The State has the function of promoting Right and Law between the Individuals. Society is based on the genius of the Individual after all. The Individual as Being is Supreme. Society exists only because his genius: and the Call of Nature to Civilization puts at the feet of Man the higher state of existence in which the genius of the Individual reaches its top stage. The State therefore is an Entity created by a Society of Individuals regarding the Edification of Civilization upon the Basis of the Supremacy of the Individual into the Realm of Right and Law.

Let’s put it this way. We have Cain and Abel. Right and Law is there. But Cain put down the State while assuming for himself the Power of the State, becoming a murderer. It seems clear that the function of the State has been abolished and turned into the criminal arm of Cain. But the State was created to stand between Cain and Abel and make impossible any crime, fratricide or civil war.

The State is a Body created by the Society of Individuals to promote Right and Law, and to stop straight from the source any movement of the Individual in the direction of Crime and Tyranny.

Given this function of the State the Power of the State to promote Right and Law and Stop the Individual moving to Corruption and Crime got to be Supreme; this is to say, the State is the Projection of the Individual to the higher state of Power conceived by the Society for the sake of the growth, in Time and Space, of Civilization.

While created by the genius of the Individual, the State is an Entity apart from the Individuals, which exists in the Heart of Society to maintain the genius of Civilization in Freedom. Accordingly, again, the State got to be All-Powerful to exert its Nature: The Promotion of Right and Law, and stop Corruption and Crime.

Christian as we are, having been given a Model of Civilization, and this Model created to give to Society the Higher state of Growth, we look at this Model as disciples studying the work of their Mentor, all of us moved by the mental principle that the work of this Mentor is the highest realization to be reached by a single Individual, this Individual being God. We see this principle ruling the Nature of the State in the Crown of the God-King.

As Society cannot by itself bring into Civilization an All-Powerful State based on an Incorruptible Disposition to promote Right and Law among the Individuals, God Himself becomes that All-Powerful Head of the State. This way while leaving Civilization in the hands of the genius of the Individuals, by assuming Himself the Head of the Universal State, God shows us the Nature of the Relation between State and Society. The State is there to sustain Freedom and Life, and at the same time, as God cannot be assaulted, or put on His knees, the State is an entity created for the sake of all, a Body beyond the power of the Political Power.

Returning to the case of Cain and Abel, a State founded on Right and Law, its Nature beyond the interests of the Individuals, that State should have moved on and placed itself between the brothers to stop crime and bring Cain to his senses. Fratricide,  Civil War, is the rising of Murder to the dimension of the State. Cain said: “I am the State”, this is to say “I am God”.

We see this declaration over and over again being uttered through the millennia. As a matter of fact this assumption of the Individual becoming the State, this is to say, of being God, is the main cause perturbing the existence of Civilization on Earth ever since the Siege of the State by the seed of Cain was completed.

The History of the West Civilization is the record of a constant struggle between Society and Individual; struggle which will reach its final higher stage the day when a simple man may rises to defy a Government to the point of making fall a tyrant before the eyes of the entire nation within the security that no hair will fall off his head during the process.

Man, as Creation of God, is Supreme in his Source, Perfect in his Nature, and complete in His genius. Without this Individual there is no Society; therefore, the opposition of a Political Body to the rise of the voice of the people asking Justice and Freedom, right then and there, turns any State coming to the rescue of that Political Body into a criminal organization, and a criminal body ready to kill, to crush, over and over again, the genius of the Individual, upon which, in the first instance, came Civilization to existence.

Again, we see in the case of Syria the madness of an Individual declaring himself the State, this is to say, God; and God having the Power of Life and Death, the Syrian Butcher behaves accordingly, killing and crushing and massacring entire populations. Not that this Madness is a Syrian pathology. French Revolution was directed against the Madness of the Sun King, who had not shame to say “I am the State”, ergo: “I am God”. Soviet Revolution was directed against the “Czar-God” too.

The entire History of our Civilization is, straight from the start, a non-stop struggle to build this State born to promote Law and Right against Crime and Corruption.

The aim of the kings and queens and emperors were always to be like a God. To become the Head of the State was their madness.

The State is an Entity beyond the Individuals, created by the Individual for the sake of Social Freedom. This leads us to look at the State as the Model by our God set in motion in His Kingdom.

We see a perfect Separation of Powers in the realm of the Civilization of the Kingdom of God. When God assumes the Head of the State, He raises between people and people an All-Powerful Head born to perform these Two Main functions: Promote Justice and Peace, and stop Corruption and Crime in the name of Civilization.

Politics is bound to rule Society in the Realm of Intelligence, and this is its glory. Word is the Power of Politics. Any movement of Politics in direction of deploying Force makes of the day’s Government a Criminal Organization.

The Nature of Politics is the Word, and, because, the Government of the Nation go to be deprived, by the Separation of Justice and Government of the Temptation to identify itself with the State. If a ruling party cannot find the answer to the questions on the table, the Government got to leave Power and leave the stage to the genius of other Individuals.

There is not “I am the State”, there is not “I am the Democracy”.

The recurrence to the Force, to Violence, by turning the bodies of Law into the arm of a Government, regarding to hold the Power, is a crime against the Nature of the State.

We see in the Arab Spring, just to refer ourselves to the immediate events, how this pathological tendency of the Governments in Power to remain in Power at any price, it is in fact the origin of the Arab Rising. Being the Nature of the State to promote Law and Right with an All-Powerful Arm, the Arab Governments have turned this Arm into a Terrorist Appendix of their bodies, from that moment putting themselves out of law, ergo: making any conversation with such a Terrorist Organizations in Power a crime.

It is, then, the Non-Separation Government-Justice the root in the Fratricide behavior of the Human Kind. Government is there to be a table around which the forces of Society gather to resolve the constant problems created by a Civilization in constant growth.

The Word is God. God is Power. Ergo: The Power is Word. Any recurrence to the Violence against the People, whether by turning the bodies of the Law into a criminal appendix of the Government, or using the Destructive Power of the Armies to crush the word of the opposition, any recurrence extraneous to the Nature of the Political Dialogue, it is a crime against the Nation and the entire Government is subjected to Prison if People’s Blood is shed.

Of course, we see that what there is not, that what we don’t have, and from this lack we put on the table what we want.

We, the Individuals, are Supreme, let’s say it again, and therefore without us there is not Society. There is Society because we recognize Civilization as the higher state of existence where our beings develop its potentials and our Supremacy is promoted by the State according the Principles of Right and Law ruling the body of the Civilization.

Freedom is rooted in Nature, Equality is born from the Power of the Word, Intelligence makes of us People, and we define the State as the Nation’s Arm to maintain the Supremacy of the Power of the Word free from the interference of the Pathology of those who love Power for the sake of Power.

Political Power is related to the Nature of the Word. And this is the Power of the body Politics. The Power of the Government is not based on the Power of the Army and the Police. But in the capacity to present the right answers to the questions by the times brought on the table. When the Government is unable to bring upon the table the answers to the problems of the living Society, the Government must to go and leave open the door to those who can do so. Any recurrence of Violence to shield that incapacity is a crime against the Nation.

We see that to Shield Abel against the Pathology of Cain we got to bring down to Earth the Model of State already set up in Heaven, where Political Government and State have been separated, closing to the Individuals in Power the Call to bring forth the Arm of the State in defense of their Pathological obsession to stay in Power no matter what.

We have to sit around the same table, naked, not armed, and rethink the Foundations of Society regarding to build the Civilization according Right and Law. The State is there to Shield the Individual, Society and Civilization: against the Pathological tendency of Governments to recur to Force in the name of their Love for Power. This goal can only be achieved following the Model we observe in the Kingdom of God; this is to say, Justice and Governments must be separated.

The function of the Government is to face the temporal, political problems and proceed to give them an answer. The Power the Government to proceed is the Word, expression of the Intelligence of Man. The recurrence of a Government to Force, using the bodies of the Law as their private bodyguards, put that Government out of the Law.

The natural function of the Military Arm of the State is to defend the frontiers and act at the order of the Geopolitical Structures in Power. Any subjection of the Army to the need of a Government for shielding itself in Power, leading to Civil War, brings forth God’s Decree against War, of any kind, whether holy or political: Death Penalty.

This way God has freed His Kingdom from Civil War and has promoted between the Individuals the Word as the Power of Civilization.

While rising Himself to the Head of the Armies of the Nations of His Kingdom He has advanced the Impossibility of International Wars by the Obedience of the Armies of the Universe to His Direct Command. The Separation between Government and State Forces this way completed, the natural and historical tendency of the Human Nations to reach this stage of Peace Civilization, we see it in the Alliance of the Christian Nations; by which the Wars among the Members, in other times a rule, have been cast out from our borders and frontiers.

This is a first stage leading to a Universal Alliance of the Fullness of the Nations by which War will be forever cast out of the Body of the Human Race. It is the challenge for the Politics of this Century.

We will conquer, and our children will know War in the Books of History and only in the Museums of History.







The Golden Law of Society says as follows: Economy has three main walls. These are: Producers, Sellers and Workers. The Flow of Wealth from Producers to Workers determines the wealth of the Sellers. It is of common sense that if the worker is treated like a slave and, like a dog, he is obliged to do his work, the seller collapses under the simple law of slavery by the producer given to the worker as salary. As the seller can’t buy to the producer, because the pipeline of wealth from the worker to seller has been blocked, the production falls by effect. And so on and so forth.

We see from the days of Hammurabi, a guy who lived three thousand years ago, that the duty of the State is to determine the motion of wealth among producer, worker and seller: by regulating the Contract between the parts.

Again, we see how the Persian Empire based its Power in the Duty of the State toward the Structure of the Social Contract, this way retaken the Hammurabi’s Philosophy on the Necessity of the State as the Regulator Power of the economic relations of the peoples, this way making of the Economy the Column of the Wealth of the Nations.

Of course, this Philosophy of the State as the Regulator Power of the Motion of the Wealth of the Nation it has been always subjected to the perversion of the definition of Slavery as a Natural Law. The Ancient Greeks gave to this perversion of the Human Nature the character of Philosophy, injuring the progress of the Human Civilization enough to sink their own Nation in the Slavery they thought to be a Universal Law ruling the lives of the other but not theirs. The Universe rose as a body to bury the Greek Philosophy. When the Romans fell in the hole of the Greek Philosophy and made Slavery their mine of gold, Roman Society built its own ruin when the Workers were displaced by the slaves and by it the flow of the wealth from producer to seller was broken.

Christianity implemented the Flow of Wealth from Producer to Seller by the abolition of Slavery. The Producer must pay workers according justice, just because … with a just salary the pipeline of wealth flow is restored.

Yet the Invasions came around and Civilization has to start all over again.

We see in the Codes of Visigoths and Franks how the basis to accept the Christian-Roman Code of Law was already there. And in this direction, the Restoration of the Tree Walls of Society, we were working at the time of Gregory the First, so to speak, when the irruption in the Civilization of the Islamic Law brought back Slavery Culture from the grave where Christianity had thrown the Philosophy of the Greeks. Suddenly the improvement from “slave” to “servant”, wherefrom men would jump to the condition of a free worker, again was broken. However, the Christian Nations kept their fight to the teeth until at the end they broke the chains and became free. The Modern Era had begun.

From the Sixteenth Century to the Twentieth Century we observe a continual struggle between the Monarchies and the peoples. Revolution after revolution History pushed its way towards the Greatest Revolution ever lived until then by the Modern Nations born in Christian Soil: The French Revolution.

We observe how the Monarchies rose as a body to destroy in its cradle the Human Rights. But God was on Napoleon’s side, and the Young American Republic was on the side of God. There was nothing they could do to stop the Birth of the Human Rights and the abolition of the servant condition of the people. Step by step the Absolutist Cultures of the Pre-revolutionist Era were given way to the New Status of Man, the Revolution Era ending with the Fall of the Anachronistic Monarchy of the Russian Czar.

However, the rise of the Working Man brought with it a new struggle. The Producers always fought back the Freedom of the Working Man by subjecting his salary to the pay of a dog. The different Crisis of the Society of the XXTH century had in the rupture of the pipeline of Wealth by the Producer their cause. The Working Class once subjected to a salary of a dog can’t lead the flow of Wealth to the Seller, and consequently the Crisis got to explode.

Crisis led to the World Wars and by the killing of the dozens of millions of working men in it buried, the Crisis was gone.

But the economic crisis as a phenomenon was not resolved. It was just suspended until the process will start again and once more to be resolved by a New World War.

On the way the War Forces of the Nations led the World to a new situation room. A Third World War had been made impossible. The Evolution of War Technology had reached the point of World’s Total Destruction.

The States should had, by then, followed the Hammurabi’s Philosophy and come up on to the stage as the regulator of the Market through which the Pipeline of the Wealth flows. Some did, France, Germany, and England. Some did not, USA, Greece, Spain... And so on and so forth.

What really characterized the Actual Crisis that already has swallowed the Independence of Greece as a nation and has jeopardized the Freedom of the USA’ People by Bail-outs, it is the situation of the breaking of the pipeline of Wealth by the giving-up of the States as Regulator of the Contract Market. This is to say, the Producer had perverted the Nature of Democracy by placing in Power his puppets.

Let’s start with Greece.

Greece is a Nation without technological Culture. Greece’s richness is in its soil. Greece produces everything that is vital to Man: Greece cultivates all that kind of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetables which makes Man’s Life a splendorous time. Until the fall of URSS and Yugoslavia the Economy of Greece was healthy, and the Greek people lived in a kind of paradisiacal state where the Wealth followed the natural course from producers to sellers through the workers. Greece was Greek People’s.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall caused the opening of the doors of freedom to the people of the Balkans, who, when Tito died, and with him the Yugoslavian Socialist Republic, led to a pacific invasion of Greece by the natives of Albania, Rumania, ex-Yugoslavians, a desperate people looking for work at any cost, which they found in Greece, though receiving a salary three times below the normal salary going on. The displacement of the native people by a foreigner working man selling his ass for a dog-bone had begun. As this displacement of the native Greek population became larger and larger the unemployment began to rise. It was the right moment for the Greek State to rise and regulate the Contract Market, this way stopping the displacement of the Greek People from the work market towards the unemployment bourse. But the Greek Government didn’t do it.

The Greek Socialist Party left the displacement to happen, left the relation between the producer and the worker to the will of the first. Workers began to be treated like dogs, their salary could not buy them even a full day living. And as the time went on, the sellers began to count spiders and rats in their business, while the producers lost their Drachmas by the Millions. The pipeline was broken.

To worst the Greek situation, the relation between producer and worker was made without the need of any type of contract, which deprived the State of the Control of the Producers’ Wealth. The ruin of Greece was on the way, and the Socialist Party all what was doing during that critical period was selling the Country by the Euro. Yes, as the State could not pay its own public employees, the State had to recur to the private Bank.

And here we got to ask, why did the Private lend Money to an Insolvent Subject?

If a man can’t pay ten, how will he pay twenty?

The dynamics of the Greek Socialist Party was the following: Sign ten with one and thirty with another; fifteen to pay the Private and the rest to cover the need of the Public. But as nothing was done in the meantime to regulate the National Contract Market, it was just obvious that once swallowed that “thirty” the State had to sign seventy with the Private. And as nothing was done in the meantime by the State to work like a State, this dynamic would lead the Greek People to sell its Independence to the Private. At the end of the Process the Private would dictate the Policy to the Greek Nation. Point already reached by Greece thanks to the Wonderful Greek Socialist Party. Still so, the State is doing nothing to repair the broken Pipeline.

We have France, Germany… where the incoming of the foreigner to their working market is regulated by the State, this way controlling of the flow of the Wealth among the Three main walls of Society. You may be from Spain of from Algiers, but you don’t come to France to work below the salary by the State stipulated. The flow from the producer to the worker must be, always, enough to fulfill a day living and an extra amount to pass on the wealth from the worker to the seller. Again, if the worker is treated like a dog, the seller can’t sell, and the producer finally receives the evil he has created by losing his clients. And so on and so forth.

We see this evil in the South of the USA where the displacement from the fields of the Native Americans by the Mexicans, has gone through the same process, causing the bankruptcy of the Southern States because the States did not regulate the Contract between producer and worker. The producer got richer, the States got poorer, and the American People went to the unemployment bourse. Naturally this situation once created it does engender the hate of the native population against a foreigner who takes his job by selling his force for a dog’s bone.

Have the USA regulated this Market?

NO. Why? Because if done so the People in Power could not bail-out themselves. And yet there is only one door out of this mess: Rise the Salary of the Worker, Regulate the Contract between Producer and Worker and subject the Producer to the Control of their Wealth. To be rich is good, but to get rich upon the misery of the worker, is evil.

The case of Spain it is the funnier because the Spanish Socialist Party had consciously dragged down Spanish Economy to ruin the eyes set on a 300.000 million of Euros Bail-out from the European Central Bank, after which to retire and live like gods upon the misery of the entire Spanish Nation. Thanks to God German and France had risen to become a Wall against it.

The answer to the Crisis has so been given. The Bail-out answer is the Creation of a black hole in the bottom of the sack of ambition. If the State take’s not Hammurabi’s Duty, some will laugh to death watching the USA selling American People’s Independence to the Private, as Greece has already done.

Which lead us to the main point: Economics.






Yes, we are living under a World State of War. Peace is just an interregnum between the last and the next war. It has been so always. Peace is a space of time in which the nations get ready for the next war.

See the Commerce of Machine Guns all over the Planet, every move the Nations made during the interregnum of Peace is but a play in the next War’s Waiting Room. The Foundations of the Politics and Economics are so much related to the Industries of War, that all is need it is a spark to kindle the Fires of War.

Of course, we have learned a lot from our History. One of the premises why War exists is the self-alter ego of those who have made the choice of the Devil, they want to live like gods, while at the same time they need to patronize the welfare speech in the name of their privileges and status quo. War is for them the way to get rid of trouble.

The day the British Messiah came around godspellizing the Empire of the Queen with the Good News: “War is a tool in the hands of the Chosen Ones”; well, that day was another very sad day for those who aim to build Civilization upon the Equality of the Individuals.

Two World Wars and the School of Atheism still patronize War as the Universal Legal Procedure to get rid of the weaklings? Don’t you know who the weakling is? Tell you what; we are many millions in these days. See what they’re doing with the weaklings in Syria. Get ready, you may be the next.

However, you can’t stop a machine without immobilizing its wheels. Can you? To stop the Machine of War we have to interfere in Economics, the real foundations of War, and proceed to revolutionize the entire structure of Commerce and Industry. Well, here there is a bit of a problem. Is it really Economics the foundations of War?

The answer is clear. Why did Cain kill Abel? Cain wanted to control the whole global market, and as Abel though it weird, Cain had to kill his bro to sit at the top of the world. Funny, but not to the dead. Abel was put against the wall: Slavery or death? Cain had it very clear: “You work for me, or you’re dead”. It is more or less the structure going on among the descendants of the blood of Abraham: They kneel before the law that their kings and prophets dictate to them, or they kill them at will.

Egypt made it through because Obama; Libya, had Sarkozy and Cameron; poor Syria, had no one to plead her cause.

Nations come and go; Mankind alone remains. Power change from hand to hand; Civilization keeps going on. It is to us to turn our back on War and stop its wheels.

But how? As I said above, by gathering all the Armies of the World into a Single Alliance, this way separating the interests of the individuals from the interests of the Fullness of the Nations. We see that since the West joined their Forces into a Common Alliance the most warlike nations in the world, the Europeans, have banished War from their political horizon. Get yourself a Book on European Modern History. Year after year, century after century Europe was nothing but a field where kings and queens fed themselves upon the misery of the commons. WWII was the last war ever Free Christian Western Europe was involved in. We got to follow this same rule, extend it to the Fullness of the Nations and see our World free from the sting of the Death, WAR.

Now comes the dismantling of its wheels. The goal is not to banish War from Mankind, but to stop the people of the future to put the wheels back on the road. This leads us to Economics, we have to put down the entire fabric upon which War is based.

Money is the fabric. We have to proceed, immediately, to turn Paper Money into Digital Money. The Magic of Money consists in its capacity to disappear. Once Money is transformed into Digital, we suppress this Magic.

We have seen in our days the new Magic Kings of the West using the Power to lead the Public Wealth to the Private Bank, then the Bank collapses, the Money disappears, the people in Power wash this Money in the public Debt, while refilling the collapsed bank with public money. The German Helmut Köln, the Greek Papandreu, the Spaniard Gonzalez, the French Mitterrand, and their Italian Socialist partners used this magic in the '80 to make their parties real forces; not that this was their only trick, but they were, so to speak, the inventor of this one in particular. In the days before the Euro and during the same epoch, Germany became a Casino, the Socialist Parties in Power, and those fellows above named, used to depreciated the French Franc, the Spanish Peseta, the Italian Lira and the Greek Drachma against the German Mark, gaining tremendous profits in a matter of months. But this is Politics, not Economics. You have to see the line between Economics and Politics if you want to appreciate the details in the picture.

It seems clear to me that by the conversion of Money into Digital and its exposure to Justice and Law: that Magic is lost, and with it the destination of Money to Criminal and terrorist activities.

Same way, by becoming Digital Money the action of washing the products of the criminal activities is stabbed in the heart. Digital Money cannot appear and disappear, it can grow, it can flow, it can move, but it cannot disappear in the blue or appears from the blue.

Money is to Society what blood is to the body. It got to reach every single cell, some members get more than other depending on its functions, but every single part of the body gets the blood it needs to live and work. The Heart pumps blood not according privileges. The same blood reaches the toes and the brain. Depending on the running function some members drag to them more blood or less. While you are strictly watching, your legs, in comparison, gets less blood than your eyes; and when you are running your legs receive more blood than your ears. Blood does not disappear. The blood needed by the fingers is not deviated to the knees. So Digital Money also.

What we see is that the People in power drive the Money from the Public to the Private not to feed any function but to feed themselves. It is like the leg driving all the blood to them, getting big and bigger while the rest of the body gets weaker and weaker. They call this pathology, in our days, bailout. We understand that every nation has its own way to cause this deviation. But whatever they do, they can do this because while the entire Civilization is changing, Money is still under the laws of the Medieval Ages. This cannot be more so; we got to give it an end. You can have three trillions, but they will under the eye of the Law. Money comes: Where it comes from? Money goes: where it goes? Under this Law the body of Society gets healthy, strong and happy. Do whatever, but do it under the Law.

It gets two men to understand that this Conversion of Paper Money into Digital Money implies and signifies an entire restructuration of the relation between customer and commerce, in our societies nearly completed by payment with cards, and the relation between the bank system and the State.

It is to understand that in a first phase Paper Money got to stay alive for the relation between the International Blocks, this is to say, between the EC and US, Russian Federation and so on. And in a second phase the International regions will finally deal their economic relations through the Digital Money.

Every State is Supreme into its frontiers and every Justice Department All-Powerful to call every man, whether I and you or the President of the State, and render account of the movement of Money before its tribunal. Two Departments of Justice in need : One to have the eyes on the Private, and the other on the Public Treasure, and both All-Powerful to cause the fall, both of the private Powers and the Governments, when the individual wants to play the Wizard.

The rest is a question of moving on. The Bad puts on the mask of the Good to reach Power and from there to sack the Public Treasure at will. But what would happen if there is not Freedom to Sack the National Treasure after the Conquer of Power? And what if the Bad cannot transform the Blood Money into Goods?

The Process of Conversion of paper Money into Digital is already going on. To take this process into Consciousness means to give it the Power of our Will to reach its end no matter the opposition to it from those who want the Structure of the State to be as it is, for them to profit the day after their conquer of Power.

There is hundreds of detail more in the picture. To open the eyes is the first move.








The main factor in the origin of the actual situation of the people of planet Earth comes from the incapacity of the people to lead their lives for themselves, a factor which push the nations into the hands of, precisely, those who had in that incapacity of the individuals to create a world for their own good, their sources of revenues and privileges.

It is a situation coming from a long time ago. It comes all by itself that this struggle between the good of the individual man, unable to walk by himself on his own shoes, leaving to others to lead his path through life; and the selfish self-interest of those few who had in that incapacity their door to the life of a god, it is maintained selfishly by cutting down the access of the many to the cultivation of their own intelligence. Reduced to the conditions of domesticated animals struggling to survive upon the miseries falling from the tables of kings and queens, and though the concessions to the human domesticated animal increases as time goes by, the goal of the masters is no other but to keep their old privileges, which they do using many political subterfuges, according to which they supersede the language by depriving words of their natural meaning.

The fact is that after the massive attack on the fauna and flora of the planet by the madness derived from that struggle, and having failed to destroy the Biosphere during the Atomic Age, a massive attack of 30 thousand atomic bombs have been recorded, the rulers of the Nations, absolutely given to the total destruction of life on Earth, keep threatening the Human Race’s Existence by turning a deaf ear to the Voice of Mankind.

The essence of all the political systems of the Earth is based on the impotence of the intelligence of the individual to write for himself his own future; the supremacy of the individual has been handicapped in the name or order and law.

The aspiration of the individual for breaking free, dies in the womb. The political systems created to preserve the king’s and queens’ status quo cannot allow the individual to reach his self-realization.

It is to observe that the masters of the United Nations are using the sacrifice of the Syrian people to warn the rest of nations not to cross that door, or get ready to suffer the consequences. In response to the impotence of the masters to create a new stage of history, the superpowers are gathering and getting ready to dictate to the entire Planet their rule: the entelequia of their economic systems the only choice.

And yet the many can crush the few, though some lives will be sacrifice for the good of the future.

There was two thousand years ago a Man who before this kind of choice led the people of the Earth to sacrifice themselves in the name of the fall of those systems during his days ruling the nations as animals worth only to live on their knees before the masters of the world. That man followed the example of Abel, choosing to die instead of raising his arm against his brother, who did not feel any scruple in killed his brother “in the name of law and order”. Cain was the first man who perverted the nature of the political language and deprived words of their natural essence and substance, and acting as a lethal virus introduced in their womb the new meaning, he designed for them. Ever since the politicians, whether with or without crown, have been using this unscrupulous method.

Questions arise from the observation of the behavior of the human life on Earth. It is worth to live the life of a domesticated beast?

Like trees, people are born and die without moving.

The disease is so pronounced and its effects so powerful that even when told how to break free the domesticated human animal simply prefer the well-known chains to the unknown fortunes of freedom. Many waits for an creature from Heaven to come down and to resolve their problems. But all they have to do it is to break free. Gather together, define goals, fear not to die. Death plays with fear to keep us all as tree in a plantation.

It is very painful to see the kind of history life on Earth is writing in the book of Creation. Life loses ground before Death. Death is burning the doors of mankind and sacking the nations over and over again. What are we doing? Why let us again and again led to the same field of horror? Have we finally fallen in love with War, the child of Death? Look around. They are sacking us in the name of our own good. What? Can you believe it? You stab me for my own good? Who’s the mad, he who let himself be killed or he who kills?

Domestication is the price to pay in the name of freedom? Better to be alive like an animal in a cage, than being dead in a grave called freedom?

Observation dignifies to whom watch closely the path to total self-destruction by this race written in the book of Creation. The lesson cannot be more direct and final:

War is a Crime; the Science of good and evil is the Door to Hell.

The Law against it cannot be but absolute destruction of the being of the Transgressor.

Let’s free the Earth!

One by one, all the nations, let’s create a Heart to the Nation, where all the wealth of the people will go and where from this blood of the civilization will come back, clean and pure, to the people. Let’s take the wealth from the private banks and place it in the hands of the people.

Those dinosaurs which have been sucking the wealth of the nations will raise their puppets politicians in power to stop our freedom. We will advance. Fear will not detain our path. Those monsters will fall. We will not stab them. History will bury them.

Once this done, this bank of the people created, a heart for the nation, will be the hand who will sign the first home family, and will support the first work project of the individuals at the time to come into manhood.

Tell me, does the heart rates an interests on the members of the body for its work? Felicity is based on self-confidence. See the vision, where you are going, remember where you come from, and move. No rage, No criminal intention, justice and freedom the two eyes, the two arms, the two legs, of our actions in history. It is this lack of Heart what makes the body of the Nation enter in crisis and in a stage of pre-collapse.

Gather together, leave all the parties at the services of the masters of war, create your own, not to reach the power but to administer Justice, and give to Freedom a body.

Power belongs to the God-King of the universe; power that comes from the Soul, power to create: this is the power given to the human race. Power to be one single nation, power to be one single race, power to be one single civilization, power to give to peace one soul. This is the power of the sons of god. This is the last stage of the Creation: to be sons of god. Those who want you to be domesticated animals have to deny this ultimate, transcendental and glorious fact: man has been created to be a son of God. Now is up to you to act like such or choose to the freedom you are dying for those old chains ... so well-known.