t picture a Reality without God. Reality is in God. He defines the Creation, but not the Nature of Reality. He said it: “I am who I am”. Ergo: Not even God can change God’s Nature. To live Free Will we must to count on the God who says “I am who I am”, because if God cannot change the Nature of God, how shall we?

There are Universal Laws. Society is founded on Law. Law has not the function of destroy Liberty, but to teach us how to live Freedom without being a tyrant one to another.

This life is mi life, you cannot take it; from the moment you think it is of your Freedom’s dominion to take ne down, you accuse the Law of being a tyranny depriving you of the exercise of your free will; from that moment you are a madman.

The Law, by God decreed for all the Creation to follow, got to be taken as the Column of the Universal Peace of Mankind. There can be no Justice done without the death of the Tyrant. Justice was done to the Americans with the death of Osama Bin laden. Justice will be done to the Syrian People with the death of the Butcher of Damascus.







We have seen, and those who didn’t or don’t they matter not much, that the fabric of the Universe is based on one single Principle: THE LAW. Those who think God as a kind of Magician making the Universe out from a nothingness, they are not good in their head. Those who think that God has brought to the Universe a New Law to put the Universe on its knees; they are no good in the head neither. God and the Law are one and only reality.

Matter, Space and Time are of the same nature of God Himself, this is to say, of Uncreated Nature. God may destroy the Universe, but God cannot create a Universe except by and through laws natural to Space, Matter and Time. This is not a limitation of God’s Power, but an identification of the Intelligence of God with the Laws of the Uncreated Nature of Matter, Time and Space.

The existence of Matter, Space and Time, in an abridged form called Eternity and Infinity, being of the same nature of God, Creation came to be possible through God’s recognizance of the Universality of the Law ruling the inner Nature of the Cosmos. God cannot change that Law, but becoming one with it, God could, and did, revolutionize the Cosmic System. Uncreation gave way to Creation.

The Law of Infinity and Eternity on the system of Life in the Universe is one and simple: “A World based on War as the engine of its Civilization is doomed to its total self-destruction”. This Law is beyond the Power of the Creator of the Universe.

The Creation was not, and is not, based on the alteration of the Laws of Nature. (We call here Nature the result of the interrelation between Space, Matter and Time). Not at all. Creation is based on the Supremacy of the Law, through which mastery God can act as the Gardener giving shape to the tree by playing with the branches already growing. Of course, the Revolution of Creation means God choosing the Seed of the Tree of Life itself, by which Act God knows from the beginning which will be the Branch to evolve from animal to life at His own Image.

We see, therefore, that God does not erase the Laws of Nature; all the contrary, it is playing with its Supremacy that Eternity and Infinity open to His Act of Creation unlimited possibilities.

It was taking this Supremacy on account that God brought the Law to the frontline, and because the Supremacy of the Law is the Basis of the Civilization, He fought back the Transgression by rising Death Penalty on the Soldier, of whatever rank, be prince, general or lieutenant, coming out of the military barracks to wage War on the People. “You eat, you die”, this is the Law.

From the Divine Book we see that this Law is supreme.

In the case we are giving to study (the Eden Chapter) the Transgressors were two sons of God. Both were subjected to the Universal Law, both were giving Death penalty according to the Law. Later on, to end the matter, God sent His First Born Son to an encounter of life or death, the Supremacy of the Law once again commanding the action. Through the Son of God Himself the Last Word on the Relation between God and the Law was giving: Any man, of any rank or social status, political or religious, rising Civil War, or International War, or World War, is subjected to Death Penalty, non-exception. From the King who sits on the Throne of God to the lesser soldier of the commanding line, all of them, non-exception, are subjected to the Eternal Law on War: Death Penalty on the Law of Peace Transgressors!

From this Fact, based on Six Thousand Years of Experience, on one hand, and the Experience of the Cross, on the other hand, we understand that the Right of the Foot Soldier to rise against a Commander decided on Civil War: It is Supreme.

The Soldier has the Supreme Right of putting down the Command Line driving him to Civil War.

The Soldier has the Right to execute his commander on the spot if his life is in danger.

The Act of Civil War has one Prize: Death!

The Soldier will never trespass the Door of his Military Home based on political or religious questions. The soldier only can leave his Military Barrack on the basis of an Invasion of the Frontiers of the Nation.

These first facts established let’s keep on progressing on the subject.

The foolish of a World without a Military Defense Body is a Suicide. It will be as self-destructive as a human body deprived of its immunological system. In the very Beginning of the Creation of His Kingdom God Himself thought so, and did according to His feeling. This faith, this is to say, a kingdom without army will be beyond War, and always in Peace, this faith cost Him dear. War became the Big Game of the kings. Against this Game, hoping to give it an end, God brought forth the Law: Death Penalty upon the kings themselves if they dared to begin a New Game.

In the Book of God we read that the kings became so fond of the Game of War that not even the Fear of the Law could keep them away from the battlefield. Earth became the battlefield of the Princes of the Universe. God’s Anger was right and just. But the fact of His displeasure and confusion did not at all soften the lot of humans. It is now more than Six Thousand Years that we are living in a situation of World Civil War.

To end this Situation is in our hands. And not because we can do what God cannot: to fool the Law; but because the Death Penalty on the Transgressor of our Race was transformed into a Prison Sentence for a space of time only known to God, after which time the Human Race had to be given the chance to stand on its feet and say its last word : Peace Forever or War to the end.

The choice belongs to the Nations. As an individual every man has his own word. We see on the ground the choice the Syrian Butcher has made: War to the end. He will die, and the Commanding line of the Syrian Butcher will be put to the death, to the last man.

We are not concerned in here with the Tyrants of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and those who threat the nations with civil war in the case they were prosecuted according to their crimes. History is a Book and we must take the Book to its conclusion. We got to take conclusions.

There are men on Earth that will rather put the world on flames than to live by the Law. This is not a pessimist conclusion. We are seeing this reality, alive, as it is going on in Syria. Also we are seeing what is going on in Europe today, wherein Germany is sucking the blood of the nations in the name of her own prosperity, Stalinism her new political system, a dowry from the daughter of Hitler, Berlin, to Deutschland. Of course, to see we got to have eyes, and not only to have eyes, but to open the eyes to the reality as it is. Murderers and thieves oversee the Nations. This is the reality. This is the consequence of a World based on War as the engine of its Economy and Civilization. If we keep running on this train the logical end will be the self-destruction of our world. They’re messing with the sky month after month, they see the effect on the ground, tornadoes, outer space waves of ice-cold, floods, but they can’t stop the engines, the train is going on all by inertia, pushed by the millennia to the abyss of self-destruction. It is the Law. Politicians are beyond control. Scientists want to know nothing. We must take the wheel. This is the final move.

But let’s get back to the main subject: The Right of the Soldier to rise against his Commander and to execute him in case of threat to his own life.

The Creation is based on one Principle: Life to the Image of God. This means: that the Right of Man as Individual to Self-defense is Supreme. Ergo, if pushed to Civil War, the Law on Civil War being Death, the Soldier’s life being threatened, the Soldier got the Right to put down the Commander on his knees, and in case of threat to his life to execute the mad on the spot.

It is on this Divine Right that a Civilization can hold Peace Forever and its Future can keep keeping on the run without being shaken by the obvious changeable circumstances always waiting on the other side of the centuries.

History has been a record of blood and carnages because the Power of Commanders to kill soldiers at pleasure. Once the Civilization was based on Death Power and not on the Nature of the Law, Right was taken away from the soldier. It is not the commanding line who saves the nations, but the Soldier : his blood and flesh. It is time, then, to bring forward the Law and take back to the Soldier what belongs to him by Creation: The Right to put down the murderer, whether a lieutenant a mayor or a general, and to execute him on the spot in case of Self-Defense.

It is only on this Right that the Civilization can count on when the hour comes to separate Politics and Defense. Civil War has a prize, Death penalty. No excuse, not justification. The changes of mood between the politicians and the people got to be resolved by the civil laws, any intrusion of the Soldier in the circumstance means Civil War. The meaning of the Army being the Defense of the Frontiers, Civil War is an invasion of the Nation from the inside. In this situation all the “invaders” are characterized as an alien army, and, therefore, all are under the Law on War: Death Penalty!

The mission of the Soldier being the Peace of the Nation, it is his duty to fight back Civil War by putting down the transgressors on the spot, not allowing their Commanmders, being at the service of political interest, to trespass the door of their military stations.

We have had Six Thousand Years of World Civil War because this Divine Right was taken away from the Soldier. Giving back to the Soldier what belong to him, the Right to defend the Nation from madmen, tyrants and murderers under the skin of kings, prime ministers, presidents and so on, in doing so, we give Peace a Body, flesh and blood; and to the daring insane men putting their own interests upon the good of the nation we give them a choice : Life or Death.