When we read the History of the Reformation by the schools of the Reformers we always miss one part. They always say that the invention of printing was crucial to the victory of the Reformation, and they link this invention to God, in order to socialize their break up with the Holy Catholic Church, Western and Eastern, who for One Thousand and Five Hundred years had been defending the Gospel with their Blood. The missing part is the higher wisdom, comparing the Italian, the French, and the Spanish, with the Germans, the Swiss, and the English, that at the time the Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic Nations were in possession. They should make the remark, but we don’t know why they don’t monopolize this Historical  Fact by which the morals and the sciences and the knowledge of the planet, and the rest of the thing that makes of a people  better than other, the German, the Swiss and the English had it in  a measure so vast and deep as to put themselves, in comparison, as God before men. When we read the History of the European Nations of those days we always miss this part, which made possible the Reformation, the Break Up of the godly Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic People with those barbarian, quasi monkey people of the South that for One Thousand and Hundred Years had carried the Cross though hell and chaos, defending with their blood the Name of Jesus Christ. Myself I cannot understand this historical lapse, and I say to myself that the those nations being by Patriotic Nature so humble and Human Mankind Lover, in spirit as in soul, they have stick exclusively top the Theologian argument of the Question, leaving for God to judge that difference by which the German and the English and the Swiss of the day surpassed in moral, manners, politeness, humanity and love for Right those other three nations whose glory was none, those stupid PIGS, but carrying the Cross of Christ all the way from the Resurrection to the Reformation… What a joker the Hidden God of the Reformation was! The runner is just reaching the line, sweaty and bloody, a long and narrow road he had left behind, and he is to raise in arms in sign of victory…. when a when a guy from the public, dressed like a runner, jumps in the field,  and give a lethal blow to the sweaty and bloody runner at few feet away from the line. In response to this crime the Hidden God of the Reformation break laughing to the death. He loves that motherfucker, that son of a bitch is His man, and He is gonna give him the crown of the victory because, well, because He is God, and finito the conversation. Everybody on his knee before the champion of the world, Heil Henry the Eight, the Champion of the English. 

 So, I don’t know very well why the historical schools of the English and the German, (the Swiss are devoted to  keep the Gold from the Mines of Crime), they do not bring to the frontline the fact of the higher moral of their nations in the days before the Reformation, in order to legitimize the Malignity of their hidden God.

Anyway, I say to myself that I choose to go to Hell, never to kneel before such a Laughing, Drunkard,  Hidden God of Luther, Calvin, Henry the Eight and the Confessors.

Let’s be clear once and for all: Jesus Christ said that to believe in His Name is all I need to enter in His Paradise. Love for God is the Key.

It is written and Christ Jesus sign it with His Blood, that the Door to Paradise is to accept the Son of God as Eternal and Universal King, and King invested with the Full Power of God to reign His  Father’s Kingdom. Nothing else is required from me; I kneel before the Throne of the King, and I become Citizen of His Kingdom, with the Promise of God Himself that I will pass from to this world to His World without sleeping among the dead. (Now is the time to say “hey man,  Halleluiah!”). Accordingly I can sit and drink my wine without worrying for nothing else in this world, this world is to pass and am crazy about passing myself and enter in the real world. And that is. This is the Core of Faith. However, God had seduced me. He has turned on my heart and my mind and my soul, He has made me love Him above everything. And Love is a crazy thing. You make for Love things that you would never do without it. God knows this fact and with Faith comes His Love. Now I can’t just sit and drink my wine and wait for my time to pass from this world to the real World while I see my beautiful children grow, I drive my beautiful car, sleep in my wonderful house, where my woman kill me with her kisses. I can’t just lay down in the sun and enjoy the song of the pelican  hunting fishes. I can do more than that. I can fight back Death. With Faith comes Love, and with Love comes a son of God. I fear not my condemnation, I fear my children’s damnation. I get up and stand my ground, to fight back Death, which entered in this world by the Sin of one man, and ever since had been widening the breach between God and Man, man and man, nation and nation.

But what the Reformation is saying in this Article is that my fight for Mankind in the Name of Love it means nothing to God. There is no reward for my action, there is no victory for my fight. The Reformers are saying that the Work of Christ Jesus did not bring from God our Redemption as Reward to His Fight; that the Cross meant not Merit, that the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus had no value whatsoever before the eyes of God. Christ Jesus did what He did because He was commanded to do so. Where is the merit of the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus? He was an automat doing what is programmed to do; an animal on two legs moved by the law of the instinct; can the animal stop the call of the instinct? Same way we can’t stop doing what we are commanded to do; it is destiny; it is predestinations, it is fate; there is no reward, no merit coming out of our action before the eyes of God. We are nothing but animals, deceived by God Himself when He made us believe that we are sons of God.

Ergo, I understand that to leave behind my wonderful woman in my beautiful house, to leave my beautiful car in the garage, and deprive myself of the company of my wonderful children in the name of the Love of God it is, as a matter of fact, the most stupid thing I could do. Where’s the fool who enters in a battlefield with no victory in mind, its blood and wounds to be valued as nothing by the king on whose Name and for whose Glory I turn my back on a wonderful life and for the Love of God I expose myself to be swallowed by the forces of Hell?

The blood of the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who died MARTYR in the battlefield for the glory of the Name of the King, that River of Living Blood has no value before the Eyes of the Universal Judge? Only Satan can say this and feel Holy! Is it not the Blood of the Saints a Prayer before the King in the Name of the Universal Salvation of Mankind? How could my Fight, my renunciation to the wonderful life given to me for free in the Baptism; how is it that it means nothing in the eye of the One who asked me nothing but to Believe in His Name? The more its value when Himself turned His Back the Kingdom of the Earth in the name of the Universal Salvation of Mankind!

To deprive the Christian Soul of turning man’s life in a prayer the Reformation twisted the Power of Reason, with the a little help of the hidden god, in the way that this Article shows.



The Sanctification of Sinners


Point One:

We believe that this true faith, produced in man by the hearing of God’s Word and by the work of the Holy Spirit, regenerates him and makes him a “new man”, causing him to live the “new life” and freeing him from the slavery of sin.


The key note that the Confessor hides from the reader is the fact of One Thousand and Five Hundred Years. It looks like this true faith, produced in man by the hearing of God’s Word was spoken during 1500 years by the birds and the wolves and the mountains and the rivers and the things, and they, a Superior Race, a New Species of Human Being, they picked it up from the blue, just like that, a kind of magic. To  support their claim they call forth the ghost of Saint Paul, who said :

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

The new creation had come 1500 years ago. The Catholic Church had been producing that true faith “by speaking it”, aloud and proud during 1500 years; in the beginning with the most powerful voice, the voice of the Blood, and later on, and ever since, with the voice of the national churches. However, if the true faith is produced by the hearing alone of God’s Word, the Scripture alone, because scripture means reading, not hearing, is an article of Satan, who focused in stop that production by shutting the mouth that had the power to produce that true faith. From the very beginning the Powers of this world tried, as hard as they could, to shut that Mouth, empowered by God with the Production of the true faith. The failure of Death a fact, the king of Hell focused in producing mouths to speak it out. A New Faith they produced, but was it the true faith? Saint Paul said 100 years before Luther that the New Creation was here. And nowhere in the Book of God we read that after the Creation spoken of by Saint Paul another Creation had to come. Who told to the Confessors that God had taken the Power of Production of the true faith from the Mouth of the Catholic Church, Western and Eastern, and had given it to reformed churches? Because for all we know the Anglican Mouth based its production in the Terror to the Crown; the Swiss mouth in the Terror to Calvin’s Power on Life and Death; and the German mouth based its production on the Hate of the Catholic Man, from which was to arise the First European World Civil War. Yet, Self-Sacrifice, not the killing of the hearer, was the Power of God in the Mouth of the Catholic Churches. This Self-Scarifying Power was the Sin from which the Reformation came to liberate the New Man?

Who was talking to Saint Paul when he wrote : “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life? ”.

Answer: He was speaking to Luther, of course.


Point Two:

Therefore, far from making people cold toward living in a pious and holy way, this justifying faith, quite to the contrary, so works within them that apart from it they will never do a thing out of love for God but only out of love for themselves and fear of being condemned.

The Division of the Churches was produced out of the love for God? Certainly the Barbarians Nations of the Catholic South were in the need to realize that the Blood of their Martyr Fathers was founded not in the Love for God but on the fear of being condemned; that the real heat was in the Blood of the Higher Civilized Nation of the North, and accordingly the entire Europe was going to taste that Fire for the Zeal of the House of God in the heart of the Thirty Years’ War : IN the Name of that Love for God produced in the core of that true faith by the New Mouth preached. (Halleluiah!)


Point Three:

So then, it is impossible for this holy faith to be unfruitful in a human being, seeing that we do not speak of an empty faith but of what Scripture calls “faith working through love”, which leads a man to do by himself the works that God has commanded in his Word.

And of course a command never ever assumed buy the Catholic Churches.

To support their insanity the Confessors, in view to manipulating, again, the Text in order to nullify the reward of the Saints, they invoke the Holy Ghost of Saint Paul, who wrote this : “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose”. In the first place Saint Paul is speaking to those Hundreds of Thousands of Catholic Saints who were ready to sign their Testimony on the Divinity of Jesus Christ with their Blood. Saint Paul was speaking for Men and Women who were Perfect in every sense before the eyes of God, an whose Perfection was to reach the Higher Pitch ever. How expected the Confessors counter match this Catholic Number, by killing hundreds of thousands of Catholics in the fields of the Thirty Years’ War? Are saying that the Catholic Faith is empty when they that they do not speak of an empty faith? God had made a new creation based on an empty faith to survive to the attack of empire after empire opposing them just an empty faith? Empty was the Faith of the Spanish Nation that overcome the Rule of the Islam, from which no nation had ever got free? The French National Church had an empty faith? An empty faith was that faith of the Greek Nation, and even so survived the rule of the Turks after five hundred years with their boots on her neck? How many invasions had suffered Italy since the Fall of the Roman Empire, how many Sacks Rome and the Italian Cities had gone through during One Thousand years? The Catholic was an empty faith, ergo had to be destroyed: the New Faith, the New Church of a New Superior Man called for its Hour and Number. Heil!


Point Four:

These works, proceeding from the good root of faith, are good and acceptable to God, since they are all sanctified by his grace. Yet they do not count toward our justification--for by faith in Christ we are justified, even before we do good works. Otherwise they could not be good, any more than the fruit of a tree could be good if the tree is not good in the first place.


The twisted and retorted rational mind of the Northern Europeans was called to the front line to accomplish that what Empire after Empire could not: The destruction of the Catholic Church. Again and again, following the meted of the brain washing machine the Confessors and the Reformers would feed their herds of brutes with the milk of the babies. This was the milk with which the Fathers of the Church fed their new nations : By the Faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, not by the Works of the Law (of Moses) we are created anew as sons of God. Look at Saint Paul, a murderer of the worst kind I the eyes of God, the Lord of Moses; it was about him that the saying was written : “Who saw you, who sees you”. Only a brute will feed himself with milk of woman’s breast when the table is full. Using the brain washing system the reformers made of their nations babies just born in Christ and to be fed with the milk with which God breasted His Church 1500 years ago. And like baby idiots they were trapped in the hole of the Peasant’s War, a vision of the World War to come upon Europe in the Name of Luther, Calvin and Henry the Eight.

The fruit of the tree of the faith, in fact, feeds the unbeliever, in order that by the taste the desire of more be engendered in him, to become one day a tree in himself. What said Jesus Christ about that tree which gave Him no fruit? How then can we look upon our deeds as no necessary for our own salvation and the salvation of Mankind? You that you read the bible and as a automat quotes its words, didn’t you read that we are threes? But you cannot be such a brute to consider yourself an individual of the kingdom of the plant? Which is your fruit but your good work in the Name of Jesus Christ? We are justified by the Faith coming from the Baptism, but we work for the Salvation of Mankind, and this good work is the fruit of the tree every one of us is. Right? Let’s see.


Point Five:

So then, we do good works, but nor for merit--for what would we merit? Rather, we are indebted to God for the good works we do, and not he to us, since it is he who “works in us both to will and do according to his good pleasure”--thus keeping in mind what is written: “When you have done all that is commanded you, then you shall say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have done what it was our duty to do’.”

Absolutely certain, our duty as trees of life is to bring fruit, the fruit of the works on Christ, by whose vision and taste those who still live under the Power of Death, seeing the light of God shining on us may get out of the Grave and come to Paradise. About the nature of those good works it is to the Catholic Church to speak. About unworthy or worthy servants the King speaks having in mind that once in God’s Paradise all this world and its History will be Memory; there will be no poor or rich, nor high or low; we don’t run here to become athletes there. We are not aspirants to gods playing the hero here as the road to the Olympus. Our Call is to Perfection, and what perfection can be more accomplished to a tree than bringing plenty fruit to the table of its lord? The Confessors manipulate the Word of God to make of the reader a tree of their own field, a tree to milk in their own benefit, the tenth per cent of his salary?


Point Six:

Yet we do not wish to deny that God rewards good works--but it is by his grace that he crowns his gifts. Moreover, although we do good works we do not base our salvation on them; for we cannot do any work that is not defiled by our flesh and also worthy of punishment.

The brain washing machine keeps on turning. God says that a tree which bring no fruit will be rooted out and thrown into the fire. He does not estate a minimum; some trees gives ten percent, some hundred percent, according to the soil and the season. The Divine thing is being alive and kicking. One day I can share one euro, another two, another maybe a quarter, some days is me who needs to be given. It is not a question of saving myself when giving, it is a matter of fact of bringing. Why said Jesus that the coin of the poor woman had more value than the gold of the rich before the eyes of God? If this Confession be the true faith why shall God value more the little piece of a poor than the big coin of a rich? If the work has no value whatsoever and works not in our own perfection, why should God discriminate between the little and the many depending on the hand? It looks like God, from the statement of this Confession, is an hypocrite who, after all, plants trees thinking in the harvest! What a strange God is the “Hidden god” of the Reformation!

The second paragraph of the sentence is anti-brain lethal powder hundred per cent! It happens now that we can do noting anyway because everything we do, even when by the Redemption our Flesh has been blessed, (it seems that the Flesh of the Northern Nations is not comprised in the lot), it is a sin. We are Flesh and bones, our Flesh is cursed, ergo, the best thing to do is to do nothing to improving our Perfection. We are obliged to do some things because the natural inertia of the Faith, but we have to be aware that everything our Flesh does is a sin. Conclusion : Stick to the minimum fruit, rest in your house, love your family, be good parents, good husbands and wives, good brothers, and let the world  running to wherever, it is none of your business, at least that you expose yourself to the power of the Flesh.

Satan was fucking clever, wasn’t he?


And Point Seven:

And even if we could point to one, memory of a single sin is enough for God to reject that work. So we would always be in doubt, tossed back and forth without any certainty, and our poor consciences would be tormented constantly if they did not rest on the merit of the suffering and death of our Savior.

Yes, God made the World in six days and in the seventh He laid on the bed of Satan’s Treason from his work. So the New Believer, according to the Confessors, has to lay in the bed of his Justification and forget about the world, everyone got to leak his own dick; we didn’t had any part in this mess. God created the world, it is His fucking problem; you have enough with fighting for your own soul against this World full of sinners, especially the Catholics; and to add more struggle, against your own cursed Flesh; God redeemed your soul, but not your flesh, you idiot.

The Son said that a tree without fruit is damned to be cut off and thrown into the fire; but the Father said that who believes in Jesus is saved and is granted eternal life. And, you know? the Father is Superior to the Son; forget about the Son and stick to the Father.

Yes Sir, I may see you in Heaven, but definitely you will see me not in Hell!

Have a good day.