Before the Council of Nicaea the Declaration of Faith confessed by all the churches we can summarize it in the following words: Only a True God, YAHWHE, the Lord of the armies of the Holy Scriptures, God to Patriarch Abraham, Lord to Prophet Moses, and Father to king David.

YAHWHE God is Father, His First-born Son is called Jesus Christ. This First-born of God came down to the world to buy our souls at the cost of his blood. He showed us the Man of God in Christ. And this Man in us confesses full-hearted that Jesus is Beginning and End of the Creation of God, Alpha and Omega of the Divine Activity, the First and Last one of his Nature: God’s Son, our King and Lord, our Savior and Father.

With respect to this Faith the Word of God is fulfilled, and by it: The Righteous will live by faith.

This simple and elementary Confession where there is any, this elementary and simple declaration of Faith, as still means today prison to many men and women, yesterday, before Nicaea, also meant death. Notwithstanding we continued confessing the Universal Declaration that all the Creation confesses with the mouth and lives plenty hearted.


Article One : God is Love

God, volunteer and freely, have founded the Kingdom of Heavens. No force other than the Love for Life is in the origin of the impulse that led Him to create this Everlasting Kingdom, where all the Nations of the Universe share a same Future and all are tied to his Creator by his Eternal Wisdom.


Article Two : God is Father

God is the source from which the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heavens emanates, by which Rules all the Nations of the Universe are governed and their societies articulated. The Kingdom of God’s Universal Constitution has in His Paternity its Root. From His Paternity and by His Fatherhood God legislates with omnipotent Omniscience and judges with unlimited Wisdom. Sons of God, Citizens of His Kingdom, spontaneously we run openhearted towards His arms whispering out with stormy passion the voice in our Hearts, saying: Father!


Article  Three : YAHWHE is God

YAHWHE is the name of the Supreme God who has created the field of the galaxies and from its matter He has raised, using stars as bricks, the Astrophysical Castle we call The Milky Way. YAHWEH is the Creator of the Cosmos and of all whatever it exists in the Universe. His Arm is the source from which flows the future of all the things. YAHWHE is the source of the River of Life, He is the One who with His Omnipotent Omniscience maintains the future of all the Nations in eternal growth and cheers. Everything that exists in the Cosmos has GOD as the physical cause.


Article Four : God is Lord

By Right of Creation everything that exists belongs to God. He has full right of property over the entire Universe. Everything, those of the Cosmos like those of the Universe, those of the Skies like those of the Earth, everything belong to Him, and He governs everything according to His All-Powerful Wisdom. Out of this Omnipotent Right He has given the Crown of His Kingdom to His First-born Son, Jesus Christ.


Article Five : The King is True Son of God

The Creation has one universal and everlasting King. To the Father it is the adoration of all the creatures of the Universe, and to the Son the Obedience of all the Citizens of His Kingdom. The King is the True Son of God and as King He is the Head of all the armies of the Kingdom of His Father. He is the Prince of the princes of the Universe, First-born among the sons of God. His name is Jesus Christ.


Article Six : The Lord of the armies

YAHWHE is the Lord of the armies of His Kingdom. He has raised his First-born, our King, his Beloved Son at the Head of all the armies of the Nations in Heaven. All the armies of God’s Kingdom obey only and exclusively to the Everlasting King, and only at the sound of His Voice everything and everybody move. No one but the King, Jesus Christ,  has full authority over War and Peace. And all the Armies of the Nations of the Kingdom of God obey to no Authority but to the King’s.  No National Government whatsoever got the Power over the Army of the Nation where the Armies of the Lord stand. To our King, indeed, and only to the King, Jesus Christ, God has given this Power. As it is in Heaven, so may be on Earth!


Article Seven : The High Pontiff

The King is the Only and Unique High Pontiff in God’s Kingdom. The Creation has only one Religion, Only one God and only One High Pontiff. He is the One who gathers around His Holy Spirit all the Nations to come together to worship the True God, YAHWHE, the Father, Creator of all the things, the GOD that animates and maintains everything healthy and strong. His Son, Jesus Christ, GOD gave us for High Pontiff, the only Living Person to stand on His feet in front of the God of Eternity and Infinite, and no one else in Heaven dare to call himself High Pontiff. As in Heaven, may be on Earth.


Article Eight : The Church

The High Pontiff, Jesus Christ, He is the Supreme and Divine Head of the Church - and because Divine He is Visible - and all the Bishops and all the priests and shepherds of all the Nations to Him owe Everlasting and Omnipotent Obedience. Any bishop, priest, shepherd or servant that dare to stand between this Omnipotent Obedience and the Lord to whom it is due, that man he raises in rebellion against God and His Kingdom. Therefore, all the churches fn Earth, wherever they do their services, be in Spain or England, in Russia or in USA,  no matter the name, be Anglican or Orthodox, Catholic or Lutherans, all these churches are branches of the same Three of Life, whose name is Christianity.  And by their Lord they all have one Word: God is True Father.


Article Nine : God is Judge

Creator and Founder of the Kingdom of Heavens, whose Crown belongs to God only, and because God cannot die, the Father raised the Son to His Throne for the Son enjoy alive what in other way He never could.  Light from Light, the Father raised the Son to the Head of the Eternal Court of Justice of His Kingdom, and as Head of the Supreme Court of Justice of God’s Kingdom, God has given to our King Power without limits to judge all the Nations, now and forever. Firstly, the Father glorified the Son abolishing all crowns in Heaven and raising His Son to the Universal Throne of His Everlasting Kingdom; and secondly, the Father glorified, again, the Son seating Him upon the Throne of the Court of Justice of his Kingdom,  where from He got Supreme Power  to utter Final Sentence, including Universal Acquittal for The Human Race .


Article Ten : The Law of Equality

All the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, no matter the Nation, or the Universe of Origin, all of them enjoy the same Equality before the Law. All the Citizens of the Kingdom of God, without exception, from the King who sits to the Right of the Father’s Throne to the smallest of the Citizen of His Kingdom, all the Citizens of the kingdom of God are responsible for their own actions before the Justice, and all are under the Universal Law of Equality in the Responsibility.


Article Eleven : The Law of the Freedom

God is Lord over His Creation and all the lands where the Nations abide belongs to the Lord. Heir of His Father, God’s  Lordship has been passed on to our King, Jesus Christ. From this Right, the Citizens of God’s Kingdom are born free and all of them enjoy Freedom of Movement inside the borders of the King’s Land; and this Freedom is powered by those who have God as Father and are Brother to the King of the Universe.  As there is in Heaven, may be on Earth.


Article Twelve : The Law of Brotherhood

All the goods and wealth of the Nations, that of the soil as well as of the people’s mind, belong to God. All the Citizens of God’s Kingdom have by birth the Right to enjoy all the goods and wealth of the Universe. God multiplies the goods and wealth of His Kingdom, be through Nature, be through His People, these ways feeding the happiness of the Nations. As it is in Heaven, so may be on Earth.


Article Thirteen : The Law of Intelligence

God bring forth all kind of sciences for  the sake of the enrichment of the Nations of His Kingdom. He is the source of all sciences. ‘Cause God acts in People for the enrichment and growth of His Kingdom, the sons of God have the duty to open free access to the Library of the Universal Knowledge in the name of the happiness of the Nations.


Article Fourteen :  The Law of Peace

No World can subsist in time subjected to an invincible difference of technologies between the Nations. The unbeatable international inequality, through the constant destruction of the temporary structures, leads the Nations to its extinction by means of the progressive destruction of the natural resources and the war machines evolution as source of Power. If the one that seeds winds gathers storms, those that seed storms what will gather? To offer free and gratuitously to all the Nations the fruits of the Civilization is to offer to all men the fruit of the tree of the life: that is, Peace.


Article Fifteen :  The Law of War

The fruit of forbidden tree is War. History has demonstrated with tremendous examples how the technologies of Defense into the hands of private groups become warlike earthquake devastating the progress of the “third world” nations: in the name of the benefits of that group of production, and how those private interests become the enemies of World-Peace at all levels, because living by the sale of their war machines the obligation drags them to create new war scenarios, seeding hatred between the people like means to make benefits. Yes, although in the beginning God did not want to introduce us by the method of the experience in the knowledge of the Science of the good and evil, but once caused the cosmic conflict in which the Human Race got trapped, God made His mind and decided to take us out of the tunnel in the shorter  time, though at the cost of the so immense tragedy that this spectacle was to bring upon the scene. Once out of the darkness, and because we have been through it, the Knowledge of the laws of this Science of Good and Evil it is the platform against which to articulate the structure of the Future. Standing upon the rock of experience, and Knowing that the destiny of any world trapped inside the Science of the good and of evil it is its apocalyptic self-destruction, Wisdom and Science come together to set up the bases of a Political Architecture whose spirit is: the happiness of everybody through everybody’s  participation. After this goal, without violence but without concessions, all the Sons of God have the power to contribute with his own and personal shining stone. Therefore: The Technologies of Defense and the production process will be subject to World Peace by the Nationalization of their Production Structures, and the Dynamics of Distribution subjected to the International Laws.


Article Sixteen : The Law of World Security

The fruit of the tree of the Life is Peace. The Nations cannot have limited their access to Peace by the interest of financial international holdings; neither the Sons of God can we accept the imprisonment of  Freedom for the sake of those groups of pressure, whose goals and aims got in the political destabilization of the smalls nations the door by which to carry away the people’s treasures. It is the duty of the sons of God to face those groups, declare them outside the Law and prosecute them. The Divine Natural Right establishes that the intervention by a group of private interests in a National Economy against the  legislative body of the affected nation, it means the invasion of the freedom people by a State without Mother country, whose activity, although masked in the legitimacy of financial operations, shows itself finally to be a terrorist activity, as it is the destabilization of the government of a nation in the name of the interests of an invading financial power. Therefore, any intervention of a group of financial interests against the economy of a nation it is an attack against the World Peace. It has been seen lately that a nation or State that backs up a financial terrorist group becomes part of the crime all by itself. The History of the Nations has showed us already with unforgettable examples the way those financial groups use to lead the nations to the depths of hell. The future of Humanity can solely keep on rocking the free world on the premises of a International Law and Court of Justice for the defense of the Nations. It is so in Heaven, may be on Earth.


Article Seventeen : The Law of Bread

The Property of all the things in the Universe, on Heaven as on Earth, belongs to God. All the Creatures we are fed by our Creator through His  Creation. Therefore, any limit of production or destruction of the earth fruits for the sake of private or communitarian interests it is a Crime Against Mankind. No reason justifies the death by hunger of the people of the Earth. The law by which the Free Market orders the destruction of millions of tons of food per year, Nature’s products vital for the life and health of the nations, it is a crime against mankind. The power of  the International Communities to order the destruction of Nature’s products and to limit the Earth productivity to produce foods in the name of the Free Market: it is a crime against Humanity. The Sons of God we have the duty to abolish that criminal power of the Market to assassinate by hunger whole crowds in the name of that criminal Concept called: stability of the Market. No benefit justifies the murder in masses of the people of the Earth. To abolish the system of Quotas of production and to release the Earth of the chains that on her body have thrown the interests of the privates, this is sons of God’s duty.


Article Eighteen : The Law of  the land

The Legal Property over the lands of the Earth belongs to God, and He created the lands to feed with the their fruit all His creatures. The Divine Natural Right establishes Free Distribution of food and goods between the People of the Earth in the Hour  of Necessity. In Hour of Need all the excesses stored and all the harvests in their season will be to disposition of the Council of Nations to aid the necessity of the People.  


Article Nineteen : The Law of the Property

All the creatures we are brothers in God, our Creator. Our Creator and Father disposed  to be limitless the Earth capacity for feeding His People. But the war against this Divine Disposition, as the tide blows off the coast the writing on the sand, had mysteriously made some creatures the legal owner of the People’s Lands, disinheriting the Creator of His Rights over His Creation. Origin this madness of the hungers that have devoured entire crowds in front of our eyes, and after having watched the cruel spectacle of the destruction of harvests in days of hunger, the Divine Natural Right establishes that the land be granted free and gratuitously to those able to give Earth what earth wants: the hands of men!, and by means of this satisfaction satiate the Necessity of the Human Race.


Article Twenty : Law of Humanity

Land Property, on which the life of His creation depends for living, belongs to God alone. Temporary property is granted to Man and  by Divine Natural Right it remains in his family while there are hands at work. This is to say, working land cannot be sold nor be bought, but free granted, and therefore it is of Divine Natural Right to declare a crime  the expropriation of working land according matters of money and other circumstances. It is on the hands of men where the life of Mankind lays, the life of Humanity depends of the work of men’s hands. Man don’t eat industrial oil.  Olive oil is what man lives on. When God created Man the humblest man on Earth He chose to be the greatest, and naked to War as he was, his science of breeding a cow and raise a garden raiseg him to throne and crown. What a contradiction is that having created the Earth able to feed a number of human beings higher than the number of stars in heavens, Earth is watching her children dying of hunger! Clever was the Devil!


Article Twenty One : The Law of the Future

The Divine Natural Right establishes that the hands that did expropriate the Lord,  and reduced to slavery the children of the Earth, do not have any right over God’s Property. Universal history is long in examples without names and generous in lessons without titles. Latifundium is a Crime against Humanity whose fruit has demonstrated to be misery and civil war. The land belongs to him who work it and live by maintaining Humanity with the fruit of his work. We have the duty to abolish this form of delinquency, inherited from the Past, legated by His enemy to our Times, by which earth’s  children were alienated of the means that the Creator gave them to live and with it to participate in the Growth of Society. The abolition of this criminal form of administration of the lands will be abolished by the sons of God.


Article Twenty Two : Law of Health

Divine Natural Right declare crime against Humanity the guard and protection of doors forbidding or limiting the access of the Nations to the technologies of Health, whose protection and guard, in name of not matter what type of system and legality, it is a sentence to death against  crowds of men. The Sons of God have the duty to equip the Council of Nations of a Power able to order the Distribution, free and gratuitous, of medical products between the nations according to the Needs. Medicines are the weapon with which a creature fights back Death. If deprived of it we throws him to the lions. Yet, the Creator has set all the resources of his Creation in the hands of his Sons for the sake of his Creatures.


Article Twenty-three : The Law of the Wisdom

The sons of God have the duty to free the Sciences of Health of all kind of private interests, creating a Scientific Community consecrated in life to the Victory of Humanity against all the diseases, hereditary and secular, that parasite in the human being from the days of Adam. The fruits of this Health Scientific Community will be Patrimony of Mankind and freely will be given to the Nations for the joy of all men.


Article Twenty-four : The Law of the Truth

All the creatures, without exception, we are responsible for our criminal acts against our fellowmen before Justice. It is our duty  to release Justice of any type of submission to Political and Religious Power. And equip Justice with all the Jurisdictional Power to cause that this Law is fulfilled for all the Citizens without exception. Any deviation of this Eternal Principle and any exception to this Divine Rule is to re-open again that Pandora Box under which fires and horrors Mankind has made is way toward the doors of hell. As all the Nations in Heaven are submitted to the International Court of Justice of the King, so  be on Earth. The Christian Nation that set herself apart from the International Court of Justice, denies the King and chose the part of the Devil.


Article Twenty-five : The Final Battle

In His Omniscience to articulate His Kingdom according to eternal principles God has built Justice on a Judicial Body with  limitless Power to fight back crime and delinquency. Born to shape our world according to the Divine Model,  setting Truth as foundation of Justice and Peace,  the Final Battle of Law against Crime lead us to give all the Power to the Judges to legislate this matter, taking away from the political body this power. For, in all forms, it corresponds to the Judicial Body to legislate all the measures without which our Battle is lost and by means of the application of which the Victory is ours. He is our duty to abolish that faculty of the Political Body to alienate of the Battle the Judicial body without which the Victory against the Organized Crime is lost and its malignancy grows and extends its tentacles into the armor-piercing core of the democratic governments.


Article Twenty-Six : The Divine Model

In His fight to lead us out of the darkness into the light of His Truth, God has disposed that our Civilization may contain in its core the Seed of His Justice. He is the duty of the sons of God to articulate the Christian Civilization to the image of God’s Kingdom’. The sons of God have the duty as a Nation to sign the Letter of Adhesion to the International Penal Court, and as a Power to equip the International Court Body with the Executive Authority necessary to turn into a rebellion any denial on the part of a Government to surrender the man to the Law. And consequently to subject that Government to investigation by collaboration and complicity in the crimes against the Humanity perpetrated by the subject against which the Court signed order of Halting and Delivery.


Article Twenty-seven : Defense and Freedom

In the common battle against evil, and in view to wall the passage to the Future for organizations that under the flag of ideologies and religions rise only to devastate the nations, it is the duty of the sons of God to build a Court of Universal Appeal before whose Counsel the people suffering under the rule of tyrants, may request Defense and Freedom. This Court of Universal Appeal will defend the Cause of Freedom before the International Penal Court and the Council of the Nations, mobilizing for the Freedom and the Defense of the people trapped under the wheels of the Tyranny: the Armies of Pacification at the Disposal of the Alliance of the Christian Nations. All the Governments of the Tribunal of Appellation will work with it for making available all necessary means for the development of the Victory against the tyrants and the dictators whose food is the human meat and whose drink is the human blood.


Article Twenty-eight : The Law of Life

The Divine Natural Right establishes that the foreigners who flee looking for refuge from civil war, hungry and thirsty of Justice and Freedom, and fearing for their lives peregrinate towards a land of Peace in search of the Happiness they have been refused in their motherlands: they be welcomed and live under the Right of the Christian Land. For their Protection the Law will declare slavery, whether through wage or prostitution: a crime.


Article Twenty-nine : The Law of Mercy

There is only one Mercy. "I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty and you gave me to drink, naked and you dressed me, ill and you heal me, in jail and you pay me a visit".