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Declaration of Principles

Before the Council of Nicaea, celebrated during 325 of our Christian Era, Council in which the Catholic Church adopted the title of Roman as a response to Arianism, title in which Protestanglicanism did not want to see more than the ubiquity of the Successor of Saint Peter, thus operating Protestanglicanism in the manner of a sectarian religion demanding a schizoid, irreversible and incontrovertible rupture with the Historical Memory of the Nation, a demand that Universal History saw consummated in the process of expansion of Islam, the conversion to which determined the demonization of all the past of the people subjected to iron and fire to the Koran, and because it was necessary for the Jesuit Christian Catholicism to raise a visible barrier between the Apostolic Church and that Arianism that denied the Dogma of the Trinity, and in particular the Divinity of the Son; until the advent of the Universal Council of 325 AD. C. The Declaration of Faith under pain of death confessed by all the churches can be summarized in the following words: "YAHWEH God, the Lord of the armies of the Holy Scriptures of the Hebrews, the God of gods of the Patriarch Abraham, of the Prophet Moses, of King David: YAHWEH is True God".

YAHWEH God is Father; his Firstborn Son is called Jesus. This Firstborn of God is the one who became man, born in Bethlehem of Judah during the empire of Caesar Octavian Augustus, at the end of the reign of Herod Ben Antipater, in the first year of the century of Christ.

The Son of God came into the world to purchase our Redemption at the price of the blood of Christ.

This Redeemer, while in the world, unveiled to us the Man whom God created in the beginning in His Image and Likeness. That Man is Christ. And that Man is in us.

This Man is the one who confesses with a heart overflowing with eternity and a spirit open to the infinite that the Firstborn of God, Jesus, the Christ, is the everlasting Model in whose Image and Likeness God created Man.

That Jesus who came into the world to offer us eternal life, that Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God, uncreated, uncreated, beginning and end of Creation, alpha and omega of the Divine activity, the first and the last of His Nature: God the only-begotten Son, our King and Lord, our Master and Savior.

Regarding this Faith, the Word of God is fulfilled, which says: "The Just shall live by Faith".

This simple and elementary Confession, this elementary and simple declaration of Faith, just as today it still costs the lives of many men and women, so also yesterday, before Nicaea, it meant death.

We, today, regardless of the reaction of whoever hears or listens to it, continue to confess the Universal Declaration that all Creation confesses with the mouth and lives with the heart:


Article One: God is Love

God, voluntarily and freely, driven by Love for his Son, made of his Creation a Kingdom.

No force other than the Love of Life is at the origin of the impulse that led God to Create this Everlasting Kingdom, a space where the Fullness of the Nations of Creation share the same Life and relate to their Creator in the light of His Infinite Eternal Wisdom.

The Protestant Calvinist doctrine equating YAHWEH God with an Almighty Being directing the Science of Good and Evil at his whim is, as was Arianism in its day, a denial of the Jesus Christ Theology of the Fathers of the Council of Nicea, and consequently was an enemy of the Holy Spirit who through the mouth of his children said: "God is Love".

For what is more contrary to the Love of Life than an evil God creator of worlds with the sole purpose of spending Eternity killing time in the Apocalyptic Game of Salvation? Protestant Calvinism, basing its defense on the impossibility of a creature to oppose the Design of its Creator, absolved the Devil of being the mastermind of the Fall.


Article Two: God is Father

God is the source from which emanates the Constitution of His Kingdom, by which all the Civilizations of the Peoples of the Universe are governed and the Plenitude of their Nations is articulated. This Universal Constitution has in the Divine Paternity its Origin and its Principle. From this Paternity and through it, God legislates from His Omniscience and judges from His Prescience, Truth as the principle, means and end of His action. Children of God, Citizens of His Kingdom, we run to Him spontaneously and throw ourselves into His arms crying out with all our being, Our Father!


Article Three: YAHWEH is God

YAHWEH is the name of the Being who created the field of galaxies and the ocean of stars of the Universe. HE is the Creator of the Cosmos and all that exists in the Universe. HE is the source from which flows the Future of all things, which with his Being sustains and with his Word moves to the horizon that is never reached and has in the Infinite its Orto. YAVE is the source of the river of Life, HE is the one who maintains the Future of the Fullness of the Nations in eternal and joyful growth and makes its flow flow into the ocean of his Omniscience. All that exists, in the Cosmos as in the Universe, has in Him its physical cause and the source of energy that allows it to grow for Eternity.


Article Four: God is Lord

By right of Creation everything belongs to YAHWEH God. HE has all rights of ownership over all his Creation. All things, those of the Cosmos as well as those of the Universe, those of Heaven as well as those of Earth, all belong to Him, and HE rules them according to His Infinite Wisdom. From this Eternal Truth HE has given the Crown of His Kingdom to His Firstborn Son. Jesus Christ is the Name of his Son, Jesus Christ is the Name of the King of the Fullness of Nations. 


Article Five: The King is Only Begotten Son

There is only one King, universal and everlasting. His Father is God. To the Father is the worship of all the creatures of the Universe and to the Son the Obedience of all the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. The King is Only Begotten Son; Beloved Son, He is the metaphysical cause of God's Creation. As King He is the Chief of all the armies of the Kingdom of God, He is the Arm of YAVE, His Father. He is the Prince of the princes of Heaven, the Firstborn of the sons of God.


Article Six: The Lord of Hosts

YAHWEH is the Lord of the armies of his Kingdom. At the head of all the armies of the Fullness of the Nations of the Universe HE has placed his Firstborn, our King, his Beloved Son. All the armies of his Kingdom obey only and exclusively their everlasting King, and move only at the Command of his Voice. No executive power outside his Crown has the Power of War and Peace. All the Nations of the Kingdom of God lay their armies at the feet of the King, whose Council has the Power of War and Peace. This Council has in the Father, YAHWEH God, its Almighty and Omniscient Head. All the armies of the Fullness of Nations are governed by this Law of Obedience to the Council of the King of Heaven. No Government has Power over the armies of the Nation to which they belong. To the King, indeed, and to the King alone has His Father, God, given this Power. His Son, our King, is his Arm, the right Arm of YAHWEH, Lord of Hosts.


Article Seven: The Supreme Pontiff

The King is the One Supreme Pontiff of the Fullness of Nations. The Fullness of the Nations of Creation have but one Religion, one God and one Supreme Pontiff, around whom all the Peoples of the Universe unite to worship the One True God, YAHWEH God, the Father, Creator of all things, of Heaven as of Earth, whose Holy Spirit animates all and keeps all in healthy and joyful growth. He, the Supreme Pontiff, is the One Living One who stands before the God of Eternity and the Infinite; His Name is Jesus Christ.


Article Eight: The Church

The Supreme Pontiff, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son, is the One Head, Supreme and Divine, and by Divine: Visible, of all the Bishops and of all the priests and pastors of the Fullness of Nations. To Him alone owe Sempiternal Obedience all the Bishops and priests and pastors who with Him and in Him form one and only Body, sacred and everlasting, the Church. This Church, its Body, has for its House the whole Kingdom of God and in its flesh in the midst of the Fullness of Nations keeps alive the Doctrine of Eternity and the Infinite: YAHWEH is God and Father.  


Article Nine: God is Judge

Creator and Founder of the Kingdom of Heaven, whose Crown belongs to HIM and HE shares it in life with his Son, for being God he cannot die, inheriting his Son in life the Crown that by Right of Birthright belongs to him; being its Creator and Founder, YAHWEH God reserved for the King the Presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice, whose Jurisdiction comprises the Fullness of the Nations of his Kingdom, thus putting God in the hands of the King the unlimited Power to Judge of the one who presides over the Supreme Court of Justice of his Kingdom. As the Son inherited in life the Crown he was to inherit after the death of the Father, the Father being God opened his testament in life so that in life, being the Son of his own Divine Nature, he could enjoy what otherwise he would never be able to. He glorified Him at Birth, abolishing every crown and raising His own to the Throne of God, His Father; and glorified Him again at Death, seating Him on the Throne of the President of the Court of Justice of His Kingdom, with unlimited power to pass sentence, to the measure of God Himself, Universal Absolution included.


Article Ten: The Law of Equality

All Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, as children of God, regardless of Nation of Origin, all enjoy the same Equality before the Law. All Citizens of the Kingdom of God, without exception, from the King who sits at the Right Hand of the Father down to the least of his children, all Citizens of the Fullness of Nations are responsible for their acts before Justice, all are subject to the Universal Law of Equal Responsibility.


Article Eleven: The Law of Liberty

God is Lord and to HIM belongs the soil wherein dwell the Fullness of Nations. Heir of His Father, sharer of all His goods, the King is Lord of the soil wherein all Nations tread. The borders of His Kingdom extend around the Fullness of Nations. The Citizens of the Fullness of Nations of his Kingdom are free and enjoy the Freedom of Movement of those who have God for their Father and the King of Heaven for their Brother.


Article Twelve: The Law of Universal Fraternity

All the goods and riches of the Fullness of Nations, of the soil as well as of the people, belong to God. All the Citizens of His Kingdom, regardless of their Nation, possess by birth the Right of use and enjoyment of all the goods and riches of the Universe. God is the One who multiplies the goods and riches of His Kingdom, whether through Nature, or through His children, aiming at the happiness of the Fullness of Nations.


Article Thirteen: The Law of Intelligence

God creates his intelligent children in his image and likeness for the enrichment of the Fullness of Nations in all kinds of sciences and technologies. Being the Origin of all Knowledge all benefits come from His Omniscience and are subject to the Law of everlasting Brotherhood. For God acts in all for the enrichment and growth of all in the Knowledge of all things.


Article Fourteen: The Law of Peace

The children of God have the Duty to make the Fullness of Nations have free and free access to the Library of Universal Knowledge for the satisfaction and happiness of their Peoples in all that concerns the needs of structures and infrastructures related to the Technologies and Sciences of Peace and Health. The Fullness of Nations, either through the Sons of God and their Foundations from private or international projects, or through their Council, have the duty to put all the necessary financial and economic means so that this Standard of Wisdom is fulfilled, and the nations furthest away from the Social Model of Civilization approach the universal center without suffering the long and narrow path traveled by the nations that compose its nucleus. No World and no System of Civilization can subsist in time and space subject to a chronic invincible difference between its Nations. The unbeatable inequality through the constant destruction of temporal patterns leads the Worlds to their disappearance from the face of the Universe through the progressive depletion of natural resources and the cyclical increase of combat weapons among those who impose inequality as a means of subsistence. If he who sows winds reaps storms, what will those who sow storms reap? To offer freely and gratuitously to all Peoples the fruits of Civilization is to offer to all Nations the fruit of the tree of life: which is Peace.


Article Fifteen: The Law of War

The fruit of the forbidden tree is War. Divine Natural Law states that access to and participation in the growth of the sciences of the tree of Defense Technologies is forbidden to all agents outside the Body of the Armies of the Fullness of Nations. The Divine Natural Law establishes that the fruit of the tree of Defense Technologies is under the Administration of the Council of the sons of God, and consequently establishes express prohibition of sale of product and information under penalty of crime against the Security of Humanity. Nobody can sell to a third party through a second party technology and information without causing war cracks in the International Community and dictatorial earthquakes in the national ones. For the fulfillment of this Law for the Peace and Security of Humanity, the children of God have the duty to promote and build the formation of a Council of Major States as responsible and guarantor of the fulfillment of this Law, and the subjection of this Council to the Council of the Plenitude of the Nations of the Kingdom of God on Earth. History has shown with tremendous examples how Defense technologies in the hands of private groups become the origin of warlike earthquakes that devastate the progress of developing nations in the name of the profits of that production group, and how such groups are the enemies of World Peace at all levels, because having to live at all costs from the sale of their Products, the obligation drags them to create new wars, sowing hatred among nations as a means of making sales. Although in the Beginning God did not want to introduce us by the method of experience in the knowledge of the Science of good and evil, once provoked the cosmic conflict in which the Human Genus is still trapped, God in His Omniscience arranged to take us to the knowledge of all the laws in the shortest possible time even at the cost of the so immense tragedy that this spectacle supposes. In fact, the Knowledge of the laws of this Science is the platform from which to articulate the structure of the Future on the Rock of our experience. Knowing that the destiny of every world subject to the laws of the Science of good and evil is its apocalyptic disappearance, in the words of God: its return to cosmic dust, experience joins Science to put on the table the bases of a Biopolitical Architecture according to whose axioms and spirit: the good of all through the participation of all in all, to articulate the Building of the Fullness of Nations. In this field, without violence but without concessions, all the children of God have the Duty to contribute each one their grain, knowing that the quarry from which we each contribute our grain has in our Creator its origin. Therefore: Defense Technologies serve Peace and the production process shall be subject to this Peace and Security Standard.


Article Sixteen: The Law of Security

The fruit of the tree of Life is Peace. Nations cannot be fenced off from Peace by reason of the private interest of certain international financial groups; nor can we children of God accept the subjection of the enjoyment of Freedom to the objectives of those pressure groups, foreign or local, whose aims and ends have in the destabilization of Governments as a door through which to enter and raid the wealth of nations. The Council of the Fullness of Nations cannot guarantee Peace and International Freedom without the Power to confront these groups, to submit them to the laws and to declare them out of the Law in case they persist in their actions against Security. Looking to this horizon, the Divine Natural Law establishes that the Council of the children of God is empowered with all the Power to decree the expropriation of the assets of any international financial association that has in the destabilization of the National Governments its means of profit. Divine Natural Law establishes that the Council of the sons of God has the Power to decree the disintegration of the international financial associations operating under a law of imperial legality, without legal course in this New Age, and to bring before the International Court of Justice their chiefs and local collaborators, head and tail. The intervention in the Economy of a nation by a group of interests, physical or juridical, external to the legislative body of the affected nation supposes its invasion by a Homelandless State, whose activity, although masked in the legitimacy of financial operations, has as its purpose an international terrorist activity, which is the destabilization of the government of a people because of the interests of the invading financial group. Thus, any intervention by a group of financial interests against the legality of a government governed by the rule of law is an attack against security, for which the nation and State that supports the interests of that group by placing at its disposal its national resources, whether military or logistical, is responsible, suffering the consequences as we have seen in recent times. From where it is understood that any financial group that from International Freedom acts in the economy of a Nation to destabilize its Government loses all its international rights from the moment it uses Freedom as a means of impoverishment of the People, and impoverishment as a means of destabilization of Peace. The History of Nations has already demonstrated with ample examples how the terrorism of such financial groups on a legitimately established Government leads the Peoples to the depths of hells to which their victims did not at all carve such a destiny. The Future of Humanity and of a Kingdom that looks to a Horizon that does not end: it can only allow itself the joy and happiness of advancing under a cloudless sky from the Power of a World Council for the defense of the legitimacy of the Governments of the Peoples.


Article Seventeen: Law of Bread

The Ownership of all things in the Universe, of the Heavens as of the Earth, belongs to God, their Creator. All Creatures are nourished by our Creator through his Creation. Any limit of production or destruction of the goods of the farmland for private or community interests is a crime against Humanity. No reason justifies the starvation of Third World nations in the name of a Market that mandates the destruction of millions of tons per year of products vital to the life and joyful and healthy growth of nations. The ability of that Market and the Communities to order the destruction and limit the productivity of the earth to produce food is a crime against Humanity. We children of God have a Duty to abolish that criminal capacity of the Market to starve whole multitudes in the name of the criminal Concept of price stability. No price justifies the mass murder of the peoples of Humanity. We children of God have the Duty to abolish this system of Quotas of production and to free the earth from the chains cast upon it by the interests of the leaders of all times.


Article Eighteen: The Law of the Land

The Legal Ownership of the earth belongs to God who created it to nourish all His creatures with the fruit of the earth. This Divine Right establishes for the Council of the Fullness of Nations of His Kingdom unlimited power for the Distribution of the fruit of the earth among the peoples of His Kingdom in the Hour of Need. In this Hour all the stored surpluses and all the harvests in their fruit shall be at the disposal of the Council of the children of God for the relief of the need of the brotherly peoples.


Article Nineteen: The Law of Ownership

All creatures are brothers in God, our Creator. Our Creator and Father provided that the capacity of the earth to feed his children is unlimited. But the wars among those who rebelled, in their ignorance, against this Divine Provision whereby all resources are the property of all men and subject to their International Distribution according to need, those wars, as the tide erases from the shore the writing on the beach, undid what God made and gave the right of ownership of the earth to the creature, disinheriting the Creator of His Creation. Origin this madness of the famines that have devoured entire multitudes before our eyes, having helplessly attended the inhuman spectacle of the destruction of surplus food, by means of fire and quotas, the Divine Natural Law establishes that the abandonment of the arable land by its temporary owners implies the reversion to this Right of Creation of the property title, which will be granted freely and gratuitously to whoever gives to the earth what the earth wants, and through this satisfaction man satiates the Need of his own and of all other human beings.


Article Twenty: The Law of Mankind

The Legal Ownership of the arable land, on which the life of His children depends, belongs inalienably to God. Its temporary ownership is granted to him who tills it, and it is provided in Divine Natural Law that it shall remain in his family as long as there are hands to work it. Belonging in usufruct to the one who tills it, the land cannot be sold or bought, but at the end of the work, due to the absence of family hands, the land will revert to its Creator, entering into it whoever continues to give to the land what the land asks for, the hands of man. On this work, not on technology and leisure sciences, depends the life of Humanity. Hence, when God created Man and among them went to choose the one who would be the greatest among them, he took for himself a gardener, a farmer, a husbandman. Heir of his Father, belonging to his Father all things, inheriting the ownership of the Earth, his Father preserved it from the plunder and slavery to which later, against his Will, the Earth was subjected, finding the one who was created with unlimited capacity in the contradiction of seeing his children die of hunger. This Property reverts, then, to the hands of Humanity, whose Head was Adam, and to the present Jesus Christ, the Legitimate Owner and Lord of all things, of Heaven as of Earth.


Article Twenty-One: The Law of the Future

Divine Natural Law establishes that the hands that expropriated the Lord of His Creation by reducing the children of the earth to slavery have no right over the earth. They are hands of crime. Universal history is long in examples without names and generous in lessons without titles. Landlordism is a crime against Humanity whose fruit has proved to be ignorance, misery and civil war. The earth belongs to those who inhabit it and live on it, maintaining Humanity with the fruit of their labor, beginning with themselves and their homes. The children of God have the duty to abolish this form of delinquency, inherited from the Past, by which the children of the earth were alienated from the means that the Creator gave them to live and with which to participate in Society through the production of the fruits of the earth, without which Humanity cannot live. The abolition of this criminal form of earth administration will be abolished by the Fullness of the Nations of the Kingdom. As it is abolished in Heaven so on Earth.


Article Twenty-two: The Law of Health

To declare as a crime against Humanity the guarding and protection of all gates which prohibit the access of all peoples of the Kingdom of God to the technologies of Health, Physical and Mental, of human beings, the guarding and protection of which, in the name of no matter what kind of system and legality, is the condemnation to death of multitudes of creatures. We children of God have the Duty to endow the Council of the Fullness of Nations with an Emergency Committee empowered with all Power over the public and private enterprises of the Nations of the Kingdom of God dedicated to medical production, in all its forms, in order to the Distribution, free and gratuitous, of their products among the poor nations according to the Necessity. Medicines are the weapon with which a creature fights for his life against Death. If he is deprived of them, he is thrown into the lions' circus to be fed by the wild beasts. But the Creator has placed all the resources of his Creation in the hands of his children for the Victory of his creatures.


Article Twenty-Three: The Law of Wisdom

The children of God have the Duty to finance and articulate all the efforts of the wise men of the Fullness of Nations, freeing the Science of sciences, that of Health, from all private, state and individual interests, creating a Scientific Community congregated and consecrated in life to the Victory of Humanity against all diseases, hereditary and secular, that parasitize the human being since the days of the Fall of Adam. The fruits of this Community shall be the Patrimony of Humanity and placed in the hands of the Nations, freely and gratuitously, for the joy of all human beings.  


Article Twenty-Four: The Law of Truth

All the children of God, without exception, are responsible for our criminal acts against our fellow men before Justice. We children of God have the Duty to free Justice from any kind of submission to Political and Religious Power in order that it may be fulfilled, from Liberty, the principles of Truth, among which the Equality of all creatures in the eyes of the Divine Justice of our Creator is the Rock upon which His Kingdom is raised to eternity. And we have the Duty to endow Justice with all Jurisdictional Power to enforce this Law for all Citizens without exception. Any deviation from this Eternal Principle and any exception to this Divine Rule is a door leading to the terrorism of the Science of good and evil, of whose fires and horrors we are satiated to the point of vomiting and drunk to the point of wrath.


Article Twenty-five: The Final Battle

In His Omniscience to articulate His Civilization looking to eternal life, God has established that His Kingdom shall have as the master column of its Building a Judicial Body with unlimited Legislative Power to combat crime, delinquency, terrorism... Evil in all its forms. Having elevated to the Head of this Body his Son, our everlasting King, the children of God have the Duty to articulate the Body of Justice of our Civilization in the image and likeness of the divine model, whose Principle is Truth and whose End is Peace. The army of judges being the shock vanguard in the Battle of Humanity against Crime, in all its forms, it is incumbent upon the Judicial Body to legislate all measures without which the Battle is lost and by the application of which Victory is ours. It is our Duty to abolish that power of the Political Body to alienate the Judiciary from the Anti-Criminal Legislative Power without which the battle against Organized Crime, National and International, grows and extends its tentacles to the hard core of democratic governments.


Article Twenty Six: The Divine Model

In His struggle to lead us from darkness to the light of Truth, God has willed that our Civilization contain in its body the seed of the values that His Civilization contains in mature trees from whose fruit, Peace, the Fullness of the Nations of His Kingdom are nourished. It is our Duty to articulate our Civilization in the image and likeness of the Divine. For this reason the children of God of the Fullness of Nations have the Duty to sign the Charter of Accession to the International Criminal Court and to endow its Body with Full Executive Powers to cause its arrest warrants against those found guilty of crimes against Humanity to be surrendered without any contrary provision on the part of the Governments to whom the warrant of arrest and surrender is addressed. Any refusal on the part of a government to submit to international justice shall be considered rebellion against humanity and, consequently, that government shall be subject to investigation for collaboration and complicity in crimes against humanity perpetrated by the person against whom the Tribunal signed the arrest warrant for arrest and surrender. 


Article Twenty-seven: Defense and Liberty

In the common struggle Creator-Creature, God-Man, against the systems and evils inherited from the Past and natural to the Science of good and evil, and looking to close the way to the Future to such systems and criminal organizations that under the banner of ideologies and religions rise to power to devastate the peoples, own and neighbors, the children of God of the Fullness of Nations have the Duty to found a Universal Court of Appeal before whose Table the peoples, victims of such monsters, can ask for Defense and Freedom. The Universal Court of Appeal will defend the Cause before the International Criminal Tribunal and before the Council of the Fullness of Nations, mobilizing both for the Liberty and Defense of the peoples trapped under the wheels of Tyranny. The Tribunal will issue International arrest warrants and the Council will move the necessary forces of Capture. All the Governments of the Fullness of Nations will work with the Court for the Defense of the Peoples by placing at its disposal all the means necessary for the development of the Victory of all against tyrants and dictators whose food is human flesh and whose drink is human blood. The Council shall deliver such monsters to the Tribunal so that they may be judged for their crimes against Humanity.


Article Twenty-eight: The Law of Life

Divine Natural Law establishes that foreigners who flee seeking refuge from civil wars, and hungry and thirsty for Justice and Liberty, and fearing for their lives pilgrimage to a land of promise in search of the human nature denied them in their places of origin: be welcomed as brothers and live under the protection of Law, establishing as a crime against Humanity any form of slavery of those who manipulate their situation to enrich themselves, either through wages or through prostitution. Founding his Creation on a New Rock against whose atoms any possibility of regrowth of the Science of good and evil in the Universe disintegrates, God cursed slavery and decreed sentence of banishment from his Kingdom against the slaveholder. Hence it is established by Divine Natural Law that we children of God have the Duty to subject all things to the Law of Equality, so that two persons doing the same thing cannot receive the one misery, for being a foreigner, and the other glory, for being a son of the country. The foreigner as well as the natives we are all children of the same Earth, we all have the right to the same salary for the same work.  


Article Twenty-nine: The Law of Mercy

There is but one kind of Mercy. "I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty and you gave me to drink, naked and you clothed me, sick and you healed me, in prison and you set me free." When it is in the power to prevent it, Christ is allowed to die in man, the Divine Natural Law establishes that the blood of the innocent falls as much on the head of the one who promotes as on the head of the one who permits it. The children of God have the duty to break borders and pass over the heads of governments whose murderous policy is the signature of the death sentence of hundreds of thousands of creatures victims of the madness of their governments, madness fed by the financial interests of international monsters that have in the controlled civil war a source of profit and power. The inactivity of the one who sees the crime happening and the one who promoted the crime are the two sides of the same coin, both are punished by the same sentence: "Go to Hell and chatter your teeth". Mercy, in fact, does not quarrel with Justice, but Justice does with hardness of heart. There was once another king who, having fought the enemy with a clearly inferior number of soldiers at the hour of victory, found himself with thousands of defeated and wounded. His Solomonic decision was to kill them all so as not to have to feed or heal any of them. He was king and he was a Christian, he was the king of the English. The memory of God is infinite and eternal, at the time of giving He will repay with Mercy, to the Christian as well as to the non-Christian, offering Mercy to whoever had it from his neighbor, friend or enemy, known or unknown, and with Justice, Christian or not, to whoever stepped on Justice. For he who believes that by confessing that Jesus is the Lord he is already saved, woe to him when the Son of Man rises to judge according to the Law and not according to Hope, on that day it will be seen that God judges each one by his works and not by the masses nor by the hallelujahs sung on a morning of glories to the Lord who forgives us all our crimes. Mercy is for him who gives it, not for him who keeps it. But if we do not love the stranger in our midst and enslave him without mercy in the sight of all, withholding his wages, how will we care for the one dying in a refugee camp thousands of miles away? If we do not care for the one in prison around the corner how will we care for the one dying in a tyrant's prison for the love of freedom? He who has power and does nothing is as guilty as he who does not wrest that power from him and give it to another who will do what must be done. Faith without works is suicide, and to kill Christ by faith a crime. What punishment will he deserve who kills the man whom God created in his image and likeness, who is in us, and begot in us at the price of the crucifixion of his Son?


Article Thirty: The Day of Yahweh

All Nations were abandoned in the hands of a generation of God's children, all wicked, rebellious to their Father, against whom they rose up and whose Kingdom they declared War, preferring eternity in Banishment to one more day in a Universe governed by a Justice that does not differentiate between servant and son, between prince and citizen, over all establishing Eternal Equality. God not believing that the creature would dare to challenge his Creator by the policy of fait accompli, his heart pierced by the lance of Treason, God, Indestructible, opened his eyes and, rising up, in his grief raised his Voice and putting his head for a witness swore to crush his enemy, saying: "I raise my hand to Heaven and swear by my eternal life: when I sharpen the bolt of my sword and take judgment into my hands, I will retribute with vengeance on my enemies and give their due to those who hate me, I will make my arrows drunk with blood and my sword will be filled with flesh, with the blood of the dead and of the captives, with the heads of the enemy chiefs." Joy in Heaven, sadness on Earth. Joy Above because God had picked up the gauntlet and with that same gauntlet, now guarding an iron fist, returned the challenge; sadness Below because the Final Battle would be fought on Earth. But rejoicing after suffering: "Rejoice, O people, for his people, for he has avenged the blood of his servants, he has avenged him on his enemies, and he will make atonement for the earth and his people." As great was the pain, so great would be the Hope; if the pain was infinite, the Hope would be eternal, and in it the Victory, firm: "Your Descendants will seize the gates of their enemies". Reduced to slavery the children of Abraham, in their chains God discovered that it was not Isaac to whom He looked, but Christ.


Article Thirty-one: The Right to Truth

The supreme argument upon which a witness can establish before a tribunal the truthfulness of his testimony is his life, his blood. Upon his own blood Christ established the Innocence of God with respect to any participation, either actively or passively, in the Death of Adam, on the one hand, and the Ignorance of Adam with respect to the criminal intentions of the rebel angel par excellence, the so-called Satan, head of the Serpent, on the other hand. Because there was Ignorance, God opened the door of Redemption, Atonement Sacrifice for sin by means of. The Law of Atonement -for the sin of the people and its prince- demanded as a sine qua non condition the ignorance of the transgressor. The corruption of Judaism and the Rupture of the Covenant between God and the children of Abraham according to the flesh came when the Sacrifice became demonism when the transgressor first paid the price for the crime and then went on to commit it, a savage and monstrous demonism established by sacred custom that God discovered in the case of Judas the Iscariot. That is, having premeditation for the crime there is no ignorance, and without ignorance there is no forgiveness, which is why God could not forgive the Jews their crime, although he asked his Son from the Cross, because committed with premeditation, perverting the Covenant of Moses and transforming the Law in Temple of Sin, could not take place the atonement, and without atonement could not proceed to forgiveness. With that transformation of the Aaronite priesthood into a business, so much the crime is worth so much the payment, and I pass to commit it with forgiveness in my pocket, Judaism, in its ignorance, made a defense of Hell and its ideology, the same one that in Eden put into practice its evil philosophy under the presupposition of divine forgiveness based on the Paternity of the Judge of Heaven over the criminal. Son of God, by the fact of being a son of God, he should be allowed every crime and offense, so in the name of God here I stab you and here I curse you. The Jews, having a price for the crime, and forgetting the sacred condition for forgiveness, ignorance, transformed the Temple into a lucrative business when the priests themselves deposited in advance the silver coins in the treasury against the crime they were about to commit, whether adultery, theft, murder, false testimony, and so on. Evil philosophy in which the Roman Church fell and from which the Catholic Church was saved by the German Church in the days of Luther, when unwittingly in its ignorance the Catholic Church was dragged by the Roman Church to the transformation of sin into a lucrative business, let us call it "the scandal of indulgences". God rebelled against the Philosophy of Hell. Neither defended by a son of his, Satan case, nor defended by a servant of his, Aaron case, would ever accept the transformation of his Crown in the pagan court of a god of gods whose health the princes of his Kingdom could count on his blessing when killing time playing with human lives to devils and angels, policemen and thieves, bad and good, heroes and monsters. God raised his hand to Heaven against a son of his, Satan, who dared to take his little son, Adam, to the cross, and would he not raise his Fist against a servant, Aaron, who dared to nail his Firstborn Son to the Cross? And since there are no three without two, what made the Roman church think that their bishop and his court of cardinals would be allowed by God to do what he would not allow neither his servant nor his son, namely, to fill his cup with the blood of their crimes? 


Article Thirty-two: The Right to Mercy

Jews and Romans all were caught in the same Ignorance. Over Christian and Gentile over all remained the Veil that kept the Jews from seeing God. Those who saw Him loved Him with a force mightier than Death. But when they departed, those who succeeded him lived by Faith, the prophetic words of those who did see God remaining among them as torches in the darkness. Now, Faith without the perfect Knowledge of God is corrupted. Declaration that the Apostles took care to establish in their Epistles and that later the centuries took care to demonstrate, "the scandal of indulgences" the head of the iceberg. Mercy then for all, Jews and Romans, Christians and Gentiles because in his Omniscience God had established that the veil of perfect Knowledge of the Divinity did not fall from the eyes of his human creature until Christ was born to Christ Descendant, that Descendant born to conquer and conquer the gates of Hell.  


Article Thirty-three: The Right of Peace

All the armies of the Kingdom of God are under the Command of the King of Heaven, Supreme Head of the Council of the sons of God, at whose Voice and only at whose Voice the armies of the Covenant of the Fullness of the Nations of the Universe move. As in Heaven on Earth, we children of God have the Duty to separate the political governments of the member nations of the Council of the Whole of the Nations, in whose Members resides the Power of War and Peace and before whose Body and to whose Council alone the armies of the Alliance of the Whole of the Nations owe Obedience. Peace being the supreme good par excellence of Creation, God has ordained that this Power shall reside only in the Crown of His Son, Supreme Head of the Council of the Covenant of the Fullness of Nations of His Kingdom. The Council of the sons of God and the Council of the Chiefs of Staff of the armies of the Covenant of the Fullness of Nations of the Kingdom of God form, as head and arm, part of the same Body, and only this Body, whose Head is the King, Jesus Christ, has the Power of War and Peace.


Article Thirty-four: The Law of the King

Experience is the mother of Science. But Science in the service of man as a political animal becomes a weapon of destruction in the hands of a beast, human in appearance, born of man but inhuman, with but one purpose in mind: To impose his hell on the world. On this Law of Science God has established the hard core of his Kingdom, prohibiting the access of any government outside the Alliance of his armies to the Technologies of Defense. The laws that derive from it, the prohibition of the sale of information and material outside the King's Alliance, and the acquisition of the property of the Defense industries, for their transformation into Patrimony for Universal Peace, subject to the Council of the children of God, are based on the need to establish the pillars of his Kingdom according to the dimensions of infinity and eternity of Creation. God having learned from experience that the subjection of national and international armies to the temporal will and passing interests of political governments is at the root of war, He has placed on the table a New Covenant whereby all governments place their armies in His Hands. Anticipating this Sempiternal Universal Revolution he presented himself before us in his Book as YAVE of the armies. Whether Man signs it or refuses to place in the hands of his Creator what belongs to him by Right of Creation is a different matter. Satan also refused to sign the Covenant that God and his Son placed before our eyes, to all of us, men and non-men, by which YAVE of hosts is the God of all and his Son, Jesus, the Universal and Everlasting King of Creation. Only-begotten and First-born, the Arm of Yahweh, the King of his hosts, Jesus, our Jesus Christ, Origin of our Light, Our Master and Savior, Lord and King, the two conditions that Infinity and Eternity put on the table for the growth and perpetuation of a Civilization in space and time, Universality and Sempiternity, these two conditions fulfilled in his Son Nature, subjecting all Power to his Crown his Father established the Law of the King against the temporal will and passing interests of National and International Governments at the origin of the wars, civil and world wars, which up to the present time the whole creation has suffered. By this Law anyone who does not sign the New Covenant on which God has recreated his Kingdom signs against his head, whether he is a son or a servant of God, the penalty of banishment from Creation. 


Article Thirty-five: The Law of Civilization

Let no man or group of men be persecuted for their ideals of justice. Wherefore it is the duty of the children of God to abolish any power of the State to attempt, repress, demonize or control the forces which the Divine Image in Man sets in motion to shake off from Society the natural Inertia to any stage following a great victory. Every movement of the State that exceeds its administrative functions is a crime against Society. Society is born free and has been endowed by its Creator with all the necessary forces to be able, without the Violence of the State, to make its own way to the frontiers beyond which lies the promised land of Truth, Justice and Peace. This Idea of Justice is unrenounceable because it is Divine and any action of the State against it, as History has already shown, is the object of ruin. Consequently the children of God have the Duty to cut all the threads by which the State arms itself to fight against the Divine Justice that is discovered in those who that Image is stronger than their own life. As in its day the State-Church Separation proved to be one of the pillars of Civilization, in ours the State-Army Separation is, in view of the facts, a Necessity of Justice: revolutionary and irreversible, that is to say, Divine.


Article Thirty-six: The Law of Justice

Let every priest who makes apology for crime by ordering imprisonment or death against those whose ideas dissent from his own be brought before human justice to answer for his crime of incitement to crime. We children of God have the duty to expel from the Church of our Father all servants who, against the Spirit of Divine Justice, rise up as inquisitors and executioners, either directly or indirectly, of those who, according to their understanding, have erred in the way. The Word of intelligence and wisdom is the only weapon that Christ raised against those who wanted to crucify him, and this, the word, is the only weapon that we have inherited, children and servants of God. This is why the Scripture says that in the beginning God created man naked. But those who armed themselves to fight the word of man with fire are not of God, even if they entered the House of God and, using his means, rose to the top of the ladder of his servants, they were never of God.



When God created Man he projected upon our being the Social Nature of his Being. Social by nature God wanted to continue to bring us closer to his Nature by projecting upon our being the Intelligence of his Being. Intelligent by nature, God wanted to bring us even closer to his Being by projecting his Paternity on our being. Finally, loving us with all his strength, and seeing that we did not find the Divine Model, he sent us his Firstborn Son so that in his Nature we might find the nature of Son that was given to us at the Beginning.

Sons of God, whether of the descent of Abraham, by the flesh or by the spirit, or of the Descent of Christ, our intelligent nature places us before the Fact of the Society of the Kingdom in which God has transformed his Relationship with his Creation. On which we understand what was stated in the Declaration of Principles, that Freedom and Love are the two eternal pillars on which God has erected the Building of this Creator-Creature Society. And it puts us in front of the situation that our God found Himself in when He had to leave the Cosmic Conflict in which a part of His children forced Him to fall. The Old Model prior to the Fall, having provoked that situation, had to disappear and be replaced by a New one, this one founded on an Immovable Rock whose horizon was open to the Infinite and whose social body was immunized against any attempt of War for Eternity. Faced with this Situation of Revolution, God had to adopt the necessary measures in the matrix of His Victory, putting in the first place the Foundation of this New Social Model, to whose Birth everything else should be subordinated, even the Human Kind, even the Pain of His Son if necessary.

Necessity imposed its Law. The Human Kind would have to continue suffering the blows of the whip of the perpetual Civil War until the New Structure that his Creation was to receive was definitively configured. With all the pain of his Heart it had to be so. Necessity imposed upon her to drink the Chalice of the Passion of her Only Begotten Son. That same Necessity had to reach its goal and, suffering the passing pain of the coming centuries, with the whole creation placing its expectation in the good that the future reserved for us all, to fill God's Cup with the tears that the pain of two thousand years would serve Him in abundance. Who but HE, God of Eternity and the Infinite, the Beloved of the Uncreated and Creative Wisdom, could turn the tables and convert the Tragedy of Humanity into an Epic with a happy ending? Relieved his soul with the Obedience of his Son, who at the price of his blood begot us all, in his Hands he placed our lives, depositing in his Judgment the Hope of Universal Salvation in which the whole Creation, knowing it, found the relief that the tears of our tragedy would bring to his heart.

A Universal and Sempiternal Kingdom, formed by many Worlds, each one with its Origin in different Times and Stars, growing without limits, extending without end its frontiers and its nations.

A Universal and Sempiternal Church, in the image and likeness of its Lord, depository of the eternal truths for the joy of all Nations and the glory of our King.

One People, the Human, made up of many nations, Nation among Nations, each one a World, all united to the same trunk, the Crown of God, as the branches to the same tree, the Tree of Life.






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